Birthday surprises

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Ever since the night of my eighteen birthday when my brother popped my cherry, we’ve had a standing date every April 30th, and sure enough, the highlight of every birthday is when Lucas shows up. That statement might freak people out, but we’re not weird of anything; it’s just become sort of a traditional thing.

I’m not exactly what you would call a classic beauty. I’ve got frizzy burnt orange hair and I was cursed with my mother’s slim, boyish hips, and flat chest. Combine that with a body covered in freckles, and you can pretty much imagine that I spent a lot of Saturday nights at home during my teen years. That’s why I was so glad Lucas did want he did that fateful night.

My birthday tradition started when I was eighteen, Lucas who was twenty-one had thrown me a surprise party at his apartment that went late into the night, so late in fact, that he insisted that I stay over. What I didn’t know at the time was he had a very special surprise in mind for me. As I was heading for bed Lucas stopped me hugged me, and kissed me on the forehead. Then before I knew what was happening, his lips were pressed against mine, his tongue was in my mouth, his hand up my skirt and between my legs. Only small part of me was trying very weakly to get him off me, but the rest of me was enjoying his kiss, and his touch.

“This is my birthday gift to you, Megan. I don’t want you to be the only virgin freshman at college in the fall.”

Most girls would have been freaked out by their own brother making a statement like that. Remember how I described myself a little bet ago. Well, Lucas is the opposite, taking after dad, tall, muscular, dark skinned, dark hair, piercing grey eyes. If he wanted me there would be nothing I could do about any way. Besides I knew many a girl that would do anything to be in my place and hear my brother saying to them want he had say to me. Make no mistake, my brother got all the looks in the family. Me, I got the brains.
And my brain was telling me not to fight this but to enjoy it.

And then just like that I was naked on my brother bed him kneeling between my thighs. His cock was up inside of me, stretching my pussy open to accept his pole. I knew for a lot of virgins the first time is a mixture of pain and pleasure as their hymen is broken but honestly I felt no discomfort as my brother buried his cock in my hole. It felt so wonderful, I quickly caught on, bucking my hips to meet his as he squeezed my tight little ass. Ankara escort It felt like he was in me for hours pleasuring my insides with his rock hard pole.

I don’t knew if I climaxed on his thick cock drilling in and out but it felt so damn good, but I did have a blinding screaming orgasm as I felt Lucas stab his cock deep and felt his hot cum spurt up from his balls blasting up in to my unprotected womb.

We rest only long enough for me to shower and clean up and for him to get hard again before he had his way with me again. I whimpered in pleasure as he pounded his cock up into my newly deflowered hole. My nails raked across his back as he pinned me to the bed and drilled his cock deep into me. The first time he had cum inside me had been great but the second time sent me into orbit.

For my nineteenth birthday Lucas showed up at my dorm and was an instant subject of conversation among every girl who laid eyes on my big brother. I, however was the only one he had eyes for and the only one who enjoy his company and his cock. This time we were like a couple of teenager in the back seat of his car. At dinner he had his hand under table playing with my pussy as he whispered in my ear, what he wanted to do to me. He wanted to introduce me to the joys of fucking doggie style and boy, did he ever.

Other then my eighteen birthday, I still had not had sex with anyone, so in a way I felt like I was losing my virginity all over again as my brother’s thick pole filled me from behind. It could have been the wickedness of the act of incest or being out in the open, exposed to any one that walked by the car but I climaxed as soon as my brother was buried balls deep in me. Continuing to cum as he grasped my ass and pounded mercilessly away deep into my cunt until I begged him for mercy. He continued his sexual assault on me for another ten minutes before wailing as he shoot what felt like gallons of hot cum deep into me.

“Just want you to remember this night always,” he said as he pulled out of me.

Fat chance I could ever forget that fuck, I walked into my dorm on legs so shaky that I thought I fall down after every step.

For my twentieth birthday, we went away together. He had promised a romance weekend, which it was there was wine, massages, and a fireplace that we eat naked by. As we eat Lucas asked me about, Clark my boyfriend, and what we had done together. I confessed that we fucked pretty regular and we’d had done about everything. Ankara escort bayan He wanted to know if I was on the pill or if Clark wore condoms.

He smiled when I told him, Clark always wore on and no I was on the pill.

Lucas asked for details and then got a naughty smile on his face as he said, “Not everything!”

He then proceeded to turn me over and give me my first taste of anal sex. He ran his tongue around and up into my ass for a good twenty minutes as his finger played over my clit, I climaxed twice thanks to her oral talents. I know I should have been frighten or felt pain as I felt my brother big cock head pushing against my spit covered back door. All I felt was the wicked pleasure of his thickness stretching my hole wide and his cock invading my body. I whimpered as he pinned me down and buried his cock deep. I screamed in pleasure when he began pumping. He used me for his pleasure. I laid on the thick carpet to weak to move for the fucking I had received. My hole gapped wide after he finished in me and cum leaked out of my ass for an hour as my ass throbbed.

Later by the fire we worked up a sweat as my brother took me from behind stabbing his cock into one hole then the other. Finally his balls could hold back his cum anymore and his seed flooded my other hole. After that we slept until the light of the morning sun coming though the windows woke us. I rode my brother early morning erection. he relaxed under me as my slick cunt slide up and down his pole. In the last year my breasts had finally seemed to grow I had gone up a one whole cup size, so Lucas was happily watching my boobs bounce as I raise up and then drop down. I was in no rush so our early morning fuck seemed to last forever before I moaned and Lucas grunted as we climaxed at nearly the same time.

After we calmed down we headed to the bathroom to clean up. We showered together, soaping each others body raise my excitement level and Lucas’s cock back to a rock hard state. He turned me around and bent me over. At first I thought he was going to stuff my cunt again as he rubbed his cockhead up between my lips then he began to push against my anus. I put my hands on the tile wall of the shower and as water fell on my back I pushed back help my brother to pop his cock into my ass. His hands went to my hips and he pulled me back sheathing his cock in my ass in one stroke that made me cry out. The sound of his thighs slapping against my ass as he pulled me Escort Ankara onto his cock as he thrust in to me echoed in the shower. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit increasing my pleasure to a fevered pitch as my brother stuffed my ass full of cock. Again he used my ass for his pleasure, when he was finally ready to cum he pulled out. My legs were so weak I fell to my knees he grabbed my wet hair and pointed his cock into my face. Jerking on it he cum, his warm white cum splash on my face and neck.

I had been converted, I was an anal slut and couldn’t wait to get back to the campus and Clark to introduce him to my newfound favorite position. Of course, his cock couldn’t compare to my beloved brother’s. The way Lucas’s thick dick entered my back door was beyond compare. I have never found a cock that feels as huge, scary and wonderfully fulfilling as my brother feels.

This last year was something new again. Clark and I had parted company during the year and in that time I had taken two lovers. Both know that I was fucking both of them, but neither minded as long as I was up for fun. There were many night that I had dinner and fun with one of them only to return to my dorm to meet the other for a late movie and more fun.

They both wanted me on my birthday, but I turned them down. After all, I had a standing date with my brother. This time, Lucas and I went to a hotel. There he blindfolded me and led me, sightless, into the bathroom. There he stripped me of my clothes. When I was allowed to see again, I saw he’d laid out a can of shaving cream and a razor. He had me straddle the toilet while he trimmed and then shaved my orange cunt hair off. It took about twenty minute to remove all of my hair. I was almost dripping wet when he towel my bald beaver clean of shaving cream.

It felt delicious wicked as my brother, drove his hard cock between my shiny white cunt petals. We fucked off and on again for four straight hours, resting only long enough so that his cock could get hard again. It felt like I had had on long continuous climax I came so many times. He even gave it to me up my ass as I played with my hairless cunt. To Lucas credit he deposited four huge loads of cum deep in me. When we finally dressed to leave I imagine I could hear his cum sloshing around inside my wet cunt.

When I got back to school, my two lovers just about went crazy when they got a look at my bald beaver. I guess between the two of them I must’ve gotten fucked about twenty times that first week I had my pussy shaved.

That begin us to this year, I can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve for my birthday.

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