Black Journal Ch. 08

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Duncan Cyrus, age 21, Dad’s Friend

I have met many of my parents’ friends in my life. Some have even babysat me. One in particular was, at the time, Mrs. Crenshaw, Darla is her first name. When I was little I liked hugging into her body. She was soft and cuddly. She read me stories, taught me cooking, and taught me the piano. I’m only good at the basics. Over the years, before I whisked off to college, I would randomly visit her or she’d come by the house. In my teen years she would linger on her hugs. Didn’t mind me because she always smelled nice.

She had one child who is a couple years older than I. A boy whom I never got along with; even to this day. By the time I graduated highschool she and her husband had divorced. The once nicely thick shaped lady had gained quite the few amount of pounds during that trying time I was told. She remained her nice nurturing self, but maybe a little more blusterous. Can’t say I liked her husband all that much and neither did my pops.

So, one day, on my spring break, I received a message on Facebook from Ms. Wallace, Darla’s maiden name. She said she was on vacation for a couple of weeks and decided to travel. She had been visiting old friends and family. She found me on Facebook. I messaged back to catch up and see how her life kızılay escort was going. Her son apparently had gotten married and had a kid. She was in between boyfriends. She asked where I lived and I told her. She said she wanted to come visit me for a day or two. I agreed because I had nothing else to do.

When she arrived; my place was definitely spotless. She came in and hugged me. She still smelled sweet. She got a look at my place and was amazed. We talked for an hour or two before we went out to eat at a restaurant. She wore a nice dress with leather boots and her spectacles. When I drove she would rub on my inner thigh.

At the restaurant I sat next to her and she continued her massage. I made my own move and felt up her cat through her soft undies. I made her wet, dripping wet. We continued our playtime even through giving our orders. The waitress wanted to ask Darla if she was ok, but looking at me I think she sort of understood the situation. I only stopped when our food came and had to wash my hands. The food was excellent and so was my company.

After the meal we went to a cafe and chatted some more. It was open mic night and she wanted to do a little poetry. I don’t remember the name but the overall gist was about forbidden love. kolej escort She received a good round of applause and she practically forced me to do it as well. I’m not that type of person, but she persuaded me by if I was able to make her feel excited she’d play with herself while I was onstage. I did my best by acting out my process of drawing a FEMO. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. I was surprised I received any applause.

After we left we headed back to my place. We took out showers and then hugged up in my bed. I didn’t have a TV in my room so we would randomly talk about any and all subjects until she rolled onto me. She started on my neck first and I just settled into her being. She felt all over me like she never touched a male in her life. I felt like a display, an exotic animal in a circus.

When she finally found her path to my down under she coveted it with satisfaction. She licked and licked. Must’ve been her favorite skill. She suckled on my testes causing a little pain, but none I was going to stop her for. I was able to dish out my own brand of punishment to Darla when she came back up to my lips. I rolled her on her back and started with her nipples. While I massaged and played with one breast I sucked and bit the other. She enjoyed maltepe escort it because she kept gasping for more. I went lower to her belly-button and licked inside. She came rather nicely.

I opened her legs eagle and ate my fill of her mature pussy. She tried to hold on for dear life as I gave her orgasm after orgasm. When I was done I sat on my knees with my nine inch long, six inch wide monstrosity standing at attention. She wanted it badly and I teased her clit with my mushroom head. She started screaming at me to put it in, even called me an arrogant, selfish dick. I really couldn’t refute that.

I turned her on her stomach, placed my hands on her waist sides, and guided my rocket into her bunker. I slammed her aged old pussy; made her take back those disrespectful words she spat at me. The sounds of crazy sex ricocheted off the walls, and my neighbors came to check if everything was alright. I came to the door in my boxer-briefs. Darla yelled from the bedroom to hurry my ass up and to finish her off properly. I told them goodbye and continued my onslaught.

I turned her on her back and I murdered that triangle. I didn’t pulverize, naw, I jackhammered. I shook that bed and made it creak loud as can be. She finally gave up after her tenth orgasm. I still hadn’t bust and told her to finish the job. Her skills were on par with Gretta and I came in her mouth. She kind of choked and spat it back on my junk. I helped her to the bathroom and we washed up. She had to leave in the morning so we changed the sheets and enjoyed the rest of her time sleeping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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