Black Magick Ch. 06

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Nick and Elisabeth’s mother, Susan, got the phone call at 7:06 in the morning from the New York City authorities, informing her that her husband’s business had gone up in flames due to an electrical short circuit. No one had been injured in the incident.

Their father called only a few minutes later, explaining that he intended to work from home while the arson investigators sorted out things with his insurance company.

Susan breathed a deep sigh of relief. Her heart had been threatening to burst out of her chest from the moment she heard the officer’s voice on the phone, but now everything was all right. It was more than all right! Her husband was coming home. If she had known that a little fire would be enough to accomplish such a miracle, she would have hired some vagabond to torch the old place ages ago.

Nick eyed Elisabeth suspiciously, but she wore one hell of a poker face. At least Amber had the decency to look a little bit shocked. Everyone was acting like his father coming home was a good thing. Who wanted to see that pompous asshole, anyway? The moment he got one of his crazy business ideas, he was completely incapable of paying attention to anything else. It pissed Nick off that his family owed their considerable fortune to his father’s seemingly crackpot ideas.

“Ok, kids, hurry up and get into your uniforms or you’ll be late for school,” Susan said, her voice unusually excited. “I’ll have breakfast on the table in five minutes. I expect you all to be dressed and ready by then.”

“Yes, ma’am,” they all said, and set off back towards their bedrooms. Along the way, Amber grabbed Nick by the hand and pulled him into the living room, away from his sister.

“Have you noticed something weird going on with Elisabeth?” Amber asked him when they were out of hearing distance. “She’s been acting a little meaner than usual.”

Nick didn’t know how to respond. Last night, he had thought that is sister was possessed by some sort of demon, but it felt weird to say something like that in the daylight.

Nick took a deep breath and, to the best of his abilities, explained to Amber the series of strange events that had led up to him pulling his sister, arms first, from the dark chasm of her bed.

Amber looked outraged. “She tried to perform a spell like that all by herself?!” she exclaimed, nearly spitting in Nick’s face. “Damn! Now look at the mess I’m going have to go through to clean up after her.”

“What are you talking about?” Nick asked, completely bewildered. “Was that phantom thingy that molested me in my bedroom really my sister’s work?”

Amber nodded.

“Hey guys, what are you jabbering about?” Elisabeth called from the hallway. We only have five minutes to dress, and I have something special planned.” She took a step back into the living room and grabbed Nick by the hand. Nick grabbed Amber by the wrist, and so they were all pulled into Elisabeth’s bedroom.

Nick’s sister threw him his uniform, which consisted of a pair of black pants, with a white dress shirt and a plaid tie.

“Before you put that on, I have a little surprise for you,” Elisabeth said, picking up the duffle bag that held their mother’s sex toys. She pulled out a moderately sized butt plug and presented it to Nick. “Part of your training,” she said casually. “So you’ll be able to do sex magic with us.”

“You mean you want me to stick that thing in my ass?” Nick said, taking a step back away from the two girls.

“Fine, a trade,” Elisabeth said, taking a nine-inch, very phallic dildo out of the duffle bag. “You keep that plug in your ass throughout the school day, and I’ll keep this in here.” She tugged her panties to the side and pulled her inner lips apart to show Nick her pussy, tracing her finger around the opening so that she knew his cock would be swelling in his pants.

“I want to have something too!” Amber said breathlessly.

“Don’t worry, there’s a dildo in there for you as well,” Elisabeth said tossing her friend a toy. “So what do you say, we’ll each hide a toy up ourselves and make school a little more interesting today.”

“I’m definitely up for that,” Amber replied gaily.

“Fine, I’ll do it but on one condition. Neither of you two are allowed to wear panties under your skirt,” said Nick.

“Fine,” Elisabeth replied, snaking her cotton panties down around her ankles so she could step out of them. The white material got all twisted and balled up, and something about the panties lying there made Nick incredibly horny. Amber took hers off too, and Nick nearly exploded from delight. It was just that sexy.

Both girls quickly stuffed the massive dildos up themselves, thrusting them in and out a couple of times until the toys began to make a sloshing sound inside them.

“Ok, now your turn!” Elisabeth said, getting out a bottle of hand lotion that smelled oddly of cherry blossoms.

“You’re not using that stuff on me!” Nick protested, trying to keep his ass as far as possible from the girly scented lotion. poker oyna “People will smell it on me and think I’m gay.”

“Then you’ll have to do without,” Elisabeth snapped. “All my lotion is girly scented, it goes with being a woman!”

“We have ‘baby’s bottom’ or ‘nature’s crush’ in the bathroom if you’d rather have one of those,” Amber suggested. “Believe me, you don’t want something that big in your ass without some sort of a lubricant.”

“Fine. I’ll let you use that terrible stuff on me,” Nick conceded. “I’ve never had anything up my ass before, though.”

Elisabeth snickered.

“I didn’t think you had,” Amber said calmly. “That’s why this is going to be so much fun!”

Nick felt embarrassed that his sister was laughing at him and even more embarrassed that she had once again convinced him to do something so stupid and kinky.

How come she suddenly had that sort of power over him? Was it her magick? Or was it something else?

“Bend over and spread your legs apart,” Elisabeth said, pushing her brother down and spreading his legs apart for him. Nick tried to protest, but it seemed meaningless. He had given his word, after all. “Make sure you provide some resistance as I slide the butt plug into place, it works better that way,” Elisabeth said.

Elisabeth lubed up the toy, making a crude pumping motion on the silicon, as though she were giving the plug a hand job.

Amber lubed up three of her fingers and slowly began easing them into Nick’s ass to prepare him for the toy, then, a little more quickly, she began to move her hand in him, pumping in and out.

Nick groaned as Amber pushed into him. He felt stretched and full, and his ass burned.

“Please stop,” Nick begged. “I don’t think I can take it anymore.”

“Relax a little and push against my hand,” Amber instructed calmly. “That will make it hurt less. It won’t be long until you begin to enjoy the motion. It’s supposed to stimulate the prostate or something in men.”

“And I’m supposed to like that?!” Nick exclaimed, failing to relax but pushing against the fingers in his ass with every fiber of his being. His cock grew hard, and despite himself, he found that he liked being used so completely.

“Ok. That’s enough,” Elisabeth said, standing in front of Nick holding the lubed toy ready. “He’s warmed up enough. We’d better get this toy in him fast, so we can get dressed before Mom comes to check on us.”

Amber pulled her fingers out of Nicks butt quickly, making him groan rather loudly. She licked them, too. That made his cock twitch.

Slowly, he began to feel the toy slide into place. It was slightly painful, not so much a burning sensation like with the fingers, but a cold prickly pain, like he had been penetrated with an icicle.

The feeling quickly became so intense that he could feel it in his teeth, and it threatened to overtake him completely.

“No, I take it back. I can’t handle it!” Nick gasped, trying desperately to grab the plastic of the plug between his legs and pull it from his rectum.

He felt Elisabeth’s bare, dildo-filled pussy rub against his cock through her nightgown, her soft skin making his erection tingle with delight. He felt her warm slit and gasped. The head of his cock was poking between her pussy lips and rubbing her clit softly. Oh, it was so wonderful that no sensation on Earth could compare. If only he could squeeze in next to the toy and pound his way in and out of her, make her squeal and writhe in pleasure, feel himself come inside her, leaving his mark in her, and then, ever so slowly, slide out when the job was done. There was nothing else in the world that mattered.

“The plug’s all the way in,” Elisabeth said, pulling Nick’s cock from her and giving it an appraising sort of squeeze. “I see your cock’s as plump and juicy-looking as usual.” She slapped his butt.

“Come on,” Amber said, pulling her nightgown over her head and putting on her school blouse. “Don’t you remember? We’ve got to get ready.”

Elisabeth grabbed her shirt from the bed and began to dress also. “Whoever made these shirts didn’t realize that girls our age have breasts,” she said, buttoning the top button. “I always feel like I’m about ready to burst out of mine.”

“Me too,” Amber said. “Honestly, the designer was either a delusional prude or some sort of freak pervert.”

“I always thought they looked nice,” Nick interjected, putting on his dress pants and tucking in his shirt.

“That’s because you don’t have to wear one,” Elisabeth said, a little cross. “It’s rather uncomfortable.”

“Nick, are you in there with your sister?” their mother called from outside the door. “You know, breakfast is ready.”

“I’ll be right out, Mom!” Nick shouted, pulling on his socks and forcing his feet into his tennis shoes. “I just needed to pick up a notebook I forgot in here.”

The two girls struggled to fix their hair and straighten their knee-length skirts, and then they all stumbled out of the bedroom feeling as canlı poker oyna guilty as if they had been caught tangled up in an orgy.

At breakfast, Nick could tell that the everyone was still a little tense about the fire. His mom had a strained smile, which she showed everyone in between her bits of oatmeal, and Elisabeth seemed oddly tired and wasn’t wolfing down food at her usual rate.

Nick looked into himself and realized that he was nervous too. He had a cold, grey mass in his stomach, as hard as a rock, which could only be called tension. But he was probably the only one in the family that wasn’t looking forward to his father’s return.

“I’m going to go grab our bikes,” Nick said, running off towards the garage and leaving his plate half cleared. “I’m pretty sure there’s a spare for Amber, but it needs its tires pumped up.”

“But you haven’t eaten your breakfast,” Susan protested, her eyes narrowing slightly as though she were calculating something.

“I’m too nervous to eat anyway, with the fire and everything, and I don’t want to be responsible for making the girls late for school.”

“How chivalrous of you,” Susan said with only just a hint of sarcasm in her voice. “I’ll be out in a minute to help you out.”

Nick blushed a shade of deep red. Elisabeth and Amber stuffing dildos up their pussies had reminded Nick of a porno he had watched, where a girl got off nearly a hundred times riding an exercise bike equipped with a thrusting phallus. He was more than eager to see the girls’ bare cunts bouncing up and down on bicycle seats.

“It’s ok, Mom, I think I know how to inflate a tire,” Nick said, scraping his leftovers into the garbage can and setting his plate in the sink. He went off to the garage, his mother watching his butt move back and forth as he walked.

Nick had just located the old hand pump and was fastening it to the inner tube when his mother came in from the kitchen. She closed the door behind her quietly, a menacing and seductive expression on her face. Nick felt oddly vulnerable. His mom’s eyes were focused intently on the back of his dress pants, and he could feel his cock begin to expand against the crotch of the material.

“I’m almost done, Mom,” Nick said, hoping his mother wouldn’t notice the bulge in his pants. It was bad enough that he had left a mess in her lap when she had spanked him last night. He didn’t want his mom to know he got a tremendous hard-on just from being in the same room with her. He didn’t want it to be true, for crying out loud! She was his mother, and the thought of wanting to have sex with her gave him the creeps.

Susan walked over to where Nick was pumping up the bicycle tire. She knelt down to get a better look, her breasts rubbing shamelessly on her son’s back. Her nipples were hard against the soft material of her silk shirt.

Nick almost groaned, but had enough will power to keep himself from making any noise. His cock twitched in his pants and his heart began to race. He couldn’t let his mom find out how horny she was making him. He just couldn’t! He took a deep breath and began pumping. He focused really hard on the bike tire, but still he felt like he was doing something terribly dirty, like giving another man a hand job. Eew!

His mom’s leg brushed against his and her hand went to his ass, cupping it forcefully. Nick felt his mom’s finger wedge into his butt crack and push the toy deeper into his body. He shuddered.

“I see you did steal my sex toys,” Susan cooed in his ear, her breath tickling his skin. “I hope you are enjoying them. I myself am partial to the medicine balls.”

Nick felt an involuntary shiver run down his spine. It was so scary to hear his mother talk dirty to him, yet so arousing.

“Mom, I need to go to school,” Nick protested unconvincingly. “I don’t have time for games.”

“Since when have you been so worried about school?” his mother laughed. “I’d hate to think that my son didn’t know how to have a good time.” She pushed on the plastic toy through the seat of his pants.

Nick jumped up as he felt the toy in his ass going deeper again. It felt hot and his head was fuzzy, like it had been while Elisabeth and Amber had been pounding away at each other with candles last night. The sensation was delicious. He desperately wanted more. He felt his mother’s breath on his face and opened his eyes to see her open mouth in front of his, trying to lure him to kiss her. Her bright red lipstick reminded him of blood, fire and passion.

But how could he let himself do this? But then again, how could he resist? Her lips were so full and so tempting.

The warm breath on his lips was driving him crazy. He wanted to open his lips, to grab her mouth and kiss it roughly, to put his tongue in her. To feel the sensitive skin of her neck and chest against his lips.

Nick pounced, his mouth finding hers. His hands found their way under her blouse, to the tender flesh of her breasts, and he toyed viciously with her hardening nipples. internet casino She moaned into his mouth, making him feel like he was going to collapse. He wanted her so badly. He nearly tore off her shirt in his eagerness to feel his mouth on her breasts. Her skin was so cold and so delicious. Nick’s tongue ravished her nipple, teasing it while he tugged at it with his teeth, making his mother moan in pain and pleasure. He pushed her to the concrete floor and straddled her, his hands slipping down beneath her skirt, pulling her thighs apart trying to reach her pussy.

He wanted to see it again, like he did when he had stolen the dildo straight from inside of her. He wanted to see if it was still so beautiful and oddly alluring. He wanted to pull her panties aside, to tear them away from her body so that there would be nothing between them.

He wanted to explore her body with every inch of his. To taste her, smell her, feel her.

“Oh, Nick!” his mother moaned. “I knew you had what I wanted.”

Nick felt the familiar shiver run down his spine and awoke, as though from a spell. He took a step back, mildly ashamed of himself but overwhelmed with his new discovery.

He could have his mother, any time he wanted.

He could get into her bed, like he used to do when he was little, except this time she wouldn’t pet his head until he fell asleep. She would spread her legs for him. And he would enter her, feel her pussy muscles milking him as he thrust in and out of her. She would moan for him, writhe for him, come for him. The thought was intoxicating.

Suddenly, Susan stood up and began straightening her clothing, as though nothing had happened. A few seconds later, the garage door opened and Elisabeth and Amber walked in. Nick’s sister eyed him suspiciously for half a second, and then the expression was gone and it was as though it had never been there.

“Sorry to bother you, Nick, but you don’t mind if Amber and I go ahead of you, do you? It’s taking forever for you to get that bike tired pumped, and I’ve got something important I want to discuss with my homeroom teacher before class.”

“Go right ahead,” Susan said as though Elisabeth had been addressing her instead of Nick. “Your brother has a couple of chores around the house that he needs to catch up on. I’ll send him after he’s finished.”

Elisabeth mounted Nick’s bike, leaving her own pink one with tassels to Amber, who liked girly things better than Elisabeth did. Nick caught just a glimpse of her smooth pussy lips, stretched by the large dildo, as she sat down on the seat.

Oh, what he wouldn’t give to get his hands on that juicy clit of hers! Nick was willing to bet good money she would get off at least twice on her way to school, the way she massaged her pussy against the bicycle seat.

The moment the two girls were gone, Susan grabbed Nick by the hand and led him into the kitchen.

She sat down on the white chair with her legs spread and pulled her white underwear to the side.

Nick’s mouth went slack. He had almost convinced himself that when his mother spoke of chores, she wanted him to weed the flower bed or chlorinate the pool. But she had obviously meant something else entirely.

“Eat my pussy,” Susan ordered, her voice rough and affected. “I want you to make me come. If you do a good job, I’ll forgive you for stealing my toys and maybe there will be a little fun for you later on.”

Nick gasped. His mother’s pussy was so pink and juicy. And she was so open, so willing for him to touch her. His cock twitched.

“What are you waiting for?” Susan asked, circling her finger around her clit, making a drop of nectar drip absently from her damp hole. “Don’t you know you’re grounded until I’m satisfied? What sort of mother would I be if I didn’t take that little perversion of yours into my own hands?” She beckoned to him with her juice-covered finger.

Nick crept forward nervously. He was cornered and there was no turning back. If he did this, then he would be a pervert. Any sense of propriety he had would be stripped from him. But there was no other option. The last few days seemed to be leading up to this moment, the moment in which he would finally give in to his dark desires.

He knelt down between his mother’s legs and tentatively ran his tongue along the inside of her left pussy lip.

Her juices tasted wonderful. Why hadn’t he done this years ago? Her skin was so soft, he could hardly stop caressing it with his fingers.

Nick spread Susan’s lips apart to get a better view of the inside. He fondled her clit lovingly and pushed a finger into her vagina, wiggling it around so that she moaned in delight.

“I’ve never eaten pussy before, Mom,” Nick said from between her legs. “I’m sort of nervous.”

“Just relax and enjoy yourself,” Susan replied, pushing her son’s head a little closer into her sopping wet pussy.

Nick felt his nose bump against his mother’s clit. He couldn’t see anything because her crotch was in the way, and her juices were covering him so completely he felt like he was going to drown.

Nick’s tongue shot out of his mouth and his jaw began to move frantically, as though he had to get his mother to orgasm before his air ran out.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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