Black Sheep

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As told by Jenn, a 64 year old Irish/American widow, 5 foot 7, 135 lb, brunette:

I guess they knew I was a soft touch. Whenever they had candy to sell for church, or cookies for Girl Scouts, the Ryan family knew I was good for a few boxes, tickets or candy bars.

So, when young George showed up at the front door in his Little League baseball uniform, I knew it was time to grab my check book.

There he stood as I opened the door. “Hi, Mrs. Haley, can I interest you in some raffle tickets? We’re trying to fix up the field after that storm.”

It had blown so heavily, that the backstop was ruined. It needed replacement. “Sure, George! You look so handsome in your clean uniform!” He blushed like I knew he would.

Standing back, I noticed a young man, smiling, listening. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you there!”

George said, “Oh, Mrs. H, this is my Uncle Bobby. He’s living with us now.” Bobby smiled and extended his hand. He was Kate’s younger brother. I had forgotten she mentioned he was staying with them for a while.

I shook his hand. “Hello, Bob, welcome to the neighborhood.”

His grip was firm, and enthusiastic. “Thank you, Ma’am. Nice place you got.”

“Oh, thanks. Please, come in out of the heat. Let me get my checkbook.”

They followed me in, an I could hear George saying, “She’s the best, Unc! She always has lemonade and stuff.” I couldn’t let Georgie be wrong, so I grabbed the pitcher and glasses and brought them back with me.

I wrote the check as George filled my name in on the stubs. Bobby sipped, and smiled, and I thought how much he looks like Kate. Only definitely masculine. He was over six feet, reedy, with a shock of red hair, green eyes bright, and a broad smile. He looked like a tourist ad for Ireland. I judged his age at 30. Quite handsome! If I were thirty years younger, I’d jump his bones!

Two weeks went by. I would see them occasionally on the street, once at the grocery, Bobby acting as George’s security guard. They were always so happy to see me, and Bobby’s smile would set my heart fluttering!

Then one Sunday, there was a knock on the door. I looked out, and there was Bobby, but no sign of Georgie. “Oh, Hi, Bobby, where’s George?”

“Hi, Mrs H, the family was going to see my mom, and they were running late because of the party last night. I promised George I’d bring this over to you. He said you had to have it today, so you know everything’s on the up-and-up.” He handed me an envelope. “You won third prize at the raffle! A hundred dollars! To George, it’s like a million, so he wanted you to have it right away.”

I took the envelope and stared at it. “Oh, I’m sorry, where are my manners, please, come in, I have fresh lemonade.”

“I nişantaşı escort don’t want to be a bother…”

I grabbed his arm. “No bother at all! It’s nice to have company.”

In the living room, I served lemonade with cookies and sat across from him. Since I had gone to church, I still had my floral sundress, cinched at the waist, with a lace neckline that may be too young for my age, but I enjoy the old men still looking. I sat across from him, and felt strangely tingly, as if he was looking at me.

“So, you didn’t visit your Mom?”

“No, I’m the Black Sheep. Too much hurt still there for her, and I don’t plan on adding to it, so I keep my distance. And it gives me the afternoon by myself. Not that I don’t love Georgie to death, but I’m too old to be hanging with 11 year olds!”

“Yes, I imagine it could get… tiring. Anyway, in all the years I’ve bought tickets and raffles in the neighborhood, I never won before. Never even thought of it!”

He smiled. “Your luck is changing.”

“That would be a welcome event! Not that I’m complaining, it just gets old doing the same things each day. We used to travel a lot, before he got sick. Now, it’s just different.”

“Well, now with all your wealth, you can do whatever!”

“Yes,” I smiled. “Unfortunately, $100 will barely by a decent meal for two! What I’d like is for you to give this back to George. It’s his, if he mows my lawn once, okay?”

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely, and knowing George, he’ll probably give it to the team for the repairs.”

Bobby nodded. “He probably will. Okay then. Kate and everybody said you were the nicest person in the neighborhood, and I believe they are right! Thank you, Mrs. H.”

“If I’m to call you Bobby, then I demand you call me Jenn, or Jennie.”

“Another deal! And, tell you what, I will do Georgie’s mowing for you, I can use the exercise and I’m falling in love with these cookies. Okay?”

“You mean now?”

“If you don’t mind the sound of the mower on Sunday? Or during the week, I’m available, too.”

“You’re dressed too nicely to be doing yard work, and I’d feel obliged to help. And I don’t wear a dress every day, so I hate to change myself!”

“Well, we could wait until dark and do it in the all-together! Oops, sorry, it’s a smart mouth like that it’s always getting me in trouble!”

I laughed. “It would have to be pretty dark for me to be bouncing around naked! Children would go running!”

“Yes, but I’m sure the men will come running!” There was that smile and twinkle in his eyes again.

“Of course,” he said, “Then I’d be jealous that other men were looking at you, when it should be just me!”

“Oh? Should it be? You’re şişli escort quite different when George isn’t around.”

“Sorry, some women I meet, I just feel… comfortable with. I meant no offense.”

I smiled back, feeling comfy with him, too. “None taken. I’m not used to such adult talk coming from a handsome young man like yourself. it can be… invigorating.”

He leaned across the coffee table, those green eyes penetrating my mind. “And stimulating? I know it is for me.”

I blushed. At 64, I’ve been told I pass for 50, but that’s still a big difference from 30. I breathed deeply, and could see him staring at my 36C cleavage heaving. I gained some control and leaned forward, too, challenging him. “Robert, be careful what you stir up. What looks serene can be a nest of hornets, if you prod it.”

He met my stare, smiled again. “I like you, Jennie, we’re a lot alike, like it or not. And hornets? I’ve been stung before and have gotten to like it!” He pushed up quickly and gave me a quick peck on the lips and sat back, proud of himself.

“The nerve!” I said, indignantly, and I could see he was frightened that he misread me. “You call that a kiss? I sure hope you can do better than that.”

He laughed out loud. “Oh, I can, for sure!” He was up and by my side in a flash, his arm around my waist. “Is this more like it?”

He tilted my head back and pressed against my lips firmly, and I kissed back, the first kiss in 3 years, and I wasn’t planning to waste it. I slid my tongue out and he took it, sucking it, swirling his tongue around it.

My arms went around his neck, and we broke and he dove for my neck, trailing kisses to the shoulder blades, then down the neckline to the fleshy tops of my breasts and I moaned.

I let him take control, not wanting to force it. One hand went from my waist to my breast, hefting it, then up to my shoulder, where he slid the strap down, with the bra strap. I lowered my arms for him and he slid both sides down, exposing my pointy pink nipples.

I saw his eyes look impressively at my boobs and closed my eyes, as he went from nipple to nipple, biting, sucking, teasing. It felt so good, this young stud! I wondered what he had down there.

He was over me, with me laying back for him, and his hand slid up my dress. Warm weather meant no hose, just thin cotton panties, and I felt his fingers slide under the crotch, and dip into my well. I was drenched, and the cool air sent tingles through me. He was kissing me, alternately, on the neck, lips, breasts. My dress was bunched around my waist and that was fine, it hid some age marks around my waist, leaving the nicer areas for his lustful eyes.

He stopped and stood, and I looked up at him mecidiyeköy escort as he lifted his shirt over his head and stepped out of his shoes, then unbuckled, and stepped out of his slacks, now in just jockeys, with a huge bulge. I reached for it, and he let me squeeze, then tug them down, and out he popped, bouncing, so young and hard, with a big pink head and thick shaft, measuring about 7 inches.

I sat up and he moved closer and I wrapped my lips around him, my tongue flicking at the thin slit. It twitched in my hand and mouth, and he backed off, saying, “Not yet, I’ll shoot for sure!”

He knelt beside the couch and spread my legs. My late husband never did this, what I knew Bobby was about to, and I’d often heard and read of the pleasure, and the anticipation made me more aroused.

He bent down, looking up at me, and spread my lips with his fingers, and unfurled that tongue, and it ran up my entire tract, from bottom to top, finally coming to rest on my clit, and I exploded, wondering why I waited so long!

I must have yelled out, by Bobby’s reaction and smile of satisfaction, but he kept working me, while I held onto his head for fear I’d fly away in ecstasy. He slurped and bit and sucked at it, and my head was flailing. I heard my next scream, it frightened me! But I orgasmed again and again!

Now, Bobby was ready, climbing up over me, ready to mount. I squirmed out from under and remembered how I had read that men get best penetration when she is on top.

I had him sit, his hard meat high, as I stepped over him, holding his shaft as he watched in appreciation. I rubbed it back and forth to lubricate him, and to tease myself, then slowly lowered down, as he bit at my boobs before his face, smiling.

The Yoga classes had helped keep me limber, and I was able to settle down on him, with his full length inside me, and we kissed again as his hips moved, back and forth, slowly, then up and down.

He was groaning, saying how good it felt, how hot it was inside me, and my nipples were aching from their first attention in 3 years. My pussy lips felt his rigid shaft moving faster, in and out, up and down.

I began moving in a circular motion, feeling new stimulations in places I hadn’t felt before. His big cock was pounding me now, and I yelped and moaned from the pleasure.

He was hoisting my hips now, thrusting fast and deep, using his full length for each plunge, and I was about to erupt again when he cried out and arched his back, letting go his male fluids deep within me. I kept moving, wanting to empty him, so he would feel as satisfied as I did, finally coming to rest on his lap, kissing and sweating.

I slid off him, self-consciously naked now, and he seemed almost shy again, but he held me, kissed me. I kissed back and he whispered, “My God, Jenn, you were wonderful!”

I glowed from that. “You were pretty good, too, for a Black Sheep. I think I have some fleecing to do!”

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