Bliss Feet

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Quietly we enter your room. I shut the door behind us and lock it. As you stand in front of me, I can’t help but to admire your beauty. Tonight you have worn your blue ADIDAS running shoes without socks. As my eyes trace up your leg from your feet, I see you are also wearing white shorts and a tank top. You are a sight to see!

I set my back at the foot of the bed as you sit down on the edge of it. I look into your eyes for a second then divert my attention to your feet again. I watch as you reach down and untie the laces on your left shoe. Then with your left hand you grasp the heel of the sneaker and slowly start to pull your foot out of it. My heart races and my hands are starting to shake a little with the excitement. I see your foot slowly becoming bare. This is torture! Finally I see the silver nail polish from your little toe.

Now your left foot is bare. We both look at it while you flex your toes and rotate your ankle around. As you reach for the other shoe I put my hand up to stop you. “Lay down on your stomach.” I ask. You turn and lie across the bed with you feet hanging off the end.

You prop you head up with a pillow and get comfortable. This is the moment I have been waiting for. I kneel down at your feet and pick up your left shoe. I bring it to my nose for a quick smell. Your shoes are pretty new so the smell is not too strong. Good. I take my time to inspect every inch of your left sole. I wrap both hands around it and lean forward to plant a kiss directly on the ball of your foot. I point your toes with my hand and kiss the tips of each one of them.

Now it is time to free the right foot. I lean over a with a long pull untie the extra long shoe lace. I loosen the laces with my fingers and remove the shoe. I place your ankles together and put one hand on the underside of each foot. I lower my face down and bury it in your soles. Your heels are resting on my forehead and you toes are on my chin.

Your feet feel warm and moist on my face. I can smell the faint smell of sweat on your feet. Still holding onto your feet I lower my lips to your toes and slowly trace up the entire length of your sole with my tongue. Your poker oyna feet taste a little salty, very faintly so. I almost lose it right there and go crazy licking and kissing your beautiful bare feet. I have to hold back. You know what I have come for. You know what is coming next.

I open my bag and pull something out. You can’t see me and I have asked you not to look. I get up on the bed with you and sit on top of your butt facing you with my legs on either side of yours. I reach over and pull your hands back towards me. Once I have them together I slowly start to bind them with cotton rope. I make sure you will be OK, but have no chance to get loose. Your palms are touching each other as your wrists are now, tightly bound. I reach back into my bag and pull out a long piece of fabric.

I pull your hair back and you raise your head up. I place the blindfold tightly over you eyes. Once I know you are OK I proceed. I turn around, still kneeling over you and bend forward to pull your ankles back to your butt. I wrap my rope around your soft ankles and secure them in place. I get off the bed to admit my work. What a sight you are to see! Blindfolded, wrists bound together as well as your ankles. You look so peaceful lying there. Not for long! I ask you if you are OK and still want to continue. Without speaking you nod your head.

From my bag the first item is a fork. I take the fork and slowly press the cold metal against your tender soles. You flinch a little because you know it is coming. I turn around and straddle your feet. Then I sit down on your calves with my back to you. I take the fork and slowly rake it up your sexy left sole. Then you explode into laughter and try to thrash loose. It isn’t going to happen and you know it! I watch as the forks leave four little white lines up and down the length of your sole. You are moving around so hard that I have to put the fork down for fear of you stabbing yourself with it!

I reach back into the bag and pull out a little Q-Tip. I wet it down with my saliva and pull your ankles back up so they are flat against my chest. One arm hugs your ankles and the other hand slides the Q-Tip between canlı poker oyna each of your toes and very softly up and down each sole. I can’t believe how ticklish you are! You act like you are going to explode if I don’t stop! There has to be a better way to restrain you. I reach into my bag and pull out a long piece of rope. I pull your ankles back and your hands up. I used the rope to connect the two. Now your knees are forced to be back near your butt. This time however I used my mouth to tickle.

I nibble on the heels of your feet and slowly lick to your awesome silver toes! I slide my tongue between each of your toes and try to force you to remain still. Your laughter is loud that the people next door are going to call the cops! I look around and see a sock your wore earlier in the day. “can you keep it down or am I gonna have to stick your own dirty sock in your mouth to shut you up?” With hot tears from laughter rolling down your cheeks you tell me you don’t need the gag and you’ll be more quiet.

I feel you could use a little break from the tickle torture. I wipe the tears from your face and kneel over your feet once again. They remind me so much of the first pair of feet I fell in love with. I reach back and untie your wrists. Once free you rub them where little indention s from the rope are. I leave your feet tied and turn you over on your back. I see you nervously bite your bottom lip wondering what is going to happen next. I secure your wrists to each side of the headboard and lift your head up to put your pillow back.

I go back to your feet and raise your legs straight up and scoot myself up against the back of your legs. I am on my knees and I bend your knees back toward your chest to put your soles directly in front of my face. I hold your ankles and look closely at your soft soles. There is a bit of dirt on them from not wearing socks so I brush that away. I take the big toe of your right foot and put my lips around it and suck on it. I run my tongue all around it and over the top of your silver toenail.

As I slide it out of my mouth I take a second to nibble on the very tip of your toe. Slowly I work my way internet casino around to each of your little toes making sure to lick between each of them. Once I’m finished I look at your toes and see how they shine now from my saliva. All of your toes get sucked this way and then it is time for your soles. I lick your soles from the heel to the toes with long broad strokes of my tongue. I make sure to inhale deeply while I do it too. Your pretty little bare feet now look like they have been dipped in a bucket of water! I plant soft, wet kisses up and down your bare feet.

Now it is time to finish your torture. I untie your feet and massage them. After a good rub, I spread your legs open wide and secure each ankle to the bedposts. I run my fingertips up and down the inside of your legs and this feels relaxing to you. I straddle your mid-section and pull your shirt up so that it rests just below the bottom of your bra exposing your ribs! You thought I might take it all the way off, but I wouldn’t do that.

“Trust me”, I ask you. I slide my palms down your tight stomach to the top of your shorts. I slip my finger under the belt line a little and pull your shorts up. I unbutton your shorts and unzip them so that just the very tops of your panties are visible. I trace my fingers up your ribs and back down to the top of your panties. I decide it is time for the all out frontal attack. I sit on you and start wiggling my fingers over your ribs really hard!

You weren’t expecting this and you jerk against your restraints! Another explosion of laughter from you and wild thrashing around! I can barely hang on. I work my way down your legs tickling your knees and thighs. Then I reach those prized feet! They are still soaking wet and I dig my fingers into your soles really hard. Pressing and watching you jerk around with outrageous laughter!

All good things must come to an end. You have been tied up for a good two hours and I know you must be in pain. Quickly I release you and untie your blindfold. Your hair is a mess and your eyes are all puffy from laughing so much! You button your pants back up and pull your shirt down. I stand up and offer you a hand to get up. I pull you to your feet and it hurts you to stand on them. I look into your eyes and brush the hair away from your face. I lean forward and give you a little kiss on the lips. Then I put your shoes back and exchange looks with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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