Boating Adventure

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Given the size of our 26 foot Wellcraft powerboat, we always stayed within sight of land. Lynn and I enjoyed our weekends, cruising along Florida’s West Coast and soaking up the sunshine. We also participated in the local powerboat club’s parties and outings. Ours was one of the smaller boats, and we dreamed of someday owning a bigger craft with a galley, air conditioning, and big sleeping berths. Other members of the club often invited us to raft up and enjoy the comforts of one of the bigger boats, and we made a lot of friends.

One couple in particular berthed their big 58 foot Bertram in the same marina and extended an open invitation to join them when we were out together. Sam was a tall, muscular fellow with a deep tan that spoke of his many days in the Florida sun. Sam’s wife, Kate, was short (an inch or two over five feet) and quite busty. She had dark hair and a bronze tan. Kate liked fashionable, glitzy clothes and she looked flashy wearing her gold ankle bracelet, a toe ring, and bejeweled necklaces. Big diamonds adorned her finger and ear lobes. People took a second look when she flashed her broad pearly smile in a singularly flirty way.

Kate was a tease and something of an exhibitionist. She always seemed to have the smallest swimsuit done in a wild animal print or thin metallic fabric. Her large breasts bulged out of the top of her suit, and the bottoms were often skimpy enough that you could see the top half of the small rose tattoo a distance below her belly button. Other female club members, including Lynn, just shrugged off Kate’s garb. “She just likes to show off a bit,” Lynn would tell me. “Kate is really very nice.”

“Sam is a good guy too,” I would reply. “He has brawny good looks and I think he enjoys seeing Kate strut her stuff. She’s quite a few years younger than Sam and he knows the other guys envy him.”

“I guess that includes you, too, eh?” Lynn teased.

“Hell, Lynn, don’t go getting uptight about Kate. I can’t help it if she likes to show off her big boobs and cute body. We all have eyes, you know. I can’t imagine that she’s as good a lover as you.”

“Hah,” my wife replied. “I don’t think you’ll ever get a chance to compare the two of us.”

I looked over at my wife. Lynn is tall, about 5’8″ with a slender build and milky 38C breasts topped by small pink nipples that I love to suck. She has light brown hair and big brown eyes that sparkle when she speaks. The years have been kind to her since I first met her when she was still in her mid-teens.

“So, I guess you haven’t noticed that Sam spends a lot of time eyeing you, right?”

Lynn glanced over at me. “No, I haven’t, Ken. Does he really?” she coyly asked.

“I’ve seen him look you over many times, and the looks aren’t necessarily brotherly,” I assured my wife.

“Guess I’ll have to be more aware in the future,” Lynn responded with a wink.

It seemed to me that my comment about Sam had touched a nerve and I decided to press the point.

“Can you imagine what it would be like to feel Sam’s muscular body? Think how it might be to feel his hard cock rubbing against your leg, wanting you to touch him.”

“Quit that kind of talk this minute!” Lynn gasped. “That won’t happen either.”

I smiled across the table at my red-faced wife. “You never can tell. Sam’s got his eyes on you, and you know that I’m okay with anything you decide you want to experience.”

“Don’t keep saying that, you know I’m not going to do anything like that.”

Feeling that I’d pressed the point as far as possible, I changed the subject and left Lynn to her visions.

Two weekends later, we were cruising again and heard Sam on the ship to shore radio. He invited us to join them and we headed over to where they were anchored. Within a short time, we were rafted up with Sam and Kate, sitting on their aft deck sipping margaritas. Kate was in a tiny gold bikini that made a metallic flash when she moved about. The suit was no more than strings with the small patches of cloth covering only the essentials. It was obvious that Kate had neglected to trim her bush for a few days. Short dark hair was showing around the edges of her tiny triangle. Naturally, Lynn caught me ogling Kate’s rear as she bent to retrieve a paper napkin and she gave me ‘the look’ indicating that I was on thin ice.

In contrast, Lynn’s two-piece suit was dark blue and rather modest. I had trimmed Lynn’s brown bush for her the night before, so no hair was showing around her bottoms.

After the second pitcher of margaritas, Kate and Lynn were busily chatting and feeling no pain. Sam was telling me about a deal he was working on, but I noticed that his eyes were focused on my wife’s long legs and Sam kept leaning forward when Lynn reached for her glass. That is when I noticed that my wife’s top was tied more loosely than normal. As she leaned over the table, he was getting a nice view of her boobs. That is when it dawned on me that Lynn had purposely tied her top that way to attract Sam’s attention.

I glanced over istanbul travesti at Kate and saw that she, too, had been watching Sam and Lynn’s behavior. Kate grinned and gave me a sly wink as she sat back in her chair, letting her pendulous tits jiggle as they were barely contained in her bikini bra. I winked back to indicate that I also noticed and approved of their little game.

Kate turned to Lynn. “Let’s take our drinks up on the bow and get some sun,” she suggested as she rose from her chair.

Dutifully, my sweet wife picked up her glass and followed our hostess up onto the bow.

“Let’s go up on the fly bridge. I want to show you the new navigation system,” Sam suggested. “The view is much better up there as well,” he added.

Once on the fly bridge, I quickly saw what Sam meant. Our wives were stretched out on the soft cushions and providing us with a bird’s eye view of their barely clad bodies.

“Lynn’s got a great shape,” Sam told me. “It’s a shame that she keeps it covered all the time.”

“Your Kate is stunning as well,” I replied. “I can almost guess what you must see when she steps out of the shower,” I added hoping he wouldn’t take offense.

“My Kate’s really built for a short gal,” Sam chuckled. “She loves to show off, and I enjoy seeing her strut her stuff, too. I wonder what would happen if we encouraged the girls to go topless for us? It’s just the four of us today, so what’s the harm, right?”

“We can try, but frankly I doubt if Lynn would go for it,” I cautioned. She’s pretty conservative, but I know she got very red-faced when I told her that you had been giving her the eye.”

Sam glanced over at me. “You saw me and didn’t say anything to me about it?” he asked.

“Actually, I took it as a compliment to Lynn,” I replied truthfully. “My wife’s turned many a head, so why not enjoy the attention.”

“That’s how I feel, exactly,” Sam said with a nod. “Frankly, I’ve had fantasies that involved both Kate and your Lynn more than once.”

I smiled. “Well, since we’re being completely honest, so have I. Also, I don’t think today’s coy little show that Lynn put on for you was accidental.”

“You saw that too, eh?” Sam grimaced.

I nodded. “My wife had her top tied pretty loose and I think that was meant for you, Sam.”

My host smiled broadly. “Well, if you’re game, let’s see how far we can get our ladies to go this afternoon. Who knows where this might lead.”

Sam stood and leaned over the windscreen. “Hey girls, you’re going to create some strong tan lines like that. Why don’t you remove those tops and get nice even suntans? What do you say?”

Kate looked up at her husband and saw my face staring down next to him. “You two horny men just want to see our tits. You don’t care a hoot about our suntans,” she responded with a giggle.

“Let’s moon ’em,” Sam whispered and I nodded.

We pulled our suits down and stuck our bare white bottoms up to the console.

“You don’t want to look like this do you?” Sam shouted as both wives stared up at us in shock.

I looked over at Sam and saw his cock begin to rise with the excitement. Our cocks were almost identical in length and thickness I gauged. We were both cut.

“That’s enough,” Kate shouted. “Either pull your trunks up or take them off, one or the other,” she added with a sharp laugh.

“We will if you will,” Sam teased back.

Kate held her glass up and drank the last third of her margarita. “Is that a dare, Sam?” she asked.

“Damn straight,” he responded and looked over at me to confirm that I was with him.

Lynn watched and listened to the exchange with wonder in her eyes. She had just seen Sam display his naked ass. Now, she might be seeing him completely nude. She shivered and realized that she actually wanted to see Sam naked.

“You guys first,” Kate replied with a hint of malice in her voice. “We don’t trust you to actually do it, do we Lynn?”

Lynn finally spoke up, the margaritas providing just the right amount of courage. “Right, we don’t trust you guys at all. You have to come down here with us without your trunks, then we’ll see if you’re chicken or not.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My conservative wife was actually accepting Sam’s dare, along with the obvious consequences.

Sam stepped out of his suit. “Let’s go champ,” he ordered and left his trunks and me on the bridge.

I glanced down at my semi-hard cock and my crumpled suit. Quickly, I stepped out of my trunks and followed Sam down the ladder to the deck below. We stepped along the narrow walkway next to the cabin and emerged on the bow to face our two wives, still stretched out on the pads.

I watched my wife’s eyes as they moved right past me and focused on Sam. He was standing with his feet apart and his hands on his hips, brazenly displaying his nude body to the women

“Damned if they didn’t actually do it!” Kate said with a loud laugh. “I was sure that they would chicken out, weren’t you, Lynn?”

Lynn was speechless and istanbul travestileri simply nodded her agreement. She finally looked over at me and shook her head. “You’re naked!” she gasped. “And Kate is sitting right here with me.”

“And now, little ladies, it’s your turn,” Sam challenged. “Off with your suits!”

Kate objected. “No, just our tops, like you said before, Sam.”

Sam shook his head. “That was before you challenged us, honey. Now it’s only fair that you remove all.”

Kate turned to my wife. “It’s just the two of them. Nobody else is around, what the hell.”

Before Lynn could object or agree, Kate got to her feet. “Here, Lynn, untie my top for me please.”

Wordlessly, my wife stood and began to pull the bow that held Kate’s top around her bulging boobs. As Kate felt the strings fall away, she lifted her top over her head and dropped it onto the bow, completely exposing her 38DD breasts and large, dark nipples.

Turning quickly, Kate reached behind Lynn and unhinged the clear plastic catch that held my wife’s top together. Without hesitating, Kate lifted the loose top over Lynn’s head and dropped it on top of hers.

Sam’s eyes went immediately to my wife’s 38Cs and her small pink nipples. They were now even smaller because they were erect and pointing right at him. Sam’s erection was swift and quite evident.

“Wow, some contrast, eh?” Sam gushed. “Big and droopy meets nice and pink.”

Kate punched Sam’s arm and reached for his erect rod. “You can put that away…unless you intend to use it on someone.”

“You two aren’t done yet,” Sam goaded. “Off with those bottoms now.”

Kate looked at Sam for a long moment. “Are you sure you want to continue this, Sam? You two are making me very horny all of a sudden.”

“Yeah,” Sam quickly replied. “We want to see those pussies. Take it all off!”

“Remember, Sam, you asked for it,” Kate cautioned, then she slowly pulled the strings that held her gold metallic triangles against her charms.

I watched in amazement as Kate untied her bottoms and let the tiny triangles slither down her legs. Her thick bush effectively covered her slit and it was easy to tell where she normally trimmed the stray hairs that grew out from her mound and onto her upper thighs. The only hint that the hair covered something was the light glistening off of the nectar that was leaking out.

I felt my own cock begin to rise as I got my first full frontal view of Kate. I became even more rigid when Kate moved to Lynn’s side and slowly began to pull my wife’s suit down her slender legs. Lynn stood silently as her bottom fell to her ankles, and then she simply stepped out of them and stood with her arms at her side, watching Sam’s reaction.

Now, I had just trimmed Lynn’s bush the day before. It is light brown and not very thick, so it was easy to see her slit. I also trimmed up about halfway up on her outer lips. I knew that Sam could see my wife’s slit and the size and shape of her pretty mound. It was obvious that Lynn, too, was aroused from the wetness along her slit.

There was an awkward moment as we all stared at each other. Then, Lynn broke the silence. “I’m going to sit back down and sunbathe.”

Kate joined her and they both stretched out on their tummies, giving us a view of two very nice asses.

“I’m going to make another pitcher of margaritas,” Sam announced and began to make his way aft.

I decided to sit down on the bow and wait for developments. Lynn had her head turned, but Kate was up on her arms, staring at me as I sat down facing them. I saw Kate lick her lips and I wondered what thoughts were going through her mind.

Sam returned and filled all our glasses. We all sat up Indian fashion, chatting and teasing as we polished off another pitcher.

“You know, Kate and I have often thought about how it would be with another couple. Have you two ever wondered about that?” Sam asked in a low voice, trying to be tactful.

Lynn surprised me by answering Sam’s exploratory question. “We talked about how Kate and I would compare as lovers a couple of weeks ago. I told Ken that he wouldn’t get the chance to compare. He also tried to get me to imagine what you would be like, Sam. Isn’t that a hoot?”

Sam glanced over at me and winked. “Well, Lynn, you’re welcome to check me out if you like. With a little more encouragement, I might grow even bigger!”

Lynn looked directly at Sam’s thick cock, then into his eyes. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were serious.”

“Go ahead, Lynn,” Kate urged. “I dare you to reach over and feel Sam’s cock right now.”

I decided that I had better speak up too. “Yeah, honey, just hold it and see if it feels any different. You can hold mine at the same time and compare.”

“No! It’s bad enough that we’re sitting here stark naked out in the open like this. I can’t just reach over and grab two stiff cocks like that.”

“Why not?” I replied as the thought of my wife doing it coursed through my brain. You may find travesti istanbul that you like it after you’ve experienced holding two cocks at once.”

More than a little bewildered, Lynn sat considering her options for a long moment. “Kate wouldn’t like it,” she finally blurted out defensively.

“Hey, it was my dare, remember? Go ahead, then it’s my turn,” Kate added with a sly grin.

“Well, maybe just for a second,” Lynn finally conceded. She leaned forward and wrapped her fingers around my hard rod first, then very tentatively reached over to Sam. I felt my wife squeeze my pecker and watched as her hand began to explore Sam’s prick. She moved her hand on mine then stroked Sam a few times, closing her eyes as she alternated.

“Actually, they feel about the same,” Lynn told Kate. Then, she moved her hand down and cupped my balls, doing the same with Sam.

“I think Sam’s balls are a little bigger, but not by much,” Lynn continued as she weighed us in her two hands.

Kate was watching intently as Lynn stroked us and made her comparison. “Let me see now,” Kate pleaded.

Lynn scooted back and made room for Kate to take her place. Kate followed Lynn’s earlier analysis, starting with our stiff pricks, then checking our scrotums. I began to throb as Kate’s small hand began to stroke me and tantalize my balls. I gazed at her thick bush and I could almost taste the nectar that was clearly evident.

“You’re right, Lynn, there’s no way to tell the difference this way. Our men are built the same. I’ll bet they even taste the same.”

Lynn objected. “We can’t do something like that up here in plain sight! What if another boat comes this way?”

Kate nodded. “You’re exactly right, Lynn. We need to go below for that comparison.” With that, Kate stood and began to make her way below.

I could tell that Sam wasn’t about to let the chance go by. He jumped to his feet, hard on waving above us, and followed his wife down the walkway and into the cabin below.

“Well, I guess the dare is still on,” I stated and rose to my feet, holding out my hand to Lynn.

My wife shook her head slowly, but then took my hand and, together, we went below.

“All right,” Kate said as we entered the cabin. “You boys sit on the sofa so that you are easier to compare.”

We did as she asked, although the trip below had turned our stiff rods into semi-soft members.

“Who will do the first taste test?” Sam wondered.

“We’ll flip a coin,” Kate replied and rummaged through her purse for a quarter. Kate flipped and Lynn called heads.

“Heads it is,” Kate announced. “Lynn, you get their heads first,” she giggled at her pun.

My wife approached us and knelt between my legs first. I think she felt that I would not object if she did me first. She placed her around my cock and stroked it a few times, then lowered her head and took me into her warm mouth. She held my balls and used her thumb to guide my cock. Her tongue circled the head of my now-erect penis and slid down the backside. She knows that those two moves drive me crazy. I felt a small surge and knew that some pre-cum was leaking onto her tongue. That was what she was waiting for.

Lynn’s mouth popped off of my throbbing dick and with a single move, she was between Sam’s knees, her mouth sliding down his rigid shaft. I watched as my wife performed the same techniques on Sam as she had just done on me. Sam’s head fell back and he groaned as Lynn sucked him and fondled his large balls. In a matter of moments, Lynn tasted Sam’s pre-cum and quickly released his cock with an audible pop.

“Kate, they both taste the same to me. I guess you are going to have to try them to see if you can tell any difference.”

Kate took up Lynn’s position and began to suck her husband’s throbbing member. Kate worked rapidly and in moments released Sam. She slid between my legs and swallowed my bouncing cock until I felt the head hit the back of her throat. Kate’s technique lacked sophistication and I found myself yearning for my wife’s marvelous ways. In spite of Kate’s urgency, I managed to donate some pre-cum and Kate immediately licked her lips and moved back.

“I can’t tell a difference in taste either,” Kate pronounced. “I guess we’re going to have to try them out and compare how they each feel, if we’re going to do this right.”

Lynn gasped. “Do you mean you want to swap husbands, Kate?”

“Well, that’s the only thing left, isn’t it?” Kate replied quietly. “We’ll just let one do enough to get the feel of him, then go to the other and compare the two feelings, okay?”

Sam spoke up. “Hey, don’t we get a say in this?”

“No, Sam, you don’t get a say. Lynn and I are conducting a scientific test here and you two men are our guinea pigs, so to speak. You’re going to give Lynn a small sample, and I’m going to get a small sample from Ken. Then Lynn and I can compare and see which one we like the best.”

“Can we perform a little preparation before each test?” I innocently asked.

Kate, who seemed to be the leader now, glanced at me and shrugged. “I think we could allow that, don’t you agree, Lynn?”

My wife kept her eyes on the floor and simply nodded her agreement. She knew what I had in mind. “We need some privacy, I think,” Lynn suggested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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