Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 07

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(in Sara’s voice)

I ran into the house, sure that I could find what Drew and Lily needed. I remembered seeing it in the master bedroom: it had caught my eye. There, in a shopping bag next to the bed, I found it: a bottle of massage oil, not even opened. I felt a little guilty ‘borrowing’ this from my friends, but I could see the name of the store on the bag. I could run out tomorrow and buy a replacement before they returned.

Realizing that I was missing the action, I rushed back down to the patio in my towel. The bonfire was raging, and right in front of it, the nude forms of Julie and Patrick were still interlocked. As I walked closer, I could hear that Julie’s moans were starting to reach a fevered pitch. Patrick had so overwhelmed her that she could no longer keep her attention on blowing him. She was simply grasping his cock tightly and holding it against her cheek.

“Oh, oh yeah…” she gasped. “Please… please… please…”

Patrick didn’t need to be asked. He gladly persisted in tongue-fucking her from behind. God, I couldn’t wait to have Patrick for myself!

Everyone else was still sitting, watching Patrick and Julie go at it. That is, except for Drew, who was standing behind the chairs. He had such a cute bum. I walked up behind him and grabbed it to get his attention.

“As promised,” I announced, “one bottle of…”

As Drew turned his head, I instantly saw that he wasn’t just standing behind Heather’s chair for the hell of it. She was up on her knees giving him a blow job!

“Heather!” I gasped. Everyone else must have noticed this long before I got there because they all started to chuckle. Even Patrick found humor in my surprise at finding girlfriend giving head! He, of course, appreciated the irony, burying his tongue once again into Drew’s girlfriend’s pussy.

“I leave for two minutes…” I jested. “You know it’s not polite to have fun without me!”

I went to take my seat next to Steve. Lily was still sitting on his lap… but something was different. As I walked around to the front of the seats, I saw that Steve was no longer wearing a towel. Lily grinned at me and began to bob up and down. She had Steve’s big cock inside her!

“Oh, now this is most definitely not fair!” I joked to deflect my shock.

I couldn’t help but gawk at the sight of Steve’s mammoth cock penetrating his diminutive girlfriend. Lily rode it indulgently, letting it fill her up and stretch her just to the limits of comfort—the pleasure it gave her was written all over her face!

“Well now I feel left out!” I pouted playfully.

Before anyone had a chance to respond, Julie cried out loudly.

“OH FUCK ME!” she screamed.

For a moment I thought she was extending me an invitation, and I blushed, realizing that I was all too willing to take her up on it! But she wasn’t talking to anyone in particular… the scream was because Patrick had her on the verge of an orgasm!

“Oh fuck!” she yelled again, holding Patrick’s cock fast against her face. “Don’t stop! Oh, please don’t stop!”

Patrick wasn’t about to stop. His face was attached to her, and he continually thrust his tongue into her pussy. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch.

“Yes!” Julie yelled. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Arrrrgggghhhhh!”

Her body clenched up as she screamed in exasperation. What a beautiful orgasm! Julie’s body shook and convulsed so vibrantly that I could almost feel it for myself!

“Oh, ohhhh…. holy fuck…” Julie exhaled, woozy from the rush of blood to her brain. “That was fucking amazing.” She had just joined Heather and Lily in knowing the wonders of Patrick’s tongue! She glanced over at the two of them with a look of awe. Once again, my pussy itched with jealousy.

“You’re one lucky girl,” Lily said, smiling at Heather.

Heather laughed. “Look who’s talking!” she chided, glancing down at Lily’s stuffed pussy.

Lily giggled gleefully and continued rocking up and down again on Steve’s impressive cock. Steve grumbled contentedly, feeling Lily’s tight, wet pussy slipping around him.

Everyone was enjoying watching Lily’s pussy getting fucked, and when Patrick finished lapping up Julie’s orgasm, he too looked over to witness it for himself. His chin shone with Julie’s juices, looking like a glutton who had just devoured his favorite meal.

Lily grinned at him, teasing him with the vision of the one thing Patrick knew he couldn’t have. After giving him a good look, she must have decided that enough was enough. She turned to Steve.

“Sorry hon, but the show must go on! Julie and Patrick are looking a little lonely over there. Why don’t you tell everyone why we needed that bottle?”

I had almost forgotten about the bottle of massage oil in my hand. I handed it over to Lily, and she very reluctantly stood up from Steve’s lap. His thick erection leaned off to side with disappointment.

Drew, too, parted from Heather with a thankful smile, and he followed Lily to Ankara bayan escort retake their place on center stage. Thanks to Heather, Drew’s erection was still raging, and I was dying to see what he would be doing with it next!

As Lily and Drew rejoined their companions, Julie sat up to greet them, now straddling Patrick’s chest like a jockey. Patrick simply lay there, pinned on his back with the sure feeling that Julie was once again taking the reigns. He wiped the juices from his mouth and simply waited to see where the story would lead.

Steve, still getting over his separation anxiety from Lily’s pussy, deflected his pent-up energy into telling the story.

“While Julie and I were sucking each other off, I was too absorbed to notice that Lily and Drew had been rummaging through Julie’s drawers. When they returned to the bed, they had found a bottle of massage oil. And before I knew it, Lily and Drew were having some fun of their own! Julie sat up, and the two of us watched them go at it.

“Drew popped open the cap and tilted the bottle at Lily. Before she could react, he squeezed his hands around the bottle, shooting oil directly at her! Lily squealed, feeling the fast stream of oil squirt against her tits. Drew laughed and kept spraying, coating her whole chest and belly. Julie and I laughed, too, goading the two of them along.

“Well, Lily was in the mood to play, too, and she lunged at Drew, knocking the bottle out of his hands. Playfully, Drew fought her off and pushed her back onto the bed. Lily giggled at the slick of oil that covered her skin, and she began to tease Drew by rubbing her hands over her body. It didn’t take Drew a moment to take the bait…”

With Lily sprawled on her back over the bricks, Drew leapt atop of her and began to massage her breasts in the warm oil. His hands slipped so effortlessly over her body, and I could only imagine the sensation Lily felt as his slippery fingers stroked her skin and tweaked her nipples.

Lily had designs of her own, as well. With Drew straddling her belly, she reached out with her oil-coated hands and grabbed hold of his solid hard-on. Drew whinnied like a stallion as he felt her fingers slip up and down his cock, which was now glistening like a brass pillar in the yellow glow of the fire.

The draw of Lily’s slick, shiny breasts must have been irresistible. Even as Lily jerked him off, Drew found his hips beginning to sway, and Lily got the message. She pulled Drew’s cock to her chest and let him begin to rub it between her lubricated tits. Drew heartily took up her offer and started fucking her tits, pressing them together around his cock!

The thrusting of Drew’s hips was making me extremely horny! Watching his cock penetrate through Lily’s lubed-up cleavage, seeing his shiny tip press up toward her chin, what a sight! The idea that all of this had been inspired last week from our conversation at the bar was titillating and made me wish that I could have been a part of it!

Of course, tonight I was a part of it. And the hornier I got, the more difficult it became to sit on the sidelines. I glanced over at Steve. The guy was still hard as oak, and his balls were probably blue from being sexed-up and abandoned. Oh, to hell with it… I reached down and gripped my hand around his thick shaft!

With a surprising nonchalance, Steve looked over at me and smiled. It was as if he had been sitting there hoping and hoping that his erection would draw someone’s attention. Well, it had worked! And now that I felt his hard-on throbbing it my hand, I had an itching to fix it!

Lily had noticed my move while she laid there letting her tits get fucked. She smiled, as if she had hoped that someone would pick up where she left off. Happy to take up her mantle, I smiled back at her as I bowed my face into Steve’s lap. Lily watched with a certain relish as I began to suck the head of Steve’s dick. She knew that, at the same time, I was also tasting her own juices. In fact, the taste of Lily on Steve’s cock turned me on even more. Making sure that Lily saw me, I began to lick her juices off the rest of his shaft.

Heather, meanwhile, was pleased to watch me give another blow job. But clearly, she was getting as antsy as I was. Casting a coy smile at Steve, she seductively slunk down onto the patio and knelt in front of him. Seeing that she wanted to join me, I tilted Steve’s large member toward her face. Heather began sucking it with fervor.

Lily was enjoying watching us get her boyfriend off, but the devilish exhibitionist in her wanted us to watch her, too. And it was good that she decided to advance the plot by herself, because Heather and I were making sure that the narrator was quite indisposed, and Julie and Patrick were getting restless.

With Drew still screwing her tits, Lily grabbed up the bottle of oil. She pointed it at Julie and Patrick and squirted a stream of oil up over their bodies. Julie leaned back and let the oil rain down on her chest. Escort bayan Ankara Lily was amused and kept squeezing out more oil, which began to drip sensuously down over Julie’s breasts and belly. Lily giggled and the decided to take aim for Patrick’s crotch. Patrick gasped as he felt the warm oil splatter against his balls! Lily adjusted her aim, ensuring that his cock, too, was drenched in oil.

Heather and I couldn’t help but watch Lily’s antics, even while we continued to pleasure Steve. Wanting to watch everyone else, we weren’t quite giving Steve a full-on blow job, but between the two of us we were continuously playing and teasing him with our tongues. Steve didn’t seem to mind, especially since it gave us all a chance to watch when Julie started to give Patrick a massage…

Julie reached down and coddled Patrick’s oil-drenched nuts in her hand. Patrick groaned, feeling Julie’s hand at work, though he could see only her—very attractive—bare, back side. Julie seemed to be keen on Drew watching her as she greased up Patrick’s balls, and when she was sure that he was watching, she began to work her hand up Patrick’s shaft. Drew gawked as his girlfriend’s hand erotically massaged Patrick’s big, swollen cock.

Watching Julie’s slow, lubed-up hand job was making Lily horny, too. She pushed Drew back on his heels, making him kneel between her outstretched legs and watch her drizzle massage oil over her pussy. Drew grinned as he peered into her horny, pink gap. He placed his hands on her and began to massage the oil around her pussy and inner thighs.

Lily lay and enjoyed the massage as the two of them watched Julie stroke off Patrick. But Lily wanted a bigger thrill. She reached forward and grabbed Drew’s cock, pulling it between her legs. Now, I knew well enough that she wasn’t going to let him fuck her, but what was she up to? Lily showed us soon enough…

She pointed her legs straight up in the air and closed her legs around Drew’s greasy hard-on, letting it settle against her mound. Knowing exactly what she wanted, Drew grabbed her legs and started thrusting his hips, sliding his meat back and forth through the slick of oil surrounding Lily’s pussy. It looked they were fucking, and it probably felt like they were fucking!

Not to be outdone, of course, Julie looked devilishly back at Patrick. She sat up and began to rub oil over her own pussy and then handed the bottle to Patrick. Julie leaned forward, positioning herself on all fours and tempting Patrick with a rear-entry angle on her pussy.

We all knew that Patrick wasn’t quite that lucky, but he was quite eager to accept Julie’s second-best offer. He knelt behind her and slipped his thick cock between her legs so that it arched up against the outside of her well-oiled pussy. Julie closed her legs around him, forming a tight, slippery seal.

Feeling this, Patrick’s face lit up like a kid in a candy store. He grabbed Julie’s hips and began to take her from behind. He took slow, solid thrusts, the looks of which made my pussy drip with envy. Taking the measure, meanwhile, of Steve’s enormous dick with my tongue made me wish I could just mount him and fuck his brains out. But alas.

Drew watched wild-eyed at the scene of what, to all appearances, was his girlfriend getting fucked doggy-style. Patrick was so absorbed in the fantasy that he almost appeared to believe that he was penetrating Julie’s warm, pink pussy! He plowed into her back side, crashing his hips against her buttocks and making them shake with each thrust. With him pounding fervently against her, Julie seemed to be experiencing all the thrill of being fucked, and the feeling of Patrick’s shaft rubbing up against her clit surely gave her a lot of the pleasure, as well.

From Drew’s perspective, this must have appeared all too real—whether it was Steve fucking her last week or Patrick fucking her now. Though he knew it was an illusion, Drew was getting a twisted thrill from the mere idea of watching his girlfriend get fucked. He must have been sure that, watching him and Lily, Steve was feeling the same way!

Drew took a firmer hold of Lily’s hips and began to drive his cock rapidly back and forth against her pussy. Lily moaned softly at the feeling of him sliding against her clit, but Drew was the one who was really getting excited. He thrust ardently, slapping his hips against the back of Lily’s thighs.

Patrick could tell that Drew was getting off on watching him pretend to fuck his girlfriend, and the harder Drew pounded Lily, the more covetous Patrick became. Still slamming Julie from behind, Patrick reached around and grabbed onto Julie’s tits. Julie smiled, knowing that this would make Drew even hotter.

Making sure that Drew got a good look, Julie got up onto her knees so that her back was up against Patrick. He kept thrusting his cock, which I could now see penetrate through the front of Julie’s legs, almost taunting Drew by the way it brandished in his direction! With Julie Bayan escort Ankara now sitting up, Patrick excitedly cupped his hands over her breasts and massaged the oil over their large, voluptuous surface.

Watching Julie’s skin glisten all over with the sheen of oil, seeing her body jolt with the shock of Patrick’s thrusts as he ravaged her from behind… I could tell that Drew was about to lose it. Lily’s cushy legs hugged his swollen shaft with warmth and lubrication, and he was simply pummeling her.

Drew bit his lip, trying to hold it off, but not wanting to stop. Lily looked into his eyes.

“Do it,” she said.

Drew looked down at her, watching her whole body shake with his thrusts.

“Do it,” she repeated. “I want you to feel like you’re fucking me. I want you to fucking come… like you’re coming in my pussy…”

Steve was undaunted upon hearing his girlfriend’s proposition. I couldn’t tell if it was because he was used to hearing Lily speak to Drew this way, or because he was too busy watching Heather and I team up our tongues on his dick! In any case, we decided to take a break so that we could concentrate on watching.

Drew, however, was quite daunted. With Lily’s request, he started pounding her harder, without reserve.

“Oh god,” he mumbled between heavy breaths.

“Yes,” Lily prodded.

“Oh, oh god!”

“Yes! Fuck me! Give me your fucking come!”

“Arrhh… arrrrrrhhhhh…. ARHHH!!!!”

That was it. Drew gave Lily his come alright, shooting it right across her belly! I gawked with a certain debauched delight as the load exploded from his shiny tip, splashing down on Lily’s skin. I couldn’t believe how much come he had left, after having shot so much down my throat! The second shot was even bigger, creaming the bottom of Lily’s tits. Drew just kept pounding her and pounding her until the last few spasms of semen drip down onto her pussy.

Lily grinned with pride. This was as close—perhaps—as Drew would ever come to fucking her, and it tickled her to let him feel what it would be like. Between this and watching Julie do the same thing to Patrick, Drew was thoroughly spent!

Julie was delighted to see her boyfriend blow his load. He smiled at her, exasperated, but still intrigued to watch Patrick use her body as his fuck toy. Julie seemed glad for Drew’s enthusiasm because she was really enjoying the feeling of Patrick clinging lustfully to her body, drilling against her pussy.

Watching Drew shoot his load had gotten Patrick exceedingly horny. He realized that Julie was expecting him to use her for the same purpose! This realization emboldened him.

Patrick slipped his hands away from Julie’s tits and gently pushed her back down onto her hands and knees. Glad to feel him taking charge, Julie smiled at Lily and Drew, who were now watching with great interest. Patrick grabbed the bottle of massage oil and turned it upside down over Julie’s back side. He drenched her ass with oil.

“Mmm,” Julie hummed, feeling the warm trickle of oil drip down between and cheeks.

Patrick gazed lecherously at her plush, round buttocks and then proceeded to massage them sensuously with both hand. Julie responded with soft, persistent moans.

As I suspected, it wasn’t idle curiosity that had led Patrick to bathe her ass in oil. No, Julie’s back side was offering him a tempting proposition: when Julie’s buttocks were thoroughly lubricated, Patrick spread them apart and slid his long, swollen cock in between!

“Ooo!” Julie cooed, realizing his intentions. The feel of his dick rubbing up against her asshole must have felt great, especially with all that warm, slick oil.

Drew was impressed by Patrick’s ingenuity, and he could tell that Julie was enjoying it! Despite her toned muscles, the cheeks of Julie’s ass were so full and fleshy that they put a tight squeeze around Patrick’s cock as he rubbed it in between! Patrick’s eyes rolled back in his head as he felt Julie’s buttocks conform around him, and he pushed them together to create even more of that beautiful friction.

I felt a certain depraved amusement at watching Patrick drive his dick through Julie’s ass cheeks, especially with her boyfriend sitting nearby and watching. Steve seemed to be getting off on it, too. Both Heather and I noticed his breath quickening, but this only made us want to blow him even more! I slipped my mouth over his tip and started to suck him off more fervently, and Heather followed suit by lapping her tongue along the bottom of his shaft. I began to wonder if we’d end up making Steve come before Patrick did!

But Patrick was already well on his way. Now that he had a good hold on Julie, he was absolutely hammering her ass! Even Julie seemed surprised by his forcefulness. She simply steadied herself and let Patrick have his way with her.

With the all the oil coating their skin, the sound of Patrick slapping against Julie’s ass was positively raunchy! And Patrick’s steady rhythm was pushing him rapidly over the edge.

He began grunting each time he rammed into her.

Julie prodded him on. “Yes! Keep going! Keep… fucking… me… Keep… fucking… me!”

Her syllables were broken by his body-shaking thrusts.

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