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W.O.O.F.S. That was the term I heard applied to people in situations similar my wife’s and mine. Kids grown and out of the house… six figure income… “Well Off Older Folks,” they call us. Well off perhaps, but older folks? Forty-seven is old? Forty-two? Those are the ages of myself and my wife, and I certainly don’t consider us “old.” Yet to many, I suppose we are. We certainly don’t feel all that old, however, and my wife sure as hell doesn’t look it.

Mary is gorgeous. A stunning, slender brunette, with blue eyes, stylish jet black hair, and a terrific body, she still attracts more than her share of attention wherever we go. I’ll admit I’ve put on a few more pounds than I’d like over the last few years, but at six feet and 185 I’m not all that out of shape. Mary, however, is fanatical about working out and staying fit. When we were younger I suppose we both would have preferred her breasts to be larger, but now that we’re “old folks,” we’re thankful that her perky, 34B breasts aren’t sagging like those of many of our friends.

Perhaps because of Mary’s retained good looks, I believe we’re still a bit more active when it comes to sex than other people our age. We love sex. Actually, now that we’re home alone, we’re practically consumed by it. I’m an optometrist, and Mary’s my receptionist/assistant. We work out of our suburban home, to which my office is attached, so we’re never far from our bedroom. On slow days, we often enjoy “sex breaks,” and more often than not it is Mary who instigates these delicious interludes.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise to me, therefore, when it was Mary who suggested we consider opening up our marriage to include anonymous sex with strangers… men in particular. Like other couples who have dabbled in surfing the Net, we quickly discovered the tons of sexually explicit newsgroups waiting for us there. The more time we spent on the Net, the hotter we both became. We began to experiment, engaging in some of the more outrageous activities about which we’d read, and some of which we’d seen, in .jpg and .mpg files. Quickly we discovered a kinky side to our sexuality neither of us knew was hiding there just beneath the surface, waiting to emerge.

We began to discuss our fantasies, freely sharing them with one another. We’ve never kept secrets from each other, and have always been able to communicate openly, and without hesitation. Discussing our fantasies was no exception. Surprisingly, when I told Mary I’d often fantasized about seeing her with another man, or group of men, she smiled, and said for a long time she’d had the same fantasy.

“So what do we do about it?” she asked one evening. We were in our bedroom, in front of our computer, downloading and looking at photos of all kinds of explicit sexual activities. Each of us were naked other than terrycloth robes. Mine was open, allowing me to casually masturbate while Mary controlled the keyboard. My arm was around her, and my hand was on one of her breasts, fondling her as we discussed our “fantasy plans” for encounters with other men. By then I had agreed with Mary’s suggestion for us to begin with another man. Mary said she wasn’t ready to participate with another woman yet, so it was fine with me to support her idea. I knew our marriage was strong enough for me to allow her to engage in sex with other men, and her professed desire to see me with another man was surprisingly intriguing to me as well.

“So? What’s the answer, darling?” she asked. “How do we arrange it?”

Perhaps it was serendipity, perhaps it was a mysterious spirit guiding us, I don’t know, but just as we were discussing how we should proceed, a photo of an attractive woman sucking a man through a “glory hole” appeared on our screen. We both looked at it in silence for a moment. Then, as we simultaneously recognized the answer to Mary’s question, we began to grin at each other.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Why not indeed?” Mary said, leaning toward me, grasping my cock in her fingers, milking me as we kissed. “Neither of us wants to be involved with anyone else… something like this would seem to offer the ultimate in anonymous sex.”

I agreed, and that night in bed, as we made love, Mary told me she wanted us to visit one of the adult book stores in our area that we’d heard featured “glory holes,” those holes cut into the walls between video booths which allow the store’s patrons to engage in oral sex. She assigned me the job of scouting the one or two places we knew of which were far enough away from our house where we were unlikely to be recognized. I agreed to conduct the search, and the next day, a Saturday, I began.

Thanks to the help of a newsgroup message I’d posted, a few responses led me to an adult book and video store on the other side of town which did indeed have video booths in the back. That part of town is rather seedy, but I thought it would be safe enough. When I arrived I noticed several cars in the parking lot. Most seemed fairly expensive, another good sign, ataşehir escort I felt. I went inside, spotted the area containing the video booths in the back, approached the clerk at the counter, and bought a roll of tokens for the movies.

In the back of the store there were perhaps ten booths. It was very dimly lit, and a few men were standing against the wall back there, not talking, just loitering, obviously waiting for a likely partner for sex. I noticed the doors to unoccupied booths were open, and went into one that had a glory hole cut into the wall. Inside, I locked the door behind me, inserted a few tokens into the slot next to the television, then watched as on screen an adult film began playing. By pressing a button below the slot for the quarters, I was able to change the selection to another video. It seems seven films were being shown at once, and one could skip through them simply by pushing the selection button.

As I was scrolling through the video choices, I found myself becoming quite aroused. I unzipped my fly and took out my cock, stroking myself as I observed the on-screen action. Suddenly I noticed something appearing on the periphery of my vision. I looked over, and a naked cock was sticking through the wall. Intrigued, I watched as it withdrew, then appeared again. At first I almost laughed, but remained silent instead. Clearly this was the place to come if Mary and I were to consummate our curiosity.

After a few moments, the cock disappeared, and I saw a man extending his finger through the hole, curling it toward him, beckoning me to come closer. The on-screen movie and my initial masturbation had excited me, and without thinking, on impulse, I moved closer to the hole. The finger seemed to stretch toward my cock, and I assumed the man could see my erection. Curious, I moved closer still, allowing the man to touch me. This was a first for me, and I must admit it excited me tremendously. Still, I was reluctant to slide my cock through the hole in the wall. Until the man’s finger withdrew and reappeared holding a condom.

Suddenly I made a decision, or perhaps my erection made it for me. You know what they say. I took the condom from the man, quickly opened it and rolled it down over my cock. Then, before I could think about the craziness of what I was doing, I leaned into the wall and slid my cock through the hole. The man squeezed it gently at first, and then I felt his lips sliding down on me.

It didn’t take long for me to come. My God I was excited! Afterward, I pulled back, discarded the condom into a waste basket in the booth, and quickly straightened up. I heard the door in the booth next door open and close, and a few moments later I unlocked my door and left.

I never even saw his face, nor do I think he saw mine, so I have no idea which of the men had performed on me. In the car driving home I was filled with mixed emotions. While I had clearly enjoyed the thrill of an anonymous blow job, still I must admit I experienced a moderate degree of confused emotions as well. In the end, however, my conscience yielded to the excitement of the situation, and I knew I’d be returning to the bookstore, with or without Mary.

When I arrived home I told Mary everything. Her reaction was what I expected it would be… one of excitement rather than condemnation. She was so turned on, in fact, we made plans to visit the book store the next afternoon.

That night Mary was insatiable. Over and over she asked me to tell her everything about what happened in the bookstore. Our sex was tremendous, and by the time the next afternoon arrived, we were both more than ready to embark upon this new adventure in our lives.

We dressed down for the visit to the store, with each of us wearing worn jeans and old sweatshirts. Mary wore a somewhat ragged pair of panties, as well, and no bra, all of which we felt would enhance our decadent mood. When we arrived at the bookstore Mary was so nervous at first she almost didn’t want to go inside. I told her she had to make up her mind before we went in, as once we did I knew we’d never be able to reverse whatever we did there.

“If you’re not sure, darling…” I began.

“No! I’m sure,” she said finally, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Let’s do it,” she said, opening the door, getting out.

We entered the store, and Mary glanced at some of the books and magazines while I bought tokens from the clerk for the video booths. To help conceal her identity, Mary was wearing sunglasses, which she kept on until we entered the darkened area of the store.

“God I’m hot,” she whispered as we walked back to an empty booth and entered it. The men along the wall stared at Mary, and it was obvious they were surprised to see an attractive woman entering a booth with a glory hole in it. I must admit I was extremely excited as well, and was already feeling the stirrings of an erection as I closed and locked the door behind us.

“I wonder if one of those men was the kadıköy escort bayan one with you last time,” Mary said, squeezing my growing erection. I told her I had no idea, and of course I didn’t.

As Mary waited, I inserted several tokens into the TV slot. Then I unzipped my jeans and took out my cock, sitting on the small chair as I pulled Mary onto my lap.

“Now what happens?” she asked.

“This,” I said, slowly pulling her sweatshirt up over her head, removing it. “And this,” I continued, unsnapping her jeans, helping her step out of them. She was naked now, other than for her sneakers and panties.

“Does this excite you, Abe? Seeing your wife almost naked in a place like this? On display for whoever wants to look through that hole and see me?” she breathed, grasping my cock, stroking it slowly.

“Yes!” I hissed, meaning it.

“What if someone does see me?” she teased, turning toward me, her eyes sparkling in the dim, flickering light from the TV.

“Then they’ll do that,” I said, nodding toward the hole in the wall. Mary turned, and there before us was an enormous cock. The guy must have been nine or ten inches long, and he was twitching his cock in what I assume was an attempt to get Mary, or me, to touch it.

“God!” Mary gasped, staring at the naked erection.

“Touch it,” I said, gently nudging her toward the man.

“Oh Abe!” she breathed, reaching down slowly, finally wrapping her fingers around the man’s cock. “GOD!”

We heard a soft moan coming from the other booth, and when Mary knelt down to get a closer look, I began masturbating. She looked up and me and grinned, began rubbing herself as well, then looked back at the cock again. Her body suddenly trembled visibly, and she leaned forward, inhaled deeply, then ran her tongue along the length of the man’s cock.

I moved behind Mary and tugged at her panties. She raised up slightly, allowing me to lower them enough so she could step out of them. I spread her legs slightly, and slowly slid into her from behind.

“OH!” she gasped, pushing back against my thighs, helping me fuck her. “Oh God this is so hot!” she groaned, jerking on the cock now, her head turned toward me, kissing me as she masturbated the stranger in the next booth.

“Abe. I want to see you do him, too” she said, her voice strangely low, husky, obviously excited.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Touch him. Or lick it,” she exclaimed, bumping her ass into me as we fucked.

I leaned down over her back, and she tugged on the cock, pulling it as close to us as the wall would permit, toward my face. And then I did it. I let my tongue come in contact with another man’s cock for the first time in my life.

It felt so strange! Almost like smooth velvet, yet beneath the outer flesh was a rock hard erection. My eyes met Mary’s, and it was clear she was on fire over what I was doing. Suddenly I decided to excite her even more, and I slid my lips along the cock until I reached the end of it. As my cock pulsated within my wife’s cunt, I opened my mouth and took the cock inside.

“Oh GOD, darling, YES! SUCK HIM!” Mary moaned. She was coming. I could feel her contractions, and as I continued to mouth the cock in my mouth, I, too, suddenly erupted inside Mary’s red hot pussy.

“Oh babyyyy!” I moaned, letting my lips slip from the end of the man’s dick.

With a growl of animalistic lust, Mary took my place, sucking and slobbering all over the cock until we heard a series of low moans coming from next door. Suddenly Mary pulled her head back, and the cock erupted. Arcs of cum burst from the end, striking both of us in the face. We moved back, and Mary placed her fingers around the cock, milking it as more cum splattered from the end of it, down onto the floor in front of us. She continued masturbating him until she felt the man softening, then pulling back from her.

I handed Mary one of the handkerchiefs I’d brought with us in case something like this happened. She wiped her face with it, and I did the same with the one I had. The man next door leaned down to the glory hole and said in a low voice, “Fantastic! Thank you!” Then we heard him leave.

“Enough for today?” I asked.

“Do we have to leave?” my wife said, the excitement evident on her face. “Now that we’re here I’d love to fuck around a little more. Is that okay?”

“Hell yes,” I breathed, excited now.

We heard the door next to us open and close, and as my wife knelt there on the sticky floor masturbating, I watched her eyes suddenly cloud over with lust. Then she did something so obscene I felt my cock harden again immediately. She reached over and picked up the waste basket from the corner, looked into it, then sat it on the floor again. As I watched, she reached into the basket and retrieved a used condom. It was still full of cum, and as I began playing with myself my sexy wife raised the condom above her lips, then lifted the end up so the opening was pointed at her escort maltepe mouth.

“Oh God!” she moaned as her fingers pressed against the bottom of the slimy condom, then began to slide slowly toward her waiting, open mouth. Suddenly a huge gob of cum began to slither out of the end of the condom. And into Mary’s mouth.

“Jesus, honey,” I gasped. A cock was sticking through the hole in the wall again now, and when Mary had finished slobbering her lips with the cum from the used condom, she turned to the cock sticking through the wall. This one was long… very thick… and VERY black!

“Hmm, yes!” she hissed, leaning into the cock, sliding her cum-coated lips over it. I heard a groan from inside the room next to us, and as my wife began sucking the huge black cock, I noticed her fingers rubbing her clit furiously.

“Do you want to get fucked, darling? By one of them?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” she nodded, not wanting to remove her lips from the cock for even a second.

“Should I open the door? And let them join us?” I asked, my cock drooling precum from the end now.

“HMMM!” she hummed, nodding her head again. Suddenly the cock she was sucking began coming, and I watched as incredibly she swallowed every spurt from the cock without losing a drop.

On fire, I turned and unlocked the door to the booth we were in, then opened it. In the hall outside five or six men were waiting for the booth next to us to become free… waiting their turn for a crack at my wife’s lips. Now they were going to have more than that if they wanted it.

“Care to join us in here, guys?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah!” one said, and instantly he was in the booth with us, as were two other men. The others crowded around outside, in the hallway, waiting for their turn with Mary.

“This your fucking wife, man?” one asked.

“Yes. She loves cock,” I said, letting the men into the booth with us.

“Well shit, you want me to fuck her or what?” he asked.

“Anything you like. Just use her. The dirtier the better,” I said, feeling my cock twitching. I was very close to coming again, and it was all I could do to stop myself as the man moved behind Mary, lifting her to her knees on the scummy floor. He took out his cock then, and as I watched began to slide it inside my wife’s waiting pussy.

“UHHHH!” Mary moaned, and I watched her eyes sparkle with excitement.

“You. Jack off on her face,” I told one of the men.

“I will if she sucks my dick a little first,” he said, holding a beautifully erect cock toward my wife.

“Hmm, no problem,” Mary said. I dropped to my knees next to Mary and took the man’s cock in my hand, then fed it to her. Her moans and gasps were intoxicating to me as she began to suck the cock. It was dripping pre-cum goo out the end, and as she sucked it I watched one of the men moving behind Mary’s naked ass.

“May as well fuck her back here while my buddy fucks her mouth,” the man said. Mary raised her head from the cock then, just as it exploded cum all over her cheeks and in her hair.

“Hmmm, darling… this is so fucking nasty, isn’t it,” she moaned, turning back to the spurting cock, sliding her lips over it to capture another few spurts of cum. Then she turned to me and opened her mouth, letting me see the spermy goo before swallowing it.

Behind her she felt the cock pressing against her naked, unprotected cunt, and in seconds my sweet wife Mary was getting fucked.

“Oh God, darling, this is wonderful. Do you like it, baby? Do you like seeing another man’s cock in my cunt?”

“YESSS!” I hissed. Another man moved in front of Mary now, offering her his cock, and as she began sucking it the man fucking her lunged forward and emptied his load of hot sperm in my wife’s pussy. Mary came then, shrieking and moaning as he pressed deeper and deeper inside her cunt, filling her with nasty sperm.

The man fucking her mouth did the same then, and for the first time in my life I felt my cock coming without my even touching it. My dick exploded, all over the floor, and it was all I could do to keep from passing out I was so fucking hot. As soon as the man finished fucking her, Mary sank to the floor, laying her cheek in the puddle of cum I’d just gushed from my cock.

Still on fire, I crawled over Mary’s face and straddled it in a 69 position with my ass directly over her face. Her fingers spread me apart then, and I felt her tongue lapping my asshole as I buried my face in her scummy cunt. Pushing, she expelled the cum from her pussy directly into my mouth as I sucked her cunt and felt her tongue pushing into my ass. All around us men were masturbating now, suddenly spurting cum on us from all directions. Mary was moaning, and so was I as streams of hot cum began to rain down on us from everywhere.

“Hmm, yes… YES!! COME ON US! ALL OF YOU!!” I heard Mary screech, and in seconds the men were doing what she’d asked… their hot sperm wet, sticky, and oh so fucking nasty. We loved it.

Finally everyone seemed satisfied… at least enough to allow Mary and I to get up, and get dressed to leave.

“Did you get enough yet?” I grinned at my slutty wife. Her hair was matted with cum, and her face was dirty where she had laid her cheek on the scummy floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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