Boondocks Summer #00: Prelude

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My aunt was something else. She was my mom’s younger sister, and the baby of the family. Always a bit spoiled, she was still a hard worker and had taken over running the family ranch with her ex-husband.

Fortunately, when that piece of shit ran out on her, it was in another name and he couldn’t touch the place. It left her totally alone on a thousand acres though, and she was too proud to ask for help. Finally one day, lifting a sack of feed, she sprained her back. My mom called me to see if I wanted a part time job over the summer on the ranch.

The ranch was a nice spot, secluded with lots of wild game to hunt and room to ride. It backed up to public land on three sides, and on the last side it was opened into the ranch of a family friend. I had the run of all the land I could see in any direction while I was there.

Then there was my aunt. She was in her early 40’s, with no kids. She had been through 3 husbands by this time, and several boyfriends in between each. It was easy to see why. She was a little overweight but certainly not obese. She had a stomach that protruded out further than she’d have probably liked, but her legs were long, lean and tan. She had a gorgeous ass and a pair of giant DD titties that were perfect and perky. Her arms had a little fat on them, but weren’t saggy; freckles adorned her chest and arms from an adult life in the sun. Her face was pleasant, though not outright gorgeous.

And I had fantasized about her since I was twelve.

I accepted the job and loaded up the pickup the next day, cruising the four hours from my apartment in the city to the ranch. When I got there, after a 3 mile drive over rocky unkempt dirt roads off the highway, I was a little dismayed at the state of the place. Fence was on the verge of falling down in several places, and the gooseneck trailer had a flat. Cattle were scattered all over, blundering over coral fence that was just lying on the ground. I started to regret my decision, but it was work on a place I loved and she was paying.

I pulled into the drive of the little house she lived in and honked the horn. I hopped out and grabbed my bag, but nobody answered the door. I walked in – nobody locks up out here – and dropped my bag in the spare bedroom. I looked out and saw her riding up to the barn on her horse. It was one in the afternoon on a southwest day in late May, so she was glistening with sweat as she trotted into the barn. I felt my pants get tight as I saw the tank top she was wearing cling with sweat to her giant tits.

The next few days were a blur of hard labor. There was too much to get done to really enjoy her company, I was up at 5 to eat and grab some coffee, and repair fence until lunch. After lunch I’d ride around and count cattle, or mark on the map of the place where more fence was down, make sure the stock tanks were full, etc. And boy, was it hot.

My Aunt Norma didn’t help me much; there was so much to do that she would line me out in the morning and we’d split up for the day. By the end of the work day I’d be ready for a beer and some TV, but she would generally have to retreat into her office and do paperwork she was behind on.

Occasionally, being rather unused to having house guests in the year since her jerkoff husband left, she’d come out of the shower ass naked without closing her bedroom door, intending to air dry in the summer heat. She’d remember I was there and discreetly shut her bedroom door pretty quickly, but my first evening there she’d forgotten and I’d gotten a nice long look at her gorgeous body before she’d caught herself and shut the door. I was watching TV and for all she knew, I’d not even seen her.

Finally, after about a week of my help she’d been able to catch up on taxes and other billing information. We finally got a chance to work together on a little bit of fence that was down along the north edge of the property. We had to take the 4 wheelers to get to it, and tow a small auger up to get through the rocky soil.

I got the auger in place and started working it as Aunt Norma started laying a new fencepost wherever they were going to go Ankara escort along the downed section.

We worked for about an hour before I heard her say “T’Hell with this.” Without saying anything else she started taking her bra off underneath her shirt. “I’m sorry Gavin, but I usually work out here sans bra. These babies hurt in that thing after bending and working all day, so I hope you don’t mind.”

She hadn’t stopped to look, but if she had she’d have seen me looking down her shirt at those big globes. The deep tan line on them was perfect.

“No problem here,” I muttered.

It was one of the harder days we’d had, physically, since I got there; just the location of the fence had made it a chore, and the rocky soil added to it. By the time we were done feeding in the afternoon, we were beat.

“Well, I’m about ready for a beer,” I said as I hung the 4 wheeler key up.

“I’m right there with you Gav.”

I walked in and grabbed a few beers from the fridge and handed one to her. “It’s Friday night, better hand me two to start the night.”

I handed her another with a laugh and we went to the living room to get the TV going. A baseball game was on and we let it play while we chatted. We talked about my college life, girls I dated, etc. I could tell she was trying to talk about anything but work and the aunt I remembered, the fun loving lady, came out. Since I’d gotten there it was work, work work.

“Another beer?” she asked after we’d killed our first two.


“Damn!” she yelled as she went to get up. “My back is so fucked up. How about you go get the beers? You’re the hired help anyway, aren’t you?” she laughed through what was obviously pretty bad pain.

“Sure thing auntie. And when I get back, how about a massage?”

“Sounds good…. I need about a day’s long worth.”

I instantly got excited. I’d get to rub down my curvy aunt. I grabbed the beer and then grabbed the big bottle of olive oil out of the pantry. I poured some in a glass and went to the living room. I handed her the beer and then instructed her to lay down on the couch.

She leaned over and laid down. Her tits were pressed into the couch long before her face hit the pillow; I watched as they were mushed into the cushion. She pulled her legs up onto the couch and said, “Alright, let’s do this.”

She was tall- about 5′-9″- so her calves were forced up over the armrest as she buried her face in the pillow cushion. Her tight Levis made her ass look like it was begging to escape. I was enamored as I started rubbing her shoulders and kneading her back to look for knots.

“Oh, right there,” she said as I rubbed my hand over a knot in her lower back. I slid up her tanktop and rubbed some oil between my hands before I started working on her.

I massaged her lower back for a while, adding some more oil off and on, then worked my way up her back. I slid her shirt up just a bit more, and I could feel her tense up just a hair as my hands worked over her bare back under her shirt.

“Good lord, Aunt Norma, you’re stiff. You need some more beer.”

“Tell me about it!” she replied, lifting up for a moment and taking three or four deep chugs from her can. “aah…” she said as she re-buried her face in the pillow.

I kept working on her, making her groan in pain a few times and almost putting her to sleep at others. The whole time, I had a raging hard on that I had to be careful to avoid her ass with as I rubbed her up and down.

Finally, I was just about done. I was about to put the oil away and wash up when she asked, “Can you hit my lower back one more time Gav? You’ll have to go a bit lower than my pant line- if that’s ok with you- but it hurts like hell.”

“Alright,” I said, probably too fast. I looked at her still-glistening, oily back as I tried to pull down her pants just a hair. They wouldn’t budge.

“Hold on,” she said, shoving her ass in the air just long enough to unbutton her pants and slide them down about an inch.

I found myself just staring at the peek of ass cleavage she had let show. She was wearing Ankara escort bayan boyshorts- odd for a mature lady like her, but understandable considering her daily routine. Slowly, I started working on massaging her low, low back and trying not to let my dick come in contact with her.

She was back to moaning alternatively in pain and enjoyment, and I was going crazy. All I wanted was to grab her ass and shake it. I slowly started working my way down, until I was kneading her ass right at the top. She shuddered first, then jumped a little. “Too low, Gavin!”

“You’re really, really tight. It’s just going to get worse from here on out, unless you’re going to a professional masseuse sometime soon,” I quipped.

I kept going as I spoke and she stopped her protest. I worked on her upper ass for a while then went to her upper thigh.

“Go put some shorts on, and I’ll work some of the stiff out of your legs,” I told her.

“I think this is good, Gav. Thanks.” She sat up and grabbed her beer. Her eyes looked heavy with sleep as I quickly beat feet to the kitchen to put the oil away and grab a beer… and let my hard on calm down.

I closed the pantry door and turned around to see my aunt walking in to grab another beer. Her eyes were still groggy, which I was thankful for in my condition, but before I could move she suddenly walked up and hugged me.

“Thanks Gavin, that was great,” she said as she put her arms around me. Her stomach was still showing from where I’d pulled her tanktop up, and her giant tits sat perky and stretching the fabric trying desperately to hold them in.

As she embraced me I instantly felt the tip of my dick hit her just above the pussy just after her tits pressed up against my chest. As I instinctively went to hug her back her eyes gaped wide open.

“Oh shit!” she said, pulling away slightly and looking down at the bulge in my pants. “What the… did I do that to you?” she asked, sounding genuinely surprised but not altogether put out.

I was silent; what was I going to say to that? Yes, she had done that to me. It was awkward; hell, it was beyond awkward.

“Well Gav, what gives? Did I do that to you?” she reached forward and gave my dick a playful tap through my jeans.

“Great,” I thought. “Now she’s going to tease me over it.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s just that I…”

As I spoke I saw a sort of desperate plea in her eyes. I don’t know if it was real at the time or if I imagined it, but it seemed like she just wanted to hear someone was still turned on by her.Her hands were still around me loosely, and my adrenaline was pumped at this point.

I moved my hand to her lower back and pulled her to me, moving my face to hers, and I could tell her breath was already heavy as my lips touched hers. It was an electric kiss; I felt my body shudder, and I could feel heat simmering from her body as she put one leg forward to get closer.

We kissed for a moment, tongues dancing passionately, before she pulled away.

“Gav, what the hell just happened?”

“I really don’t know, Aunt Norma, I’m so sorry.”

We stared at each other for a minute, sort of between a “What the hell do we do now?” and “Let me rip your clothes off” look, until finally I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her again, going in for another kiss. This time I pulled her in and she had time to slip out a “Gav, no…” before our lips met. She had said no, but her tongue darting around my mouth didn’t seem to agree.

I ran my hand up her shirt and started handling her giant tits. I had never played with tits so big and was surprised at how heavy they were. As I began lightly rolling her nipples, she started moaning as we kissed.

I slid my hand on her back down to her ass and then my mouth began to nibble on her chin as I worked my way to her neck. I started licking, kissing and lightly sucking on her neck and my right hand moved from her tit down to her stomach, kneading the bit of fat there before I used both hands, front and back, to start taking her pants down.

Her legs were tan all the way up, only Escort Ankara her pussy, stomach and lower tits being pale. It was an odd, hot tanline I took time to appreciate as I started removing her shirt.

“Gav, really, we can’t… I want to but we can’t” she moaned more than said, and I could feel her hands still stroking my back as I worked my mouth over one of her nipples. I licked it back and forth with my tongue, then lightly sucked and bit at it as my hands grabbed her ass cheeks through her boyshort panties.

I pulled at her shirt, now around her neck and arms, and she finally let me totally remove it.

“I want you, Auntie. I want to fuck this beautiful body of yours all over this house.”

I began to stroke her pussy ever so lightly with my whole hand, not wanting to over stimulate but wanting to keep her going. She started slowly grinding my hand and her mouth was gaped open; she voiced no opposition and I slowly walked her backwards to the couch and laid her down. I was a little surprised when she grabbed at my shirt and almost ripped the buttons as she tore it off.

I unbuttoned my pants and she arched her back and moaned. One of her hands had reached down and was playing with her pussy while the other rolled her nipples and kneaded her boobs. Her legs were squirming on the couch and it seemed like I’d never get my pants off. Finally I did, and I instantly grabbed her panties and slid them off her long, tan legs. She sat up, reaching one hand behind my head and the other started stroking my cock. We kissed again, my hands running up her legs and stomach. I was going to explode. She wasn’t the “hottest” woman I’d laid, but there was a fire when we touched I’d never experienced… the pent up frustration, the taboo of it all, it all boiled over as we passionately kissed and explored parts of each others’ bodies we never had.

“Fuck me Gav, fuck me baby,” she finally moaned. I slid between her legs and into her wet pussy. I grabbed her love handles as I started pumping her. She was tight, wet and her legs were wrapped around me, pulling me in. I leaned over and sucked on her nipples, nibbled her neck and we made out, her gasping, moans and screams sending me over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum, Norma…”

“No, not yet, not yet,” she begged between breaths. I pulled out and came all over her stomach, rubbing my dick over her belly and thighs as I shot the last of my load.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be ready again in a minute,” I assured her. I started massaging her clit and fingering her and she started moaning again. I used my shirt to wipe my cum off her stomach and dick. She sat up and pulled the shirt away, parting her lips and licking my dick clean, taking some of my dick in and slowly sucking any cum residue off.

I had softened slightly, but not gone flaccid, and her lips quickly returned my dick to a solid bone ready to go again. She didn’t stop though; she finally took my whole dick in her mouth and as I played with her pussy she gave me an amazing blow job. Her arms wrapped around me and pulled me in until her nose was bumping my abdomen with each thrust.

I was too taken with her lips and had let my hands go to the back of her head. I was quickly preparing to cum again, and I pulled her head off my dick and kissed her before spinning her around on the couch and pulling her asscheeks apart. I pulled her pussy down onto me, and reached up and grabbed her tits and kissed her neck as I fucked her.

“Oh, Oh shit, Gav… just… so.. you know… I’m infertile… cum… inside…”

I pulled myself into her as far as I could go, pumping her pussy with my dick, the prospect of cumming inside my aunt driving my balls crazy.

My increased rhythm sent her over the edge and she began quaking, goosebumps on her sweaty arms, and as she came her pussy squeezed on my dick. I came with her, shooting my load up inside her.

I pumped slowly a few time, kissing her shoulders, and then I pulled out. She turned around, kissed me softly, and we laid down on the couch.

She was asleep in a few minutes, and I fell asleep soon after. Her giant tits and her tan leg laid on top of me all evening, until finally we woke up to make dinner.

We ate a great down home dinner. And dessert was the best I’d ever had. Summer was going to be awesome, back here in the boondocks.

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