Born to Bottom Ch. 02

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I stood up from my bed and already felt my muscles tighten up. I hadn’t been this sore since the first day of football practice last year. I began walking to the bathroom down the hall, but I only got a few steps away from my bed. My hole was fucking destroyed. It was so sore, and I could feel it with every step. Not only that but I could feel the drip, drip of cum leaking from my abused hole. I looked around and saw my clothes from last night strewn on the floor. I picked them up and they reeked of sex, shorts were wet in the crotch from Rob’s cum that squeezed out from inside me on the walk back to my room.

“Holy fuck,” I said out loud to no one. “I can’t believe this shit. Oh, my god, my ass feels like it took a bullet.”

I reached back and gently touched my hole with my index finger.

“Eww,” I said out loud. My hole was puffy and wet. I couldn’t resist the curiosity of the status of my fuck-hole. I slowly pushed my finger into my ass and felt Rob’s warm jizz. When I pulled my finger out, a dribble of cum leaked out and slid down my smooth inner thigh.

“Fuck my life,” I groaned. Given that I was new to all this, I started to panic. “What the fuck do I do with this?” I asked myself. “Fucking gallon of cum in my ass. FUCK!” I panicked again. My mind racing with different scenarios of this that could go very bad today at training.

“Suck it up, you pussy.” I said to myself. I pulled myself together, threw on a pair of clean boxers and padded awkwardly down the hall scared if I didn’t clench my hole, cum would dribble out. I hurried into a shower stall hoping no one would come in.

“Everyone should be at breakfast,” I thought. I expelled as much as I could until I was sure there was no more.

After showering and dressing, I jogged down to the cafeteria but with every step I could feel my abused hole ache. The whole way all I could think about was what happened last night. I dwelled on the fact that I loved it. I wanted more. I wasn’t sure how awkward it was going to be today training with Rob. I assume since he does this all the time that he’s probably used to public interactions with his fuckboys. Boy, that was hot when he called me a fuck-boy. Fucking possessive. I saw Jack wave at me from a corner table. I grabbed an apple and went and joined him.

“Dude. What time did you get in last night?” Jack asked with a grin.

“Don’t know, three o’clock?” I shrugged trying to make like it was no big deal.

Jack’s grin grew on his handsome face. “Three o’clock? What the fuck were you doing until three in the morning? Or WHO were you doing?

I never thought ahead far enough to think of an alibi. I couldn’t exactly say, “I was on my back all night getting plowed like a bitch by our training coach.”

“Nah, man. No hook up,” I lied. “Just drinking, hanging out,” I muttered, kept it short.

“Dude? You get caught drinking, your ass is going to get sent home and then expelled,” Jack warned.

I chuckled. First, Jack doesn’t know me at all. If he did, he would know that I don’t take kindly to being told what I can or can’t do. Second, I don’t fucking care if I get “caught” drinking. Who gives a shit? The athletic staff knows we drink. And if shit did hit the fan, one phone call from my asshole father and all would be forgiven. My dad is a hard-ass lawyer with money. Lots of money. I’m not worried about expulsion. Dad is so damn proud of me. I’m his golden boy. Being his son gives him license to brag. I could probably murder someone, and he wouldn’t do anything about it. Look at the big picture, he’s a rich, powerful lawyer with a son who’s the best football player the school has ever had. I’m hot, I’m popular and I am untouchable. So, fuck them all. Dad would do anything for me. Third, I didn’t drink last night. I got fucked.

“I don’t think that will happen, bro. It’s no big deal. It’s not like I got drunk,” I shrugged as I made up the story.

Jack put up his hands, “Ok, ok. Just looking out for you, roomie. So, did you hang with Rob? I saw you leave with him last night,” asked Jack with curiosity.

I froze up temporarily but then realized that it was ok to admit I was with Rob. No harm there. Just made me look cooler in Jack’s eyes.

“Yeah. He wanted to show me around. Dude’s intense, kind of a dick, but cool,” I said, hoping I sold a believable excuse.

“I’m not surprised you guys hung out. I think he likes you more than he likes me.”

I looked up at him, heart racing. “You keep saying that, bro. Why do you say that?” I was hoping he didn’t catch on to that possibility of I did receive extra attention. I didn’t want him to figure out what we were really doing last night.

“You two clicked right away. Probably because you’re so much alike. You probably remind him of himself. It’s just been one day, and I can tell he’s sort of protective of you like when I saw him lead you away last night. You can tell he likes control. I’m surprised that you went along with that.”

“Why?” I asked defensively.

“I don’t know you that well, but it seems like being led anywhere would be out of character for you,” Jake laughed.

I scowled, a little insulted by that remark even though kaçak iddaa it’s one-hundred-percent true. I started to look around the room like I wasn’t really invested in the conversation, making it seem it wasn’t important. Trying to look distracted and nodding to another guy on the team as he walked by, I replied, “It doesn’t mean shit. And we click because he recognizes greatness when he sees it.” I kidded him, smirked, then laughed.

Jack rolled his eyes before bro-punching me in the shoulder. “Fuck you, brother.

You’re great all right. Great at being a dick.”

And apparently great at taking dick too, I chuckled to myself.

We made our way to the practice field where we started the day with a one-mile run. I was already feeling the regret of staying out all night. At the same time, I really wanted that cock in my ass again. Thinking about last night gave me an adrenaline surge. It also made feel stronger, more muscular, more attractive. It was a strange feeling but having a superior male’s cum washing around inside you, really makes you feel invincible.

After the one-mile run, we jogged to our designated training area. There stood Rob in all his god-like glory, dressed in similar attire as yesterday, black, second-skin, calf-length compression leggings, sleeveless compression t-shirt that said, “train hard or go home.” Fuck, thank God for spandex. He was juggling a football back and forth in his big hands, standing there, feet wide apart, biceps pumped, shoulders bulging, looking like a fucking superhero. Did he workout before practice to get a good pump? He looked pumped. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Arrogant prick.

“Ladies. Good morning. How was your night?” He had the biggest dopiest grin on his face when he glanced at me.

“Good,” said Jack, shrugging his shoulders. “Uneventful, unlike SOMEONE I know,” he teased as he hitchhiked his thumb at me.

Rob then looked at me, bigger grin now than before. “Yeah, Grant. Have fun last night? You were quite a mess when you left.”

My face heated up, not appreciating the secret code Rob was speaking out loud. I eyed him letting him know he better not fuck with me today after what he did to my ass last night.

“I sure left…full. That’s for sure,” I said speaking in code right back. Rob raised an eyebrow. “You know, from all that…pizza,” I smirked.

Rob tilted his head, squinted his eyes at me suspiciously. I raised an eyebrow. Fucker, I can play your game too.

“You were really hungry for it. Pizza, I mean,” he smirked.

“Uh huh. It was ok. I’ve had better,” I said smugly with a straight face, monotone voice and a direct look at his handsome face.

Rob stopped juggling the ball. His smile went away. He had a look on his face like he was irritated. “Really?” he asked. “I thought that was the first time you’ve tried SAUSAGE on your pizza?”

Jack had a confused look on his face. “Sounds like you had fun to me. And it sounds like you had a lot of pizza. Beer and pizza, can’t go wrong.”

Rob smiled at him and then back at me. “He did have a A LOT of pizza. See, Grant? Can’t go wrong.”

I was getting pissed at this point. This talking in code bullshit had to end. He was taunting me, and I hated being taunted. I for sure wasn’t going to play along any more than I had to.

“Hey, Jack. You should join us later tonight. It’s just going to be Grant and me. I’m sure we can find something fun to do,” Rob said as he looked at me and winked. That fucker was really trying to get me pissed. Why the fuck would he say that?

“Oh! That sounds gr…,” Jack said before I interrupted him.

“Nah, Rob. I don’t think I’m going to want to hang out tonight. I probably wouldn’t be in the mood after today’s grueling workout, right?” I’m not giving him the satisfaction, fucker. He can go fuck himself.

Now, Rob was the one who looked like he was done with code talk.

I looked over at Jack. I turned around to pick up another football, deliberately sticking my ass high in the air, football pants straining to contain my beefy ass, taunting Rob by reminding him how much he liked what he fucked last night. I wanted to show him I have control over what I do with it.

“I’m sure you’ll change your mind. You’ll get hungry,” Rob commented, irritated.

I laughed, “Probably not for that mediocre pizza you forced on me last night,” I winked.

“Jesus guys, get a fucking room.” Jack rolled his eyes and then walked off to grab a helmet from the bench a few yards away.

Rob watched Jack leave. He looked at me and whispered, “I’ll show you mediocre you little bitch,” he threatened as he thrust the football into my chest, knocking me back a few feet.

“Do not fuck with me, you dick. If you try to make me squirm again, I’ll punch you in the throat.” I thrust the football back to him.

“Squirm? Like you did last night while I was balls deep in your fucking pussy?” Rob was threatening me again and I did not appreciate it. But for some reason, I was starting to remember last night. It must be the look on his face right now. The same one he wore when fucking me. Challenging me to take his fuck. “You wanna fight, big man? Come on, kaçak bahis let’s go. I’ll fucking beat your ass. Got it? Don’t be such a girl about this.”

“Whatever, dude.” I turned to walk away.

He grabbed my elbow. “After training, meet me at my place.”

I pulled away and spun around. “Why should I?” I was bluffing.

I wanted to meet him in the worst way, but I wasn’t willing to compromise myself. I wanted to make sure what makes me, me stays intact. If I decided to go down this path, taking a submissive role, my life wasn’t going to be dictated by what another guy wants me to be. If I’m going to be some guy’s bitch, he better be fucking worthy because I’m not giving up my ass for just any arrogant cock.

He grinned that sexy grin at me again. “That’s cute.” he said, then his face went deadpan. He stuck his pointed finger into my chest. “Because I told you to, you mouthy bitch. Keep it up. It doesn’t matter how much you fight me; I will break you.”

Before I could say anything, he stopped me. “Be there after training. Do not fucking test me, Grant. I’m not nice when I know I’m being tested. Now, stop being a little cunt and be a good boy. Do what I tell you.”

Fuck! Break me? That son-of-a-bitch! I stood up straight, stuck my chest out in defiance. My fists clenched and my brow furrowed.

He stepped closer, whispered even quitter. “Stand down. You know, I’m not above a grudge fuck. In fact, those are my favorite. The last kid I claimed was just like you. By the end of the first week of camp, he went from cocky prick to sniveling cunt in zero to sixty. I’m betting by the end of this first week you’ll be begging for dick too. And if you’re a good boy, I’ll share. Be at my room after training.”

Share? I stepped back. I was so fucking aroused right now. We had talked about fucking around with some of his buddies and I liked the thought of it. A rush of adrenaline shot up my spine and into my head. I glanced at Jack who was still preoccupied. I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away. I had to suck it up.

I took in a deep breath and let it out. I put my hand on his forearm as a show of submission. “Hey, wait. I’m sorry.” I whispered loudly.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you with my dick in your mouth,” Rob said sarcastically while cupping his ear.

God, I felt like a groveling little bitch, but I wanted him so bad. I had to apologize or risk never having that cock up my ass ever again. I hated this. I hated that I wanted this. What the fuck have I come to? Another guy having power over me was humiliating but what came with that was a sense of safety and security. He wanted me. He motivated me. My progress yesterday on the field was because of him. I trained harder than normal. Imagine how well I would play if he fucked me before every game. Wow, that was a hot visual.

Still holding his muscular forearm, I pleaded, “I said I was sorry. It’s all good. Just…I’m sorry. Alright?”

He sneered at me. “That’s what I like to hear from my fuck boys.” He then put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m guessing you don’t apologize too often. You’ll get over it, big guy.”

We started to make our way towards Jack. As we were walking Rob leaned over and quietly whispered, “I’m going to destroy your hole.”

I smiled.

After eight hours of intense training and a long hot shower, I lied to Jack and told him I was just going to hang out at the gym. But I jogged to Rob’s frat house. I couldn’t get their quick enough. I can imagine how desperate I looked if Rob saw me right now, running to get fucked. I just know all the way over I kept remembering how different I feel when I’m with him. To suddenly be told I’m not in control, being used for sex for pleasure of another man, it was confusing territory. I found myself not knowing how to act anymore. Today, hanging with my buddies, I had to keep telling myself that I’m still better than they are. Just because I took a dick last night doesn’t make me less of a man. Playing the alpha on the field and trying to not think about Rob’s hard cock sawing through my ass was difficult. I realized I was frustrated and taking it out on my teammates on the field. I was rougher, meaner, more aggressive. Rob had to take me out for starting a fight with some arrogant, douche bag who tried to take me down too hard. Rob knew why and I think he took pleasure in it. I told myself, tonight was going to be different. I would assert myself and stay on an equal plane as him. Take my time and not let him intimidate me.

Ten minutes later, I found myself impaled, riding Rob’s cock, bouncing up and down. My quads were flexing, showing the muscle fibers as they strained to control my descent as I pushed myself up and then slid back down again till I was down to his root. I pussied out the second I walked in the door, and he grabbed my shirt, pulled me in, slammed me against the wall and stuck his tongue down my throat. His masculine energy was palpable. It filled the space around us like a force-field. All I wanted to do was get naked and get fucked.

Rob, under me, thrusting upward, pummeling my hole, his big hands grabbing me around my waist, pushing his thumbs into my hip bones. His illegal bahis biceps flexed and his muscular neck was thick, veins bulging and sweat ran down off his chin onto his smooth pecs.

My head was thrown back, my mouth wide open. My chest out and my back arched. It was surreal to hear myself moan, my deep voice groaning, the sound bouncing off the walls. Curse words spewed from my mouth like no other time in my life. At times, Rob was grinning and sneering his upper lip, getting into the fuck, at times biting his lower lip, using all his strength to do his best to not make this fuck “mediocre.” I knew I was going to pay for that.

I looked over at the full-length mirror Rob set up next to the bed. He loved to watch himself fuck a hot guy. I watched my hunky body ride his thick cock and I thought my dick was going to explode into orbit. Fuck, I looked hot. I should do porn. Maybe a cam- show. I just know that seeing myself riding this hot as fuck dude was intoxicatingly erotic.

It wondered how strange it would look to anyone else who would have walked in on us. A smooth, ripped, muscular football player straddling another dude, bouncing up and down on his cock, it had to look weird…or the fucking hottest thing ever. I have a feeling seeing a guy who looked like Rob fucking a guy who looked like me would turn even the straightest guy gay. Two animalistic, aggressive males, one dominating the other. The power and masculinity of the pounding of ass, the slap of muscle against muscle, the sound of two baritone voices cursing and making sounds two men are not supposed to make together. The sounds of one alpha turning another out. It would be intoxicating to anyone who witnessed it.

Suddenly, the thought of being watched sent a tingle through me. I had a jacked body, who wouldn’t get turned on watching me get pounded. The ultimate submission. Getting nailed by another stud, using my body to get guys off. I wanted that. I wanted my body to be used to get guys off. Used by an alpha

I was brought out of my horny thoughts by Rob jamming his dick up hard, his ass rising off the bed. His powerful thighs suspending my big body in the air as he let loose a torrent of cum into my hard, tight ass. I could feel Rob’s cock flex, pulsating as Rob used his muscles to push as much cum into his bitch as possible.

As I felt the load shoot into me, I had a feeling of euphoria. It was so strong that I swear I was high. This must be what shooting heroin feels like. The thought of Rob’s DNA coursing through my gut made me tremble. I never would have thought in a million years that I would be full of cum. The duality of it all. The straight tough guy persona I project on the outside and the greedy, slutty, submissive bottom in the inside.

“Oh yeah, little bro!” Rob grunted. “Fuck yeah, Grant… Squeeze that muscled pussy around my cock. OH SHIT!” He continued to pulse his cock to get the last remaining drops of seed into my willing hole.

He lowered me down. His dick still in my ass, I leaned forward and rested my hands on either side of his hand, arms locked, flexing and sweaty. I looked down at him, sweat dripping down my nose.

“Come here you hot fuck-boy,” he said as he reached up, grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down into a deep, deep kiss. The force of his kiss was something I didn’t want to live without. I was the complete opposite of a feminine kiss. It assured me I was where I was supposed to be.

He released me from the kiss, and I raised myself back up to a sitting position. I gyrated my hips and ass on his stiff cock. I couldn’t get enough. The fucker was right. I was a going to be begging for cock by the end of the week.

Rob just looked up at me, a big white smile, the back of his head resting on his clasped hands, his biceps flexing as he watched me getting off on his cock.

“Bro, you are so fucking beautiful.” He reached up and ran his finger over my 6-pak. “Fuck, look at your abs. Your chest. Your legs. Your fucking arms. You’re the hottest fuck boy I’ve had in a long time, bro, maybe ever. You didn’t cum yet?” he asked with concern.

“No, dude!” I exclaimed. “It’s ok. Knowing my ass got you off, that’s enough for me. As long as you get your nut, I’m a happy…fuck boy.”

“Yeah, you are, aren’t you? Happy, football fuck boy with a dick in his ass.”

I blushed as I slowly started bouncing up and down while gyrating my ass. I stared into his blue eyes, getting lost in their magnetism. I felt like we were connecting on a higher level. The kind of connection that girls always said they wanted from me. I’ve never given a flying fuck about connections before. Too many times girls looked up at me while I was fucking them, that love-sick look in their eyes. They wanted a connection from me, I just wanted to fuck. I found myself wanting that connection now, Girls always wanted to cuddle and “talk” after sex. I just wanted them to leave. I had my fun. God, I hope I didn’t have that same love-sick look those girls had. I don’t think Rob would go for that. Too girly. I didn’t want to come off that way to Rob. Even though I was riding his dick, I still wanted to hold on to my masculinity. I wanted to show him I’m a still a man but a man who likes cock. Now, cuddling with a dude didn’t sound that bad. Muscle holding muscle would be perfect. I didn’t think he would be into that stuff. Too girly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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