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Of course all characters are of majority

An unconventional ménage-a-trois, if there is such a thing…

“Samuel. I’d like you to meet my sister Melody.”

“Hello Melody. What a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Melody shook Samuel’s hand and smiled.

“I’ve heard so much about you,” he went on. “You played cello in the Symphony?”

Melody nodded.

“I’ve a box at the Symphony; it’s how I met your sister.”

Melody looked at me then back to Samuel. She was smiling that inscrutable smile of hers.

“Melody,” I said. “Samuel knows you don’t speak. I told him of the accident and he’s aware you have little recollection of what happened.”

Melody nodded.

“It’s okay Melody,” Samuel started to elaborate. But I cut him off.

“We’re going to miss the beginning.”

Samuel turned to Melody.

“Melody, I know your sister is very protective of you. I hope you don’t think I’m a dolt.”

Melody smiled really big.

“I was only trying to acknowledge, in a way you would clearly see, that I’m aware I’m the interloper in your relationship. I was trying to be a gentleman. “

Melody nodded and turned to me with a smile.

“Let’s go. The concert will start without us if we’re not there,” I looked at my watch. “Oh my goodness, if we’re not there in less than two minutes.”

The three of us gave our wine glasses to a waitress and raced up the stairs to Samuel’s private box. We made it just as the lights dimmed.

I sat between my sister and Samuel and enjoyed every minute of the music. I’m a big fan of Schubert and Chopin. When the pianist played the “Raindrop” I cried.

I cried for my late fiancé, who was killed in a horrible car wreck.

I cried for my sister who my fiancé had picked up from the airport just minutes before.

I cried because I knew she watched him bleed to death pinned to his seat by the steering wheel and the air bag that was supposed to save his life. She too was pinned by her own airbag and the firemen said she screamed and screamed until the life went out of my fiancé’s eyes. Then she went mute.

And finally, I cried because I’d met Samuel. But I cried quietly and no one knew.

While I cried, I reflected.

Though it had been three years and some months since the accident, I’d not really awakened to life’s possibilities until Samuel came to one of our classes for the inner city kids. We’d discovered, through mutual friends at the Symphony, we had something in common… my late parent’s foundation co-funds programs that bring music to disadvantaged kids. Apparently, so too did Samuel’s foundation.

I was at first put off by his strength. I thought he might be a phony, posturing for the media, but I was wrong. He genuinely enjoyed seeing kids learn about music from the professionals we’d bring to the schools. He needed no recognition whatsoever, and oft times would stay far away when media reps began taking photographs.

Once I realized he was genuine, I gravitated to him in a way that was at first meant only to be help facilitate co-operation between our two foundations, but soon, seeing him on several occasions, our meetings became something I looked forward to as we began to work hand in hand.

The first time we had lunch together, away from our usual activities, was awkward, but acted as an ice breaker for all our meetings thereafter. It was the third lunch that made me sit up and take note of this man I kept running into wherever I went.

“I’m going to be gone for a few months,” he said. “I’ve got to attend to family business abroad and won’t be back until summer.”

For some reason I was expecting a hammer to fall, but instead he offered…

“I’d like to give control of our foundation resources to you while I’m gone.”

“Pardon me?”

“I’d like to give you power of attorney for my foundation while I’m out of the country.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because, it’s my belief, you and I are cut from the same cloth.”

It was then I realized he was spot on. Over the previous few months I had come to respect the way he conducted his business, but more importantly, I had come to admire the way he transacted with the children. But it took this gesture for me to fully realize that we were, in fact, cut from the same cloth. I would ask the exact same thing of him, without hesitation.

“Okay,” I said. “Do I need to meet with your attorneys?”

“Oh, lord no,” he answered. “Whatever I want to have happen they’ll agree to. It’s just a matter of me signing a limited power of attorney over to you. So, you’ll do it?”

“I’d be honored. In fact, I’m also flattered. It’s not everyday someone gives you carte blanche to their fortune.”

“True,” Samuel smiled. “But you have no more need for money than I do. I’m confident our interests are identical, and I’m equally confident you’ll acquit yourself in my stead.”

“Yes I will. When will you be back?” I suddenly wanted to know.

“June,” he answered.

“June? That’s our birthday.”


“Yes Samuel. I have a twin sister. amsterdam shemale She’s away.”

“A twin?”

“Yes. An identical twin. Her name’s Melody.”

“Oh. Why haven’t I met her?”

“She’s recovering.”


It’s then I told Samuel about my late fiancé. It flowed out of me as if some faucet was turned to full. I couldn’t stop.

I told him how I had met my fiancé, how we had fallen in love, how we were to be married, and just about everything a person could tell someone about another person. Still, I couldn’t stop.

I wanted this man who was entrusting me with a goodly portion of his wealth to know I was a decent person. No. It was more than that. I wanted him to know why I never dated nor enjoyed the company of another man. That is, until I met him.

I finally finished my explanation of the last five years of my life and looked around the restaurant. We were alone and our waiter was sitting at a table by himself, playing some game on his mobile phone.

“Has everyone left?” I asked.


“Oh, we should go then.”

“It’s okay. I took care of the waiter. He’ll stay as long as we need him.”

“Do you want anything else to eat or drink?” I asked.

“No. I’m fine. What about you?”

“No. I’m okay. I feel bad I took up so much of your time.”

“Think nothing of it. I’ve wanted to know more about you for a while now.”

“Why didn’t you ask?”

“I never push. I figure the best things, like truth, will out. I’ve never been wrong yet. And I’m once again proven right. Your story is both sad and amazing. I’ve wished for a long while now, I could meet someone with your level of commitment to share my life with.”

“You mean…”

“Yeah, huh? At my age you’d think I would have met someone before now.”

“Before now?”

“Yeah. I guess I’ve waited to find a person who…”

Just then his cell phone rang.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I need to take this.”

Well that was it. I felt our opening up to each other was cut short.

Samuel was listening to whoever was calling and didn’t once look in my direction. After a minute he hung up and turned to the waiter signaling there was nothing else we needed.

“I’m sorry. I have to go. Something’s not right at my office and I need to go fix it. Can I have my driver take you home?”

See. That’s how thoughtful this man was. He was obviously needed, but remained concerned for my welfare as well as his own. I liked him more each moment.

I was not to see him for several months, but I thought about him every day. Somehow, thoughts of my late fiancée seemed to take a backseat to my thoughts about Samuel. I didn’t feel guilty. How could I? It had been three years since my fiancé’s death and I needed to get on with my life. I also needed to visit Melody.

In late May, I drove to the facility that was caring for my sister. I’d visited often during her two years there, but this time, I felt different. I felt as if I could “spring” her from the grasp of her predicament if my new buoyancy were transferable. It almost worked.

I spoke with the doctors and staff at length. I was told, though Melody was always in good spirits, there was never a time when anyone thought she might utter a sound. Everyone seemed resigned to the fact that she may never speak again. It was not encouraging, but I didn’t need my sister to speak to love her. I just needed her to look in my eyes and let me know she was okay. When she did, I told her of Samuel.

The questioning look on her face spoke volumes. I knew she somehow felt guilty she couldn’t help stop my fiancé from dying. I knew she somehow thought it might be her fault. I also knew that if I treated my new found fondness of Samuel lightly, it would not sit well with her. It was a delicate line to walk, but I think I managed.

I visited twice more before Samuel returned. The first visit, on our birthdays, we sat without speaking under a huge oak tree in the courtyard of the facility.

The second visit was a repeat of the first except when it came time for me to leave.

“Samuel’s coming home next week. I want to spend some time with him. In November, when the season starts, I want to come get you and bring you home with me. Will you be ready?” I asked.

Melody didn’t say anything, but I sensed she was midway between her grief and her feeling of gratitude that it was I who was moving on. I felt she had been waiting, holding her breath, hoping this was the time for our healing to begin.

I, of course, never spoke of that tragic night. I knew she had watched him bleed to death, she too being trapped behind the airbags, though fortunately, unscathed.

I knew she somehow felt as if she owed me. It was odd, the emotions and scenarios that played out in my mind over the months after the accident. But one thing was certain. I was as glad my sister was okay as I had ever been about anything else in my life. My sister was the love of my life in a way that only twins could understand. I needed her to be okay. I needed her to be okay then, rotterdam shemale and I knew I needed her to be okay come November.

During the summer, Samuel and I became lovers. I don’t remember the exact date we first made love, but it was soon after he returned. I spent the night with him at his apartment in the city and, when I returned to my own apartment, I cried for two days. I cried for joy at knowing Samuel, and I cried, asking for forgiveness from my dead fiancé. But mostly I cried because I knew I was going to go on living. The only thing left to make my life right was to get my sister to start living with me.

“Where do you want to eat?”


“I said, where do you want to eat?”

Samuel had been talking and I’d been lost in my reminiscences. I looked at Melody, who shrugged and smiled. “I don’t care. You choose.”


Melody just shrugged and smiled again. She stepped closer to me and put her arm in mine. We both looked at Samuel.

“Oh. So that’s the way it’s going to be, huh?”

I looked at Melody and she looked at me.

“Okay. We’re going back to my apartment and I’m going to cook.”

Melody scrunched up her face and turned back to me.

“No Mel. He’s a good cook. I think we’ll probably be just as happy there as we would be anywhere else.”

Melody shrugged an agreement and we were off.

Over the next two weeks, the three of us were inseparable. Melody and I stayed with Samuel as his guests. His apartment was extremely large and well appointed. This allowed us to get early starts to visiting shops, museums, crafts peoples and various other side trips we’d think up as our time together progressed.

We did absolutely everything together. Everything that is, except make love. That only took place between Samuel and me.

As Melody slept in the guest room next to Samuel’s master bedroom, we kept our lovemaking to a very subdued level. It actually enhanced our exploration of each other’s bodies as our need to be quiet gave rise to some interesting couplings. Oft times, we would use our mouths to bring each other release before drifting off to dream land. I was never shy about exploring my own sexuality with my late fiancé, and I’m glad Samuel seemed to have the same appetites as me.

One morning, I’d left Samuel drifting back to sleep with a big smile on his face. When I went to the living room, Melody was sitting on the sofa looking out the floor-to-ceiling window. There was a pot of coffee on the table.

As I sat down next to her, she turned to give me her usual morning hug and kiss, but she backed up when she briefly touched her lips to mine.

“What? I asked.

She sniffed.

I burst out laughing. “That’s Samuel’s semen you smell. I put him back to sleep with a smile on his face.”

She slapped the sofa and grinned so big I thought her face would crack. Then she moved her face back to mine and kissed me again, this time pushing her tongue between my lips.

When we moved apart, she closed her eyes and seemed to be trying to figure out the flavor.

“A little fishy, huh?”

She shrugged.

“You’ve never tasted a man before have you?”

She shook her head no.

“Well, it’s a bit different then the way you and I taste, but I like it just the same.”

The corner of her mouth turned up in a smile that told me she remembered our dalliances when we were in music school together.

“Do you remember how I taste?”

She smiled and shook her head.

“I too remember how you taste and now that I think about it, I kind of miss it a little bit.”

Melody arched her eyebrows as if questioning the sincerity of my admission.

“No Mel. I’m not just saying that. I’ve missed spending time with you, that kind of time. We haven’t been together for a long time. What’s it been, four, five years?”

Melody held up five fingers.

“Yes. I thought so. Do you miss our times together?”

Melody turned her head away from me and I could tell she was trying to find a way to answer me.

We heard footsteps and both turned as Samuel walked into the room.

“What times together?”

“I was telling Melody how much I missed our time together in music school. After all, we’re twins and have that bond, right Mel?”

Melody nodded and smiled.

“Well, why don’t I go check in at my office today? I can catch up on some work and you two can catch up with each other. I seem to have been sort of a tag-along these past ten or eleven days.”

“Oh, don’t be silly. I’ve loved every minute of our time together. I think Melody has enjoyed herself as well”

Melody shook her head enthusiastically.

“Well, okay then. I’ll still go to the office and we’ll meet for dinner tonight. I’ll send the car back for you after I check to see if I need it.”

“Oh, don’t bother. Everything we can do we can do in the neighborhood. If we need to go somewhere, we can take a cab.”

“Are you sure?”

I looked at Melody for affirmation. She nodded.

After Samuel left for work, we tidied up blog shemale and then each went to our rooms to get ready for the day. As I laid out my clothes I had a thought and went to the guest room. I knocked.

Melody opened the door wearing only a robe. I motioned for her to follow me and without waiting for a response turned to walk back to Samuel’s room.

When we were inside I walked into the en suite and turned on the bath. Samuel had a huge square tub that was more like a jacuzzi than a bath tub. I poured bath salts and fresh herbs into the water and motioned through the door for Melody to join me.

“We’re going to bathe together. Just like we used to at school”

Melody’s face lit up.

“Take off your robe,” I said as I began taking off my own robe and panties.

I tested the water, found it hot but bearable and stepped in.

Once I was seated, I watched Melody step into the tub. I’d forgotten how beautiful I thought she was and held my breath, hoping she was okay with this rekindling of our old flame.

She moved to sit opposite me, but I patted the tiles beside me and she moved over. We both sat for a minute letting out bodies adjust to the water’s temperature.


She turned to look at me.

“Sweetie, I’d like to wash you. Do you think that will be okay?”

Mel smiled, closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head. Then she dunked herself fully into the water and stayed under for just a few seconds. When she raised her head out of the water, she stood up, turned and waited. I giggled. So much for any shopping trip later. This was going to be way more fun.

We spent the morning reacquainting ourselves with each other. Oddly, in that we are identical and weigh within a pound of each other, it was a bit surreal. I mean when I lifted her breast to wash it, it felt like my own breast in weight and firmness, but unlike when I touch my breasts, it was slightly unfamiliar.

I felt like I was a teenager again, feeling up someone after a high school dance. I mean, well, let me be real clear, since I had never had sex with anyone other than my sister and my first fiancé until Samuel, I imagined many times what it would feel like to hold another person’s breast in my hand. And of course, many of those fantasies started in high school with Melody. That’s what I mean.

We didn’t kiss, or stroke each other’s vaginal areas, except to wash, so it really was a bit of re-exploring territory from which we’d been absent for some time.

After the bath, Melody made some tea while I made croissants and a plate of fruit. We ate silently, looking at each other and smiling in between bites of food. I realized, unlike looking in a mirror and seeing my self the opposite of the way others saw me, when I looked at Melody, I really was, in a sense, looking at my self. I wondered if I was as beautiful to her as she was to me.

As I was putting the last of the dishes away, Melody came up behind me and slipped her arms around my waist. She reached her hands up and cupped my breasts. Her breath on my shoulder was warm and smelled of strawberries. I knew it was time.

We made love until the middle of the afternoon.

I could not get enough of her and devoured her with my eyes, my tongue and my soul. She returned every gesture I made in kind. We exhausted each other and about mid afternoon, both fell asleep, spent but for the first time in a long time, without a single care in all the world.

When I awoke, it was raining hard. The wind was blowing sheets of water against the window. Melody was leaning against one side of the sill, looking out across the cityscape. Lightning flashed in the distance.

I walked to her side and nuzzled her. She turned, smiled and put her arm around me. She was cool to the touch as I was still bed-warm, but it felt so good to be at each other’s side once again.

I glanced at a clock and saw it was much later than I thought it would be. We must have slept the sleep of the dead. I wondered how much longer Samuel would have to stay at his office.

We made some tea and sat in the living room watching the rain and lightning just, I don’t know, waiting, existing. It was only when my stomach started to rumble that I realized I was hungry. Melody laughed and rubbed her own tummy indicating a “me too” gesture.

I decided to call Samuel. When I picked up my cell phone, I saw there was a text message for me. It had been sent about two in the afternoon. “Be home shortly” was all it said.

I wondered if he’d come in while Melody and I were asleep in each other’s arms. I wondered if he had, if it bothered him. I tried to call him.

His phone went straight to voice mail. I called his office but no one picked up as it was after hours. I wasn’t too concerned… yet.

Melody shrugged her shoulders in a way that indicated she wanted to know if everything was okay. I told her what I knew. She went to the kitchen and came back with paper and pencil.

Now I should tell you that even though Melody couldn’t speak, she was still the brightest candle in the room. I’d always struggled to maintain a high GPA, but Melody seemed to always be at the top of every class we ever took. Of course, we always took the same classes because, as twins everywhere will tell you, it never quite seems right, being apart.

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