Brad and Amy Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The fun begins

Brad was lying in bed casting his mind back to what Amy had done while sat on his legs a couple of hours ago. His cock was in his hand and he was stroking himself slowly and it didn’t take much for him to explode all over his chest.

Amy on the other hand was lying naked on her bed, thinking back to what she had just done. Her fingers were at her pussy and she was stroking herself lightly. Her mind was wandering, she had always had a crush on Brad and if he wasn’t her brother she would have no doubt given herself to him by now. As it was she is saving herself for the special person in her life, and when she found him, he could have her treasures.

She was thinking about Brad, wondering what he looked like naked. She managed to see a glimpse of his tented trousers before and knew he must be big, but how big? Did it match up to the rest of his body? All these thoughts were going through her mind as she pulled the covers over herself and drifted off to sleep.

Brad was woken the next morning by a knocking as his door. “Are you decent?” Amy asked, opening the door slightly.

“Err yes, sort of,” Brad usually slept naked, but last night he wore a pair of boxer shorts after cleaning himself off after thinking about Amy.

Amy walked in wearing an above the knee nightshirt and a pair of grey over the knee socks.

“Damn,” he thought to himself, “is she doing this on purpose?”

“Morning sleepyhead, are you getting up today. It’s past 8 o’clock?”

“Is it? Shit, I’d better get going or I’m going to be late.” Brad jumped out of bed and headed to his bathroom for a shower. It was the first time Amy had seen Brad in just a pair of shorts for years. “Wow,” she thought to herself, “he’s got one hell of body.”

Brad had left for work and Amy was home alone again for the day, so she took the opportunity to have a look through his computer again. She found lots of downloaded pictures and videos, many of which were porn clips, but some were of girls in high heels. This confirmed to Amy that Brad had a definite shoe and foot fetish.

That evening Brad returned from work to find Amy in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“Hiya bro. Mum and Dad will be home later so I’m just getting some food ready.”

“Fine,” Brad said, casting an eye over the knee socks and skirt Amy was wearing and headed upstairs to change out of his suit.

Brad came down the stairs and sat in the lounge switching on the TV. A few minutes later Amy walked in and sat at the other end of the settee to Brad and lifted her legs onto the seat between them. Brad could see a good piece of thigh above her socks and below her raised skirt and felt stirrings around his cock again, he shifted his position to try to cover himself.

Amy knew exactly what reaction she was producing and stretched her legs out placing her feet in his lap directly on top of his hard cock and stroked him though his trousers.

“Err Amy, what are you doing?”

“Just a little massage, but not of your shoulder this time,” she smiled back at him.

“I don’t think you should be doing that though.”

“It’s just a little fun Brad, like last night. Do you want me to stop?”

Brad thought about it for a few seconds, feeling her feet stop moving on his now hard cock. “No,” he said quietly.

Amy smiled to herself and continued rubbing his cock with her feet.

“Do you like my socks?” she asked.

“Yes, they are fantastic, you look great in them.”

Amy smiled, “I wore them for you.”

“I thought as much. I assume you’ve been on my PC again today?”

“Yes, some interesting websites you subscribe to, with lots of hot sexy girls in socks and high heels. I like wearing a nice pair of socks and a good pair of high heels. Do you like seeing me in them?”

“Yes, I do indeed, but I’m having a hard time with it. You are my sister after all.”

“Yes, and you are my brother, but it’s just a bit of fun. A girl has needs to you know.”

“I guessed that last night.”

“Did you think of me after I left you last night? Be truthful, no point in lying. We are both adults now.”

“Yes I did,” Brad answered rather embarrassed.

“Well if it makes you feel any better dear brother, I was lying naked on my bed for two hours thinking about you as well.”

“You were? Wow! This is a little strange and wrong on so many levels. I want things to continue as they are and not get to a point where we might regret something.”

“I don’t think I’ll regret anything, so let’s just see what happens. Let’s go to my room.”

They walked upstairs to Amy’s room and closed the door. Brad sat in the chair with a large bulge in the front of his trousers.

Amy sat on the bed in front of him and moved her foot back to his cock. Brad could see right up her skirt between her legs and had a full view of the front of her white panties. She rubbed her foot over the front of his trousers causing him to moan at his enjoyment. A wet spot was beginning to appear on his light poker oyna coloured trousers, just where the tip of his cock was.

“It looks like you are enjoying this. I guess I’m doing it right?”

“Oh yes, you’re certainly doing it right. Flashing your panties at me is an added bonus,” Amy smiled and opened her legs slightly, revealing more of her panties.

“Oh, I’m coming!” Amy could feel Brads cock pulsing as he came inside his pants. A larger wet spot appeared, as his cock slowly reduced in size. Amy then lay back and used both feet to rub his cock around in his juices.

Brad sat there panting away, his head spinning with what had just happened, “I’d better go and change,” getting up and picking out another pair of shorts from his drawer, then headed into the bathroom.

Amy lay on her side on Brads bed, waiting for him to return, pleased that she had managed to excite him with just one foot. Her mind was running back through the event, his cock felt huge it had to be longer than her foot. “I need to see it,” she thought to herself.

In the bathroom Brad stripped out of his shorts and looked at the mess he had made inside them. “Damn she’s hot, I don’t believe she just did that to me.”

Brad returned in a clean pair of shorts, and flopped down on the bed next to her. “Thank you. I needed that, you’ve been turning me on for the past few days.”

“I know, I’ve been teasing you on purpose. Sorry about that. Should I stop wearing these socks and cover myself up?”

“Don’t you dare,” he said turning towards her and kissing her lightly on the forehead.

Amy spent the evening at her friend’s house and called in to see Brad on her way to bed.

“Hi sexy, how was your night with Jane?”

“Oh it was good, we talked girlie stuff all night. What have you been doing?”

“Oh nothing much, just thinking of you.”, he smiled.

“Aw that’s sweet, Big brother thinking about his little sister.” she giggled.

Amy took off her jumper and shoes and lay next to him on his bed, watching the TV. “So what exactly were you thinking about when you were thinking of me?”

“Oh you now, just you looking damn sexy as always, wearing different outfits.”

“Don’t you think of me naked?”

Brad paused wondering whether to answer this truthfully. “Yes, I do.”

Amy smiled and snuggled up to Brad, putting her arm over his chest and placing her head on his shoulder. Brad moved his arm behind her and down to her waist, it was just in the right position to hold onto her ass. Amy purred her approval at his contact and moved her leg over his body resting it directly over his cock.

She could feel him lightly stroke and caress her ass while he moved his other hand to the bare leg now lying across his waist.

Brad was amazed at how tight and hard her ass was, he also loved how smooth her leg felt in his other hand, the faint smell of her shampoo from the hair that was now below his face all led to his cock starting to grow again. He tried to change the subject in his mind, but it wasn’t working and his cock grew to almost full strength again.

“Doesn’t he ever rest?” Amy giggled.

“Not when there’s a sexy young girl within touching distance he doesn’t.”

Amy smiled and slowly moved her hand down his chest to his cock, causing Brad to squeeze tightly on her ass as she made contact. She lightly traced the outline with her fingers for a while before taking hold of as much of it as she could through his shorts.

His growing cock was not in a comfortable position and was trapped inside his shorts. He had to let go of her leg and reach down to adjust himself, bringing it straight up his body pointing towards their heads.

“Aww, I thought you were going to get it out for me,” she said reaching down, undoing the button on his shorts and unzipping them. The wet shiny head of his cock pushed itself free, Amy could see it pulsing with a little drip of pre-cum oozing out of the head. She reached inside his shorts and pulled his monster free wrapping her tiny hand around his shaft slowly stroking him.

“Fuck Amy, that feels good.”

“Yes it does, hard and warm,” she replied, moving her hand up and down his shaft smearing the precum around his cock. “He’s huge,” she thought to herself.

“I’m going to come soon if you carry on, ” he said.

“Oh intend to carry on, I want to watch you shoot.” Amy continued to stroke Brad, slowing her movements down to prolong things as long as possible. Brads breathing became quicker and eventually the inevitable happened and she felt his cock grow and start to throb. The first shot almost reached Amy’s face, the second, third and forth were also powerful and covered his chest.

Eventually things slowed down and Amy released his cock and ran her fingers through the cum on his chest, secretly bringing some to her mouth to taste it. “Stay there, I’ll go get a towel to clean you up.”

Brad lay on his bed with his softening cock hanging out of his shorts and chest covered in cum. Amy canlı poker oyna returned with a towel and cleaned him up, giving his cock special attention. She then lay down in the same position as before and slowly drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later she woke, feeling stiff from lying in the same position for a while. She rolled over on top of Brad and supported herself above him looking down at his sleeping face. She kissed him on the cheek and left his room.

The following day was a Saturday and all the family were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

“So what you kids doing today?” mum asked.

“I was planning on going to the Mall with Jane, but she’s had to cancel. Brad, do you fancy taking me shopping?”

Their parents knew the response from Brad would be a resounding NO, as for the past few years he had always said no to Amys shopping requests.

“Well I do have other plans for today, but I can drop you off on the way if you want.” Brad said, secretly winking at her.

“Well I suppose it’s better than nothing,” Amy replied. “What are you two doing today?” she asked her parents.

“We are staying over at David and Marys tonight. They are having a party. You are welcome to come along if you want.”

“No thanks,” Amy replied “I’ve already got plans.”

“What about you Brad, fancy coming along with us?”

Brad laughed, “Not my scene really.” He wasn’t a party person, and the thought of being at one with his parents wasn’t appealing at all.

Driving to the Mall, Amy was again providing plenty of distractions for Brad, her breasts were pushing out her tight top, she was showing plenty of cleavage today. Her long slender legs were again on show, though disappointingly for Brad, she was wearing a pair of flat shoes.

“Are you sure I can’t convince you to come with me?” Amy asked placing her hand on his knee.

“No convincing needed, I only said no so that mum and dad don’t get suspicious. If I’d said yeah I’d love to come shopping with you they would have started asking questions.”

Amy smiled and continued to stroke his knee and leg until they pulled up in the parking lot.

Amy dragged him into one of the stores, and picked out a number of outfits. She then went to the changing rooms to try them on leaving Brad with the other guys waiting for their partners to return. A short while later she returned wearing the pair of shoes that Brad had bought the other day. Brads eyes lit up, “That’s what she had in her bag,” he thought to himself.

“I thought you’d like me to wear these,” Amy whispered to him and stood up on tip toes and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Come on, let’s go and pay for these.”

“Fancy some food? I’m getting hungry,” Brad said getting a little bored of shopping.

“You’re always hungry.”

“Well I’m a growing boy, I need food constantly,” he laughed.

“Come on then, you can buy me lunch.”

Walking through the food court, they decided on pizza and were shown to a secluded area. “I think the waitress thinks we’re an item,” Brad said.

“You think?” Amy mocked and moved closer to brad on the seat, “let’s not disappoint her them.”

They ate pizza and deserts and talked about life in general, Brad wasn’t sure whether to talk about his feelings towards her, which had changed overnight, and after all he didn’t want to scare her off as he was enjoying their special relationship.

Amy brought the subject up first. “So, do you have any regrets over what I did to you last night?”

“No, none at all. It is a little weird, but I enjoyed it. What about you?”

“Well, the only regret I have about last night is that I didn’t suck the cum out of your cock,” she smirked.

Brad’s cock jerked at that comment, the thought of Amy sucking his cock was definitely something he would like to happen. “Would you really want to do that?” Brad asked.

“Yes I would. Would you like me to suck your cock?”

“Hell yes, I can’t think of one red blooded male that would say no to that.”

Amy smiled, already planning her next assault on her brother.

After lunch they continued to walk around the mall, this time hand in hand. Brad bought her another pair of high heels, this time bright red patent leather, with a 5 inch heel and a one inch sole. “These will take a bit of getting used to, I’ll have to practice in the house before I venture out in them.”

Arriving back at the house, their parents had already left for the party, so they had the house to themselves for the night. Amy headed to her room with her bags while Brad sat down to watch some TV.

In her bedroom, Amy unpacked the shopping and looked at the shoes Brad had bought for her. “These are simply wonderful, I don’t want to wear them uncase I scratch them.” Trying them on again, she found it quite difficult to walk around in them. “I definitively need some practice walking with these.”

She took the shoes off and then took a shower to freshen herself up.

After drying herself off and blow drying internet casino her hair, she dressed in a short and tight white shirt with no bra, and a pair of tight denim trousers with a pair of red lacy panties underneath. She put the shoes back on and walked carefully downstairs to find Brad.

“Wow Amy, you look good amazing,” Brad said feeling his cock move slightly. “How are the shoes?”

“They are perfect, I just need a bit of practice walking in them. Do you like them?” She asked walking around the lounge in front of Brad.

“I love them.”

Amy dropped down on the chair opposite Brad and they watched some TV, Brad spent the next 5 minutes flicking through the channels not finding anything to watch. Amy, annoyed at his constant channel flicking got up and grabbed the remote off him. “If you can’t decide, then I will,” she said and sat back down on the chair again. Brad tried to grab the remote off her but he was too slow and missed it. Amy flicked through the movie channels and settled on a chick flick, much to Brads disgust.

Brad got up and walked out of the room, “you know I can’t stand these types of films,” he said on the way past her. Going to his room he switched on the PC and started to play some games.

He lost track of time and soon noticed it was dark outside so it must be past nine o’clock, hearing a knocking on his door, “Are you decent?”

“Yes, come in.”

Amy walked in and dropped on the bed, “I’ve got square eyes now after watching two films.”

“Me too, I didn’t realise what time it was, time flies when you’re having fun.” Shutting down the game and switching of the PC, Brad moved over to the bed and lay on his back next to his sister.

Amy reached over and stroked his chest, “I didn’t thank you for what you bought me today.”

“My pleasure, I like buying things for you.”

Amy moved over on top of Brad, straddling his body with her legs and arms. Brad could clearly see her breasts inside the tight shirt confirming his initial thought that she wasn’t wearing a bra. His heart was beating faster now as she rocked slightly up and down his body.

Her own heart was beating fast now, deciding to bite the bullet, she leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. Brad responded, kissing her back lightly. Things started to progress and soon their mouths were locked together for a few minutes. Brads cock had grown and was once again uncomfortable in his shorts.

Amy was also extremely turned on, her pussy was soaking wet as she pressed it down onto him time and time again.

Breaking apart from their kiss, they looked into each other’s eyes and laughed. Brad put his arms around Amy and pulled her down on top of him squashing her into his chest and they cuddled for a few minutes enjoying the close contact they now had.

Brad rolled them over until he was on top of her and kissed her again, keeping his bodyweight off Amy, not wanting to squash her tiny frame.

Amy reached down between them and held onto his cock though his shorts as he moved himself up and down her hand. With her free hand she placed one of his hands onto her breast and encouraged him to massage it. Brad was now very excited, breathing hard and revelling in touching his sisters large, but soft breast, feeling her hard nipple poke through her thin shirt into the palm of his hand.

Amy was also enjoying it, her hunk of a brother was laying on top of her squeezing her boobs while she had hold of his large cock in her hand. “What could be better than this?” she thought to herself, “well for a start, getting rid of these clothes might feel better.”

Amy slid down the bed through Brads legs and sat on the edge of the bed. Brad rolled over onto his back, wondering what she was going to do next. She started by undoing his shorts and pulling them off his legs, freeing his large cock from the tight confines, much to Brads relief.

Watching her remove her sexy shoes and un-snapping her trousers, Brads heart was in his mouth, “Oh fuck she’s going to get undressed,” he thought to himself.

Standing in front of her brother watching his cock throb and jerk before her, she thought to herself. “Well it’s now or never girl. Should I turn around and run away? No, I want him to see me. I love him don’t I? Or do I? Yes, I do. Just down to your underwear though, I don’t want to scare him off.”

Reaching down she undid the zipper and slowly slid the trousers down her legs, revealing her now damp pair of red panties to her brother. She stepped out of them and climbed back on the bed lying next to Brad facing him.

“That’s better, they were a bit tight, as were your shorts,” she smiled, taking hold of his cock.

Brad moaned as her hand closed around his cock and her lips met his again. They kissed tenderly, only breaking occasionally to catch their breath.

“I wonder if she wants me touch her pussy,” he thought to himself. “She must do, otherwise why would get out of her trousers, should I touch her though? No it’s not right, but she has got hold of my cock again.”

“I wonder if he wants to touch me,” she thought to herself. “He must do, his cock is throbbing away in my hand.”

“Touch me Brad,” she whispered in his ear. “I want to feel your fingers on my pussy.”

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