Brandi Gets To A Good Place Ch. 02

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So two weeks later, I went back to the tattoo shop to get my nipple rings from Jake. He took me in the back room again and had me take off my top (I was wearing a cute little camisole and jean shorts). He smiled when he saw my titties.

He had me lie back and he took a careful look at each nipple. “Looks like these have healed just fine,” he said. So he got the rings Bianca had picked out for me. Then he took out the barbells and put in the rings. As soon as he had done this, he stepped back and smiled. He said, “Bianca was right. These really make your tits look hot. Sit up so I can see you better.”

I did what he asked and grinned. I think I blushed a little, too. “Y’know,” he said. “I’m a little jealous. When you were here last week, my girl Sandi and Bianca both got more of you than I did, and that’s not fair.” He had a naughty little glint in his eye when he said this, and I thought it was so cute!

So I pinched one of my pierced nipples and winked at him. I grabbed both my titties and lifted them up towards his face. “You think you want a piece of this, big boy?” I asked him. Then I stuck one hand down my pants and started rubbing. I can’t help it I was so wet! He was really, really cute.

Then I pulled my hand out of my pants and extended my middle finger out to his face. It was all covered in pussy juice and he started sniffing, almost like a dog. He was so funny! “Down boy!” I said. “You be good or you’re not getting any of this hot pussy.”

“Don’t worry Brandi. I’ll be very good he said,” he said. Then he got down on his haunches with his hands in the air in front of him like paws and started sniffling. He said, “Please Brandi, Please! Please let me fuck you. I’m so hornyyy!” I just busted up laughing.

“Come here, big boy,” I said. “Come to Brandi and fuck this hot little pussy. Fuck this hot little pussy and make me come all over you. Do it now!” I reached down, unbuttoned my shorts and ripped them right off me. I spread my legs and flashed my naked pussy right at him.

Then he kind of roared and jumped right on top of me. He started pulling on my nipple rings and sucking on my titties it felt so good, and the way he was acting like this total animal was just so much fun! He didn’t wait long. He shoved his dick right into me. It wasn’t especially big, but he sure knew how to use it.

He swirled it around in me like a stir stick and had all kinds of cute little motions that got my pussy all hot and bothered. I humped hard right back at him. I got wetter and wetter. He had so much energy and he was just so hot. And those grunts he was making were just so cute. I kept giggling while he fucked me.

After not too long of this good stuff I just lost it and came hard all over him. He just kept right on going like that little energizer bunny in the commercials and making his cute animal noises. He kept moving his dick in me in all those sexy ways and I came again!

Two more times I came before he finally gave a roar and squirted his whole load deep inside me. He collapsed right on top of me and laughed out loud. “That was great, Brandi. You’re really a lot of fun.” Jack has a bigger dick, but this guy knew how to use his and had major staying power, besides. He was hot!

“What the fuck!” I looked over Jake’s shoulder and saw Sandi standing with her arms folded and looking plenty pissed. “How dare you!” she said. Jake started stammering and his dick flopped out of me as he tried to turn around and face her.

“How dare you entertain this cute girl and not even invite me to the party, you jerk!” she said.. “Get off her! It’s my turn!” So he did, and Sandi got right down between my legs and started eating on my come-filled pussy. She slopped up all Jake’s come that was inside me and I came three more times before she was done.

She got up when she was done and came around to me and gave me a great big kiss and snowballed Jake’s whole wad into my mouth. She kept on kissing me and we played tonsil hockey until I finally swallowed the whole thing. “That’s it, dirty girl,” she said. “You want to fuck my guy, you’re going to eat all his come for me, aren’t you?”

This got me so hot I just grabbed her and went down on her right there. She moved around and got in a sixty-nine with me, and we did it until I came two more times and she came at least three. After we got done we just laid there and hugged each other and grinned at Jake.

“C’mon Jake. Come and lie down beside us,” she said. He didn’t waste any time and got right between us, and so we all just cuddled and laughed and kissed for a few minutes. Then I got up and put my clothes back on.

“You guys are so cool!” I said. “Can I come back here and play again?”

They each gave me a big smile. “You better,” Sandi said. “You’ve got this big mug in a good mood and I like him this way.” Then she turned to Jake, “Isn’t that right sir?” He just grinned and then grabbed her and started kissing on her. I gave a little wave and popped on out the door.

Now I had casino şirketleri to show Bianca my titties. I dialed her number on my cell and she told me to come over to her place. She gave me directions and told me to meet her there in 20 minutes. The bossy way she talked to me had me breathing hard.

So 20 minutes later I showed up at her door. She had a really nice house with a bog font yard. I went up to the door and just before I knocked she opened it. She had a big smile on her face. She pulled me into the house real quick and as soon as she had the door shut she grabbed me in a big hug and a real hot kiss.

She was wearing a sexy white pantsuit with a sleeveless top that buttoned down the front and showed a lot of cleavage. She stepped back. “Let me see those tits of yours,” she said. So I pulled my camisole over my head and showed her. “I was right! They’re so fuckin’ hot with those nipple rings,” she said. “How do they feel?”

I smiled. “They feel really sexy,” I said. “I’m glad you made me get them pierced.”

“Cool!” she said. “You’ve been a super sport, so now you’re going to get your reward. I’m going to start by showing you mine.” She unbuttoned her top and threw it open. She had a great set of nice big titties perfectly shaped. She grabbed me and we hugged, naked titty to naked titty. It felt so good!

Then she started playing with my nipple rings. She turned around, and with one hand on one of my nipple rings she pulled my titty and led me to a great big bedroom with a huge king size bed in the middle. It was all done up in yellow and white pastels.

She led me over to the bed and told me to get my pants off and lie down in the middle, and that’s what I did. Then she grabbed a couple of lengths of cloth and tied my hands to the bed. I started struggling, but I was getting wet. Bianca is really hot!

“Now I’ve got you all to myself,” she said. “There’s no one else around and I’m gonna have my way with you.” Then she stepped back. She stuck a finger under her chin and smiled. “I just want to look at your tits for a minute,” she said. “They look so perfect with my nipple rings in them that I made you get for me.

Then she leaned over me, and she started playing with my titties and licking and sucking my nipples and pulling on my nipple rings and sucking, licking and biting on my nipples. It felt so good, and she just kept doing it. It was so hot! Then all of a sudden I exploded in a great big orgasm just from having her play with my nipples! She didn’t even touch my pussy.

“Wow, Brandi,” she said. “You are my dirty girl, aren’t you?” I just kind of nodded. I was a little woozy. I think it was close to my tenth orgasm that day. Then she started kissing down my belly, licking and kissing and moving down real slow. She spent time around my belly button, licking all around it and digging her tongue in the middle. It felt so good!

“I think I know where I’m going to make you get your next piercing, naughty Brandi,” said Bianca. “You need a nice labia ring to go with your nipple rings. You’re gonna do that for me, aren’t you, Brandi?”

When she said that I just wanted to melt. It was so hot. It made me feel so sexy. “Ye-es,” I whispered. I was so weak, but I was still getting hornier and hornier/ “I’ll get my pussy lips pierced if you want me to,” I said.

“Good!” she said. “I knew you would. You like doing what I tell you to, don’t you, Brandi?”

“Oh my God, yes!” I yelled out, “I do. I want you so bad. Can you lick my pussy? Please?”

“You did ask real nice, girl,” said Bianca. “And so I think I’m gonna do that.”

“Thank you. Thank you,” I breathed while she moved down from my belly button to my pussy. She got to my pussy and started licking, and then all of a sudden she looked up.

“What do I smell here?” she said. “It smells like jizz,” she said. “I bet you got with Jake when he put your nipple rings in, didn’t you? I bet you got with Sandi, too. You’re not only a dirty girl, you’re a little slut, aren’t you?”

“I know,” I said. “Please just lick my pussy, Bianca.”

“I don’t think so,” said Bianca. “Dirty little slut girls got to be punished you know. I’m gonna have to spank you.”

“No. No. Please, Bianca. Please just eat my pussy. Please don’t spank me,” I whined. But she untied me, and went and sat on a stool. She made me come get over her knee, and she spanked me hard. I think it was 20 times.

It hurt but it was making me hornier, too. “That’s what you get for being such a bad girl,” Bianca said, but I could hear the smile in her voice. I could smell her pussy, too and it smelled like she was getting just as hot as I was.

She pulled me off her lap and kissed me hard. “You’re a naughty sexy girl,” she said. “And now I’m going to fuck you silly.” Then she dragged me to the bed and we just rolled around and made out for a while and rubbed our pussies against each other. That got hotter and hotter, and we just got totally into it.

I was on my back and she was casino firmaları on her back. One of my legs was over one of her legs and one of her legs was over one of my legs, and our pussies were jammed up right against each other hard. We were both panting hard, and then we both came at the same time. It was great!

After we rested a minute, she said, “I think you’ve earned your pussy licking now, so I’m gonna do it.” She got right down between my legs and started licking up and down my slit. She pushed her tongue into my hole and put a lot of pressure on my clitty, just with her tongue. She started using her hands to play with my pussy lips, and after a little while I came again right on her face.

That didn’t stop her. She kept right on licking. She put one hand up and started playing with my nipples and pulling on the rings and I came again. Now she used her nose to rub my clitty hard and jammed three fingers into my pussy and I came again. “No more! No more!” I screamed. “I’ve had enough! You wore me right out!”

“Good,” she said. She turned her body around and put her pussy next to my face and said, “Eat me, dirty Brandi. Eat me good. Make Bianca come all over your face. So I started licking on her pussy and before long she just came. Then I put my fingers in her pussy and started tapping on that soft spot and at the same time doing the little figure eight around her clitty with my tongue. It didn’t take long and she squirt-came all over my face and got a whole bunch on the bed.

“Damn,” she said. “You just messed up all my sheets, you dirty girl.” Then she broke out laughing and I started laughing, too. I just grabbed her and we cuddled up for a while in the middle of our big wet spot. When we got done we put our clothes back on and we spent the next two hours washing sheets.

It was dark by the time I left. We had such a good time. She kissed me goodnight and said, “I’ll see you next week and we’re gonna go back to Jake’s for some fun. I might want you to get a labia ring for me.”

“Sure. Sure,” I said. “I’ll see you next week” that night after I fell asleep I had hot dreams about Bianca, and about Jake, and about Sandi. I was so looking forward to getting my pussy lips pierced.

This time I drove over and met Bianca at her place. It was so much fun driving my car, and it made my nipples tingle, too. When I got there, I went to knock on the door, but Bianca pulled me in, grabbed my face and stuck her tongue down my throat. She pushed the door shut and pulled me down on the floor.

I was wearing a little red dress and I didn’t have any panties on. She must’ve known it because she took her hand and shoved it right into my pussy, three fingers at once. I was so wet they slid right in. She started grabbing onto that spongy spot and I just ground my hips against her hand. I came in no time and squirted all over her hand and busted out laughing.

“You’re mean!” I giggled. “You turn me into a wet dirty sex machine and all I want to do is come and come!”

She grinned and gave me a great big kiss. She grabbed me by the hand to help me up. “C’mon honey. Let’s go see about getting your pussy lips pierced.” While I was standing up, I slipped in all the wet girl-come I left on the floor and fell back on my ass. We both started laughing again.

This time when she helped me up I was a lot more careful. “Girl, there’s a big stain on your dress,” she said. So she got one of hers out of a closet, a nice little white number and I put it on. We’re about the same size, so it fit fine.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Can’t have my girl looking sloppy, now can I,” she said.

“No I guess not.” I smiled and gave her a little kiss. Then we went out the door and drove to Jake’s shop. Sandi was waiting when we got there. She gave us both a big hug and a kiss.

“How’s my two favorite customers,” she said. ‘Y’know, I told Jake last night that I wanted to fuck both of you and not let him do anything but watch. He spanked me within an inch of my life, and then fucked my brains out. All it did was make me hornier. I told him it’s not my fault you two are so hot and fun.

“But anyway, come in here,” she said. “There’s someone Jake and I want you to meet.” She took us through a different door into a living room. In the room Jake was standing talking to a skinnyish pretty woman with curly dark hair. It looked like she had really nice eyes. She also looked familiar

“Hi guys,” said Jake. “Brandi and Bianca, this is a friend of mine, Lynette. Until a few months ago, she was a professor at the university.” Now I knew where I’d seen her!

About a year ago, I was taking one of her classes, and thought I was overloaded. She was a good enough teacher, but I thought this one was the furthest from my major. So I went to her office one day to ask her permission to drop the course.

It was still hot out, so I had on my loose white top with the deep cleavage to show off my titties and pair of real tight short jean shorts. I had a güvenilir casino pair of Roman sandals on and my toenails were painted bright red to match my fingernails. I looked hot!

So when I got into her office. It was like her breath caught a little bit, so I thought I’d tease her a little and soften her up. She sat at her desk and I sat at a chair and crossed one leg over the other so she could see the whole curve of it. Then I rubbed it just a little. “Thanks for seeing me, Professor,” I said.

She was breathing a little heavy, so I licked my lips just a little, and she started breathing a little heavier. I told her I’d taken too many classes and why I needed to drop hers and why it made the most sense for my major, but I kept smiling at her when I told her this and looked her over.

She was just in a white blouse and a pair of jeans, but she looked really cute. I started wanting to not tease her so much as to actually do her. Then real suddenly she said, “What you say makes perfect sense. I can drop you, I mean, you can drop the class. I’ll give you a letter, uh, I mean, I’ll send a letter to the dean and you can take care of it day after tomorrow.”

Even though she was all flustered, she got me to the door real quick like, and said, “Thanks for coming by. And good luck.” It was a real nice memory and she was just as cute standing in front of me as she had been in her office. She looked a little sad, though. I wondered what was up with that.

Jake said, “Lynette went through a bad breakup a few months ago, and she’s still blue. I thought if anybody could cheer her up it would be you two. I grinned at that. Lynette looked at me real hard. “I think I know you,” she said.

“You’re Brandi. You were a great student, but you teased me to within an inch of my life when you were in my office trying to drop my class. I didn’t want to let you drop, but I had to get you out of there quickly before I went completely nuts and just pounced on you like a wild woman.”

Then she smiled a little and it was a nice smile. So I marched right over, took her face in my hands and I kissed her. Our mouths opened up and it was tonsil hockey. But it was different. She kissed softer than I’m used to. It was soft and soothing and really nice.

She was just wearing tight jeans and a really nice t-shirt. We held each other and kept on kissing. Then all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder, and Lynette and I both looked up. Jake grinned and pointed to the door. I saw Bianca and Sandi slip out. Then Jake turned around, went out, and shut the door behind him.

“My God, Brandi. You’re an amazing kisser!” said Lynette. “Let’s sit down over here, cuddle a little bit,” She pointed to the couch. “And talk to each other.”

“OK.” I said. It wasn’t like usual. Most of the time when I’m this hot for someone I’m like frantic, and I just have to crawl all over them and grab everything all at once, but this time it was just like peaceful and easy and it was going to be all right to wait a little.

So we went over to the couch and sat down, and I took her in my arms and she put her head on my shoulder and I just held her for a couple of minutes. Then we kissed and played tonsil hockey for a while and I just got that nice peaceful feeling again.

Then she looked me in the eye and we started talking. She had really nice brown eyes. “I had a slave boy named Gregg,” she said. “And I met Jake when I took Gregg over here to get ‘property of me’ tattooed on his inner thigh.

“Watching Gregg get the tattoo turned me on in a big way, and so when Jake got done, I threw a towel over Gregg’s face so he couldn’t see anything, and I just grabbed Jake and went to town on him right there. After all, Jake’s pretty hot! I think I had like four orgasms that afternoon. Jake got off a couple of times, too, I admit.” She smiled.

“I kept on with Jake for about four months,” she said, “But I think you know he’s kind of dominant and a little bit rough, and I don’t really like that in a man, so we didn’t last.

“But then I took up with an old friend of mine who’s a South American, a truly great woman and a globe-trotting journalist. It was wonderful, but she talked me into getting a lot harsher and more distant with my slave, and that part wasn’t as much fun any more.

“I was really turned on by Lydia, though, but it was a very intense and serious relationship, and I think I might have gotten dependent. I know when she got an offer for a job that would put her back on the road and wanted to take it I just completely lost it and threw her out of my life.

“Within 24 hours I knew I had made a mistake, but what I did must have hurt her horribly. I never could get her to return any of my calls or answer my emails and that’s still the way it is. I just have to get over her.”

She gave me a nice kiss at this point, but wanted to keep on talking. She said, “The sad part about it is I couldn’t even stand to look at Gregg, my slave, any more. He just reminded me of what I’d lost with Lydia. So I quit letting him serve me and made him move out after about a month.

“I’ve wondered every so often if the way I treated him after Lydia arrived harmed him in any way, or if that tattoo I made him get ever caused him any problems.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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