Breanne Ch. 01

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Big Cock

I just couldn’t focus on the words in front of me.

It was my freshman year of college. Like most students my age, I’d taken advantage of the freedom of college life to drink, stay up late, go to parties, etc. Everything, except get laid. I’ve always been intensely shy, and I’d yet to find that elusive balance between “not buzzed enough to let go of my inhibitions” and “not sober enough to function”. As a result, my only outlet was internet porn and jacking off. Better than nothing, but it still left me constantly unsatisfied and sometimes – like now – too horny to focus on my work.

I set the book down with a sigh and looked around the library, temporarily giving up on trying to get anything done. All around me, other guys and girls were hunched over their books, jotting down notes, and otherwise being productive students. Then I saw her.

She was short, maybe 5’1″, long brunette hair framing a round, pale face, a pair of black-framed glasses in front of big brown eyes. Cute, but it was her body that really got my attention. She was probably around 250 or so, but damn did she carry it well. Her jeans were stretched tight over the sweeping curves of her thick thighs, leading up to a perfectly round ass that jiggled alluringly with each step. Above that, her purple sweater hugged the swell of her round belly, dipping inward only slightly before ascending the majestic heights of her breasts, so perfectly round and full that my hands twitched involuntarily, as if to cup them in my hands. My mouth was suddenly dry as I watched her walk across the room, sitting down at another table with a couple of books in hand. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, but almanbahis adres in that moment, I lusted for her more than for any woman I’d ever seen before.

There was no way I was going to be able to concentrate now, not with the voluptuous goddess sauntering and swaying through my train of thought. I looked back down at my book, but all I could think about was what it would be like to run one hand along those legs, the denim warm and softly yielding to the touch, gliding up and over to the inner seam of her jeans, then back around to cross over that perfectly round rump, squeezing oh so gently…

I looked back down, acutely aware of both my reddening cheeks and my rigid cock. I was so horny that I had to fight to not squirm in my seat, wishing with every fiber of my being that I had the courage to approach her, to fall at her feet and worship those heavenly curves, to bury my face in the pillowy paradise of her chest.

Enough was enough. I had work to do, and there was no way I was going to be able to focus until I got off, so I stood up – praying nobody would notice my hard-on – and walked briskly towards the mens’ room. I glanced back, to get one more eyeful of her, and was startled to see her looking straight at me. I must’ve been practically glowing bright red with embarrassment as I darted into the bathroom.

Luckily for me, there wasn’t anyone else in there. I practically ran into the stall, dropped jeans and boxers, and sat. My cock felt like an overinflated balloon, rigid and throbbing, the tip already wet with pre-cum. I leaned my head back against the cool tile wall, eyes closed, picturing the chubby vixen who’d so aroused me. In almanbahis adres my mind, I saw her smiling demurely at me, pulling that tight sweater up, exposing the pale curve of her belly, then those magnificent breasts jiggling in her bra as she finished removing her sweater. My hand crept down to trace a line up the underside of my cock, sending a little jolt of electricity through my body.

Next would be her jeans, I imagined, picturing her unbuttoning and unzipping them, bending over and offering a tantalizing glimpse into the depths of her cleavage. The tight denim sliding down over those broad hips, the black panties beneath offering a stark visual contrast to her creamy flesh. Those thighs, so thick and round, exposed to my greedy gaze as the jeans peeled off and down. My hand was encircling my cock now, thumb and forefinger sliding up and down the shaft.

Now she straightens, her chest jutting forward as she reaches behind her back to unclasp her bra. A teasing look and a half smile crossing her round pretty face, and then she lets the bra fall. Her breasts, heavy and round, swinging free, her nipples already at attention. I imagine stepping forward, my hands cupping those heavenly tits, lowering my face to them, feeling the smooth soft warmth against my face before taking the small hard nub into my mouth, licking and sucking her nipple as her fingers run through my hair. I’m stroking faster now, gripping with my whole hand, from the base of my cock up to the head. My breath is coming louder and quicker now, a soft moan escaping my lips, but I still have the restroom to myself, and my masturbatory fantasy continues.

I drop to my knees, looking reverently almanbahis adres up at her as my hands circle around to her back, sliding down to her thick waist, fingers slipping under the elastic waistband of her panties and tugging them down. She parts her legs slightly and I catch her musky scent as the last article of clothing slips down her thighs and falls to the floor. Her neatly trimmed pussy is nearly at eye level to me, and I involuntarily lick my lips. My toes are curling, my back arching as I continue jacking off, eyes still squeezed tightly closed as I worship her body in my mind.

Behind my eyelids, she’s laying down, spreading her legs wide invitingly, completely nude and ready for me. I feel her legs close around me as I lay down on top of her plump curves, eagerly thrusting forward into her warm, wet pussy (not my hand, not my hand…!), feeling the orgasm building as I look into those eyes…

With a strangled gasp, I cum, thick jets spurting from my cock as my body jerks and shudders. I take a moment to catch my breath before opening my eyes, then clean myself up and pull my pants back up. Flush, wash my hands, walk out the door –

She’s standing right there, in front of the mens’ room door, glaring at me angrily, a scowl twisting her plump face. “You asshole!” she hisses. I’m rendered speechless by surprise, embarrassment, and – yes – lust, too. Her sharp gaze drops to my pants, then back up to my face. “I know you were watching me, and now you’re in there beating off while fantasizing about me, huh? You prick!”

I stammer incoherently, trying to think of something – anything! – to say, but she doesn’t let me get a word in. Her hand darts out, grabbing me by the shirt, and with a shockingly strong grip she drags me towards the stairs. “Shut up! Just don’t say a goddamn word!” she growls back at me, as I stumble along behind her.

***To be continued…***

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