Breeding Ever Think Of It Ch. 02

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The feeling of the two mouths on your sex is so great you feel like you might pee yourself before you cum! But when you do climax your body shakes and shutters. Your pussy runs with your sexual juices from the licking and sucking by the two men. One has worked using his tongue in your hole fucking it, while the other man sucked and licked your swollen clit. Other men were sucking each of your nipples as others played with your ass hole. All those hands and fingers never stop moving!! It was so very nice to feel them all over your body!

Your orgasm was long and hard and very good. But, now you need a fucking, a long hard fucking. Your pussy needs a dick. And there stands this sexy young man. The other men have moved out from between your open thighs and the handsome young man has moved in. Your arms and legs are still tied off and you are so open and so exposed to them all. They take photos of your open cunt wet and swollen red with your need.

You lick your lips as you watch the young man move in and place the head of his virgin thick hard cock at the opening of your wet hole. GOD! You can feel him searching for your hole. You smile knowing he is young and new to this. So you tell him: “A little lower baby. Yes there now push!!”

You see him smile as he rubs the head up and down your opening and then directly at the opening of your sex tunnel. He shows you his cock one last time and you can see your cunt juices coat his cock head. Then as men and you watch he holds this big dick with both hands and begins to push the head into the opening of your pussy. You hear the other men cheer him on. You look and see that there are still 3 or 4 inches of cock above his hand. He is so huge and you are panting for him to push it all the way into you.

The men begin to cheer him on because you will be his first pussy penetration and the first tonight to fuck your wet needy cunt. Yes, this is his first time to feel a real pussy surrounding his cock head and then feel it grip the shaft. It’s his poker oyna first time for him to feel the silky smoothness of your inner body and the walls of your tunnel as they rub his cock head and shaft from all sides. It will be his first time to feel his balls slap your ass and then tighten as he moves closer to cumming. And, it will be his first time to shoot his young cum deep into your body doing what it was meant to do. He will feel for the first time his cock jerk and jump and begin to cum inside a wet and willing pussy, your pussy.

Yes he is a virgin and you are his first woman but with the size of his cock he will touch you in places where you have never been touched. So you too will be a sort of virgin. And you know for sure he will be deeper and push further than any man you have ever had before. You smile when you hear the men chanting and cheering him on. You lift your hips up as high as you can tie up like you are. You elevating your ass up off the bed, higher, so to accept his big dick willingly.

You feel him push and you feel your cunt lips begin to spread wider and wider and wider. Then you both feel the cock head move into your hole. The heat is so great and you moan as he pushes. There is a sort of popping sucking sound as he moves into your opening. He pushes more and more and with each push of his beautiful cock moves into your cunt deeper. “Mummm! Soooo Good!” you hiss.

He begins to slowly move out and then back in now as more and more of his cock finds your insides as it moves deeper. He looks down at you and smiles as he feels his balls touch your ass. Yes, you have done it, or he has, fully penetrating your cunt. Now he holds your hips and begins to move in and out of your hole slowly at first.

You can feel his big dick rubbing the walls of your pussy as it adjusts to the size. You can feel his balls slapping your ass louder now as he moves faster. Each time he pumps into you, your clit is stimulated more and more by his long shaft. It helps to rub it each canlı poker oyna time he moves in or out of your hole. The boy closes his eyes and he moves faster still. You know he won’t last long since this is his first time. But you tell the men to release your legs. They undo your legs and your lift them immediately wrapping them around his hips.

You lift your lower body up now as your back arches and you push your ass up lifting you both off the bed. He grunts and moans as your cunt squeezes his dick as he fucks you harder now. He is close. Again and again he thrusts deep into your hole. The head of his cock is just at the door of your womb. He is deeper than any man has ever been.

The men tell him to wrap his arms around your thighs and lift. He does it. He lifts your legs over your head and thrusts down into you. His cock feels wonderful, his body hard and strong, his movements are perfect and he is tiredness. He drills into you hard and fast. Again and again, and again!! It’s wonderful, your body cries out to cum and then it does. Your hips rotate and your pelvis lifts and falls faster and faster and you cry out as the orgasm sweeps over your body!

Your orgasm is wild and hard and you feel like it will never end and the pleasure is so great you moan loudly! The men cheer! He is close to cumming too! You can tell from his cock. It feels even harder and thicker. And then you can feel the heat generated from it as it pushes deep into your cunt! You arch his back and push up as high as you can and as you do he pushed down as deep as he can get it. He holds you and moans loudly as the first of many shots of cum begin to pump into you!

You can feel the wet thick sticky juice flow over your womb! “Yes! Oh fuck yes!” he screams as he cums over and over again.

He has released a huge load and you can feel it as it sprays your pussy so deep, it’s pumping directly into your womb. It fills your pussy’s cavity completely and as he still fucks you it squirts out around internet casino his cock’s shaft and coats you both when he pushes his big dick deep into your. He thrusts into you as very hard as he finishes, you know your hips will be bruised. So much cum so much cock.

He keeps your legs over your head and your knees pressed against your tits as he holds his cock inside your cunt hole. You watch as he begins to come down from his orgasm high! He opens his eyes and looks into your face. His eyes are so blue he is looking into your sole. You smile up at him as you feel his cock finally begin to soften.

He slowly releases your legs and they fall off his hips and you place your feet back on the bed again. He lifts up off of you and slowly and reluctantly begins to pull his deflating cock out of you. It feels like a long hose coming out of your body. His cock is so big and long and thick and now all wet and going soft. As he moves out his cock flops down and hangs with his drained balls. He looks down and smiles as he sees your pussy.

You look and see that it is covered with his cum and your hips and belly and thighs are too. You look at his cock and see his cum covering it and your wetness makes it shine. He moves to the side and the next guy moves in immediately. He watches as the next man holds his cock and pushes into you. His cock moves in without any problem. The man lifts your legs up like before and begins to fuck you wildly.

You look around the room and know each of the 5 will have his turn. Then you look at the beautiful young man and see him move next to you. He holds his soft cock out towards your face. You open your mouth and begin to suck his cum and your cunt juices as you clean. As your body is ripped hard by the man fucking you, you can hardly feel him. He doesn’t seem to care that your pussy has been stretched. He drills you like a piece of meat and this seems to turn you on. Only the sex is on his mind, he fucks you hard with only one thing in his brain. He needs to cum badly.

You continue to suck the young man’s cock and feel it start to get hard again. Ah yes, youth he is recovering fast. But this time he’ll have to stand in line, there are 3 other men waiting for their turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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