Brenda , Lisa: The Next Morning

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Bright sunshine streamed into the room. Gently fluttering her eyes, Brenda woke to feel an arm wrapped around her, holding her breast. It took a few moments for the previous evening’s activities to rush back into her memory. She and her longtime friend, Lisa, had enjoyed a long night of lovemaking. She smiled to herself feeling Lisa’s warm body pressed against her and the faint tickle of pubic hair against her bare buttocks. The sound of Lisa’s deep breathing made her feel comfortable. They had gone away together for a Christmas shopping trip but had ended up becoming lovers. She wondered what would happen when Lisa wakes up. Would they make love again, or would there be an awkward silence? Perhaps Lisa would regret what happened and it would strain their relationship. Slowly, pangs of doubt started in her chest. After last night, Brenda knew that she wanted to continue her sexual relationship with Lisa. She had never felt those feelings before and she never wanted to give them up.

Slightly stirring, Lisa’s hand gently cupped Brenda’s breast. With a quiet gasp, Lisa’s eyes opened to see her friend’s naked body in front of her. Smiling, Brenda rolled over and faced her friend.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Morning,” Lisa replied.

“So, what are you thinking,” Brenda asked.

“I’m thinking we’ll be making a lot more trips together,” Lisa smiled.

Smiling back at her friend, Brenda leaned forward and kissed Lisa sweetly.

“Would you like to join me in the shower,” Lisa whispered.

Brenda replied by giving her a deep kiss and slipping her hand between her legs to give her vagina a little tickle.

Hand in hand, the pair made their way to the bathroom. Lisa started the water and stepped into the stall. Within a few seconds, Brenda entered and the pair slowly soaped each other’s bodies. Kissing and caressing each other, they spent quite a while under the hot water. adana escort When they were sufficiently clean, the lovers stepped out of the shower and toweled each other dry. Pushing Lisa back against the bathroom counter, Brenda took the lead and hungrily kissed her. Lifting one of her legs and resting it on the countertop, Lisa guided Brenda’s hand between her legs. Gentle fingertips worked their magic as Lisa moaned. Nibbling Lisa’s neck, Brenda increased the speed of her fingers. Lisa responded by breathing faster and moaning, “Yes, yes, yes…”

Slowly moving lower, Brenda planted light kisses on her lover’s hardening nipples. Her tongue made slow circles around the swollen nubs. Lisa’s hand went instinctively to her breast and urged her nipple into Brenda’s mouth. Gently sucking, Brenda reveled in the sexy feeling of a nipple against her tongue. Down Lisa’s belly Brenda went, until she was staring into the object of her desire. Using the fingers of her left hand, she parted the glistening lips of Lisa’s vagina and used the index finger of her right hand to stroke its entire length. Looking down into Brenda’s eyes, Lisa smiled and rotated her hips in unison with the finger.

Unable to wait, Brenda’s tongue darted out and teased Lisa’s clitoris. A louder moan escaped Lisa’s throat as she braced herself against the cold marble counter. Long luxurious minutes passed as Brenda pleasured Lisa with her mouth. Quick shallow breaths signaled Brenda that her lover was approaching an orgasm. Stopping and standing up, she led Lisa back to the bedroom.

Standing at the foot of the bed, the lovers kissed and pressed their bodies together in the morning sunlight. Pulling Brenda along with her, Lisa made her way to the large picture window.

“I want to see you in the sunlight,” Lisa whispered.

Positioning her friend in front of the window, Lisa tugged back adana escort bayan the curtains to flood the room with light. Shyly, Brenda moved her hands to cover her nakedness from anyone who might be looking in the window.

Sitting on the bed, Lisa urged her friend to lower her hands.

“Let me look at you” she urged.

Brenda’s hands fell to her sides as she slyly smiled at Lisa. Lisa urged her friend on by spreading her legs and gently caressing herself between her legs. Staring at her lover, Brenda responded by touching herself in the same manner.

“Do you like performing for me,” Lisa purred.

“I love it” Brenda replied.

Turning around and bending over, Brenda did her best to turn Lisa on. A hand slipped around and pulled one of the cheeks apart to expose herself to Lisa. The other hand snaked up the inside of her leg and parted the lips of her vagina. Rising up, Brenda moved closer to the window and pressed herself against it. The cool glass caused her nipples to stiffen to an exciting ache. Glancing over her shoulder, Brenda gave her lover a coy smile.

“Are you willing to share my naked body with everyone looking at me right now,”

Brenda teased.

“They can watch, but you’re all mine,” Lisa said as she slipped a finger inside of herself.

“You like being watched,” Brenda asked.

“When you’re the one watching,” Lisa replied.

“Come here,” Brenda said, holding out her hand.

Lisa made her way across the room to stand with Brenda in the window. Deep kisses were exchanged as the sunlight warmed their skin. Turning Brenda around, Lisa cupped her lover’s breasts and pushed her against the glass again.

“I’d love to see you doing thing from the outside,” Lisa whispered in Brenda’s ear.

“I like that idea,” Brenda said, “Maybe we can try it sometime.”

“I’m sure we’ll try lots escort adana of things together,” Lisa said, kissing Brenda’s neck.

Dropping one hand from Brenda’s breast, Lisa quickly slipped it between Brenda’s legs from behind. The wetness let Lisa know that Brenda was ready for anything. After a few quick strokes, she slipped two fingers into her moaning friend. Working the fingers in and out, Lisa listened to Brenda’s moans.

“Lay down on the floor,” Brenda commanded.

Lisa complied, positioning herself with her head facing the window. Bracing herself on against the plate glass, Brenda lowered herself onto her friend’s waiting mouth. Glorious spasms of pleasure raced through Brenda’s body as her friend lapped at her. Rocking her hips back and forth, Brenda worked herself into a frenzy. Labored breathing turned to near screams of ecstasy as Lisa worked her friend over with her tongue. Quickly dropping to her knees, Brenda buried her face between her friend’s legs. Muffled moans of pleasure filled the room as the women licked each other. Arching her back, Brenda held out for a moment and plunged into the waves of a delicious orgasm.

Rolling off of Lisa, Brenda glanced at Lisa and whispered, “You have to try that. It was wonderful.”

Taking her friend’s cue, Lisa squatted over Brenda’s waiting mouth and gasped as the hot wet tongue found its mark. With one hand on the window and the other spreading herself, Lisa quickly found herself panting in the onset of her own orgasm.

Losing her balance, Lisa tumbled onto the floor next to Brenda, setting off a flurry of giggles from both of them.

Brenda rolled over and planted several light kisses and a playful bite on Lisa’s ass. With an exhausted squeal, Lisa sat up and crossed her legs. Crawling up to her lover, Brenda kissed her several times on the lips.

“Check out is in an hour and a half,” Lisa said, with just a twinge of sadness.

“Yeah, we should probably get ready,” Brenda replied.

“I loved being with you this weekend,” Lisa said, “It’s been wonderful.”

Climbing to their feet, the two women who had known each other as friends before they arrived, would pack and leave the hotel as lovers.

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