Bringing Pleasure to Myself

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Blow Job

Sitting at my desk, I enjoy browsing and reading stories of sex and pleasure. I love the stories of encounters with strangers and glances in public places. My cock hardens, asking me to let him out of my pants. Although I’m tempted, I tell myself to be patient and I keep reading the following story.

It is about infidelity, about a betrayal with a neighbor. He describes her body, her breasts, her hard nipples, her neck and soft buttocks, she is the body of a mature woman. She is dying to let him do with her body, anything he wants…

My cock throbs and the blood runs and lengthens my penis. I take off my belt and put it aside. My belt is black and leather, it is the same one that I give to my wife’s buttocks. I don’t hit her hard, just enough to cause her excitement in waiting for the next one.

I continue with the story. The man describes the words that woman says in his ear… “Take me, move me, bite me, hurt me, and make me yours.” The man puts her on the table and prepares his penis to enter and join them together for erotic moments full of sweat, she screams with pleasure when she feels that piece of flesh that invades her body…

My kolej escort bayan cock hard and wet with pre-cum, I unbutton and lower my zipper. The aroma reaches me and makes me hornier. My underwear wet and stretched with my hard flesh that from below, begging to be released.

The story ends too abrupt, the man couldn’t hold on, quickly injecting her with his juices. But I do not get discouraged and continue to read the next one.

It is about two friends who, when finishing their workout, go to the showers to wash off their sweat. One watches the other as he undresses, bends down to take off his clothes and takes off his shirt. His excitement causes him to grow tremendous erection and he doesn’t know how he is going to hide it. The other picks up his towel and asks “what are you waiting for, we’re going to be late” and goes ahead to the showers. His words bring him back to reality and immediately he takes off his shirt and the rest until he is nude. Nervously he reaches the showers, his friend has begun soaping himself up, he does not see him enter. As if hypnotized he stops and watches him intently. The way the soap and water Escort sihhiye falls over his body. Soap beginning to slide down his neck and back, in between his buttocks and continuing down his thick and strong hairy legs…

I can’t stand it anymore, I get up a little and I put my pants and underpants down. My cock is at its limit. Veins protruding, my head wet, my balls sweaty and my mouth dry. I pass my tongue and soak my lips. My left hand caresses my cock and I mix my own juices from my cock. I run my hand up and down. mmmmmm how good it feels. I’ve taken my time but my cock is already approaching the moment. Slowly… and I control myself… and I continue with the story.

Still hypnotized by the view standing before him, his mast almost completely vertical, thick and firm. The image of his friend is too much to endure. His friend turns but with soap in his eyes, now his cock is in sight. It is long and thick, with his ball sack large that surely have significant weight to them. The friend lowers his hands to his cock and starts to wash himself below. Soaping it up, massaging and carefully cleaning his wondrous tool. sincan escort Stretching back and exposing his thick mushroom head and rubbing his balls to ensure their cleanliness. Without taking his eyes off that beautiful cock, he moves his hand down to his own and begins to pleasure his meat. So enthralled in the moment that a moan escaped him at the same moment that his cock released all the content of his balls. His streams of cum land on the floor in front of him, the sound of his moans ending the secret he has held within for so long. He opens his eyes, looking towards the stall, their eyes meet…

My cock is so hard and my balls are swollen. My hand coating my own fluids all over my shaft and balls. Wanting for the moment to ejaculate, I take off my shirt and lean back, preparing the moment when my milk comes out, mouth open, my body hot, my legs harden. The room is hot and my sweat is running. Sweat glistening on my chest and on my forehead. The moment has arrived and my cock is cumming… ahhhh how good it feels… the semen splashing my chest… mixed with my sweat… here comes the next burst… mmmmmm lands on my navel… it feels hot… once again and what a surprise it was a little stronger… my cock honey landing on my chest. My hand rubbing that hot milk on my still hard cock. I raise my hand to my mouth and taste my honey… not too salty… and very delicious… I do not know what it is… but I’m feeling hot again.

Mi Vida Loca

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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