Broadly Sexual Pt. 01: The Beginning

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As this is my first submission, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself to set the stage. At the time of writing, I’m 27 years old, tall, in good shape, white, and pretty much always horny. The point of me writing is to really explore, through writing, my sexual history. Until now I have experimented with lots of things, men and women, online relationships, dominance, submissive, oral, anal, vaginal, older, younger, and more I’m sure that I’ll try and bring out in the stories. The first story, or first few stories will date back to when I was 18, out of high school. Also, my name’s Sam. We’ll see how it goes!

The beginning:

I was a virgin all through high school, including oral, and though I had made out with girls and ‘fingerbanged’ them as we used to say, nothing ever went further than that. I stuck to girls back then, though I was definitely curious about guys at that time as well.

The summer after HS graduation was fun – before we all left for college, just hanging out, going to parties, drinking, smoking, doing all the things an 18 year old guy would do. One party, in the middle of the hot summer, I finally had sex (with a chick). I lasted all of about 1 minute. I felt really bad (though I had expected this) and went down on her. I remember clearly thinking, ‘holy shit, I love this!’ I loved how it tasted, I loved her moans, I loved the fact that I was actually giving her pleasure. A few minutes in, I was hard again. Put another condom on, and fucked her. This time I lasted a little longer, though not much :(. Anyway, that was the first. Nothing else happened that summer, with her or anyone else. In August, it was time to head off to university. Leaving home was tough, but I was excited. I knew it was going to be a fun experience, and sex was on my mind – lord knows i’d watched enough Girls Gone Wild to have a vivid imagination with regard to hot college chicks.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much luck as I’d hoped in the first part of school, but I did make an important discovery. In getting to know my roommates, one of them randomly mentioned craigslist as a place to get some cheap furniture, and joked about the casual encounters section. Believe it or not, I had not heard of this, despite having spend countless hours on the internet, my hard dick in hand. this was a real revelation.

I would browse CL when my roommates were out, in all of the personal ad categories. The most activity tended (and still is) on the m4m side of things. That was exciting. I had always been curious, but had never acted on it. I started communicating with a few guys, all older, all looking for ‘College freshman’ or ‘College aged guys’. I guess school being back in session was a signal that young, open minded college guys were in town. It was true then and it’s true now – I now use the ‘college school year is starting’ to turn the tables and have fun with younger guys (but that’s a later story).

Anyway, I started communicating with a few guys, and a few stuck with me through long email chains. poker oyna I had never done anything with a guy, so those wanting to meet up right away were out. I ended up sharing pics of myself with these guys, no face pics, always just of my dick, ass, body, etc. They’d send me pics too, which I’d jack off to. One guy really struck me as a good one – his name was Mark. He relayed the story of his first gay experience – freshman in college, older, local guy brought him into the fold. He told me he’d like to ‘pay it forward’ and help me gain experience. I ended up jerking off with him on cam a couple times, which was wildly fun. The thought of another guy jerking off to me , cumming at the same time, albeit digitally, was awesome.

After a few weeks of back and forth and numerous cam jackoff sessions, I ended up biting the bullet and agreed to meet up with him. He lived close to campus, easy walking distance from my dorm, in a condo complex. I was familiar enough with the area, and felt safe enough. It was a Friday night – all done with classes for the week. It was still not quite fall, and at 7 PM it was still light out. I was really nervous – I took a few shots of cheap (cheap) vodka (all the rage back then) to calm my nerves, which did help, and walked over. I texted him when I got there. he came to his door, which was on the second floor of his section of the complex, and waved down at me standing in the parking lot. I took a deep breath and climbed up to him.

While the details of *exactly* what was said are fuzzy ~9 years later, here’s how it went:

Mark said, in a cheery voice, “Hey man, what’s up?” He had a Heineken in his hand and gestured it toward me, “Want a beer?”

“Sure,” I said, voice slightly cracking with nervousness, “that would be cool.”

I crossed the threshold of his door, walking behind him as he made his way to the small galley style kitchen to grab my beer. His place was clean, with a nice living room complete with a black leather L shaped couch facing a media center with a big flat screen TV. Directly back from the front door and through the living room was a sliding glass door leading to a small patio overlooking the interior of the complex and the community pool.

I of course had seen mark on cam, but he was a good looking guy in person, too. He said he was 45, but he looked younger, maybe 35. He was wearing dark blue jeans that weren’t tight, but fit well enough to show off his toned legs and slim waist. He was about 6’2, and likely about 180 lbs – in great shape. He was wearing a white patterned dress shirt, tucked in, like he’d just come from the office on casual Friday.

He popped the cap on the beer and handed it over to me. I immediately took a sip.

“How’s school going?” He asked as he led me into the living room. He sat down and I followed suit, sitting a couple feet away from him on the couch.

“It’s going good, but glad the weekend is here, some of my classes are pretty tough.”

We chatted about this and that for a few minutes, canlı poker oyna my confidence growing with each sip of beer and each minute of talking with Mark. He was easy to talk to, asking questions, and just being really ‘normal.’

After a few minutes he got up and grabbed two beers out of the fridge.

“Plying me with booze?” I asked, sarcastically. Mark smiled and handed me a bottle.

“You don’t have to drink it, I just like to relax with a few beers at the end of a long week.”

“I was just kidding!” I said, smiling.

Before he sat down, he went over to the sliding door and closed the shade – it had already gotten dark, and he switched some lights on around the living room.

“So, let’s talk business.” Mark said, sitting back down on the couch. “It’s been fun talking to you these past few weeks. Our little webcam sessions have been fun.”

My heart started beating a little harder. “Yeah, they’ve been good – it’s fun to see you cum, you have a nice dick.”

“Thanks,” Mark said, “I like it too”. He was smiling and chuckling a little bit. “Want to see it in real life?” he asked, setting his beer on the side table and starting to undo his belt.

“Sure,” I said, my heart beating pretty hard at this point, but my dick also starting to come to attention in my jeans.

“You know what?” Mark stopped undoing his button down fly jeans, “why don’t you come give me a hand.

I scooted closer to him, my hands trembling as I reached toward his crotch. I had some trouble getting the first button, and he said calmly, “Chill man, take a deep breath! This isn’t like a final exam…” So I did just that which helped steady my hand. I got the buttons down and spread open his jeans. I untucked his shirt and pushed it up out of the way, revealing some simple black cotton boxer briefs. I had already seen his 7 inch dick on cam, and it looked like it was about half staff under the fabric. I touched it, cupping it in my hand and felt it jump.

I started to try and take his briefs down to unleash his cock, but the jeans and all were too much in the way. I grabbed his jeans with both hands at his hips and tugged them down, coming off the couch and on my knees to get his pants all the way off. The outline of his hard dick was clearly evident now, and I couldn’t wait to get the briefs off. I started to get up and back on the couch, but Mark said, ” Why don’t you just stay there?”

I smiled and stayed, then grabbed the elastic waist of the briefs and pulled them down, gently releasing his now very hard 7 inch dick, with shaved balls and neatly trimmed pubes. “It looks better in person” I said with a smile, pulling his briefs down to his ankles.

I was thinking to myself, ‘wow, this is actually happening… I think i’m going to suck a dick for the first time!’ My dick was hard in my pants as I was on my knees in front of a half naked man, about to get my first taste of cock.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Mark asked, picking his beer up off the table and taking a internet casino sip.

“I’m going to suck it” I said, eyes focused on his pretty cock.

This is when my hours of watching internet porn helped. I imagined myself as one of those little sluts on camera, teasing the man by rubbing my hands up and down his thighs, every now and then brushing his dick, getting my face closer to his dick. It smelled musty, like he’d been sitting, working all day. I liked the smell – I liked it better than the smell of pussy.

I took my time, licked the inner part of his thighs, tasting his salty sweat, close to his balls and past his shaft. One side, then the other. I knew he was watching me, taking sips of his beer, and I was excited.

Finally, my tongue touched his sack and slowly worked my way up his shaft, reaching the tip. At that point he let out the slightest breath and I knew I was on the right track. It’s not that difficult, after all, right?

I took the head of his dick in my mouth. His pre cum tasted amazing and I moaned “mmmmmmm” as I swirled my tongue around, not really knowing what to do but knowing that I loved this feeling. I think I came in my pants at that point. I started bobbing my head up and down, taking as much of the now throbbing dick in my mouth as I could, which in reality was only about three of his 7 inches.

I bobbed up and down for a while then he put his hand lightly on the back of my head. he didn’t push, but the weight of his hand on my head told me he was in control. He started thrusting upward ever so slightly, grunting a little bit ever other thrust. After a couple minutes of this, my mouth was getting a little tired, and i’d slobbered a good deal around his crotch. I took my mouth off and took a big breath, using a hand to wipe saliva away from my chin.

“Don’t stop man, i’m so close” Mark said, sounding a little out of breath.

I went back down and he continued thrusting, a little harder, and pushing a little harder with his hand. His pace quickened, and that combined with my head bobbing was turning this into a fairly rough affair, though not painful at all. He put both hands on my head and I felt his dick swell slightly, his body tense up. I had never experienced this before, but I know my way around a male orgasm and knew what was coming.

“Ohhh, im coming, fuck yeah… fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Mark moaned, a second later blasting my mouth with a weeks worth of cum and pent up stress. The feeling was unlike anything I’d experienced. A hot stream of cum erupting in my mouth, two hands on my head making sure I didn’t release my lips’ grip on his cock head.

The load was so big it started leaking out of the sides of my mouth, down my chin and his shaft. He released his hands and I pulled my mouth off his dick, keeping as much of the cum in my mouth as a could. I looked up at him, seeing his dick twitching in post orgasm ecstasy.

“Let me see,” he said, indicating he wanted to see his cum in my mouth. I tilted my head up and opened my mouth, and saw him smile and say “You wanna swallow it?”

Without hesitation I closed my mouth and gulped it down, opening my mouth again to prove I’d swallowed my first load of cum.

To be continued…

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