Brockton Bisexual House Party

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Lately I found myself doing some rather odd things. It’s all been a lot of fun, though. Variety is the spice of life. Otherwise boredom would overtake all of us. This right here is a spicy story I’d very much like to share with you. See, my wife and I are swingers. Folks are always surprised to meet swingers like us. They say we don’t fit the mode. Personally, I don’t know why. Black folks can be swingers too. Diversity really shocks you sometimes, doesn’t it?

My name is Wesner Jean-Baptiste and I’m a six-foot-tall, kind of muscular and good-looking, forty-something, caramel-skinned black man living in the west side of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m a patrol officer with the Brockton Police Department. These days, I’m on vacation. The wife and I are trying to mend our relations. I recently told her that I’m bisexual and although she seemed accepting at first, I know she struggles with it. Wilma Theodore Jean-Baptiste is her name. She’s around five-foot-ten, jet-black, with big tits, a thick body, wide hips and a plump ass. At forty three years of age, she still looks pretty good. She’s a bit self-conscious about weighing two hundred and fifty pounds but I told her I like big women. Hell, that’s why we got hitched. She teaches history at the local high school. We’ve had a decent marriage, I guess. We have a son named Matthew who attends Bridgewater State College and a daughter named Rachel who attends Pine Manor College. Since they left the house, we’ve been having a lot of fun.

We’ve invited our neighbors Alan Wilson and his wife Joan Richards Wilson over for some fun. Presently, we’re trying some fun stuff with them. Alan is six feet two inches tall, lean, with light brown hair, alabaster skin and pale blue eyes. He’s a patrol office r with the Massachusetts State Police. His housewife Joan is a plain-faced, but pleasantly plump woman with short blonde hair, drab gray eyes, sunburned alabaster skin and the biggest tits and ass I’ve seen on a white woman in ages. Joan is only five feet eleven inches tall but she weighs three hundred and twenty pounds. I think she keeps most of it on her seventy-inch fat booty! Like us, the Wilsons are swingers.

Presently, Alan is on all fours. Face down and ass up. My wife Wilma is kneeling behind him, holding firmly onto his hips while slamming her strap-on dildo deep into his ass. The white guy screamed in pleasure mixed with pain as a strong black woman sodomized him with her dildo. Wilma stroked Alan’s cock while fucking his ass. She could tell he liked it. His dick grew harder and harder poker oyna as she gave his ass the pounding of the century.

Meanwhile, I sat on a couch while Joan knelt before me. The plump white woman eagerly sucked my cock and licked my balls. Joan was a real good sucker. I ran my hands through her blonde hair as she busied herself sucking on my dick. At first, she had trouble taking it all in because I’ve got a nine-inch, uncircumcised black monster of a cock with balls the size of apples. However, the fat white chick was no novice when it came to sucking big dicks. She adjusted her technique and managed to deep throat me really nice. When I came, she eagerly drank my seed.

We tried something else afterwards. Joan was eager to experiment. I laid her on the couch and began licking her pussy. I spread her pussy lips and fingered her snatch. She urged me to continue. I wasn’t surprised. You see, my oral skills are among the best. Soon I had her screaming my name in sheer orgasmic bliss. Now she was down for whatever. So I put her on all fours and spread her plump white butt cheeks wide open. I took some lube from a can my wife Wilma tossed me and greased up both my cock and Joan’s asshole. Once ready, I pressed my big black cock against the plump, big-bottomed white woman’s puckered asshole. With a swift thrust, I went inside. Joan let me in with barely a grunt. At once I was amazed at how warm and soft Joan’s butt hole felt around my cock. Wow.

A sharp scream caught my attention. Wilma now had Alan on a makeshift hammock between the couch and the living room table and was ramming her dildo into his ass with a fiery passion. Alan screamed as my wife’s plastic cock invaded his asshole. Personally, I winced in sympathy. I knew personally how vigorous Wilma could get during a strap-on fuck session. She made my ass mad sore last weekend. I turned my gaze from the sight of Alan getting screwed by my wife and focused instead on screwing Alan’s wife. I pushed my cock deeper into Joan’s asshole. I could tell the big white woman was no stranger to anal sex. Her asshole felt too supple around my dick. Beginners usually are tight down there. Her asshole stretched nicely to accommodate my cock as I thrust into her. This was turning out to be more fun than I expected.

Meanwhile, Wilma slowly squeezed the dildo out of the ass of a very relieved Alan. I smiled at that. I knew what Wilma had in mind. Strapping it on and shoving it in makes her horny. Now she wanted some dick. I watched as she pulled Alan down to the carpeted floor and fastened canlı poker oyna her succulent mouth around his dick. She sucked him off, getting him nice and hard. Afterwards, she straddled him and slowly lowered herself onto his member, impaling her wet pussy on his hard dick. Alan placed his hands on Wilma’s hips and began thrusting into her. He seemed to be enjoying this turn of events.

I continued drilling my cock into Joan’s backdoor. The plump white woman took it like a champ. She hardly ever screamed. Rather, she spread her plump ass cheeks wider, giving me greater access to her tight asshole. She urged me to fuck her harder. Thrilled to have found such an enthusiastic anal sex partner, I gave her all I had. All of my inches. Until I came. Flooding her asshole with my manly seed in a fantastic rush of sexual energy. Joan’s passionate screams mingled with my own and filled the house. Man, what would the neighbors think? Oops, I forgot. The neighbors are already here, and we’re fucking them!

The action continues, folks. Joan and I rejoined our respective spouses. Alan drilled his cock into Wilma until he came, then she rolled off him and began stroking his engorged member. I looked at his dick and licked my lips. That looked yummy. I grabbed Wilma’s hand. She looked at me understandingly and smiled. I looked at Alan and he looked at me. Grinning, I began sucking his cock. I stroked his balls and licked his dick. Alan stroked my head as I sucked his cock and balls. Joan and Wilma watched as their husbands got down.

I sucked Alan until he got nice and hard, then we decided to mutually pleasure one another. We got into the sixty nine position and began sucking each other’s cocks. Wilma and Joan watched us. Joan slipped her hand between my wife’s thighs and began feeling her up. If I could, I would have smiled. But I couldn’t. Not with Alan’s cock in my mouth. I always suspected my wife might be bi-curious but I was never sure. However, when she began squealing in delight as Joan licked her pussy, I knew what was up. She was just like me! Alan on the other hand was turning out to be the best damn cock sucker ever. Even better than his wife. His agile tongue raced over my cock while his fingers stroked and teased my nuts just right. The man had skills. It didn’t take me long to cum and when I did, he gobbled it all up. Sucking me dry. Oh, man. This was so damn hot! In turn, I sucked him until he came, then made his cum disappear, like magic. Am I good or what?

Alan and I tried something else. We both enjoy oral internet casino sex but nothing compares to the pure joy of fucking. I got on all fours and the sexy white stud came up behind me. Spreading my ass cheeks gently, he eased himself into me. Meanwhile, my Wilma was on all fours. Face down and ass up. Joan was positioned behind her, shoving her strap-on dildo in and out of my wife’s pussy. Wilma was screaming like a woman possessed and seemed to be having the time of her life. Wilma’s eyes met with mine as Joan slammed her. I smiled. So, my dear church-going and proper wife is a switch-hitting sex freak just like me. What a world!

I grunted as I felt Alan’s thick cock invading my ass. He held my hips firmly as he slammed his dick into me. It hurt, but felt really good at the same time. The dude’s cock was stretching my ass and if loving it was wrong then I didn’t want to be right. I couldn’t get enough of it and urged Alan to fuck me harder. He didn’t need to be told twice. He gave me all he had, and then some. We fucked and sucked until we both came. My cum splattered all over the carpeted floor. As for Alan, he came deep inside of me. I screamed passionately as I felt his manly seed fill my ass. Now, that’s what I call a good fuck!

Meanwhile, Joan was finishing off my dear Wilma, who came time and again after her first ride on the strap-on. The two women were in a hot sixty-nine, licking each other’s pussy like it was going out of style. Alan and I sat down and watched our wives do their thing. Man, this was seriously hot. For someone who claims to be conservative, my wife was taking to pussy eating like a cat takes to hunting mice. I knew she’d done this before. No novice gets down like that. No way no how, folks. I smiled at her. She winked at me. Enjoy yourself darling, I thought. We’re gonna have a chat later.

Half an hour later, the fun and games were over. The four of us were back in the living room, having showered and put our clothes back on. Joan rested her hand on Alan’s thigh while he sipped on some Cognac. As for Wilma, she was all smiles. Like a clown. When I questioned her about her lesbian escapades with Joan, she shrugged and said she’d been with a girl or two while in college but hadn’t dabbled into same-sex practices since she got married. Unlike me. I rolled my eyes. Chicks, man. Always turns it back to you. I told her we’d better let bygones be bygones. Joan and Alan laughed. I looked at them. What was so funny? Joan told us she knew about Alan’s bisexuality back when they were dating. And it didn’t bother her one bit. I smiled at that. See, there’s an open-minded couple. I wish Wilma and I were like that. We were still working out the kinks. But I knew we’d make it, thanks in part to our sexually adventurous friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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