Broken Faith There Are Things Far Worse Than Death by Millie Dynamite

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Broken Faith
There Are Things Far Worse Than Death
Millie Dynamite

NOTE: This work contains material not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen (18) or those of a delicate nature. It contains descriptive scenes of graphic sexual nature, graphic rape, graphic violence, and graphic depictions of abuse or torture. By reading this eBook, you assert that you comply with your local or state laws. This book is purely a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons whether living, deceased, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Faith’s father once told her “there are things far worse than death.” He read it in a book when he was young and it stuck with him. As he lay dying in the hospital, he told his daughter this hoping it would make his passing easier. It did not but later in life, Faith would learn what the saying meant.

Faith looked around the apartment nervously, wanting desperately to make a good first impression. She’d spent all day getting everything clean and tidy. The dining table was now set, decorated with fresh flowers in the center. The wonderful aroma of roast beef wafted from the kitchen. Everything was finally ready for the arrival of Jimmy and his boss, Mr. Elliott.

Burt Elliott owned the construction company that had built the apartment complex they lived in, though Faith had never met him. When Mr. Elliott had offered them the apartment at a remarkably reduced rate as a wedding present to them, she was ecstatic. She knew Jimmy didn’t earn enough in his construction job to make payments on a place this nice. She wanted to thank Mr. Elliott for his generosity and make him feel at home this evening.

Satisfied everything was ready; she headed to the bathroom to clean up. She passed the caged bird in the living room. “So does Bubba want a cracker?” She asked the parrot.

“Bubba wants a nut! Bubba don’t eat crackers!” The gray and yellow cockatiel squawked at her. She reached for the bag of cashews and threw a few of them into the cage. The bird fluttered to the floor of his cage to eat his snack.

“There you go, Bubba.” She said turning away from the bird.

“Nice ass bitch! Love to kiss it!” The bird squawked out.

“Yes, Bubba,” she said, again wondering where the bird had picked up such crudeness. Jimmy didn’t talk that way, and he’d owned Bubba for about four years. She was terrified the bird would say something inappropriate during the evening.

She stood at the full-length mirror in the bedroom, looking at herself. Jimmy always told her she had a beauty pageant body, but she didn’t think so. My boobs are too big, she thought, though Jimmy certainly didn’t seem to mind. Looking at the way she was dressed made her remember she needed to get ready. Ragged cut-off jeans and a torn t-shirt were not suitable attire for the boss coming to dinner.

She stepped into the shower and lathered up, cleansing herself and washing her hair. The warm water felt good, washing all the sweat from her body after her busy day of house cleaning and cooking.

Faith and Jimmy had only known each other for six weeks when he proposed, and she accepted at once. They married immediately; the whirlwind romance sweeping them along so fast it left them breathless. Yet Faith knew they were soul mates. She had known it since the first day they met.

She returned to the bedroom after drying her hair. She dressed quickly, pulling on a thong and a matching strapless bra. The powder blue sundress she’d picked was freshly dry cleaned and looked lovely on her. She zipped up quickly and stepped into her matching high heels. Faith quickly brushed her long, dark hair and took a look in the mirror. She knew she looked nice for Jimmy. After quickly putting a fresh towel in the bathroom, she headed to the kitchen to check the time left on the roast. She heard the front door open.

“Honey I’m home! Mr. Elliot is with me.” Faith walked down the hall to meet them at the entryway.

“Hello Mr. Elliott,” she said, smiling and extending her hand toward the man. He wasn’t what she had expected at all. He was very tall and muscular, and built more like a wrestler than a business owner. He took her hand and shook it, squeezing too tightly. She winced involuntarily.

“Sorry, I forget my own strength.”

“Honey, this is Burt Elliot, my boss. Mr. Elliot, I’d like you to meet Faith, my new wife.” Jimmy introduced them.

“It’s a pleasure,” Faith told him. Faith bent her knees in a curtsey as Jimmy introduced her. She always felt stupid for doing that. It was hold over from her manners class.

“Glad to meet you too.” He entered the living room and said hello to the bird. Faith held her breath, dreading what Bubba would come out with.

“Bubba wants to bust a nut in CUNT!” The bird squawked out. Burt made no reaction and time stood still for Faith. Burt and Jimmy slowly looked at each other and then suddenly laughed hysterically. Faith wanted to dissolve into a hole in the floor. This was not going well so far. She knew that Jimmy didn’t use language like that, and was sure he’d only joined in with the laughter to save the situation.

As they moved from the living area to the dining area Faith saw Burt stick his hand down his pants and adjust his cock in plain view of her. She was shocked, but pretended not to have seen.

Throughout dinner Burt dominated the talking. He was vulgar and profane, his stories strewn with expletives. The evening couldn’t end quickly enough for Faith. She felt ill to her stomach. How could this be the same man that had given them such an awesome wedding gift? Disgust filled her and she wondered how Jimmy could possible work for this pig.

After dinner was finally over, the men moved to the living room. Jimmy went straight to the single chair and sat down. Burt Elliot sat on the love seat, leaving nowhere free and away from him for Faith to sit.

“I’ll just clear the table and start the coffee,” Faith said with a gracious smile, grateful for the excuse to duck out with a load of dirty dishes.

“No, that won’t do,” Burt said, as he started to tap the cushion of the love seat, “Come sit beside me Faith.” Faith shot a look at Jimmy who did nothing to come to her defense. What was wrong with him?!

“That is inappropriate,” Faith stammered, turning to leave.

“Jimmy you got no control over your cunt? I thought you were more of a man than that?” Burt scolded his employee. Jimmy jumped up quickly and grabbed her by the arm.

“Come on honey, you’re making me look bad,” he told her in a hushed whisper.

“Sit down bitch!” The bird squawked out. Faith truly hated that bird.

“Your boss is crude and rude. I do not want to be sitting next to him, nor can I believe you’d want me to either!” She told Jimmy with a harsh voice he had never heard before. Jimmy shushed her and she gave him a harsh look.

“Jimmy you know the rules!” His boss said to him. Jimmy turned to him with pleading in his eyes.

“Don’t you be a fucking cunt yourself,” Burt told him.

“Go sit by him.” Jimmy told her as harshly as she had spoken to him.

“NO!” she wrenched her arm away from Jimmy when out of nowhere a hand grabbed her hair. It was Burt’s powerful hand and she felt his huge muscular frame beside her. He held her hair tightly in his fist, and slammed her into the dining room wall. The plates she held crashed to the hardwood floor sending shattered porcelain everywhere.

Burt yanked her back hard by her hair, then again slammed her forward. She couldn’t defend herself as her entire body struck the wall with force. She was in total shock at what was happening to her as Burt slammed her against the wall repeatedly. Her nose hurt terribly as blood flowed down her face poker oyna and drained down the back of her throat, gagging her.

Burt pinned her to wall with his meaty fist twisting her hair painfully. His free hand pawed at her blue sundress, pulling it hard and ripping it easily. He continued ripping her dress off her, while she struggled uselessly under his weight. She was powerless against him. Where was Jimmy? She thought frantically. Why wasn’t he helping her?!

Pain was surpassing the shock now; gut-wrenching pain was digging into her, threatening to blot out everything else.

“You dumb assed cunt. This could have been easy for you.” Burt growled in her ear.

“Dumb assed cunt!” a whistle came from the bird, “Dumb assed cunt cow bitch!” The bird began repeating.

“You tell her Bubba! Now this won’t go easy you fucking stuck up bitch!” He snarled into her ear. He yanked her off the wall and dragged her by her hair into the living room. She stumbled, tripping on the torn dress around her ankles, unable to keep up with his pace. He dragged her up by her hair, forcing her to stand. She tried desperately to snap out of the shock and pain, frantically trying to regain her senses. Her body failed her though, as her head fogged even more from the pounding she had taken against the wall.

Sharp pain slammed through the back of her knees as he kicked her, forcing her legs to give way under her. Dropping to the floor in front of the love seat, she tried to climb onto it to escape from him. Burt dragged her back by her hair viciously, stopping her. He sat down heavily on the love seat, facing her. His huge hand grabbed her bra, opening it in one swift move. He dragged it off her and tossed it aside exposing her breasts. She tried desperately to stand, to get away from him. His huge hand stopped her as he grabbed her throat, squeezing harshly, bruising her. Spots danced before her eyes as the blood flow to her brain slowed. She tried to stay conscious; terrified now that she’d die if she didn’t fight.

Jimmy watched all of this transpire, yet made no move to save his wife. Years of loyalty to Burt prevented him from helping her. Still he was ashamed at what was being done to his new bride. He was even more ashamed that he was incredibly turned on, far more than when they made love at night.

He loved her very much, but that wasn’t enough to overcome his sadistic need to see women hurt and abused. He would never do it himself but watching Burt do it was what drove him. He’d tried so hard to keep his dual life separate from her, but Burt wouldn’t allow it. Burt had ravaged them, brought it into their home for all to see.

“Just kneel here like a good cum catching cunt!” Burt growled at Faith, as her hands tried to pry his fingers open.

“She’s a cum catcher! She’s a cum catcher!” the bird squawked.

“Get the fucking bird out of here Jimmy!” His boss ordered him. Jimmy quickly took the bird to the spare bedroom. He returned to watch.

Burt kept his hand on her throat choking her enough that she’d suffer, yet not enough that she’d pass out. Her head began to pulsate as tears ran from her eyes. Gasping for air, she tried to breathe but couldn’t get enough air in. He smiled at her; a sickly, evil smile. His cock was rising in his pants pressing hard to be free. Unable to draw her eyes away, she watched his cock grow as his excitement built. Fear was controlling her now.

Her head swam thickly, and all she could see was that ugly bulge in Burt’s pants. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, as she desperately tried to get air into her lungs.

He suddenly let go of her throat and she fell face down onto the carpet, sucking in air as hard as she could. Sweet air filled her lungs and they rose painfully, but she had air at last! She pulled it into her rapidly, getting her breathing under control. Wiping the blood from her face, she painfully rose to her knees.

“You beast!” she spat at him, attempting to regain her feet. She flung a look at Jimmy, absolutely disgusted in him. A fist moved toward her head, flying so fast it was just a blur before she felt searing pain in her right eye socket and cheekbone. Hard, agonizing pain flared in her face as she fell to the floor, her hands clutching her broken face. Faith felt pain pressing in her mind now. Deep enduring pain a fate fare worse than death this pain would never leave.

Jimmy felt terrible at how bad she was hurt yet it thrilled him. It fed his needs and drove his passion. He longed to pump his hard cock, yet held back. Some part of him still didn’t want Faith to see that side of him, the part that jerked off while Burt raped and tortured women.

She tried to see through her swollen right eye, swollen almost shut already the pain and damage blurred her view. The first thing she saw when she managed to look up was Burt, fully naked now, his clothes flung in a pile on the floor. The cock was standing up to his belly button, stiff, proud and large. She struggled against the pain, unable to focus her eyes. She knew she was going to be raped by that appalling cock in front of her.

“Jimmy,” she whimpered, begging him now.

“Don’t ask me for anything Faith. I can’t help you,” he told her. Though he had hoped this day would never come, he knew how foolish that expectation was. Burt would have to have her. He always took the women in his life.

Faith was afraid and hurting deeply. Yet most of all she felt shocked and dismayed. She didn’t know Jimmy at all. Had never known him. He just was standing there while she was being abused by this monster. What was wrong with him?

“Don’t go asking the boy for favors bitch. See my cock?” She looked at him dumbly, the pain in her face overwhelming her as she tried to see out of her right eye. She made no motion. Burt lifted his other hand clenched in a fist, aiming it at the ride side of her face again.

“I see it,” she blurted out. He rubbed it in front of her.

“Then get your mouth over here you fucking cow and give me some head!” He ordered her.

“No!” she cried with repulsion. He moved so fast it was a blur to her. She had no idea he’d stood up until she saw the bottom of his foot coming at her face. He kicked her in the right cheek, shattering the bones in there even more. The kick was so much harder than his fist had been, and it flung her some distance across the room. Burt ran to her, bent down and grabbed her hair and began dragging her round the floor. Instinctively she tried to put her hands up to grab his wrists to get relief from the pain of her hair being yanked by the roots.

Jimmy’s cock jumped at the sight of her pain. He loved it when Burt dragged women around by the hair, the look on their face, the screams. He hated himself for loving it, but he did love it. He enjoyed seeing his wife hurt. She was thrilling him far more than she ever had in bed.

The pain in her back slammed through her body as he dragged her around. She screamed now, desperate for someone, anyone, to come save her. She couldn’t know that Burt had built this one apartment with soundproofing. No one was going to hear her. No one had ever heard the other women they’d brought here. At last he stopped dragging her and put her back on her knees in front of him. He dominated her as he held her captive.

Her pain supplied his sick pleasure and fed his lust. His cock was bigger, harder than before bouncing and bobbing in front of her face. Burt glared at her. That awful strange smirk was back on his face. The enjoyment of hurting her was incredibly gratifying to him, making him even hornier.

“Suck me bitch,” She knew she had no choice if she wanted to survive this night. Her fear of more pain being inflicted if she didn’t comply spurred her on. She leaned over his crotch, her eye socket screaming in pain anew, and began licking the big prick. canlı poker oyna She ran her tongue up and down the shaft, playing with the fat, throbbing head. Sucking up the drop of pre-cum, she thrust her tongue all over his huge cock, sucking, licking and salivating. Disgusted by what she was doing Faith stole glances at Jimmy who stood off to one side watching.

Jimmy’s own self-loathing at what Burt was making his wife do belied his body’s reaction to what he saw. His cock stiffened and still he withheld the urge to touch himself. He didn’t want her to see that.
He never raped anyone though. That was Burt’s domain. His participation in the “partnership” was to help find them and often hold them down for Burt. He got to yank off as Burt raped them. There was something beautiful about watching Burt beat the shit out women.

Grabbing her hair with both his hands, Burt stood up. He forced her head down toward his balls, and then pulled her back off them. He stuck is huge cock in her mouth and slammed her head back and forth, forcing her to swallow him. He fucked her mouth faster than most men ever fucked pussy. The motion was like a machine pounding something over and over.

The sweet sounds coming from her mouth urged Burt on. He slammed her head into his cock like a piston, hearing the gags, gushes, squishes from her in rapid succession. Jimmy was driven by the sounds and his cock was fully erect now. He wanted so badly to touch it and jerk off. Mucus and blood blew from her nose as big thick streams of spittle drooled from her mouth. Her gagging worsened and he knew she was going to throw up.

The bile was building in her throat. Her stomach was in knots, filled with that awful feeling that what was in your tummy was about to be ejected. Faith slapped his wrist several times with the palm of her hand. She hoped she could make him understand.

Burt let her head go suddenly. She pulled off his cock, turned her face away from him and began to heave her dinner all over the carpet. Jimmy had reached the limit of what he could stand and pulled his cock out and started to work. He rammed his hand up and down his hard cock, jacking off to the sight of his tortured wife vomiting.

“You bastard! You fucking bastard!” She choked out to him. Her tone stung him, but he couldn’t help it. It was in his nature. Burt laughed at her, a loud, sadistic laugh that sent chills through her wrecked body. She stopped heaving and was surprised when Burt handed her the glass with his drink. Of course, he just didn’t want her puke all over his cock. She took a drink washing her mouth out.

“Spit it on the floor!” He ordered her. She complied as Burt kicked the drink from her hand, smashing the glass. Again he grabbed her by the hair starting the piston up again. He pumped her face hard, fast and deep into his crotch until he felt cum build up in him and let go in her mouth.

Thick bursts of nasty cum coated her mouth and throat, finding its way to her stomach. After he finished shooting his load into her, he slumped back to the love seat, momentarily exhausted. Burt looked at the woman. Faith thought it was over now.

Jimmy continued to jerk on his cock at slow steady pace. He was well aware this wasn’t over. Faith stood up and painfully walked away. Burt swiftly jumped up, grabbed her hair and pulled back hard as he kicked out, striking her knees. Faith’s feet went out from under her. Burt let go her hair as her body slammed down on the floor, landing on her back with the air knocked out of her. She made a horrible wheezing sound as she fought to suck air into her lungs. She rolled to her belly pushing up still trying to catch her breath.

Pain filled her lungs as terror filled her mind. She couldn’t breathe in. She was suffocating, trying desperately to catch her breath. The searing pain was greater than before, as the agony from her back joined in with the growing chorus.

He grabbed her by the hair again, lifting her up and throwing her face down over the chair. While she still struggled to recover her breath Burt was instantly hard again from the pain he saw her experiencing. He loved to cause women pain. Their pain and his passion were inseparably joined. He retrieved a pocket knife from his pants pocket, slicing off her thong.

Faith still wheezed, unable to retrieve a full lung of air. Panicked from having the wind knocked out of her she pounded her hand on the seat cushion. Burt yanked the thong off her, laying the cold steel blade against her back as he positioned himself behind her. His cock head was hovering just outside the opening of her pussy. He thrust forward mercilessly, driving his cock deep in her. He buried his prick right up to his balls.

The large cock tore into her, ripping her open wide. Terror erupted in her. No air in her lungs and the pain of the hard assault on her pussy sent her into a panic. The large meaty prick ripped into her with force, causing searing pain to pass through her body as he pounded her hard and deep. He thrust himself all the way into her, then almost all the way out, pummeling her relentlessly with his huge cock. Slowly air returned to her, which was some consolation. The pain of him ripping her apart struck her to her very core.

He sledgehammered his cock in and out of her. Pounding away as blood and lubrication dripped from her pussy. She feared her body betrayed her. She didn’t know it was a natural reaction.

Up until four weeks ago, she had been a virgin and totally inexperienced. Now she was a humiliated woman being used solely for this pig’s pleasure. Shame filled her body, mind and soul. She would never be able to look a decent man in the eyes again.

Jimmy quickened his pace. Jerking on his cock while watching his wife endure what he had seen so many other women endure sent him over the top.

Her tight pussy felt so good. Burt loved raping a virgin. While technically she wasn’t, very little of Faith’s pussy had been fucked, having only been fucked by Jimmy’s small cock. He looked up at Jimmy “Fine fucking cunt meat boy. You did well. I will give you a good bonus for this!”

Faith’s heart sank. She had been bought and paid for. There was no doubt about it; she was a whore. Her life was over. She cried out loud now, releasing all the pent up terror and pain within her as she shook violently from the pounding she was receiving. It was as though a baseball bat had been shoved up inside her causing pain so persistent and deep.

She felt something on her left shoulder and didn’t know what it was. He’d carved ‘Burt’ on her left shoulder with the pocket knife. The cut wasn’t deep, but deep enough for the blood to flow and scar her permanently. He loved to watch blood coming from his name as he fucked the shit out of some bitch. Faith screamed out loud.

“Scream all you want bitch! Love the sound! The apartment is sound proof cunt!” He told her eager to hurt her as deeply as he could.

“You bastards,” she screamed out, which only energized Burt. He pounded into her harder and harder. Jimmy was so turned on even though he regretted it was his wife. Her pain and anguish fed him as well. He was not as sadistic as Burt still that evil thread ran through him deeply. There were reasons, really excuses, women laughing at his small cock, the abuse he endured in foster care by one of the foster mothers. Still he would have enjoyed seeing women in pain no matter what. He knew that.

The pain, fear, disgust, and shame surged through Faith reducing her to less than she had ever been in her life. She was a shattered person. Her emotions were shot terrified that he was going to kill her. She was terrified that she would survive to carry this with her. His pounding hurt her. The cuts hurt her and where he kicked and hit her hurt as well. Hurt isn’t the right word it is deeper than that. She was injured, wounded it internet casino was a scar of the flesh and the soul. Her mind raced with out actually forming full thoughts.

She felt his nasty hot semen spraying in her. Down deep right at the womb it sprayed in her in thick globs it revolted her made her want to puke again. He withdrew his cock Faith slid down to the floor curling up into a fetal position. She cried and whimpered in shame, degust and fear.

She looked up and saw Jimmy spraying his seed as well. His semen landed on her body hot nasty to her now she hated him. She wished he would drop dead where he stood.

“Oh that was so good boss you really taught her. She will fall in line now,” Jimmy told his boss.

“Better,” was all Burt spoke as he put his clothes on felling good about his conquest.

As Burt walked to door Faith screwed up her courage pushing up off the floor standing on shaky feet saying a loud clear voice, “I’m calling the police on you bastards,” tears flowed from her eyes as she moved toward the kitchen. In retrospect she should have kept her mouth shut and reported it later; perhaps she needed to say it then to show she wasn’t taught a lesson.

Burt reacted as swiftly as ever running to her he kicked out hitting her in the back. She tumbled face down on the floor Faith put her hands out pushing up just as Burt kicked up into her breast.

“Tell the pigs on me you cunt!” He said as he kicked her several times in the same spot. Her tit ached in immense pain. Hurting deep pain ran through her tit. Searing pain took a hold of her. She began to crawl away from him as he continued to kick her. Landing on her ribs several times.

She coughed spitting blood out her mouth the cough came back even as Burt kicked her each time she coughed she spewed blood from her mouth. “She has had enough,” Jimmy said to Burt. Burt stood up and walked to him. Burt stood in front him daring him to do something, anything Jimmy turned and left the room. Where Jimmy went, she had no idea. Disappointment filled her realizing that Jimmy was a spineless jellyfish.

The pain was furious harder than before. New pain mixed with the older pain. Burt retuned to her and persistently kicked her, her pain spread quickly. She felt a rib crack she heard it as well. She was crying sobbing trying to crawl away from it but it just kept coming.

She lay on the floor now unable to crawl any more for whatever reason he stopped. She felt her hair yanked again. Dragged to her feet he ran her, literally, throwing her to the wall. Her body crashed to the wall she slumped down. Before she moved halfway to the floor, grabbing her hair was once again. Burt threw her hard the other way. Faith crashed to floor her body bruised and batter she was on the verge of being broken. She might be broken beyond anyone’s ability to repair her. He was on top of her his fist pounding in to her back. Burt pounded her with no mercy his fist bashing her skin, her muscles he rolled her over.

Balling up his fist, he began to hit her face. Burt pounded her nose, her eyes paying close attention to the right eye striking her face till he felt the cheek bone break. Faith’s bone above her eye also yielded to the pounding breaking in several places the swelling was instant. She couldn’t see out of her right eye anymore. Burt stood up and towered over her broken body raising his left foot up. She could see the boot heal as it came smashing it down it landed on her mouth. The sound was awful a cracking sound the room swirled around and faded to darkness.

Jimmy did not return to the room until he knew that Burt was gone. He heard the heavy front door close Jimmy timidly walked into the room. There she lay in a heap cum leaked from her ass mixed with blood. There were several teeth on the floor next to her in pool of dark red blood.

The bruises and abrasions covered her body Faith lay unconscious on the floor. He had watched from around the corner for sometime her she labored just to draw breath as her lungs wheezed. He knew she had passed out before Burt had ass raped her still she had taken a terrible beaten.

If this were any other woman, Jimmy would be thrilled jerking off over her unconscious body. He had to fight the urge to pull his cock out. This was his wife not just another woman. Her breathing was a worry he worried about her wondered if he should take her to a hospital. He couldn’t do that he wouldn’t know what to say.

For two days Jimmy took care of her while Faith moved between two worlds conscious and unconscious. He bound her wounds best he could nursing her cleaning her and feeding her. She asked repeatedly for Jimmy to take her to a hospital he refused because he could give no explanation while she told him they could tell the truth. He looked at her saying no. On the third day he took care of her in the morning and told her had to get back to work Burt called him telling him to get to work!

“You must serve your master,” she told him as he walked out of the room. He seemingly didn’t hear her comment. When he returned she was gone a note was all he found.

“Jimmy, I thought you were a man. Your not you’re a monster who serves a monster even worse than you. I hope you both rot in hell … Faith” the note stung his heart. She was right he was no longer a man worse he wasn’t even as much of man as Burt. Not being as much a monster was little consolation. Jimmy opened the drawer looking at the gun. He considered taking his life but didn’t know if was capable of doing so.

Two days later the police pulled into the car lot answering a call of gunshots fired. The dead man collapsed in the parking lot his body lie in a heap on the pavement. The cold rain poured down Jimmy stood over the body holding the gun in his hand. Blood swirled around in water on the pavement dark red blood made lighter and lighter by water. The bullet holes had blood seeping out of them a few moments before the blood hadn’t seeped it spurted but the well placed shots made fast work of Burt.

Burt’s eyes were just as cold dead as they had been alive. Jimmy didn’t care Burt was dead that was all that was important. He knew the cops would ask him why he wondered if he would tell them. He would be in a bad light no matter what he did it was his fault.

The police took the gun from Jimmy and put the handcuffs on him. It is hard to comprehend how something as simple as your boss meeting your wife could bring about so much pain.

It took eight months for the trial to begin and a few days to complete. At the back of the courtroom sat a woman every day covered almost completely head to toe. A large floppy hat, over sized sun glasses if she spoke to anyone she covered her mouth as she did. She wondered if Jimmy noticed that she was there.

She sat and listened to the verdict.

“Jimmy Anderson we find you guilty of manslaughter.” The rest was a blur to her unimportant. She was sorry for Jimmy even though it was just. She wished he had been a man sooner rather than later. She waited for court to clear. Then as she started to get up one of the bailiffs came to her.

“May I help you miss?” He said extending his hand to her. She stood with his help.

“Just when are you due Miss?” He asked noticing her condition.

“Any day now,” She said patting her belly slightly.

“You must be very excited is it a boy or girl? OR do you know?” He asked as he opened the court room door for her.

“It is a boy.” she didn’t answer if she was excited or not. The bailiff found it odd that she placed her right hand over her mouth as she spoke. He watched as she waddled out of the court house. She moved differently than any pregnant woman he had ever seen.

The young woman walked away from the court. Feeling her bloated belly, she hated the child she carried. Knowing in her heart that the little bastard would be just like his father. No matter which one of the fuckers was his father. What a worry knowing you are bringing a bastard rapist in the world. There are far worse things than death.

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