Brother Sister Sex Therapy

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Dr Lowenstien wanted to ease the tensions of the brother and sister who sat in her session room. As a psychologist she was hired by their parents to deal with the fall out of a recent event. Their mother had discovered them apparently having sex. She had not shared all of the details, something that would have to come out during the sessions.

But their mother trusted Dr. Lowenstien, probably because she was also woman and a mother. Mike and Christy, the siblings before her are just teenagers, 19 and 18, and are still living at home. They are rather ashamed to be here, which is the first thing to work on.

??”Let me start out by saying that anything that occurs here, stays here. I will never repeat anything you say to me to your mother or father unless you direct me to do so. Now for the record I do not know about the details of what occurred between you. I will tell you that I have had many sessions with your mother and a couple with your father about this.”

At this news Mike and Christy looked uncomfortable. “Before you let your imaginations run to the negative. Let me tell you, I am very proud of your parents. They came here worried parents, but were open enough to listen and learn. And today they are both very happy and in fact excited about the future.”

“Excuse me Dr.” Mike said,”but how does that affect us? I’m glad their happier after seeing a psychologist, but that’s not why they made us come here. Clearly they are not happy with us.”

“That is where you are wrong Mike. They love you and are far happier with you than you now understand. But I will get to that. To start off as you know your mother told me that she caught you having sex.”

“We weren’t having sex” Christy blurted out.

“You and your brother did not have sex?” the Dr. asked.

“No we didn’t” Christy answered.

“Well I’m a bit confused, your mother told me she caught you both naked with Mike on top of you, ‘Fucking your brains out’ to quote your mother.”

“That’s not what happened” Christy said.

“Okay, why don’t you tell me exactly what did happen.” Dr. L. said.

Christy started speaking first “We were on our way to the lake to go fishing for the weekend. We have a big truck with a camper shell. Mike and I like to ride in the bed that goes over the cab of the truck. It’s great you can see out the front, mom and dad are in the cab with only a small window connecting the cab to the camper, lots of privacy. On the way there I did something I had thought about doing before but never did. I mean it’s not like Mike has never seen my body before, just not like. well…..”

Christy was having trouble telling the story so Mike continued,

“We were riding up there talking, looking out the window. Christy had a blanket over her and while I was looking out the window I didn’t notice what she was doing.

Then all of the sudden she says “Mike look over here” And she pulls off the blanket, and she’s completely naked. I was speechless I said “What are doing”

Then she said ” I want to be naked, and Mike if you don’t take off your clothes too, I will tell mom and dad that you ripped all my clothes off of me.”

“You said that?” The Dr. asked

“Yes,” Christy replied sheepishly.

“Mike what did you do?”

“I guess the sight of her laying there nude was too tempting. I didn’t think that much about it, I just stated taking off my clothes. And when I was nude next to her I had a huge, you know”

“Erection.” Dr. L. said

“Yes, and Christy asked me.” Mike started to say.

“I asked him if it hurt, it just looked so hard.” Christy said, “Then I said that if he would let me touch it, I would let him touch me. He agreed and I reached over and started to rub his cock. It felt so warm and soft but hard at the same time. I really liked touching it. He rubbed my tits for a while which felt really good. Then while I was rubbing his penis he ran his hand over my pussy. First he cupped my mound, then started rubbing his middle finger up and down my pussy lips. It felt really good.

Then he started to push his middle finger into me. He started finger fucking me. Then he had two fingers in me, and it was pretty tight. As he was finger fucking me it felt really good but then it hit me that my brother was inside my pussy. I mean just his fingers were, but still my brother was inside my pussy. I didn’t want to stop fooling around but I needed to change things.”

Mike continued,”So she reached down and pulled my fingers out of her pussy.”

“Then she said ‘Mike I want to know what it feels like to make love. I don’t want to fuck I just want you to lay on top of me so I can see how it feels.’

“So I got between her spread legs and lowered myself on top of her. My cock pressed against her outer pussy lips. For the first time I was laying nude on a beautiful naked woman, I didn’t care if she was my sister or not. I kissed her passionately and started to hump her slowly, sliding my cock back and forth along her outer pussy lips. It felt poker oyna really good and we were both really getting into it if you know what I mean. Christy had her knees up and then wrapped her legs around my ass as I humped against her. She was panting really hard and then she let out a loud gasp as she grabbed me hard and pushed her pussy hard against my cock. I think she had an orgasm. It was all too much for me and I started cumming and shot my cum all over her stomach and pussy. When I was finished cumming I collapsed on top of her.

“And it was then that we saw mom. I don’t know how long she had been standing there. She must have crawled through the cab window, which she hardly ever does.” Mike said.

“We weren’t fucking” Christy said. “I mean I know what it must have looked like, but I didn’t fuck my brother. She just won’t believe us.”

“Well I believe you” Dr. L. said.

“Can you just tell our mother so she will stop freaking out about this?”

“Well it’s a little more complicated than that. So before we consider that option did the two of you ever mess around before or after this event?”

“Not really,” Christy said. “I mean I’m kinda a tease sometimes”

“Kinda a tease!” Mike said rolling his eyes “You wear only a T-shirt and panties as “Pajamas”, no bra, and go prancing around the house in them every night for hours. Your clothes get wet and you strip nude on the back porch and walk into the house holding them only barely covering your assets. You drop your towel coming out of the shower. You spy on me in the bathroom, hiding in the shower. and on and on” Mike said.

“Is this true” the Dr. asks.

“Well, yes. I just like my brother and he’s got a hot body and I know he likes looking at mine. I mean he’s not all that innocent. He wears just jockey shorts around the house a lot. If he catches me taking off my wet clothes on the porch and then coming in, He accuses me of wanting to give him a show and jumps on me pulling off my towel or clothes until I’m naked, forcing me to run back to my room totally nude.”

“Okay I get the picture. There has been a lot of sexual interest and curiosity and even tension between you and this event was kind of the climax. No pun intended. Are you planning on ever repeating what happened?”

“No, no of course not” they both answered

“Hold on you two let me first remind you that everything you say to me is a secret. Secondly let me rephrase the question. If you had the opportunity, and you were both really in the mood and you knew no one would ever catch you or find out would you possibly do it again?”

They were silent for a bit. Mike shrugged his shoulders.

Christy finally spoke “Maybe, I mean probably.”

Then Mike said, “Well yeah I mean if we were all alone and this wouldn’t happen again, I mean no one would find out”

“Okay, well here’s another question. What if other people knew you guys were messing around but they didn’t care?”

“You mean like our parents knew but didn’t care? I thought you were talking about reality.” Mike said.

Dr L. said “Let me tell you something about my conversations with your mother. Just listen for a minute. I ask parents who they ideally want their kids to have sex with. And they all tell me that they want them to have sex with someone they love and care for, and who will love them back. They say they would prefer their kids wait until marriage to have sex, but admit that today that may be asking too much.

Furthermore, I spend a lot of time showing them statistics and information about how much happier couples are when they have a lot of sex. Couples with having sex are healthier, happier, have better memory, are less likely to get sick, are more confident, which for guys can lead to higher income potential and both partners literally become more physically attractive.

And if this weren’t enough, these benefits are cumulative. The more years of your life that you have a high level of sexual activity, the more benefits you get. And further, while everyone benefits from high levels of sexual activity, younger people benefit the most.

“But our society has a problem. We want our kids to wait until they’re older and wiser before getting into a long term committed relationship and especially wait to get married. And study after study show that people who get married when they are older are more likely to stay married and raise healthier kids.

“But that leads to a problem. We know for a fact that high levels of sexual activity are extremely beneficial and can in fact lead to very successful and happy people. But we don’t want young people to be in serious relationships until they are older and more mature.

“So what do we do to resolve this? Well here at the Lowenstien sex therapy institute we have been advising some people on an alternative. It’s really part of an on going research program to study the long term effects of this type of therapy. For that’s what it really is. It’s therapeutic and helpful to all involved.

“Okay canlı poker oyna Dr. you lost me. What is this therapy or course of action or whatever you’re talking about?” Mike asked.

“The solution to the problem of getting young people to wait to get married until later in life but still receive the benefits of high levels of sexual activity without harmful side effects is actually very easy, but is sadly only available to a few.

We are currently working with a few families now and your parents after much discussion and honestly much excitement on their part have whole heartedly agreed that they would like you to be a part of our ongoing research project, in fact they insist upon it. Isn’t this great news? You won’t have to hide your attraction to each other any longer.”

But mike asked “Dr. I’m sorry to be so dumb but I don’t know what you’re talking about. What research project? What do our parents insist upon?”

“Oh I’m so sorry, I just get so excited I forget to explain. You see the solution to the problem I was talking about is simple, it’s not currently accepted by society at large but with our research project, we’re hopeful that someday it will be.

The advantages of having sex with some whom you love and trust, and who you are free to experiment with, with the full support of our trained staff guarantees the outcomes are wonderful.”

“What, have sex? With who? I do not understand?” Mike said frustrated.

“Oh Mike you’re so funny. You have sex with each other of course.” Dr. L. said. “Now we have a lot of paperwork to complete before we get stared…”

“Wait a minute. Are you saying what I think you’re saying? My parents know about this thing you’re doing and they want us to be a part of it and that includes having sex?” Mike asked bewildered

“Yes” She answered.

“But we just got done telling you how we didn’t have sex with each other. Christy and I are both virgins.” Mike said.

“Let’s be honest you two, you guys did a lot in that camper. If you’re mom hadn’t found you, you would have eventually had sex. Probably not on that trip, but the next one or the one after that. And virginity is a problem easily cured.” Dr. L responded.

“But what if we don’t want to be part of this program?” Mike asked.”

“You don’t want to have sex with your sister?”

“That’s not what I asked.” Mike said

“So you do want to have sex with your sister?” Dr. L asked

“What, huh I dunno I guess…” Mike stammered.

“Well if I can speak,” Christy said, “I never really planned what happened. It just felt right. And yes if we hadn’t been caught I’m sure we would have done it again. And yes that may have eventually led to us having sex.” Christy said, Mike looked stunned

“Thank you for your honesty Christy.” Dr. L. said. “So to be direct, that said, if we were to just jump ahead, could I just say that it’s true that you would like to have sex with your brother?”

Christy was silent for a minute and was looking at the floor when she muttered “…yes.”

“I’m sorry Christy I didn’t hear you what was that?”

“Yes.” Christy said.

“Perfect, so did you hear that Mike, your sister would like to fuck you. Would you be willing to make her happy and have sex with her?”

Mike took a moment and then said quietly “Ya, I would”

“Perfect than it’s settled you’re in the program” Dr. L. said.

??”What program?” Mike asked.

“The research program, the one I’ve been talking about. It’s already been agreed upon by your parents but before we continue I think I should read this letter from your mother.??

THE LETTER: “Mike and Christy, I want to apologize to you both. I didn’t understand then what I do now. Thanks to Dr. Lowenstien I have learned so much about the importance of copulation in our lives. I really had no idea. I assure you your father is much happier now, as am I.

But that is not the point. Dr. L. got us to understand that what you two shared in the camper was not only special but truly a gift. After I learned all Dr. L. taught us I wished so much that I had known it when I discovered you. I would have encouraged you instead of freaking out. But then I realized that if I hadn’t seen you two having sex, I would have never found Dr. L.?

So to the point, thanks to Dr. L., I not only forgive you for your actions in the trailer I strongly approve of them. In fact I give you my permission, if only retroactively. Let me be clear, because it is so important for your young bodies and minds and future success in life, I want you two to continue to copulate.

As your mother I want only what is best for you. And sometimes what I tell you to do may sound strange, but it’s for your own good. So as your mother, and your father agrees, I insist you take part in Dr. L.’s research program, in fact I demand it.

You are to do exactly what she tells you to do. As participants of this program you will be required to copulate. I know this may sound shocking, internet casino but you seemed to enjoy it. So, if you expect us to pay for your room and board and college and car payments and insurance and on and on, you will do as you are told and copulate.

This is from the heart, but still a requirement, if you want to live under our roof. ?I really do love you both and am so happy and excited about your future. ?Love Mom. ?P.S. I have a surprise waiting for you.”

“What is copulate?” Christy asked.

“It’s another word for sex” Dr. L. said.

“Is mom saying she now wants us to fuck?” Mike said.

“Yes.” Dr. L. said.

“But she was mistaken we never did fuck.” Mike said.

“You are in our research program now and I assure you that as participants you will be fucking. In fact your mom said it’s a requirement. I don’t think you will mind, not really”

“So my mom is ordering me to fuck my brother?” Christy asked.

“Yes.” said Dr. L.

“I just feel mixed about this. I mean it’s not that it might not have happened eventually, maybe. But to be told I have to give my virginity to my brother is a lot to take in”

“Indeed it is. But we already thought of that, and that is part of the surprise your mom mentioned.” Dr. L. said.

“What’s the surprise?” Christy asked.

“Well why don’t you two follow me and I’ll show you.”

They stepped outside and their mother was in the lobby. “Mom what are you doing here?” Christy said a little embarrassed.

“Dr. L. suggested I be here. She thought we needed to get the family together as soon as possible. I am so proud of you two, and so happy.”

“So you really aren’t mad at us anymore?” Christy asked.

“Of course not, please forgive me for freaking out.” Christy hugged her mom and so did Mike. It was a tearful reunion and a relief from the pressure of the last few weeks.

“So do you want to see your surprise?” Mom asked.

“I thought you were the surprise” Christy said.

“Nope, follow me.” mom said. They stepped into the parking lot.

“What’s that doing here” Mike exclaimed. They were looking at the camper where all of the trouble had begun.

“We’re going for a drive” their mom said.

“A drive to where?”Christy asked.

“That’s the second part of the surprise. I’ll tell you later.” mom said. Everyone got in the truck, Beverly, their mom was driving the truck, Mike, Christy, and Dr. L. rode in the camper that was mounted on the truck.

“Most of the time it’s impossible to turn back time” Dr L. was saying. “But today we will. you are both starting out on what will be a whole new and improved life. To make it easier I thought we should go back to where all the fuss happened in the first place. Now to start, you understand that you are to follow my directions completely and to the letter without question?”

They both answered “Yes.”

“Good, but do you trust me?”

They both gushed about how they had never met anyone whom they trusted to quickly and thanked the Dr. for all she had done to calm the rough waters of their family.

“Excellent. Because now I am giving you your first directions. As your mother drives us, I want you both to get up on the cab over bed and repeat exactly what happened before. And I mean everything. If I want you to do something different along the way I will let you know. So get on the bed and let’s get started.” They did as they were told.

Their mother started driving down the freeway. “Okay Christy go ahead and get under that blanket and strip off your clothes like you did before.” Dr. L. said.”

“Your going to watch us?” Christy asked.

“Absolutely. I am your doctor, I’m here to guide you and help you and heal you. And getting over feelings of embarrassment is a big part of what I teach. Christy got under the blanket and was clearly undressing

“Boy this is weird. It’s totally dejavu.” Mike said.

“Mike stop thinking that, you need to focus on the moment.” Dr. L. said. “Okay Christy do your thing”

Christy who was laying next to Mike under the blanket pulled off the blanket and said “Ta da”.

“Wow you’re amazing you’re so hot.” Mike said.

“That’s not what you said” Dr. L. said.

“Oh yeah. What are you doing Christy?” Mike said.

“I want to be naked. If you don’t take off your clothes too I’m going to tell mom you stripped me nude and raped me.” Christy said.

“You didn’t say that” Mike said.

“I know but you are planning on raping me.” Christy said.

“I am not,” Mike defended.

“I know but I’m pretty sure that at some point she is going to order you to fuck me, and I can’t really say no can I?” Christy said.

“I know but I thought you wanted me to?” Mike said concerned.

“I do want you to silly. It’s just more fun to think about how I have no choice and that we are being forced to fuck. Forced to commit incest. The idea just gets me hot.” Christy said.

“Enough chit chat, Mike take off your clothes” Dr. L. said.

Mike stripped, his hard cock was in view. “Now what?” Mike said

“If I let you touch me, can I touch you?” Christy said.

“Uh, sure” Mike stammered.

“It’s so hard, does it hurt?” Christy said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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