Bruises Ch. 21-22

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Chapter 21

The doctors and the staff at Walter Reed were impressed with Walt’s progress. The prosthesis fit perfectly on the first try and he quickly learned how to work with it. It was still tough going and he had to be ordered to leave the physical therapy unit on the first day. He was overdoing it and they were afraid he would be too sore to continue their regular regime.

Since they were in a new unit of the hospital with a different staff, no one questioned Peggy’s role when she was introduced as his wife. She stood by and watched and encouraged him as he struggled to work with his new leg. She cried when he succeeded in taking his first few steps while barely holding on to the parallel bars for balance.

His look of frustration and his determination to continue each time he stumbled and recovered only strengthened her love for him. As his mother, she wanted to take him in her arms and protect him but as his wife she wanted to see him work through his pain.

Each night she massaged his stump and kept the moist hot pads replenished in their hotel room. No matter how tired and sore he appeared to be, he insisted that they make love. He told her he didn’t want to waste a moment of their time together.

Peggy lay beside her exhausted husband-son and looked back on their last few weeks together. There was no way that she could have ever predicted the chain of events that would lead to them being where they were today.

Their first night together, their honeymoon night as they called it, banished all thoughts of any guilt or remorse for their relationship. At one point in their long night of passionate lovemaking she thought she was making love to his father. The moment passed and she was left with the peaceful feeling that he approved and that this is what he would have wanted.

She had never felt the level of fulfillment and pure joy that she experienced each time they came together. Their bodies melded so perfectly that they barely had to move once they were coupled. Their lovemaking was tender in all ways with much giggling and fooling around.

She poker oyna remembered the time when he convinced her that she should be on top of him facing the other way. She had never done it that way before and she was hesitant to show her butt to him. Once she started riding him she found that he touched the insides of her in places that she had never known were there.

She found herself moving and twisting on him as she extracted every last iota of pleasure that she could get. Collapsing down along his legs, she rested while her body recovered from her fourth or fifth climax of the night. Walt caressed and squeezed her buttocks and at one point he rubbed his thumb over her back place.

“No! Not there!” she told him and clenched her cheeks together.

He laughed and said she was old fashioned but she wiggled her ass until he moved away from her spot. When she relaxed again, a huge fart exploded out of her and she squealed and threw herself off of him and onto her back on the bed next to him.

Walt laughed so hard she thought that he was going to fall out of bed.

“You didn’t have to go that far,” he howled. “I wasn’t going to do anything.”

“Oh, God! I’m so embarrassed,” she said and hid her face with her hands.

“You should be,” he laughed. “You just farted in the face of your new husband. I may have to trade you in for a new one that doesn’t smell as bad.”

“Stop it!” she said and crawling on top of him she made a pretense of pummeling him with her fists.

“I love you,” was all he said and pulled her face down and kissed her. “Smell and all.”

Chapter 22

They made love one more time on Friday morning before they checked out of the hotel. It was a long, languorous episode hour of fondling, kissing and caressing before she mounted him.

Their motions were more practiced now since they were in tune with each other’s bodies from their past week of lovemaking. She raised herself up off of him so that just his crown was inside of her. Holding herself there, she squeezed down on him and moved not more than an inch or so each way.

They canlı poker oyna had discovered this by accident and the longer they could keep it up the more their excitement soared. As much as they wanted it to, it couldn’t go on forever and when she could stand it no longer she absorbed him entirely within her. One or two more strokes were all it took and they mutually exploded into a climax that confirmed their love for each other.

There was mostly silence on the drive home as they each contemplated what their life would be when they got there. At the last rest stop before getting off of the Interstate, they held each other for a long time before finally breaking apart and looking into each other’s eyes.

“I love you,” they said in unison and shared a gentle kiss.

Walt was now able to walk with the aid of only one cane. Except for the fact that he wore shorts and people could see his prosthesis it would be hard to tell that he had something other than a minor limp.

When they got back into the car, Peggy retrieved the velvet pouch from her purse and looked over at Walt with tears in her eyes.

No words were exchanged as Walt took the ring from his finger, kissed it and dropped it into the pouch. He held the bag while Peggy repeated what he had done. She took the pouch from him and holding it up, she pulled the string that closed it. They both knew that their overt love for each other had to stay hidden just as their rings, proving that love, were hidden in that little velvet pouch.

They sealed their promise to each other with another kiss and Peggy started the car and pulled out onto the Interstate.

They were both relieved when they pulled up in front of the house and Martin’s car was not in its usual parking place. There would be no immediate confrontation. Walt insisted on carrying one of the suitcases and he waited while she opened the door and let them into the house.

The house smelled closed and musty and Peggy looked up at Walt with her eyebrows raised in question.

“It’s gone!” she gasped when she realized that Walt’s recliner was internet casino not in its usual place in the family room.

“So’s the television!” Walt added.

“What the hell?” she said and dropping the bags she hurried down the hall and into her bedroom.

“His clothes are gone!” she called back.

Walt walked into the kitchen and spotted an envelope on the table with her name on it.

“There’s something here,” he called.

“Where?” she asked when she came into the kitchen.

“There!” was all he said as he pointed towards the table.

Tearing open the envelope she pulled a piece of paper from it and sat down to read the handwriting.

“He’s gone!” she breathed. “He’s gone!”


“He moved in with his sister. He says he had been planning on moving out for some time but didn’t know how to tell me. He’s gone!”

“How do you feel?” he asked with caution.

“I don’t know to tell you the truth. On one hand, I feel as if I’ve been abandoned but on the other I feel a sense of relief that he’s gone.”

“What are you going to do? Are you going to call him?”

Peggy sat there for a moment before she stood and put her arms around her son.

“Nope, he didn’t call me so I’m not going to call him. It’s better this way. I feel as if my prayers have been answered. Let’s shower and change we have some shopping to do.”

“Shopping? For what?”

“A new bed for one thing. We are going to need a new bed to put in your room. It will be our room now. That is if it’s OK with you.”

“I’ll have to think about it for a while. OK! I agree. Let’s try out the old one first.”

“Sorry, we can’t do that. I’ve got some bad news for you.”

She smiled at the worried look on Walt’s face.

“My period started this morning after we made love. You’re going to have to wait for a week or so.”

“Well in that case we are going to need a new television too,” he laughed.

“There are other things we can do you know,” she said and punched him on the shoulder. “Are you tired of me already?”

“Never, my Peggy Mom. Never.”

“I love you,” she said and kissed him.

“Right now I need something from you,” he said after they kissed.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“My wedding ring. I feel naked without it.”

The Beginning

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