Burning Thoughts

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If any fiction is as good as my private life has been then I wish it upon all…For sometimes I wake in the morning thinking that I live a dream….

My name is Janet, I’m 35 a mother and wife of 15 years, sometimes I think I should write a book about my life. Where would I begin? It would be a exhausting and highly emotional journey to start from the beginning. Eventually I will find the courage within myself to express all the loves and losses I have found in the last 6 yrs of my life…but for now, I believe I will start from the last encounter. His name is Joe, and one look at him and I knew I was going to have to find a way to capture this mans attention. I had just finished work and stopped off for gas and smokes at the local station , I was a mess, tired and had no thoughts of seducing a man that day. But the funny thing about fate and serendipity, it doesn’t wait for you that have a good hair day.

I walked inside to pay for my gas and retrieve my smokes, and as I entered in, he was walking out. One look at him and all I could see was these big beautiful blue eyes. I could feel shivers go through my thighs as he passed by me. I smiled at him and then remembered how awful I was looking at that moment and my smile turned to a slight reddening of the cheeks in insecure embarrassment. Why didn’t I do my hair and put on some make up that day I cursed myself! I watched as he walked away and noticed that his backside was just as sweet as his front side, as the door closed and a breeze whisked by me I could smell the aroma he left to tease me with even more.

Oh god I was going after him! It seemed like the damn attendant took forever to ring me up and as I rushed for the door thinking he was long gone but there he was. I started to pump my gas and gazed at him till I could think he could physically feel me doing so. Giving that three seconds of direct come hither, fuck me eyes and looked away. It was then that again I could smell him and felt him casino siteleri approaching me with caution. Remembering my ring I did my best to turn it into the palm of my hand, but before his words could escape him he noticed it. He looked at me took a step back and all he could say under his breath was “umm never mind.” I knew what he had saw and I knew he had some morality to him or he just didn’t want to get his ass shot by some crazy, overbearing jealous husband.

Either case I was going to do my damnest to persuade this man other wise. Being the very blunt woman that I am I just leaned into him and whispered “does this ring bother you, does it really matter if all I want is to fuck you?” I could see a quite astonished look on his face. Seemingly he has never had that remark come from a strange woman he had only known for 2 seconds. I shot him a quick smile to help him recover what his ears had just heard and he replied “well yea sorry it does bother me and I am Joe by the way”. But I could see in his eyes that if I was given the chance and the right opportunity I could persuade him otherwise.

I had encountered this before and knowing how weak men can be when it comes to there sexual neediness I knew he was worth the challenge to persuade. He seemed shy yet there was also something in him I could not yet express in words. I was not about to offer him my number only knowing that I would be a 5 minute thought after he left and he would have morality smack him in the face, my phone number would fly out the window at fifty five miles a hour and he would never get that chance to change his mind and call.

No not this time, I was not going to make that mistake again. I wanted those pretty blue eyes piercing down on me while I was enjoying all the pleasure he had to give. I immediately asked for his number, and as he started to sound it out to me he paused, “no I don’t think that’s a good idea”. Damn I cursed under my breath! Now thinking to canlı casino myself, how do I go about changing his mind? Before I could do so he offered his own idea on the matter. “How about we start this off slow?” he said “I will give you my email address.” And in that moment a smile, a very mischievous smile rose across my face, little did he know that he had just given me the almighty power of words! Pulling a eyeliner pen from my purse we laughed as I tried to write out his email address on a random envelope I had retrieved from the front seat of my car. We smiled at each other and for what seemed a long moment gazed at each other trying to read the others thoughts. I believe he was reading mine quite well at least I hoped he was! With that we parted and went on about our day, his pretty blue eyes were still insistently burning in my thoughts the remainder of my day though.

As I sat down at my keyboard my mind swam with thoughts of what to say to him, how to engage him, how to seduce a man that was not even in my presence now. I felt myself sigh and as I released the breath I held in I closed my eyes and pictured his face, how very handsome, how perfectly symmetrical his bone structure was, how he carried himself, and when he smiled how the corner of his mouth exposed the cutest dimple, and god those melting delicious blue eyes of his. I could feel that tingling in my thighs again as I imagined his lips tracing the most sensitive areas of my flesh. I could feel my chest rising and my heart beating stronger as my inner most primal needs took over me. With my eyes closed lost in such a sweet day dream I found a pleasant smile stretched across my face.

In my mind I created the most wonderful fantasy one of submission , lust, passion and desire. My hands started to seduce the keyboard as if it were him that I was touching. I knew in my mind I was going to capture him, I was going to seduce him, and I would be patient in doing so. Just the anticipation kaçak casino was the ultimate tease. There were no doubts inside me, for if this man stood before me I would submit to him. I ended my message and supplied my phone number and that was that. It was all I could do for now and that was to wait for a response.

But till then I had to take care of the issue at hand. All that fantasizing had gotten me hot and I could feel the wetness seep thru the black lace of my panties. It was way to much temptation to refrain from touching myself and as I slid my fingers down inside my jeans I could feel what just the thought of him had done to me. I smiled to myself and sighed as my fingertip slowly glided down over my soft wet clit, circling down to a deeper wetness at the entrance of my slick silky pussy.

My free hand slowly caressing my left nipple bringing it to attention. I could feel the waves tingling down from my breasts, thru my stomach muscles, down into my hips and along the inside of my thighs and now deep inside that unknown darkness that brings internal ecstasy. I could feel my skin flush and my heart begin to race in anticipation. My fingers now finding there way deep inside me massaging the most intimate part of me, my body releasing to the pleasure my hand was giving and deep corners of my mind it was his hand not mine that was bring me to the brink of erotic salvation. It was his breath I could hear beating against my goose bumped skin and not my own.

Suddenly that magical familiar feeling started to come over me. I tried so very hard to hold back but the feeling of warm wet liquid sliding down my wrists only encouraged that feeling of ecstasy more. I could feel my thighs tighten my hips buck, and that sudden stop of time. That stop of time when you hear nothing, see nothing , and all thoughts are forgotten and all you can do is hold on for the ride as your body convulses and orgasm takes control. In the sudden moment that it happens how you try to hold onto that feeling till your body is over sensitive and you yelp at your own touch. In one deep long moaning breath I took it all in and rolled over to my side and closed my eyes taking splendor in my bliss for the next hour.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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