Cabin Fever

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The snow was coming down so fast you could barely see 2 feet in front you. It was cool driving through the snow, looked like something out of a twilight movie. She had everything she needed coffee, cell, tunes; she just needed to get to this little town to check up on a client. Sometimes being a doctor had it disadvantages but she wouldn’t give it up for anything. She almost did for a guy but she was determined that she could have it all, he didn’t think so. But now getting close to 40 was becoming a bit challenging to meet someone. Could it happen? Who knows? Only destiny knows!

“Oh Shit!” Susan was not paying attention, daydreaming again! She had managed to regain control of the car after that little skid back there. “Focus, get your head out of the clouds” she was talking to herself now. “As long as no one else answers me I am fine” she said out loud.

Once again she succumbed to her ‘what if’ days with her ex. She could have been married now with a couple of kids, but it just didn’t seem to fall into place. Why did she have to be so brave, she could have worked it out, right? ‘Fuck, whatever’ was her motto.

Just as she was turning the bend she hit the deer crossing the path. Her first instinct was to slam on the brakes which of course made it worse. She ended up straight into the trees, damn it! She hit her head slightly on the steering wheel because she knew she had to brace herself for the impact.

Now she had to assess what was going on. She was bleeding from a slight cut, but not excessively, however a nice goose egg was forming. Fantastic! She touched herself and could move body parts, bonus. Okay let’s call for help, Mmmmm what do I say I am between a rock and tree? Could tell them where I was driving to, but she didn’t pay attention to the street names. Fuuck!! Well no reception that makes everything even more perfect. No sign of the deer which meant he survived with no injuries. Hopefully a Good Samaritan will stop by and help.

Now she needed to get out of her car and get her emergency kit in the trunk. She had a blanket and her first aid kit; always had a couple of bottles of water in her briefcase, she would be fine she thought. She tried to pry open the car door, was a bit of a struggle but she got out. Got what she needed out of the trunk and looked around for the deer again, no sign, and saw tracks leading into the woods.

She tried reception on her phone again, no luck. The snow was coming down so heavily her car was covered. She thought she should put on her flashers so maybe by passers could see her. After giving herself first aid she was starting to get cold and wrapped the blanket around her. She drank some water and was trying to find some aspirin, just in case. Okay what to do to pass the time? Well she could reminisce some more to herself! She didn’t turn the radio on because she needed them for her flashers. Still no reception on the phone, really you would think that the technology nowadays would be more advanced. poker oyna She started to doze off and her head fell slightly forward on the steering wheel. She was having a great dream about the man she wanted in her life. He was kind, gentle, funny and very loving. His hands were so masculine and he was so well built that it made her mouth water. She could envision him picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom. She was in and out of consciousness that she failed to realize that someone was actually carrying her. She felt safe and secure, was she dreaming? Then she felt warmth, it felt really good, she must be hallucinating.

She was still out of it when the Good Samaritan picked her up again from his truck and brought her inside his log cabin. He laid her down on the couch in front of his fireplace and she could feel hands against her cheek and forehead. For some reason she could not speak, she knew for sure she was freezing.

When she did come to she realized that she was in a bear hug, strong masculine arms around her and the heat coming from this person was amazing. She tried to speak but nothing came out.

‘Well hey there. My name is Jake and I rescued you on the side of the road. You have a bump on your head; your body temperature is back to normal now. Can you talk?’ He was waiting for an answer.

‘Are you my good Samaritan? Where am I?’ Susan answered back.

‘You are in my house; I have a cabin on the outskirts of Spring Oil. Can you remember what happened?’ Jake was staring at her very intensively.

Susan tried to recount where she was heading to, the time of the accident, back and forth this went on for a few minutes. She must admit he was quite handsome and very strong. She maintained eye contact the whole time, when he looked away for a moment she was checking him out. His wife must be around here somewhere she thought. She looked around the room; it was very welcoming and well decorated, not bad for a man, he’s got taste!

‘Where is your wife?’ Susan asked kind of whispered it.

‘I am not married, what about you?’ Jake asked.

‘No, I am not married either.’ Susan answered.

‘Well, now that we both know we are single, let’s get it on!’ Jake smirked. “I’m kidding, relax lady.’

‘My name is Susan and thanks.’ Susan answered back with a soft smile and a laugh. She wished he would throw her down right here in front of this roaring fire and fuck her. The thought was making her cheeks blush. She hadn’t had a good fuck in a long time.

‘Well, it’s going to be a long night and maybe even a few days. There is a wicked storm coming this way. So if I were you get comfortable.’ Jake got up and added more logs to the fire.

‘Ummm, where are my clothes?’ Susan just realized that she was wrapped in blankets. She could feel her underwear on but other than that, nothing.

‘I found you by the car face first in the snow, when I brought you back here you were wet so I had to remove them. ‘ Jake had replied, canlı poker oyna trying to keep his breathing laboured so she would not suspect how hot she was making him.

‘Well, I need to thank you then. What can I do for you?’ Susan lowered her eyes to his crotch and a wicked smile came over her. Even though it seemed like Jake was across the room, he was next to her in a second.

‘Can I fuck you lady?’ Jake answered. He didn’t wait for a reply; his mouth was all over hers. His tongue parted her lips as she responded quite readily for it. They kissed for awhile into what seemed like endless passion while their bodies melted into each other, both in need of a good fuck.

Her hand started to travel up and down his chest; she wondered was the muscle below the belt as strong as his chest muscles she could only imagine what his cock looked like, and she was sure to find out!

Slowly Susan slid the blanket of off her shoulder revealing the top of her breast. As the blanket slowly dropped, Jake watched in awe as Susan’s cleavage line came into view, breasts perky and nipples erect. It was the excitement of wishing and wanting them sucked like they have never been sucked before. Little by little the blanket fell till it reached only around her trim waist, now they were on display for his approval and wanting. She could see Jake wanting to grab and play with them, but she wanted to savour the moment of teasing, the wetness between her legs and wanted it to last yet have that feeling of bodily excitement that only happens in the pre fuck situation.

The blanket slid completely off while her thighs were still close together to keep the moisture within her pussy inside and not draining down her inner thighs. If she had known this was to happen she would have worn a thong or some other sexy undergarment not these boy shorts that she found cute.

Jake was getting out of his shirt and her hands were all over his chest. He grabbed her ass and pulled her to him and his mouth found hers again. She moaned as his tongue was in her mouth, and then sucking her lips, trailing kisses down her neck. She was feeling weak at the knees and he picked her up and carried her to his bed. Cradling her in his arms he stood her beside the bed with only the flickering of the flames from the fire lighting their bodies. He bent down to her neck and just breathed in her scent. His hands quickly found her breasts and he began to massage them while he was staring into her eyes.

Then with a shiver she took in a deep breath and sighed with the thought of these lips planting their soft sucking tissue onto her nipples, she could feel her pussy getting wetter with the thought of this strong man sucking on her breasts like a babe. Jake now placed her on the bed and got out of his clothes quickly and joined her in a flash. Slowly he made it to a place in her cleavage where his mouth found the center and he pushed her breasts in closer so he could feel them on either side of his face. His tongue internet casino now found an erect nipple, a nipple wanting to be sucked, pulled, bitten and teased. Her moans indicated not to stop but she also wanted so much to feel his dick moving in her! , Just as he was done with one breasts the other got the same attention, all she could do was just wait and her hands were on either side of his head and she ran her fingers through his hair, she shuddered a few times but loved the alternating.

Jake was covering her whole body and she could feel his cock against her, she reached down and held it. She began stroking it and he rolled onto his side, she got on her knees beside his waist and pushed him on his back. She still had his cock in her hand as she began to kiss him; he put his arm around her waist. Then she bent down and took his cock in her mouth. She started to lick up and down his shaft, he had such a beautiful cock and could feel him getting harder and harder. She then found his balls and began to suck on them and give them some attention. She was still stroking him while sucking his balls, and then she too began alternating between his balls and cock. He found her wetness and started to play with her, he was now fingering her and discovered how wet and ready she was. She kept on sucking his cock and taking it all in her mouth, he was about to come when she decided to straddle him and ride him, she wanted him to come inside her. His cock slide in slowly pushing at her insides filling her up and then slowly withdrawing to start the journey into her dark pussy again and again and she started to ride him back and forth. Her tits were bouncing in front of his face, tits that needed attention too. He was holding on to her waist and thrusting his cock into her while alternately sucking her tits.

‘Oh fuck! Mmmmm, it feels so good Jake’ Susan took his hands from her waist and put them to her hard nipples for him to play with. She then bent forward so that they were in his face; he started to suck on them. His hands now on her ass helped her move back and forth a bit faster as he was about to come.

‘Oh baby, yeah!’ Jake shouted as he shot his load into her. She collapsed on him and he rolled her onto her back, still in her. ‘That was good, real good. Are you ok?’ he said.

‘Oh god that was good!’ Susan spread her legs a bit wider as Jake was slowly entering her in and out. ‘You ready to go again?’ she lightly laughed. Her hands were exploring his chest and playing with his nipples. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he came down to kiss her again. Now her legs were around his waist and just feeling him inside her.

‘Oh baby, give it to me’ Susan whispered. Jake did not need any encouragement; he was now hard again and began to thrust into her wet pussy. He was ramming pretty hard but she took it all in and it felt good, Susan was moaning now as he positioned her legs in front of his chest. He continued to fuck her hard and playing with her nipples by pinching them. Susan could not take it anymore; she was holding on to his arms and taking the pounding. This was the fuck she was waiting for and hoped he could go all night to be filled over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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