California Adventure

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Mouth agape, I stood in the doorway staring at the man who—until ten seconds previous– had been my boyfriend. The TV in the bedroom continued to moan and grunt with the unpaused porn video and from where I was standing I could easily see that his dick was still in her ass. SHE was—until ten seconds ago– my best friend and she had at least had the graciousness to removed her fingers from her own pussy when I’d opened the door…for whatever that was worth.

This was the image that replayed in my brain over and over during the 6 hour flight from my New York apartment to visit my cousin in California. I needed to escape. Coleen would be busy most of the time I was there. Her best friend was getting married and she was, of course, the maid of honor. She had, however, a large apartment near the beach where I could do my best to forget about Captain Ass and his far more Adventurous new lover. Adventurous. Whatever! The man had never done anything but treat me like a slut if I wanted to do anything more “adventurous” than the missionary position. I guess he really needed an actual Slut to feel comfortable enough to do it.

After seeing Coleen’s apartment, with a clear view of the beach, I decided that maybe what I needed to do was move to California and start over. I was a model. California was peopled by beautiful people. Hey, maybe I could get into acting. What I did as a model, however, was slightly different than what people typically think. I’m an art nude model. Sometimes for art classes, sometimes for photographers. My 5′ 11″ lean body with milk white skin and deep red hair was a favorite for good reason. My legs were long and toned from yoga and dance. My breasts were small but just big enough to have a roundness to them and I lacked the sometimes awkward dappling of freckles that many redheads had to contend with. I am well aware of my beauty, which is why I have no problem making money on it as long as nature allows.

“Dahlia,” Coleen’s voice interrupted my thoughts. Humming softly in acknowledgment I looked up and met my cousin’s smile. “Dahlia, tonight is Rhiana’s bachelorette party…well, it’s actually a weekend—we’re going to Las Vegas. Would you like to come with us? I don’t think the girls would mind.”

“No, these are your friends. You go have fun. I think some alone time would do me good anyway.” I smiled at her warmly. It was true. I really needed some peace and quiet to get my head together and I didn’t think that a weekend in Las Vegas was going to help me do much more than lose what little money I had and get inordinately drunk. My recently acquired EX had managed to run up my credit cards and use up our joint savings—like I’ll EVER do that again.

Coleen hugged me tightly, “okay…but if you need anything you have my number.”

“Go. Have fun,” I chided.

– – – –

Waking the following morning to a peaceful apartment, for once Coleen wasn’t there to be blaring the latest local punk band over her stereo surround system. I spent the morning being lazy. Pajama bottoms slung low about my slim hips and a camisole taut over even my minimal bust, I shuffled from the kitchen toward the veranda with a mug of coffee. The doorbell rang.

I opened the door, without much thought to my appearance, to see one of the most strikingly handsome men I’d ever seen. Tanned, well-built, sun-bleached sandy blonde hair and dazzling green eyes. He flashed a smile as I stood staring at him. “You’re not Coleen,” he noted.

“Oh…no. No I’m her cousin, Dahlia. Coleen and the bridal party are–“

“In Vegas. Shit. That’s right…” the man grimaced a moment. “Damn. I don’t suppose she left the number of her friend Georgia laying around did she?”

I shook my head. “I can look, but I don’t think so…”

“Well that’s a problem.”

“Come in…I’ll take a look. And maybe I can text her…” I invited him in, trying to ignore the lustful burning in my loins as I strode back into the kitchen. “Coffee?” I offered sliding a clean mug toward him. He smiled and nodded, so I poured him a mug then turned to scour over the notes magnetized to the fridge. “I don’t see anything here…what’s your name?”

“Oh, right…” he chuckled. “Darren.”

I lifted my cell and texted my cousin: Darren is here. Needs Georgia’s number.

“We’ll see if she answers that. So…how do you know Coleen?” I asked him, seating myself on a stool at the kitchen bar.

Darren flashed me another grin that melted my insides like butter on a skillet. “I’m John’s brother…” He paused then seeing my confusion continued slowly until I caught on.”…the groom…marrying Rhianna…”

“Oh…oh right…the whole…wedding thing…” I colored feeling like an idiot.

“Yeah…well that’s why I’m here. Georgia was supposed to get back to me by yesterday about tonight, and she hasn’t. I’ve lost her number and I don’t want to just hire one of those service girls for the Bachelor party…it’s always a crap shoot. Half the time they’re skanky, the casino oyna other half they’re high on something. This is my brother’s big night and I want to have a decent girl there. Georgia is a dancer so she’d supposedly agreed to do a little show but I’m starting to think she’s backed out.”

I sipped at my coffee and pondered a moment. Darren was seriously hot, a trait that perhaps ran in the family…I knew how to dance…and I needed money. I’m certainly not a stripper, never have been, but I’m used to people seeing me naked. How hard could it be? And besides…I’d had it on “authority” that I wasn’t an adventurous person.

“I’ll do it,” I heard myself saying before I’d even finished considering it. His brows lifted in surprise and he set his mug down. “I mean, I’m not a stripper…I’m a model, but I take dance classes and I could use the extra money…so…what the hell, right?”

“Wow…that’s…well you don’t need to– I mean you don’t even know me,” Darren said softly. He was being a gentleman but I could see his eyes roaming down over my body as he considered accepting my offer.

“I want to,” I assured him. “Your brother deserves to have a little fun before he gets married.” I smiled then shrugged, “I don’t have any costumes or anything…but I’ll see if Coleen has one of her old Halloween outfits or something laying around. Not likely to be the typical cop or nurse routine.”

Darren let out a boisterous laugh. “Nothing about you fits the ‘typical’ stripper scenario.”

I felt my cheeks warm at the off-handed compliment then smiled and accepted the directions and info from him. The pay was $1000 (not bad for an hour’s work) plus whatever any of the guys felt like tipping me, and he said that these were mostly all John’s frat brothers. Wealthy pretty boys with nothing better to do than drop a few C-notes on a hot girl.

– – – –

After spending half the afternoon debating what to wear, and the other half practicing looking sexy in front of Coleen’s dresser mirror, evening came and I was finally on my way to Darren’s house. The man obviously did well for himself. A civil engineer with a surfer’s smile and a model’s body. More or less only one Nobel Prize short of my definition of Perfect.

He had told me to come to the back door. The guys were hanging out in the basement den playing video games on the widescreen HDTV while tawdry videos of lesbian sex played on the home theatre wallscreen. I could hear them even from outside the door as I rang the bell and knew what to expect when I got downstairs. Darren hadn’t wanted me to be surprised or offended in anyway. I’d assured him, with restrained irritation, that I was no prude and I could handle seeing porn even on a big screen.

When he’d opened the door, Darren paused, his face lighting up with lustful delight. I stood waiting in Coleen’s old Strawberry Shortcake costume, no wig required and I’d left the silly little hat at home, with my hair in pigtails and little green bows instead. Although my cousin is slightly bustier than I am, I’d worn a clever bra to help boost and fill out my own bust so that they lay as they should in the extremely low cut outfit, the very tops of my nipples just showing along the neckline. The frilly crimson skirt didn’t even cover my ass and under that skirt I wore a little pair of white panties with alternating pink and green ruffled stripes. The green and white striped stockings came to above my knees where little satin ribbons appeared to hold them in place and I wore the highest fuck-me red heels that my cousin owned. They really made me wonder if I knew Coleen as well as I had always assumed I did.

“Wwwow…” Darren breathed. “You look amazing.”

I blushed and smiled, “thanks. I was afraid it was too ‘cute.'”

“Not at all. It’s perfect.” He ushered me in. “Everyone is downstairs. Just remember…all you need to do is give him a lap dance. The guys have been drinking and they might try to talk you into more. Only do what you are absolutely comfortable with…okay?” He couldn’t stop staring at my nearly escaping breasts and the idea was turning me on. In all the time I’d been modeling, the idea that people were looking at my body had never turned me on. It seemed silly, actually. Now, suddenly…it was quite different.

I followed him downstairs, the raucous noise of the laughing men growing louder as I descended into the smoke filled room. A handful of the men were smoking cigars, most were drinking and all of them were more less exactly what Darren had said…pretty boys. John was evidently Darren’s younger brother, although they looked nearly identical.

“Gentlemen!” Darren announced. “Our special guest has arrived…Strawberry Shortcake,” he said the name as if to emphasize that I needn’t share my real name. The hush that settled over the room was disrupted only by the orgasmic moaning of an obviously enhanced blonde masturbating on the big screen.

“Evening boys,” I said as cavalierly as I could manage. canlı casino “Where’s our special man?” I asked. Nearly every hand pointed at John, who was gaping at me then at his brother then back at me.

“We’ve got John’s favorite song here…” Darren said as he cued up a track on his iPod. A riot of laughter went up in the room as ZZTop’s “Tush” started to play. Darren nodded to me as the room of men settled onto stools and chairs throughout the room, leaving John on a chair in the middle just for me.

It took a refrain before I fell into the flow of my dance, undulating my hips a lot, touching my breasts and inner thighs. It was a struggle to keep my eyes on John as I could feel Darren’s eyes on me. Suddenly the very idea that all these men were staring at me lustfully aroused me quite thoroughly, more so than my ex-boyfriend had ever managed with full-on sex. These men were making me feel sexy, not slutty…sexy.

Straddling John’s lap, my breasts near his face I rocked my hips against him and whispered, “I’m wet…can you feel it…?” One of his hands slipped under my skirt, his eyes rolling closed with pleasure as he felt the dampness of my frilly little panties. Standing back up I turned around and made sure to fold myself in half as I drew those panties off, my wet slit and firm ass right at eye level. The room filled with envious groans as I stepped out of the panties and draped them over John’s shoulder. I turned back to him and reached down between his legs, gripping his bulging manhood as it strained the fabric of his jeans.

“Oh she wants you Johnny-boy!” someone shouted. It was true. I think I could have easily sat on him right there in front of everyone and fucked his brains out had he let me. I undid his zipper and reached inside but he rest a hand on mine.

“No, no…” he groaned, the reluctance in his voice clear. “I promised Rhianna I wouldn’t make any stupid mistakes. No sex…”

“Not even a blow-job?” I offered stunned to hear the proposition come from my own lips. Who says I’m not adventurous?!

John looked over at his brother who seemed no less stunned than me but certainly pleased. Darren nodded and assured him, “no one is going to tell her, John…and it’s just a blow-job…”

“I don’t want to be the only one having fun—let’s just keep the dance going…” John said. “I want you guys to have a good time too.”

“Well…” I said, seductively pushing my ass in the air and wiggling it as I stood over him, breasts nearly spilling out of my top. “…how about…” I bit my bottom lip. I can’t believe I was about to say this, but there were good looking men here and I was feeling sexy and wanted and I deserved to have a good time too, damn it. “…how about, your boys line up and get a little dipstick action while I suck your cock?”

John’s eyes widened, I didn’t dare look at Darren’s for fear that the man would look horrified. “Then you get to watch a live show, your boys have fun and you get the most amazing blow-job of your life…consider it a wedding present from me.”

“Oh, come on, Johnny…you’ve got to say yes to that!” A buzz of urgings rose up throughout the room as the eager men chided their friend, egging him into accepting my outrageous– NO, adventurous offer.

“Um…okay…” he grinned looking toward Darren again with overwhelming gratitude.

“I have only three rules…” I insisted. “One—single guys only. I’m not a homewrecker.” Four of the twelve men in the room groaned with disappointed pouts. “Two– every cock wears a condom.”

“No problem!” one man laughed lifting a candy bowl filled with a colorful mix of M&Ms and condoms, evidently some private joke.

“And three…” I continued, keeping my eyes on John. “As soon as you finish, I’m finished. So your boys only get to have fun as long as you do. Understood?” I almost added ‘I’m not a whore’ but was worried that someone’s response might ruin the adventure streak I was on.

“Understood!” John announced. “Guys—line up…uh…in the wedding line up order—that’s fair right?” Two of the men whined, likely the two last in line. John looked toward Darren. “Means you’re first, big brother.”

“Oh no…this is for you guys. You guys have your fun…I’m content to watch,” Darren smiled devilishly and to my surprise winked at me as I settled onto a pillow at John’s feet. I glanced behind me only momentarily to see six men already exposing themselves and stroking themselves up eagerly.

“He ain’t gonna last long you guys—so you best be quick so we all get a turn!” one of the men laughed as I cupped John’s balls in one hand, gripping his unabashedly hard cock in the other and wrapped my red lipsticked mouth about him.

The first nameless man dropped to his knees behind me as John let out a satisfied groan, no doubt worried it would all be over far too quick and he wouldn’t even get a chance. I felt his fingers test my slit, the juices still flowing in my own heightened arousal. I lifted my ass some to kaçak casino lend him access, an eager presentation that seemed only more enticing, I suppose, given that the costumed skirt lay in a fluff about my hips as though my offered holes were the center of an exotic flower.

My lips parted momentarily with a gasp as the first man entered into me with a hurried thrust. I hummed with pleasure at his girth as his cock slid in until I felt his balls against my lips. The few times I’d had sex in this position I’d enjoyed it immensely, though I never seemed to finish this way. Maybe it had just been my Ex’s lack of stimulation. He’d always been a very focused pump-man, so to speak, so busy staring at his own shaft that he forgot there was something attached to the pussy he was thrusting it into. I more or less expected the same from these men. The first man came quickly—really quickly, his friends not taking any time to make fun of him as they all had yet to take the plunge into my welcoming cunt.

The second man entered with a tad more care, but he too did little more than thrust a few times before coming. The third was the same and the fourth, to everyone’s surprise suffered some sort of crisis of morality and decided that he was more comfortable just watching. The fifth man shoved him aside and slammed into me with enough force that John had to steady me. The groom didn’t even complain if my teeth had caught on him at all, as I suspected they had. Somewhat turned off by the drunk groomsman fucking me like a glory hole, I focused intently on John. My tongue rolled around his glans, before I would take him deep into my throat, my lips pressing to the base of his dick as I swallowed, my tongue and throat clenching around his throbbing member as if it were deep in my cunt. The technique worked as the Groom-to-be moaned loudly and suddenly gripped my head with a rise of his hips.

“Hurry up, Paul…” someone hissed as the man slamming his cock into me with bruising force suddenly stopped with a shutter and a loud grunt that dissolved into a moan. “Paul move, it’s my turn…” the same voice hissed.

I yelped softly as Paul smacked my ass with enough force that he had to have left a hand-print. A moment later I felt a far gentler hand caress the same spot. Like the first man, the last slipped his fingers down to feel my folds, a finger dipping inside with a surprisingly gentle caress. The sudden shift of force to delicacy caused me to gasp again.

Eyes closed I fondled John’s balls, carefully slipping one finger beneath to gently stimulate his taint as I again drew his cock deep into my throat and swallowed. The Groom moaned loudly, shifting his hips to give me access even as he pulled my head down again. The last man, the tender man behind me very gently slid into me having worked up a fresh slick of my cum juices. One hand slipped about my hips, his fingers slipping between my folds to rub on my clit, to pinch at it as he started to rock slowly against my hips. He nearly pulled his cock completely out of me before achingly slowly he would push his way back in.

This last man’s slow and gentle manner was turning me on immensely and I rocked back toward him, lifting my hips. The action drew John’s attention who realized that I was suddenly getting more excited, which in turn excited him. As he lifted his hips toward me and drew my head down with one hand, his other hand reached down and freed one of my breasts from my top. The Groom pinched at my already hard raspberry nipple. The last man responded to my soft moan of pleasure by dribbling a bit of spit onto my ass, the glistening fluid oozing down between my cheeks where with his only free hand he gently massaged it into my little pink rosebud.

My body reacted to the stimulation, arching and suddenly matching the last man’s rhythm with an instinctual accuracy that even a dancer cannot fake. I fell into a fluid wave of motion between the two men, sucking John’s cock and taking another into my hungry, tightening pussy. The last man’s thumb pressed ever so slowly into my anus, my body accepting it without question or resistance and as his thumb began to match his gently pumping cock I felt my muscles spasm and I began to buck between them. Sucking harder on John as if to draw his seed from him by force, I felt the man behind me latch onto my hips with his reach-around arm. He suddenly buried himself into me deeper than he had until I swore the tip of his cock would burst from my abdomen. As he came in me, his swollen girth throbbing inside me, John released my nipple and held my head with both hands pumping into my mouth. I felt his hot cum explode against the back of my throat and greedily I swallowed, that very action only seeming to encourage more from him.

My own orgasm subsiding, I discreetly slipped my small breast back into my dress before anyone could take notice of the size discrepancy, then drew back from John with a long slow suck before planting a delicate kiss on the tip of his purple dick. I smiled up at him, as I feel the man behind me slowly draw out. I had to remember to thank him. It was that last groomsman’s want to please me as well that had ultimately brought all three of us to fruition.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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