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You reach for the phone without taking your eyes off the computer screen. Your deadlines are closing in and you haven’t taken your attention off it in days. We thought working at home would be less distracting but your family keeps calling as if you are home on holiday, and this morning I could see the stress on your face as I left for work.

“H’llo,” you mumble into the phone.

“I’m thinking about your big hard cock,” I say. “I want to unzip your pants right now and pull it out.”

I hang up.

To say I caught you off guard is an understatement. The very subject of my thoughts gives a little twitch as you put down the phone, smiling. I’ve never said anything like this to you before.

You re-read the last few paragraphs you’ve written trying to recover your train of thought.

The phone rings again.

“I’ve pulled over to the side of the road, by the vegetable stand. I’m slipping off my panties…”

I hang up.

I wore a long filmy skirt to work today, no nylons. You wonder if I really did stop, so close to the freeway and take off my panties. You imagine them wet, on the floor of the car. Your imagination is so good you can smell them…smell me, aroused and fantasizing about you. You and your wonderful cock…your smooth, soft, delicious balls.

You try to focus again on the screen in front of you, but I’m making it hard for you, aren’t I baby?

The phone rings, you answer very quickly this time.

“If you were here, I’d tell you to take your big rough fingers and slip them into my hot pussy. Can you imagine how wet I am already, just from thinking about you, and your wet tongue on my clit, your sweet cock in my mouth?”

I hang up.

You antalya escort shift in your seat, your cock pressing hard against your jeans. You have no problem imagining me at all. You know the feel of my pussy, its smell, its taste. The memory is so vivid it has made you hard, hard for me.

You know I am probably only minutes away now. You begin to squirm.

The phone rings again…

“Take your jeans off, I want to know you’re naked, hard, waiting for me…You are hard, aren’t you?”

I hang up before you can answer.

You try to swallow, your mouth is getting a little dry. You get up from the computer, and struggle to get your jeans off. With that big nasty hard-on of yours it’s tough to get them off. But you are valiant and in a moment you are naked.

Forget the computer, you think, taking the phone to the couch and sprawling out, waiting.

The ringing of the phone makes your cock twitch, your balls are tight, beginning to ache.

“My clit is so hard! I’m touching it right now, pretending it’s your mouth, your tongue. I want you to lick me until I can’t stand it anymore, lick me until I cum.”

I hang up. I‘m not lying. I am touching myself but I have to stop, or I will have an accident. I brush my nipples under my shirt, wishing I was brave enough to bare my breasts too. Maybe another time…

You drop the phone onto your furry chest, taking deep breaths. Your hand drifts over your soft belly and brushes your cock. You take your smoothly shaven balls into your hand, give them a tug, imagining me sucking them into my hot mouth…

You let go. If you keep this up you won’t be hard for me when I get there.

I’m almost there…

The lara escort phone rings…

“I want you to drive your tongue into my pussy, I want you to suck my hard clit while you finger my ass…I cum so hard when you do me that way…”

I hang up.

I know you’re thinking…Damn, the bitch is gonna get the fucking of her life when she gets in that door.

I’ve never talked this way to you, to anyone. But we’ve discussed how much it turns you on and you know I am always willing to try anything if it will add to the intense pleasure we are determined to give each other.

The phone rings…

“I’m not far from home now…I want to take your hard cock into my mouth. I want to lick every vein. I want to suck on those soft balls, both of them rolling around in my mouth. I need to take the whole length of your cock into my hot wet mouth, tease that wicked purple head with my tongue. I’ll make you come, I’ll swallow every drop of you, and squeeze your balls until you empty every last drop into my throat…”

I hang up, my hands shaking. I’m finding it hard to breath, to concentrate on getting home alive. I hadn’t counted on how horny it would make me to do this for you…

You can’t resist giving a few tugs along the length of your cock. It doesn’t want to wait to be inside me…but I know you will…wait …to fuck me. It’s what we both want, you thrusting into me, as hard as you can…ramming us both all the way to mind-bending orgasms…

You will wait…even though you are throbbing hard…aching to come.

The phone rings…

“I’m parking the car downstairs. I’m afraid I’ll come just walking to the elevator. God, I hope no one is in there, they’ll side escort smell me I’m so wet…They’ll know I’m imagining you, between my legs, driving into me…”

I hang up.

You push yourself up off the couch, ready to meet me, ready to fuck me hard…

The phone rings…

“In the elevator,” I am almost panting…”Coming to the door…are you…ready to fuck me?”

You throw open the door, grab my phone and backpack and toss them to the floor. I grab for your cock but you stop me…it’s too late for that…

“I want you…to fuck me from behind…fuck me hard and deep…right now…” I manage to say to your face. Amazed that I can get any words out, let alone these…

I pull you to the living room. We don’t care if the neighbours can see in. You bend me over the arm of the couch and I feel the cool air as you toss my skirt up onto my back. I spread my legs wide, eager to take you in…

I feel your breath on my legs, followed by the familiar touch of your tongue on my pussy. You are taking deep breaths, smelling me, tasting me…

“I want your…cock ramming into me now…hurry…I want you inside…me when I come…”

You straighten up, then move fast, ramming into me so deep. I love when you do that…You move back, thrust again…I can barely hold on to the couch as you ram into me, my knees are so weak…

I feel waves of sensation ripple through me, hitting that wonderful magical spot that always sets me off.

I’m coming…my voice chanting your name as I meet you thrust for thrust…my pussy throbbing around your cock, drawing every last drop out of you as you spill into me…

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” I hear you say as my orgasm begins to subside.

In a few moments we are ready to move. As I walk to the shower I grin over my shoulder…”Sorry to interrupt you while you’re working,” I say.

You shake your head, and laugh.

I dodge the pillow you throw at me and run to the bathroom…

Go back to work,” I laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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