Camp Followers

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The next night was mild and clear. The moon was in full bloom when Genevive and her sister returned to the men’s camp. As arranged, James, Charles and Carl were waiting for them. The men had secured a large tent and had covered the floor with fresh straw and had two full bales covered with blankets in the middle.

The two women were quickly stripped of their skirts and petticoats, leaving only their corsets and camisoles underneath. The corsets however left little to the imagination as both women’s full bosoms overflowed them, leaving their dark, hard nipples exposed. As the men’s mouths and hands ranged over their bodies, the women’s breathe came in short gasps and they felt their pussies moisten in anticipation of what was to come. The women were soon on their knees with the men surrounding them.

Greedily licking and teasing, they soon had their mouths filled with rapidly growing cocks. James was the largest in girth Gen noted. Her two hands barely encircled it and she was lucky to get the head of this monster in her mouth. The other two cocks were slightly thinner but each measured a full 10-11 inches in length. As they readied the men, Gen and Sherry felt their own pussies dripping with their own juices. Gen’s pussy lips were full and pouty as she felt them engorge with lust. Her long, shiny clit slipped from it’s folds and she slid a hand between her legs to flick it.

Not wanting to wait longer, the women let the full cocks drop from their mouths and Gen throatily moaned “Come on, show me what you fine rebs can do for a couple ladies.” Laying back on one bale of hay, Charles, his cock stiff and already dripping pre-cum, assisted Genevive in straddling him with her back facing him. As they were, they were almost off the edge of the bale with Charles long hard cock impaled her with one massive stroke, causing a wave of pleasure to sweep over her.

Gen felt her knees weaken and buckle slightly as she groaned and dropped down on top of him, Charles’ cock Ankara escort buried to the hilt in her pulsating grasp. Carl moved between his brother’s open legs and pushed Gen slightly backward. Now Charles and Carl both were fondling her heaving breasts, pinching and tugging the hard nipples. Carl stepped forward and bending slightly, slid has massive cock into her already fully occupied pussy. The sudden intrusion startled and excited her and Genevive spread her legs more to accommodate him. Again feeling herself orgasm at the mere feeling of being so completely filled with these two wonderfully hard cocks.

As a low guttural moan escaped her, both brothers began to fuck her rapidly. As she rocked backward with each stroke, her ample breasts heaved and bounced. The two men fucked her now in a varying rhythm so sometimes one cock would slide out as the other slid in, at other times both pushing in simultaneously, filling her both breadth and length to over capacity. Her orgasms came in rapid succession now, her juices flowing out and soaking both men.

As they fucked her, all four of their hands caressed her body, fondling her breasts. touching her throat and lips. Gen eagerly sucked fingers into her mouth, imagining they were additional cocks to be satisfied. Gen’s voice now rose to a cry as she was so totally filled. Other faces appeared at the tent’s doorway to see the show. The group of men outside had become an ever growing mob of men looking for some sort of fulfillment. Many cheered and chanted as they watched the women being satisfied by their brethren. Some slipped inside and added more hands to the ones already roaming over each inch, probing every crevice of the women’s heaving bodies.

On the other bale, Sherry, Gen’s sister was lying on her back, legs in the air with James’ massive cock filled her dripping pussy. As he fucked her, he could look down, watching her thick pussy lips being pushed in and pulled out by each stroke. Now wet beyond belief, Sherry’s Ankara escort bayan pussy juiced soaked him, actually squirting out around his pumping cock. Sherry was cumming in ever increasing waves as she pushed against the monster cock that stretched her to the limits.

As she looked over, she was further aroused by the sight of the two cocks in her sister’s pussy. Soon the other men inside the tent began to unbutton their trousers and shed their blouses. “I can’t stand it any longer ” one said, and slid his hard, now wet cock into Sherry’s open mouth. Sherry and Gen now had additional stiff cocks in each hand, stroking them in anticipation. As James rapidly fucked her, she moaned loudly around the cock filling her mouth and reaching around the man, grasping his hips, pulling him closer to her, burying his manhood deep on her mouth and sucking furiously. Now 6 or 7 more men entered, and stripped themselves. Soon Gen and Sherry saw the tent was filled with naked men, all with rapidly growing cocks. Some were small, some were huge and all of them further excited the women.

The two brothers had now counted 8 explosive climaxes from Gen’s stretched pussy and she now leaned back on Charles limply, soft guttural moans continued to escape her. As she lay back, another men with a hard 11 inch cock moved beside her. Gen turned her face toward him and in one motion, devoured his throbbing cock. While they fucked her deeply, watching other hands fondle their lover and another cock moving in and out of her hungry mouth, the brothers felt their balls tense and swell. “Now” Carl moaned and both cocks pushed deep inside Gen and pulsing rapidly, emptied spurt after hot spurt of silken, sticky cum into her hot pussy.

As they continued to fuck her, cum jetted out between their cocks onto Gen’s thighs and ran down her sweet ass, dripped onto the blanket below her. The soldier being devoured could take no more. Pushing deeply into her, he shot a huge load into her perfect mouth. Escort Ankara Gen, in the throws of yet another orgasm, continued to suck the man’s huge cock until his knees began to buckle. As the three cocks softened, they eventually slid out of her pussy and mouth. Charles slid from under Gen leaving her limp body draped across the bale of straw.

Rivulets of cum streamed from her gaping pussy, drenching the blanket under her. Now another soldier, his thick cock hard and straining from months of abstinence lifted and spread Gen’s limp legs and plunged into her still gaping pussy. He was met by a gush of hot cum from the other two men’s deposit and Gen’s renewed orgasms at feeling a fresh cock fucking her.

Sherry now too was climaxing her 4th time and James pushed deep into her and spraying a huge load of cum. Screaming around the cock buried to the balls in her mouth, Sherry sucked him deep into her throat as he tensed, groaned loudly, and emptied months of built up seed into her mouth. Barely containing it all, she continued to suck greedily until his limp cock slid from her mouth. In rapid succession, she sucked the pent up seed from 5 other waiting cocks while 7 additional men fucked her pussy in turn. By now she was filled to overflowing with thick hot cum and Sherry orgasmed harder with each new cock that filled her mouth or pussy.

The other waiting men now took turns fucking the women’s mouths and pussies. The two by now had felt more orgasms than they imagined possible. They had been reduced to quivering masses of spent womanhood and accepting to anything. As men dumped pent up loads into their bodies the women continued to have almost perpetual orgasms, further exciting the men who watched their flesh quiver and bounce with each wave of pleasure. Hot cum now coated them from the waist done as more and more men enjoyed them.

After 8 hours, the women had been fucked repeatedly by all 48 men in the company. James, Carl and Charles now summoning water, washed the women carefully and tenderly. Gen and Sherry, almost beyond speech were left to recover the rest of the day. After all, now that the men had experienced these two, there would be many more nights of pleasure in store.

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