Camp Is Great!

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While this story is about camp all of the people that are in it are of the legal consenting age, 18 years old.

I would love to tell you about my first time with a woman. I was 18 and a camp counselor and a YMCA camp close to my folk’s house. I had been a camper there and new this girl for about 5 years. We always got a long great and both were the same age. She and I became counselors together. Well it was a Saturday night and it was just the staff sitting around a campfire. All the campers were gone and we had the night off. So, we were drinking some cheap beer and telling ghost stories. Well one of the guys said we should play Truth or Dare. Well we were all getting tipsy and agreed. Nikki and I were sharing a blanket and our bodies were quite close. (Nikki being the girl that I had my encounter…) The first few questions and dares were pretty run of the mill. A lot of who do you likes and show us your breasts. The first thing I did was a truth. The question was “Would afyon escort you ever go down on a woman and if so who?” I answered, “Well that is two questions but I will answer them anyways. Yes, I would kiss a woman any where on her body and I would like it to be with a lady I trust, like Nikki.” That made everyone start laughing and making crude but humorous remarks. I could feel a flush in my body and I could see that Nikki was also feeling warm. Nikki’s hand already happened to be on my leg, but in a friendly manner. She gave a slight squeeze after my answer though. Well about 20 minutes later Nikki chose a dare, which was to take me into a cabin and let me go down on her. She agreed. We went hand in hand into her cabin. It is a platform tent with metal screen walls and canvas coverings on raised wooden planks. She had her shorts off the minute we stepped into the tent. She said that she had wanted this for a few summers and spent time daydreaming afyon escort bayan about my lips and fingers. I told her that I was thrilled to be trying this and wanted her to know that I thought she was beautiful. Nikki is about 5’8″ so quite a bit taller than I am. Brown hair, hazel eyes and small breasts. Me, I am a little over 5 feet and 105 pounds. Red hair, greenish blue eyes, and 36D breasts.

Well we went to Nikki’s bunk and started to kiss. My fingers explored her body and she explored mine. Neither of us were virgins when it came to boys but this was both our first time with a woman. Her glistening skin reflected the campfire light that sneaked into the tent. Just like the prying eyes were trying to do. Nikki came pretty quickly while I rubbed her clit, kissed her nipples and lips. She then slid a few fingers into me and made me cum. We could tell that there were people right outside the tent listening to us. Guys and escort afyon girls. I began kissing my way down Nikki’s body until I reached her pussy. I could smell her wonderful aroma. It swirled in my nose as I inhaled her musty scent. She was so wet from cumming. I slid my tongue right between her outer and inner lips and plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. Nikki’s pussy is totally shaved. Her smooth vagina felt like warm wet silk underneath my tongue. She moaned quite loudly and we could hear an audible gasp from the group outside. Nikki is quite loud I found out that night. She kept gasping my name while calling out to God. She also through in a few yeses and no’es for variety. I kept licking her and sucking on her clit. She came pretty quickly again. I let her calm down for a bit and then took off my shorts and bathing suit. I laid right on top of Nikki and we began to grind our pussies onto each other.

It was such a wonderful feeling. I could feel her hair tickle me while at the same time her vagina was wet and silky as our lips rubbed along each other. I came a few minutes after that. Well we held each other for a few more minutes and kissed a little. We decided to go back out and keep playing T or D but keep up our lovemaking later. That is another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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