Camping with Daughter Ch. 02

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We cleaned up and put together a single backpack with some lunch and headed out for a hike around up the river. Jennifer told me of the various Girl Scout hikes she’d been on and how she’d earned all these merit badges. It didn’t come as a surprise that one of them was for cooking.

It was about this time when she started telling me about one particular camp-out she had done where her troupe just so happened to be on the opposite side of the lake from a Boy Scout outing of some sort. The boys didn’t know the girls were camping nearby and had all gone down to the lake for a swim, and the girls discovered they were skinny-dipping. I guess they watched the boys for over an hour before they got caught.

“It was so fun watching all these boys running around without any clothes on,” she told me. “They were swimming and diving off of a rock really close to where we were peeking, so we really got to see a lot.

“One of the boys got an erection,” she went on, “and was waving it all around, showing it off to the others. I don’t know if he was gay or just enjoyed showing off his penis, but I thought it was really cool that he wasn’t modest about it. He actually got up on the big rock to show off his hard penis. It was so cute, standing out straight as he bounced it around at the other guys. The other boys were all laughing and teasing him about it. Some made fun of how small it was, which I thought was kind of cruel. It was a heck of a lot bigger than any of the others, and it really looked big and sexy to me. The other girls thought so, too. That’s when we got caught…”

Suddenly, she stopped and changed the subject.

“So, what happened when you got caught?” I asked, wondering why she changed the subject.

“Oh, nothing,” she replied, going on with her new tangent.

My curiosity was killing me, but she didn’t seem to want to discuss it. Considering how open she was about everything, I decided not to pursue it and hoped that she might tell me about it later.

While walking, we ran across a number of deer, one moose and hundreds of rabbits. We thought we saw a bear in the distance, but weren’t highly motivated to chase it down. The weather was getting increasingly warm, and I soon removed my tee-shirt. We had a wonderful picnic lunch by another waterfall upstream quite a ways from our camp. Jennifer kept the conversation going constantly. She asked a lot about what I had done during the five years I was gone, but it was such a boring conversation we soon returned to her life.

After letting our stomachs settle, Jennifer got up and wandered over to the waterfall. I was just leaning against a tree enjoying the sweet smell of the foliage. It was a perfect day, on the warm side and a bit humid.

Jennifer didn’t return right away so I started to wonder what happened to her. Lazily, I pulled myself back up onto my feet and wandered to the waterfall. As the spilling water came into view, my heart almost stopped in my chest. There, under the waterfall, was Jennifer, completely naked and playing with the water as it tumbled over the rocks and onto her head.

Almost immediately she saw me as I approached and waved. “Come on, Daddy!” she called. “Come join me for a nature shower! The water is so warm I can’t believe it.”

I continued to walk toward her wondering how to handle this one. “Oh, that’s all right,” I responded. “I think I’ll just watch.” Yeah, you dirty old lecherous man you! I just knew that I couldn’t get naked in front of her, or she’d see what she was doing to me. I knew then, from her story of the boys in the lake, that she knew about erections and what caused them. I didn’t want her to know that she gave her own father one. Of course it didn’t occur to me that she’d already felt it on the drive up and seen it that morning through my underwear.

“Daaadddddyyyy!” she whined, “would you stop being so modest! I’ve seen boys naked before, and it’s no big deal. Just relax. It’s fun!”

I found a big rock and took my shoes and socks off. When my feet went into the water, I was surprised by how warm it was. There must have been a hot spring or something up river because the water felt like a heated pool. It was nice and warm, yet refreshing in the hot and humid air.

Suddenly, Jennifer, in all her naked glory, was beside me trying to drag me into the small pool under the waterfall.

“You’ve just gotta try it!” she pressured as she pulled on my arm.

She finally was able to get me standing on the shallow edge of the pool, but I still had my shorts on and didn’t want them to get wet. I was really struggling with my erection, and having that naked, beautiful girl tugging on me didn’t help. Jennifer finally gave up trying to drag me into the water and just jumped in. She splashed around just a few feet in front of me and continued to try and convince me to join her.

“I just don’t understand you,” she said almost to herself. “I don’t understand people who are modest, especially when they have nice looking bodies. You know you have a nice looking body and shouldn’t feel embarrassed poker oyna or anything. Why are you so shy?”

“Well, you see, honey,” I tried to explain, “it just wouldn’t look right if I were to be swimming around naked with my own daughter.”

She just looked at me for a second before saying, “Now that doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean, for one thing, you should be more comfortable around family than strangers. For another, who’s going to know? No one is going to see us. We’re out here far away from everybody, so what others think doesn’t matter.”

God! What a logical mind she had – so innocent, too.

“Well, honey, you just don’t understand,” I continued.

“What don’t I understand?” she asked as she came up to the shallow end at my feet and lay down, spreading her gorgeous body out on the sand in front of me. She was keeping her entire body just below the surface of the water, but it was completely visible to me through the clear water as I stood over her. It wasn’t making this any easier to explain. “Explain it to me.”

“What I’m trying to say is…” I really didn’t know what I was trying to say, “…uh…this is really difficult for me.”

“Why, Daddy?”

What a mean thing to do to me, but I couldn’t blame her. It was completely innocent. I had to explain something.

“You see, honey, there are things a father and daughter shouldn’t do together.” She looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes waiting for me to explain further. “For example, it’s not right for a father and daughter to sleep naked together or to go skinny-dipping together.”

Still spread out in front of me showing me every inch of her naked body, she continued her questioning.

“But why, Daddy? Why isn’t it right?”

“I really don’t know how to answer that,” I told her. “It’s just not considered appropriate.”

“Well, it sure felt right to me last night,” she argued. “Mommy always told me that if it feels right or wrong, it probably is.”

Again, I couldn’t argue.

“And right now, being here with you feels so right I can hardly stand it,” she continued. Almost in a huff, Jennifer rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself off into deeper water. “You are driving me crazy, so I’m going to swim around. I wish you’d join me, but if you’re going to let a bunch of crap keep you from having fun with me, I’m not going to force you.”

Can you believe this little imp? I swear! She made a lot more sense than all the moral bullshit I’ve learned throughout my life, yet I had this sense that “God was watching,” and I’d be struck down by lightning if I removed my shorts. Then, of course, if Jennifer saw how hard I was whenever I was around her, I was more convinced that she’d realize exactly why I didn’t want to be naked in front of her. I could tell that my “modesty” was affecting her, and I didn’t want that, either. I wanted her to feel free and happy while with me, and I just needed to get control over my lust and have fun.

With Jennifer a few feet into the pool, I wasn’t able to see her beautiful naked form quite as easily. I managed to get my cock to settle down enough that it was probably at half-mast. Maybe, if I could slip my shorts off quickly, I might be able to jump into the water with my daughter and not advertise the fact that she turned me on.

When her back was turned, I dropped my shorts as fast as I could and dove into the water. I have to admit, the water felt wonderful and something I really needed. Unfortunately, it was warm enough that it wasn’t going to affect my cock like I hoped it would. I’d just have to keep the lower part of my body underwater where my little girl couldn’t see it.

The splash announced my change of heart, and Jennifer was soon upon me, throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me. Her sexy, slippery, squirming body had an immediate affect on me as I felt her firm breasts slide across my chest. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held herself out to look into my face while I brushed the water from my eyes. I could feel her soft pubic bush pressed against my abdomen, and my cock jumped to its full upright condition. Shit! This little girl was going to be the death of me!

“So, you finally changed your mind,” she said grinning from ear to ear. “I knew you couldn’t be that bashful. We are from the same blood, you know.”

I continued to tread water while she maintained a strong grip on my waist with her legs. I could feel my cock bobbing underwater and felt it bounce against her soft ass cheeks at times. She acted as if she didn’t notice as she talked about how wonderful the warm water felt and how exciting it was to swim with her daddy.

“Hey, Daddy,” she suddenly looked at me with wide blue eyes, “you’ve gotta try the waterfall! It is soo cool!”

She broke her grip on my waist and grabbed my hand. Swimming, she tried to pull me toward the big rock that rested at the bottom of the falls. I was very reluctant because there was no way I could hide my lust up there. I really didn’t know what to do again. She was so excited.

I canlı poker oyna followed her while trying to slow her down. I had to lose this erection quickly! Erection? Did I just hear her say something about an erection? I had to replay the last few seconds of what she was saying.

“This is so much fun, isn’t it? I just loved hanging on to you in the water, and it was so cute how your erection kept bouncing on my butt. I’m having a really great time. This is the best vacation I’ve ever had, and you’re the best daddy any girl could ever want.”

Yep, she said “erection.” Not only that, but she was referring to mine. To make things worse, she was talking about being aware of it touching her. Oh, God! What have I done?

As she climbed up onto the rock, she continued her constant jabbering. I loved listening to her because she talked to me like a close friend, telling me details of her feelings and desires that I doubted she told everyone. Every once in a while, though, she would throw in some thought or situation that would take me completely off guard. Like what she said as she turned around to help me up onto the rock.

“If you’re modest because of your erection, you don’t need to be. I’ve seen lots of them, you know, and it really doesn’t bother me. As a matter of fact, I think they’re cute, and they really make me feel pretty. I know guys get them all the time, but I also know that they get them when they see a pretty girl. According to Marsha [one of the many girl friends she talked about during our time together], when boys get older, they don’t get spontaneous hard-ons anymore. Then, the only time they get hard is if the guy sees a really pretty girl, so your erection is a huge compliment.”

Not that any of this talk made it any easier for me to let her see mine. Hell, I’m her father, remember? A father seeing his daughter naked is one thing, but a daughter seeing her father naked and with an erection is a whole different ball of wax. On the other hand, how was I going to get out of the water with her and not let her see it? Does she think that if I don’t have an erection that I don’t find her pretty? Oh, this is all way too confusing to me.

I decided to just go for it. There’s no way I’m going to last two weeks out here with her and keep it from her. She’s gonna see it sooner or later. Besides, her attitude about it was so relaxed and innocent that I would only make things worse if I didn’t.

I had hoped that by the time I got my butt up onto the rock that my cock would have gone down a little. Where I got that idea from, I don’t know. I doubt I would ever have a flaccid penis again if I had to keep looking at my daughter in the buff.

As I pulled myself up onto the rock, I tried to check myself out casually so as not to draw any attention to my groin. That was a stupid thought. I discovered my cock was as hard as it ever has been. It was sticking straight out and swollen, the veins almost bursting with pressure. Hell, it might as well have had neon lights flashing around it. Because the water was cooler than the air temperature, my balls were pulled up tight against my groin and looked like two plums under a flagpole. There was no hiding that sucker.

My little Jennifer grabbed me by my arm pit and pulled me to stand up with her. ‘Well, I’ve gone this far, might as well go the rest of the way,’ I thought.

I stood up and faced my little girl. Her beautiful blue eyes didn’t even bother to give me a courtesy glance at my face. They went directly to my cock and stuck there. I watched as her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open. This only aggravated the situation. If my cock could have gotten any harder, it did at that moment. Having an eighteen-year-old, sex nymph staring at your erection is enough to make any man cum without touching himself.

“Wow, Daddy!” she finally said while still staring at my hard-on, “Mommy said you were hung like a horse, but I never thought it would be that big!”

“Since when is your mother talking about my genitals?” I asked angrily.

“Oh, she never really talked about them. It’s just that a few years ago, I asked her about sex, and she explained the birds and the bees.”

“So? What has that got to do with me?” I pressed, feeling a bit confused.

“Well, when she told me about penises and erections and stuff, she kind of explained how some were bigger than others. I asked her if you had a big one or a small one, and she rolled her eyes and said, ‘Honey, your daddy is hung like a horse!'”

Now mind you, I don’t think I’m much bigger than the next guy. At least not much. They claim that the average penis is around five to seven inches in length. I’m just a shade over seven inches long. What I might have that’s bigger is the diameter. When Sally and I were fooling around one time, we tried to buy me a cock ring, but we couldn’t find any large enough. She bought me a plastic vagina to play with while I was gone for five years, but I couldn’t fit my cock into it. Sally spent almost an hour greasing it up with Vaseline and still couldn’t internet casino squeeze my dick into it. We finally decided that I was just too big around.

I know that I was starting to blush. My cock was not doing anything except throbbing with excitement, straining to get into my little daughter’s mouth (by the way it angled up and looked at her). Her eyes had not budged off of the head since it first came into her view, like she was trying to stare my one-eyed monster down.

“You know, honey,” I said quietly, “it’s not polite to stare.”

Without moving her eyes at all, she said, “I know, Daddy, but it’s so big…and beautiful! I’ve never seen one like it before!”

I walked up further on the rock until my head was under the falls. I hoped that she’d stop staring, and I hoped that by going about normal business, I would become more comfortable with the situation.

Jennifer had been right, the waterfall felt wonderful, even better than our shower at home. It was coming down at just the right speed and with just the right amount of water. It was invigorating.

Finally, Jennifer turned her attention back to my face and walked over beside me under the falling water.

“I don’t understand something, Daddy,” she said quite seriously as she pushed her hair away from her face and let the water splash across her chest. “Why were you so modest before? I mean, look at that beautiful cock!”

Suddenly it occurred to me that her terminology had changed. Up until that point, she referred to a man’s genitals as his penis, erection or hard-on, but suddenly she referred to it as a cock. Maybe she wasn’t as innocent as I thought she was.

She looked back down at my still raging hard-on to accentuate her reference. “I would think that you’d be proud to show that thing off!”

“I don’t think there are many people who would agree with you,” I said, looking at the beautiful vision she projected.

“Wouldn’t agree that you’ve got a beautiful cock? None of the girls I know would disagree with me. As a matter of fact, when I tell them about it, they’re all going to want to see it, I guarantee it.”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” I tried to explain. Her eyes were once again focused on my cock, running up and down its length, taking in the swollen balls. I couldn’t believe how openly she stared.

She muttered something under her breath that I thought was, “I didn’t think so….”

“What I meant was that most people wouldn’t agree that I should show it off.”

“I don’t know what people you hang around with,” she said, still staring at my hard-on, “but the people I hang around with would be thrilled to let you show it off anytime you wanted.”

Well, I didn’t know what to say, so I tried to change the subject. I pointed out how beautiful the sky was and the view of the snow-capped mountains not far away. This seemed to distract her for a while, and we stood with the warm water splashing on our heads and shoulders enjoying the warm weather, the water and the magnificent view.

Pretty soon, Jennifer slid up beside me and put her head against my arm. I wrapped my hand around her slender waist and pulled her close. Her head immediately rested on my chest, and she wrapped her arms around my waist, giving me a big hug.

“Oh, Daddy, this is so much fun,” she said softly. “I’m having the best time.”

She turned around to face me and threw her arms around my neck to give me a big kiss. She slammed her belly button into the end of my dick and jerked her hips away. Looking down at my swollen appendage, still as hard as ever, she said, “Ooh! Sorry about that!” Then she reached down as natural as could be and wrapped her hand around the shaft to pull it out of the way. I couldn’t believe how good her little hand felt as it grabbed my cock shaft. It took every ounce of my strength to keep my hips from jerking to get a stroke or two from her fist, but she was my daughter! With it pulled to the side, she pushed her hips up against my groin and returned her attention to giving me a kiss, my cock now pressed between us and pointing off to the side.

To my shock, her mouth opened slightly as she kissed me, and I felt her tongue gently probing to get between my lips. I couldn’t help myself. I let her in, and her tongue immediately danced around inside my mouth with more vigor than any woman I had ever known. She found my tongue and dared it to dance with her, so it did.

Suddenly, she broke our kiss and turned away from me.

“Come on, Daddy, let’s go for another swim!” She dove into the water with the grace of a sea otter, barely leaving even a ripple behind her. Before she surfaced, I followed her.

We raced to the other end of the little pool and then back, again at the deepest end by the rock under the waterfall. I grabbed hold of the rock, and she grabbed hold of my shoulder. Again her legs wrapped around my waist, a little lower this time, and she used me to support her while she brushed her hair and the water out of her face with both hands. She hung onto my hips loosely so her sweet little pussy rested on the base of my cock. As my hard-on returned to full bore, it pressed against her perineum and the head lodged between her butt cheeks. I could feel her soft blond pubic hair mingling with mine.

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