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Dylan Dickie woke to the horrible news of his parents’ death in a plane crash. Their private jet had gone down somewhere in the mountains while on route to a genetics conference. Dylan had been at college, finishing his second year when he received the news. After the funeral he remained in his parents’ house unsure what to do with his life. He could barely look at any of his relatives or friends of family during the service, overwhelmed with shock and grief of losing his father and step-mother. He could barely even say anything to his step-sister Samantha. Samantha barely said anything to him, too, and she retreated to the isolation of her room and bed after the services.

His mother’s younger sister, his Aunt Alexis, a peculiar, shy, and lonely woman of almost 40 years of age, had offered to stay with Dylan, and she came knocking on his door the following day after the funeral and service. He knew her from his youth, but he had not seen her in nearly eight years.

“Dylan?” Alexis said as he opened the door. “I barely recognize you! You certainly have grown into a young man from the pudgy-faced boy I knew. Your sister asked me to come stay for a spell, but I do not want to crowd you after all…”

She had worn her typical dress that covered her from chin to wrists and down to her ankles. Her long brown hair she had in a tight, tall bun on her head. Her tortoise-shell glasses sat on her little nose on her mousy face. She had brought a valise with clothing and several bags of groceries and food.

“Of course, Aunt Alexis. Please enter. Thank you,” Dylan said but spoke awkwardly. He did not know how to proceed or how to remain composed.

As Dylan let her in the house, her perfume surrounded him with her warm hug, and he felt a wave of memories wash over him. He cried and felt the loss of his parents. Alexis put her arms around his neck and shoulders, patting the back of his head while he rested against her shoulder.

Alexis held him in her arms for several minutes, and Dylan realized he had never really hugged her before that moment. He felt her surprisingly slender waist. He always had assumed she was grossly fat as her dress looked so frumpy and big, and he suddenly realized he did not know what she really looked like under her dress.

They sat and ate a meal prepared by her in the kitchen, but Samantha refused to join them. After the meal, Dylan and Alexis made their way through the house to look at what remained. Dylan’s father’s library still had all his scattered stacks of notes and papers. A chalk board had scribbled scrawlings covering it, detailing some kind of pheromone therapy his father had researched before his death. As Alexis tried to order everything without reading or investigating, Dylan tried to read and organize based on the content. He came across several papers that showed something similar to what was on the board. The paper showed a formula for some kind of medicine or drug. The back of the paper showed an easy method of extraction of an enzyme through lab process, and it also showed how to deliver it. It looked like a small candy.

Dylan looked at the diagram how to make some kind of candy, and he saw a bowl of candies that looked exactly like those in the diagram. He also noticed his aunt had taken one and eaten it then another as she stacked papers.

“Starting to look less crazy and chaotic, hmm?” Alexis said. “See, Dylan. We can work together to help each other. In a day or two this room could be your room!”

Alexis smiled and giggled at him, and Dylan saw a faint blush in her cheeks. Dylan looked at the next paper in the stack to find out what the candy was. All he found was a series of equations and symbols until he saw the words: “Success. Human trials all successful thus far.”

Dylan looked up but said nothing to his aunt. They continued to clean the library, putting books on the shelves, collecting loose papers into boxes and folders. They collected laundry from around the house, and Dylan felt slightly embarrassed having his aunt collect his underwear and clothing to wash. Alexis never seemed to mind. She wanted to use this loss to get closer with what little family she had remaining.

After cleaning the library with Dylan, Alexis wanted something cold to drink. She saw Dylan still reading in the corner.

“What are you reading?” Alexis asked as she grabbed a handful of candies from the bowl.

“Nothing. Just notes written by my father. Always wanted to hear him talk about what he did, and here I have his words,” Dylan said. Alexis sighed and petted her nephew’s head before leaning close to kiss his cheek. Dylan found the sensation as well as her perfume suddenly arousing, and she giggled slightly and kissed his cheek again as her hand ran through his hair.

He turned to her, and her lips pecked his once before she pulled back with a blushing grin.

“Oops, sorry, Dylan. I just… I love you. You are my only family, and I do not want to lose you,” she said, and Dylan stood to face her and give her long, poker oyna loving hug.

Alexis felt hot in his hands, and he thought he felt sweat on the back of her neck.

“Aren’t you hot, Aunt Alexis. I mean, it is July, and you are wearing this dress. You can wear something that lets you cool down if you want, but I will not tell you what to do. I just worried that you worried about what I might think if you wore something else…” Dylan started to stumble in his words, and he wanted to kick himself for even speaking. He tried to keep his eyes on hers, but he kept having to catch himself while his eyes searched over her whole body, finding it strangely attractive. He could almost see a hint of an hourglass shaped figure somewhere under her thick, frumpy dress.

“Hm,” Alexis said. “I need something cold to drink.”

Alexis exited the room, and Dylan cleared his throat and looked at another note he had found.

“Subjects exhibit near immediate reaction. Human subject requires higher dosage/ more time to exhibit symptoms of reaction.”

The next note read:

“Symptoms permanent. Effects permanent!”

He found a list of symptoms:

“Restored youthfulness, increased libido, relaxation of inhibitions, wildly increased fertility and physical appearance of fertility…”


Alexis poured several scoops of ice into the blender, followed by raspberries and strawberries. She saw a bottle of vodka in the freezer and suddenly desired a drink after nearly twenty-two years of abstaining. She remembered the last time she had a drink at the age of eighteen. Alexis laughed at herself and shed a tear as she thought of that dumb boy putting her hands on her thighs that night so many years ago. She wondered why she had said no when she really wanted to say yes.

Alexis pushed her thoughts aside as she switched on the blender, and the high-pitched, loud whir of the blender shattered the quiet.


Dylan slowly walked through his room collecting laundry to take to the washing machine. As he loaded the machine, his aunt Alexis came into the room with her drink.

“Doing laundry? Could you wash this also? I got rather sweaty earlier,” Alexis said.

“Sure,” Dylan said without even looking at her as he continued to load the machine.

Alexis unzipped her dress and pulled it slowly over her head, sliding her arms and hands from the long sleeves, and when Dylan turned his head, his mouth fell open at the sight of his aunt in her underwear, stockings and garter belt with her dress stuck as she pulled it over her shoulders. He stood and helped her yank the frumpy, cumbersome garment over her head.

“Thank you!” Alexis said.

“Ah, uh, um…” Dylan said as he tried not to stare at his aunt’s hourglass body and huge, perky, torpedo tits in her big lace bra. Her lingerie covered almost as much of her body as the dress.

Alexis slowly drew her arms around herself as though trying to cover herself with one arm across her chest and the other reaching over her silk panties to her thigh. Dylan could not believe the sight of her. He was dumbfounded that she had such a perfect, shapely and voluptuous body with wide hips, long, shapely legs, flat stomach, slender waist and big, round tits.

Alexis picked up her drink and walked down the hall.

“You are right, Dylan, it is very hot. I wanted to sit by the pool. Care to join? I will go get your sister,” she said, and Dylan only barely heard her as she walked down the hall. “I wonder if she knows what kind of candy these are.”


Alexis popped another candy in her mouth as she searched her valise for a swimsuit, but she realized she did not even bring one. She began searching through Dylan’s mother’s clothing until she found a bikini. She removed her lingerie and tried to put on the bikini, but she found the top two cup sizes too small. She fumbled with it but finally tied it around her back and neck, and she tied the bottoms over her hips. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror, and she felt a gentle stir of warm happiness shudder through her mostly naked body. The bikini bottom was just a string wedged deep in her ass and sitting snuggly against her asshole. She saw her thick pubic hair coming out of all sides of the bottom, and she immediately moved into the bathroom connected with the bedroom, found a razor and removed her bikini bottoms to shave herself completely.

Alexis felt compelled and wildly aroused to shave her sex. She had not felt the sensation for years, decades even. The feel of the razor over her skin made her want to cum, but she found a way to stay composed and finish the job. Once completely shaved, she looked at herself in the mirror but hardly recognized who she saw. The bikini felt incredible on her body, and the cool air of the house began to set on her skin. Goosebumps covered her body, and she could feel her nipples pushing against the tight, tiny top. She grabbed her drink and some more candies before making her way to Samantha’s canlı poker oyna room and knocking on the door.

Samantha did not answer so Alexis opened the door slowly. Alexis found the room dark with the curtains closed. She drew them open and saw Samantha curled up in bed with her eyes open.

“Sweetie, care for a dip in the pool?” Alexis asked.

“Aunt Alexis, are you wearing a bikini?” Samantha asked.

“Well, yes. Why?”

“I have never seen you wear so little, and it looks great on you,” Samantha said and started to cry. Alexis put her hand on Samantha’s cheek to comfort her. Alexis took one of the last two candies and offered the last to Samantha. Samantha looked at it with a puzzled expression.

“What is that? Are those Daddy’s candies?” Samantha asked.

“Yes, from his library.”

“He told me not to eat them.”


“I don’t know. He said they were rare or something,” Samantha said.

“Try one,” Alexis said and held out the candy. Samantha shrugged and ate it. She found it sweet and interesting.

“I like it,” Samantha said as she climbed from bed still wearing only her underwear. “I will join you at the pool.”


Dylan sat lying on his stomach wondering if his aunt really would come join him at the pool. He remembered her never not wearing a big, frumpy dress.

‘She did take off her dress right in front of me,’ he thought to himself. He heard flip-flops smacking on feet, and he shifted onto an elbow to look back to the house. His jaw fell open again as he laid eyes on Alexis wearing a string bikini too small her surpassingly voluptuous body. He could see her areole peeking from the sides of the bikini, and he could see she had a shaved pussy. His step-sister came wearing a string bikini, and she looked bouncier than he remembered her.

“Glad you joined us, Dylan,” Alexis said.

Alexis and Samantha applied sunscreen to one another while Dylan tried not to stare. He watched his step-sister’s wobbling tits as she rubbed lotion on Alexis’ back. Alexis moaned as Samantha worked Alexis’ pale skin. They switched, and Alexis rubbed lotion into Samantha. Samantha let out soft moans as she felt her aunt’s hands on her flesh. Dylan tried to calm himself and finally had to jump in the water to cool himself.

Dylan swam a few laps in the pool before climbing out and lying on the lounger to catch some sun.

After a few minutes, he flopped onto his back, and he realized his sister and aunt had abandoned him.

Dylan returned inside the house to see where they had disappeared, and he made his way to the master bedroom where he heard the shower running in the master bathroom. He slowly crept on his toes into the room and saw his aunt’s valise thrown open and strewn across the bed. Various silk underwear and undergarments all garbled together with long, heavy dresses. He heard the shower running grow suddenly louder as the door opened, and he turned to see Alexis exiting the bathroom completely naked. He gasped at the sight of her perfect, thick nipples. She had a flat stomach and slender waist, rounded, wide hips and shapely, long legs. He froze not knowing what to do, and Alexis immediately saw him and smiled.

“Hey, Dylan. Did you get enough sun?” She said as she wrapped her hair with a towel.

The shower shut off, and Dylan saw Samantha exit the bathroom and wrap a towel around her head too.

“Dylan? Hey brother, what are you doing in here?” Samantha said without trying to cover her nude body.

“I-I-I… What are you both… I do not-” Dylan tried to speak, but the sight of Samantha and Alexis both naked exiting the shower was too much for him.

“We both got sweaty and icky with that sunscreen. I needed to feel something good on my skin!” Alexis said as she grabbed her tube of skin cream. She started rubbing it into her body.

“You are both naked,” he stated.

“Yes, I did not get dressed yet,” Alexis said flatly. “Would you be a sweetheart and rub this into my back?”

Alexis handed Dylan the cream, and he squeezed a large dollop into his hand while his step-sister exited the room. As he rubbed into his aunt’s back, she slowly bent farther and farther over the bed until she lied face down, pushing her naked ass into Dylan’s crotch. He could barely keep himself from shivering and trembling.

“Is something the matter, nephew? Why are you trembling?” Alexis asked, and Dylan finished rubbing into her back before quickly leaving the room.

He wondered if the drug had done this to his aunt. He wondered if he should tell her about it.

At dinner, Alexis picked out a skimpy dress from Samantha’s wardrobe, and they joined Dylan wearing revealing clothing. They ate, and after the meal, Dylan brought the bowl of candy to the table for dessert.

He watched them gobble several more, smiling and laughing as they ate, and he watched his aunt’s big nipples slowly grow more and more turgid until they started to poke out the top of the skimpy internet casino dress. Samantha looked equally excited by the candy, and her cheeks grew ever more flush while her nipples pushed and pushed, begging to get pinched through her thin garment.

They separated shortly after that, and Dylan made his way to the gym to lift weights for few minutes. Samantha grew drowsy and made her way to bed. Alexis returned to the master bedroom to organize her things.

Dylan finished and took a short shower, and he climbed into bed without getting dressed not knowing if he could sleep. He heard a knock on his door and answered to enter.

“I wanted to come say goodnight, Dylan,” Alexis said as she entered the room naked.

“Whoa, holy shit! You are- uh, you are naked,” Dylan said with a slight gasp. The sight of Alexis naked never ceased to take his breath away.

“Oh, oops! You are totally right. I am naked. Sorry, I will get dressed,” Alexis said, covering her tits with her hands and darting out of the room. Dylan tried to stop her but could not react in time.

Alexis returned wearing a lace bra and silk panties.

“Sorry, nephew, I did not mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“I am sorry, Aunt Alexis,” Dylan said as she sat next to him. “I should apologize. I did not mean to react that way… You are just so incredibly hot!”

Alexis grinned at him and leaned forward to kiss him on the forehead, which pushed her big tits right into his face.

“You can get naked if you want to,” Dylan said, and his cock started to swell.

Alexis rose to her feet with a smile and unclasped her bra with one hand before slipping off her silk panties in a swift motion. Standing completely naked again, Alexis let her long brown hair down over her shoulders and back, and Dylan’s cock swelled completely erect and tented in his bed. His aunt’s eyes went wide and wild at the sight. She almost mindlessly dropped onto the bed with one hand on his shaft while she put the other around his neck. She hugged him by pushing her big, naked tits in his face and kissed him on the lips.

Dylan gasped as he felt her hand gripping his throbbing cock. She pulled back from her kiss and saw his eyes looking at her hand on his hard dick.

“Could I ask a favor, Dylan?” She asked as she climbed under the blankets with Dylan.

Dylan felt her warm flesh against his, and his cock twitched. He felt her hand fumbling under the blankets until Alexis gripped his hard shaft.

“Would you massage my breasts for me, please?” Alexis asked as she pushed her chest ever closer to his face.

Dylan happily obliged and fondled her enthusiastically with both hands. He looked into her smiling face, and they kissed for several minutes while his hands fondled her gorgeous tits and her hand massaged his hard cock.

“Aunt Alexis,” Dylan said as he squeezed her nipples.

“Yes,” she moaned as his fingers raked and pinched her hard, sensitive nipples.

“Those candies from the library are causing you to act like this!” He said, and she squeezed his cock.

“Really? I better eat more then!” Alexis said and lowered her mouth over his cock and engulfed him in her hot, wet mouth.

He leaned back as she gave him a wet and loud blowjob, but as he relaxed and watched her bobbing in his lap, she stopped.

“Here,” Alexis said and took Dylan’s hand and directed it into her pussy with one finger in her asshole. Dylan felt his cock grow more erect as his fingertip grazed the rim of her asshole. Alexis gasped as he played with her and touched her. She continued her work and put him in her mouth.

As she slurped and sucked, another knock sounded at the door, but before either could say anything, the door opened. Samantha entered the room, and she was also completely naked. She walked right up to Dylan on the other side of the bed and climbed in.

“Would you mind if I sleep in here? It is really cold in my bed!” Samantha said, pushing her tits agains Dylan. Dylan could hardly speak, and Alexis slowed her sucking and looked up at him and Samantha before popping his cock from her mouth.

“What is the matter, Dylan?” Alexis asked, and she slapped his cock on her tongue. “Hey Samantha, Dylan told me those candies are what made us get naked!”

Alexis held Dylan’s cock for Samantha to give it a suck, and Dylan nearly shot his load as his step-sister took him in her mouth. He fingered her asshole while he fingered Alexis as they both gave him passionate, wet and sloppy head.

His balls tensed, and Alexis hungrily pushed herself as deep as she could until he erupted directly in her throat. She gulped him down and lifted her mouth to let Samantha clean the rest. Alexis wiped her mouth and winked at him.

“Dylan, I love you so much. I hope you will keep me as close as I wish to keep you!” Alexis whispered in his ear.

Dylan needed another release almost immediately after the first, followed by another and another throughout the night. He woke the following morning with Alexis again sucking him hungrily, and he took to touching her asshole.

“Sorry, I did not want to wake you, but I needed to feel you cum in my mouth again,” Alexis whispered before returning to sucking his dick.

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