Cap Visits a Pro Domme

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Cap walked along the street nervously. Although this what he wanted and had dreamed and fantasised about doing for so long now there were still butterflies in the pit of his stomach at actually doing it. But he couldn’t back out now. To avoid that he had visited the Mistress yesterday to discuss what he wanted to do (or rather what he wanted her to do) and paid the money, that way he felt that he couldn’t back out of it. And as he walked along the quiet midweek street at midmorning he suddenly knew he didn’t want to back out. God, his mind was turning circles, first he desperately wanted to go through with it, then he couldn’t face it. This was a form of hell but never the less he didn’t stop and it wasn’t long before he was paused in front of the entrance of the unassuming city house. He took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell. No sound reached him and he wondered if it actually rung, but he had thought the same yesterday and he had been answered then.

Cap’s wait was interminable, but in truth was less than half a minute before the door swung inwards and he was ushered in by a large, coloured woman called Carmel, who he had met on his visit the day before. She nodded at him and turned heel and stormed away, seemingly not bothered whether he was following her or not.

He followed obediently and she led him through the smartly decorated house. But he didn’t take the time to look at the modern furniture or the bright paintings that lined the narrow walls, rather he carried his briefcase tight to his chest and concentrated on keeping up with her, knowing that it was almost too late now to turn back. He briefly wondered about all the other men that might be behind the doors in the corridor but no longer as Carmel knocked then entered the last door on the left and bade for Cap to follow her in. He did so and found the room in pitch black darkness, just a bright light shining upon him. A cultured, controlled voice from the shadows spoke to him.

“You are here. Good. Now put your briefcase down, undress completely, give your clothes to Carmel and kneel with your eyes trained on the floor.”

Cap obey the instructions to the letter and very soon Carmel was leaving the room with his clothes and he dropped his athletic frame to it’s knees and lowered his head of strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes to the cold stone floor below him. He knelt there in reverential silence and soon light began to flood into the room, slowly at first and then the room was exposed Sat in the centre sat the woman who had spoken, Pro Domme extraordinaire, Mistress Monica. She sat back in the tall armchair with her legs crossed, watching her latest client with an amused, detached interest. She had had her share of extreme and bizarre clients but she had the feeling that this could be the strangest session of her seven year career.

At last she stood up, Cap somehow kept his eyes lowered despite the ache he felt to again look upon this phenomenally gorgeous, dominant woman. She rose to her full height of six foot and even ten yards away towered over Cap. She was slender and had perfectly coiffed, hazelnut coloured long hair, was 29 years old and wore a totally imperturbable expression whenever in the presence of clients. She was wearing her normal attire of a tight black bodice (laced up the back) showing just the hint of the tops of her breasts and a tight, black skirt that came to just above her knees. She strutted confidently on high, thin stiletto heels until she stood over the kneel man (maybe more of a boy).

She cast a gaze at the briefcase then squatted to open it and spent a minute checking all the items were there. With a nod to herself she rose up again and addressed Cap.

“From now until I decide differently your name is slave. Or Bitch. Or slut. Or wimp. Or whatever I want. Understand?”

A nod of his head. poker oyna Which got the reaction of Mistress Monica standing her right foot on his left thigh, driving the point over her heel into his soft flesh. He gritted his teeth, knowing not to complain.

“And you call me Mistress at all times. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, now lets make you feel a little bit more helpless, eh slave? Hands behind your back.”

Cap obeyed and felt his Mistress for the day snap a pair of steel handcuffs on his exposed wrists behind his back. There was no way back now.

She stood back for a moment and enjoyed his vulnerability, she really did enjoy her job, at times she felt that she would be willing to do this all day and not be paid for it. But being paid was so much better. She stooped and lifted a thick black marker pen from the briefcase, then stood up and clicked the top off it and took a quick smell of the powerful ink, enjoying a tiny hit of its aroma.

“Stand up slave!”

Cap rose up unsteadily, finding it hard to keep his balance with his arms stuck behind his back.

“Just so you remember who you are I think I should write your names on you? What do you think?”

“Whatever you wish Mistress.”

“Damned right!”

With that she wrote the word “BITCH” upon his smooth chest, then the word “SLAVE” on his forehead and finally “WIMP” on his back. She ran her long red fingernails across Cap’s smooth stomach and leaned in close to him to whisper.

“I’ll leave this blank for now but I know the very word for you to go here.”

Then in an unexpected show of speed and anger Mistress Monica grabbed a tight hold of a tuft of Cap’s hair and pulled him hard over to her bench at the side of the room. She bent him over it and ordered him to hold his hands out of the way. She left him hanging over the bench and retreated to the briefcase and brought out a super stiff bristled clothes brush. She handled it’s plastic handle and swung it in a practise sweep against the palm of her hand, even then it jabbed her , just think what it would do when she swung it overhead and slashed it down on Cap’s soft buttocks. Like so!


“Count them slave, you’ll manage twenty I think.”

Whether Cap could manage them or not he was getting them and Monica slammed the brush down on his upturned ass twenty times, enjoying the sight of it changing colours and then specks of blood where the bristles hit the same spot and Cap counted each one his voice always on the verge of breaking and crying. But in contrast his cock was as hard as it had ever been. He was just so turned on! His senses were in overload, between the sweet pain and the incredible horniness he felt he was struggling to remember what he had asked for next.

The Mistress moved back to the case and came up with three items in her hand and came back to Cap and flipped him over so her faced her, she teased his nipples with first her mouth (teeth to the fore) and then her fingers before snapping two plastic clothes pegs right onto the nipples and digging into his sensitive aureoles. Cap bit his bottom lip and then felt her loop something around his cock and balls. It was a shoe lace, tied in a slip knot and she positioned the loop around his meat and two veg then gave the loose end a sharp tug, causing Cap to give a sharp intake of breath as his scrotum was quickly contracted.

She tugged harshly again on the lace and Cap plummeted to his knees with a groan and a wince and the ends of her cool lips turned ever so slightly upwards. Using the long lace end as almost a leash she lead Cap to the far end of the room and through a door where they emerge into a sparklingly white bathroom, complete with sink, bath and toilet.

Mistress Monica dropped the lace there and ordered Cap to get up and get into the bath. canlı poker oyna He did so, relishing the sensations of pains that passed through his tightened groin as he stepped over the edge of the bath and knelt on the bottom.

“No you idiot, lie on your back (she gave this order complete with another sharp tug on the string, tightening the knot viciously around Cap’s balls).”

He struggled into the position demanded, his chained wrists and sore groin a severe impediment to his progress until finally he lay, uncomfortably, on his back. Meantime Monica was peeling off her skirt and panties and tossing aside, for now, and revealing her perfectly smooth shaven pussy. She stepped on the extra wide ledge on either side of the bath and with almost no aiming let go with a spray of her piss and targeted Cap’s open mouth.

The golden shower splashed noisily onto cap and the bath and he sighed with delight at being pissed on by this dominant woman. When she had emptied her bladder and shaken every last drop of nectar onto Cap she leaned over him and spat deliberately on him. Then again, and again until his face was peppered in spittle and dripping with her urine.

“Get up slave and get over there and kneel before the toilet!”

Cap struggled up and onto his knees and eventually out of the bath, without daring to raise his eyes to his Mistress he got down again, his soaking face hanging over the toilet bowl. He felt her hand on his hair and forcing him down until his piss and spit covered face was in the cold water of the bowl and then everything descended into chaos for him as Monica flushed the toilet while keeping his face buried in the tumult of noise and water. She eventually pulled him out, coughing and spluttering and left him for a moment to regain a measure of composure (but still found time to give the lace noose around his nuts a good hard tug!).

Cap’s arms were also beginning to ache now but he couldn’t let the Domme know so tried to move them to get some feeling back into them. Monica again took a sharp hold of Cap’s wet, blonde locks and tugged him to his feet by it.

“Enough of these games, bitch! It’s time I showed you why I own wimps like you!”

She showed the power which was concealed by her slender frame and physically dragged Cap by his hair back into her chamber. She arrived with him at the opposite side of the room and actually threw him onto the bed. She had kicked the briefcase over to besides her and dipped into it to pluck out a plastic ball gag which she jammed into Cap’s mouth (open because again she had pulled sharply on the lace).

“Good, I won’t have to listen to your pathetic whining while I dominate you.”

And then she strapped a large strap-on dildo around her bare crotch, which she took delight in showing to the face down man . It was black, veined and ten inches long and plenty thick.

“Now. To lube or not to lube? That is the question?”

Maybe thinking he wanted to change his mind right about then Cap moved to shake his head vehemently.

“Shut up Bitch! It’s nothing to do with you. But luckily for you I really don’t want to clean up too much mess so I’ll give it a little lube.”

She squeezed a little lubrication onto her finger then rubbed it onto the fake cock before prising Cap’s nervous ass cheeks apart and prodding the tip of it into his ass. She reached forward to grip his hair again and pull it and his head back as she eased the cock deeper into his asshole. He groaned in ecstasy as she probed deeper but his enjoyment faded somewhat as her free hand reached down and gripped the lace around his balls and began to pore on more pressure as she ass fucked him..

Oh this was the life for Mistress Monica! She loved fucking some worthless wimp up the ass and making him squeal like a little piggy! Fortunately for Cap time was on internet casino his side and she only got ten minutes porking him like this before easing out, pulling out the gag from his mouth and sliding the dirty plastic cock into his mouth to lick clean. Which he did with vigour. Oh what a dirty bitch he was! Monica unstrapped the dildo and told Cap to keep it in his mouth and hold it there as she undid the tight lace from around his balls. Ah, the sweet relief he felt as she used her long nails to undo the knot (carelessly tearing some of Cap’s pubic hairs as she pulled the lace away, finally).

“Right get up, on your feet!”

Cap rose wearily, and there was more than a hint of trepidation on his face as he stood before her. Still that same impenetrable expression on her face she used her knee to edge Cap’s thighs and legs a bit wider. She stared right into his sad eyes and without warning brought her knee sharply up into his balls. And she relished his anguished howls as he sunk to his knees , his hands still useless behind him. But she wasn’t finished yet, no, then she took careful aim with her foot and kicked him straight into him damaged balls. No complaint or noise from Cap this time as keeled over and lay in pain on his side.

Monica left him then, sure that he wasn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. She closed the door behind her and room was silent for a few minutes. When she returned she was not alone. Following her, a few steps behind was a large man. He was naked except for studded, leather straps that crossed his chest. He wore a full face covering leather mask with holes only for his eyes and nose (a zip was closed across his mouth). He had a muscular physique and had a thick, hairy cock sticking straight out and erect.

Through blurred eyes Cap looked up and watched as Mistress Monica brought the big man across the room behind her on a collar and leash. Telling him to stay still she crossed to Cap and eased him up onto his knees. She had the black marker pen in her hand and ran har other hand across his chest where she had not written previously and then wrote the word “COCKSUCKER” there in dark permanent marker . Cap read the word upside down and looked up to be confronted with the other slaves thick, slimy cock.

“Bitch this is Cloud. I’ve written what you are, now show me!”

Cap gulped and accepted the long, thick cock into his mouth and nearly gagged immediately as the other slave forced his cock to the back of Cap’s unprepared mouth. But there was no escape for him as Mistress Monica reached down to grab the back of his head and force it onto Cloud’s pressing cock.

“Come on slave, suck it, suck it dry!”

The words hit home and Cap’s mouth began to work, his tongue running along the veined bottom of the large dick in his mouth getting plenty of saliva in his mouth and when the other finally withdrew his cock a slobbering amount of drool fell from Cap’s mouth. It only served to make the next entry easier as once again the large cock rammed into Cap’s desperate mouth and again, face fucking him with scant regard. After much more cock sucking the other slave withdrew and at a nod from the watching Dominatrix he grasped the purple coloured helmet of his cock and pointed it at Cap’s face. Seconds later it erupted in several spurts of cum as the masked man sprayed Cap’s upturned face with his ejaculate. Enough that several trails of the sticky fluid crossed Cap’s eyes and nose and dripped into his waiting mouth. He savoured the taste as he pooled the cum in his mouth and swallowed and watched as Monica dismissed the masked slave from the room.

As he left Mistress Monica ran her fingers over Cap’s face, gathering the cum on her fingers and feeding it into Cap’s mouth before wiping her fingers on his hair.

“Right Bitch, that’s your time up. Get out and see Carmel to get your clothes.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”


As he left Cap stopped at the front desk and leaned close to the receptionist.

“Book me in for same time next week.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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