Captain’s Woes Ch. 10

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Dan arrived at his game a little exhausted, but very relaxed. Warming up, he looked over into the bleachers to see Dani sitting there, watching him intently. Seeing him looking in her direction, she waved and smiled. Usually calm and focused for games, seeing her there unnerved him for some reason. He found his game quickly went to shit, serves going long, going into the net, going wide. He played miserably, double-faulting and being ruled by unforced errors. After the first set, he found himself having just been humiliated 6 to 1. Pausing in-between sets, he glanced over at Dani, and saw the look of concern on her face, and could only shake his head.

The assistant coach came up to him, and asked him point-blank: “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

He looked at the coach in amazement. Not only had he never been talked to in such a blunt manner before, but he really didn’t expect it from Coach Alberts. At five-foot six, Alberts looked ridiculous getting in Dan’s face. Even more ridiculous then the size difference was the gender difference. Assistant Coach Allison Alberts was an extremely fit young woman, having played college tennis and on a semi-pro circuit for a couple of years after graduating. Now, at age twenty-five, she was teaching physical education at the high school, taking on extra duty as the girl’s tennis coach in the fall, and assisting with the boys in the spring.

In the warm weather, she was wearing a pair of loose mesh shorts that came to mid-thigh, showing off firm, smooth, tanned legs. The shorts, despite their looseness, clearly covered up a tight, round ass, accentuated by her slim waist. Her top, a tight, long sleeve Under Armour shirt, showed off her flat stomach and two beautiful handfuls of tits. She had her brown hair pulled back in a short pony tail, and her pretty face was only marred by the fact that she was looking about as pissed off as a person could be.

“Are you a fucking moron?” güvenilir bahis she hissed. “You should be kicking this guy’s ass, and instead you’re playing like you like it up the ass.”

Dan could only gape at her, not really sure how to react to a teacher calling him a fag. He looked around like a trapped animal, glancing frequently at Dani, who was now trying to smile at him encouragingly. Following his gaze, Allison quickly assessed the situation.

“Oh, is that the problem?” she demanded, actually pointing at Dani. “Because I could get her to leave if you want? Is that what you want? Me to go to your little fuck-buddy and tell her that her pussy is so distracting that you can’t even beat a third-rate player from a fourth-rate school with zero talent?”

“No,” he mumbled.

“What? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“No,” he said in a stronger voice.

“Damn right. Listen,” she said, lowering her voice to almost a whisper. “I understand what you’re going through. She looks like a pretty decent piece of ass, and I bet she just loves being with the all-pro stud Dan Grover. But do you really think it’s worth some high school pussy to blow this match? Do you think it’s fair to your team that they lost because you were thinking with your rod and not your racket?”

“No,” he said, forcefully.

“Then go beat the shit out of this douche,” she said sweetly.

And he did exactly that. In the second set he broke serve immediately and never looked back. Everything he hit was golden, at one point ripping off six straight aces. By the end of the match, he had only lost the six games from the first set, and more importantly, had clinched the team victory (apparently, Allison Alberts had not seen fit to motivate any of the other players on the team, and they squeaked by, four matches to three).

Afterwards, he went up to Coach Alberts, and quite humbly held out his hand. Gravely, she shook it, and then türkçe bahis laughing, threw her arms around him and hugged him fiercely. A little surprised, he wrapped his arms around her loosely, not sure how it would look to be seen with a teacher like that. Even after his experiences with Miss Kline and Mrs. Parker, he still was aware that such a thing was taboo. Also, he didn’t think that Coach Alberts thought of him the same way his other teachers did.

However, when she broke off the hug, he could see she was blushing, and her eyes were almost aimed directly at her shoes. He thought she mumbled “congratulations,” and then jogged away to go speak to the opposing team’s coach.

Maybe Allison Alberts did have the same thoughts.

Confidence swelling after both victories, he went to go find Dani. She stood on the bleacher, grinning excitedly, jumping up and down a little and clapping her hands. Seeing him coming towards her, she ran down the bleachers and jumped into his arms, kissing him hard. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she kept gushing “That was amazing! You killed that guy!”

Flushed by everything that had gone on, he knew he needed to finish what he had started with Dani earlier that day. Letting her to the ground, he grabbed her hand and hurried her away from the courts, which were across the athletics fields from the main school building. Towards the back of the fields, about fifty feet from the courts, was a storage building that was used to hold both sports and lawn equipment. Taking her towards that, he was disappointed to find the door locked. Glancing quickly around, he had an idea. Leading her around the building to the back, all he could see were the trees close behind and the back wall.

He pushed her up against the bricks and kissed her, eager to taste her tongue. She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue willingly, massaging his with her own. Her full breasts were straining against güvenilir bahis siteleri the thin material of her shirt, and he cupped them willingly, pulling at the hard nipples poking through. She moaned encouragingly, and arched her back, pushing her pelvis forward eagerly. Dan didn’t need to be asked twice, and reached between her legs, finding her lace panties soaked.

Breaking their feverish kissing, he dropped down on his knees and slid her damp panties off. Staring at her glistening pussy, he thought it redundant when she said “Lick my pussy, Dan. Eat it baby.” Lifting her leg onto his shoulder, he went to work lapping up her juices, enjoying her flavor, before finally coming to her hard clit. Rubbing a finger up and down her pussy to get it wet, he slowly circled around her clit, coming closer and closer until he finally shocked her by greedily sucking on it with his lips. The sensation and suddenness was all Dani needed, and pulling his head back, whispered fiercely “Fuck me, baby.”

Standing back up, he pulled down his shorts, freeing his excited cock. Grabbing it, he pulled Dani’s hips closer to him and slid his dick up and down her pussy, lubing it up. Positioning the swollen head, he pushed into her and slowly slid in and out, gathering a rhythm as he got used to the feeling of her hot, tight pussy once again.

“Oh Dan!” she moaned. “Fuck me with that cock.” She put her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life as he built up his momentum, lifting her legs up so that they wrapped around him and thrusting into her as hard as he could.

“Faster, baby! Get it in deeper!” she cried.

Propping her up against the wall, he began ramming his cock into her tight pussy with abandon, slamming into her as she frantically tried to hold on. Feeling that Dan was near climax, Danielle said “Come inside me, Dan. I need to feel you hot cum inside me, baby.” Thrusting a few more times was all it took, and then he exploded in her pussy, shooting deep into Danielle’s cunt. As his dick shot the last of his load into her, he leaned heavily against her, both of them panting.

“Great match, baby,” Danielle said.

Dan could only smile.

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