Captive in the Woods

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She was in seventh heaven, alone in the mountains, nothing around for miles but trees, rocks, and the stream. She had hiked for hours in the spring sun without seeing a soul, just a few small animals and a lot of birds. She stumbled on the tiny clearing as she followed the meandering stream’s course. It was perfect, enclosed by trees on three sides, with just enough room for her tent and a fire pit, and plenty of dead dry wood to keep the fire going. Since it was late afternoon already, she decided to stop and quickly set up her camp. The stream had a wonderful deep green pool with some fish swimming around, and when she’d finished setting up, she decided to take a dip. The clear water was cold and refreshing as it flowed around her body, and when she climbed out on the bank, she was feeling great. She pulled her favorite tunic from her pack and slid into it.

She got a fire going and fixed herself some dinner as the sun began to go down. After eating, she cleaned up the pan and then sat staring into the flickering flames of the fire. She could hear sounds made by small night animals passing through the woods around her campsite, but no screaming sirens or honking horns or guns going off. No sound of humanity, no light but the fire and stars above as full night fell. The quiet became more intense, and she suddenly wondered why she could no longer hear even the crickets and frogs by the water.

She stood up, but couldn’t see anything beyond the fire. She was uneasy, suddenly feeling as if someone was staring at her. She wished she had put on more than just the tunic, which was mid-thigh length and clung to her form as she moved towards the tent a few feet away. Three men appeared as if by magic, seeming to materialize soundlessly from the woods. They were obviously trying to keep her from escaping from them, as they were spread about ten feet apart from each other as they advanced on her.

“Lookie here, a pretty little gal all by herself in the middle of our land” said the middle man. They were all big men, with strongly muscled bodies, close to six feet tall.

“I didn’t know this was private land, I’ll get out first thing in the morning and I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to trespass,” she said quickly.

“Looks like yer pretty comfy here on our place,” said the man on her right, and she saw the gleam of his eyes as the three stepped squarely into the firelight. She saw that they each carried a shotgun, and they were obviously not city men. They were within feet of her and she realized she was trapped against the tent as their eyes raked over her appreciatively.

“Looks like the only thing ya don’t have is company.” said the third man as he stepped forward and reached for her, grabbing her arm and pulling her to his chest as she tried without success to wrench herself free. “But we’re here, so y’ ain’t alone any more.”

He had her hands pinned behind her back in no time, in spite of her struggles and she felt one of the other men tie her wrists together tightly. “Please don’t hurt me” she begged.

“The punishment for bein’ on our land without permission is thatchya belong to us now, and we kin do what we want with ya. Ya can scream all ya want, ain’t nobody round fer least ten miles any direction” he told her as he reached for the neck of the tunic. With one sharp downward yank, he ripped it off and threw it in the fire. She was terrified, shaking and unable to say anything else as the men gathered around her and their hands roamed over her body. Fingers pinched and probed, she could feel their hard maleness as they pressed against her. All three felt huge, and her fear grew.

“Put er on the ground, and we’ll commence to havin some fun.” She was forced onto her back on the ground, her legs held wide apart as the biggest man dropped his pants. Her fears were realized as his long prick sprang free, hard and standing straight out from his groin. He lowered himself to her helplessly exposed pussy and worked his shaft into her, filling her completely as he sank it in to the hilt. He began to pump in and out, faster and faster, harder with each stroke. The other two men still held her legs spread wide with one hand each, and were using their free hands to manhandle her tits, pinching and pulling the nipples into aching hardness, kneading the flesh of her tits mercilessly. She was being ruthlessly fucked, and she knew this was only the beginning; the other two would take their turn with her when the one fucking her now was done. He was really hammering her and she felt her body starting to respond against her will. It felt like he was growing even bigger as he gave her two especially hard deep thrusts and filled her with hot sperm.

The man on her left was already out of his pants and rock hard, ready to take her as soon as his buddy moved out of the way. He rammed into her in one long push until his hips slammed against hers, his balls slapped into the crack between her buttocks, and her cunt was again filled with a huge hard prick. He was as brutish as the first had been, quickly speeding his strokes until she was again being pummeled. The last man positioned himself at her face, forcing his cock into her mouth and face fucking her, forcing her to take half his length in short sharp jabs.

She realized she was meeting them stroke poker oyna for stroke, her body completely aroused to a pitch of lust she’d never known before. Suddenly the man in her throbbing pussy pressed close and she felt him spasm and jerk as he filled her with his burning sperm. The man at her mouth pulled away as the one in her pussy pulled out, his rough hands flipped her onto her stomach and pushed her legs under her so that her whole backside was in the air, vulnerable to whatever the men wanted to do to her. She felt hands grab her hips and hold her tightly as the head of the third hard cock prodded at the tiny opening of her ass. She tried to squirm away, but the hands held her motionless as he stretched her ass with his invading cock. She screamed as the enormous cock head pushed farther into her, feeling as if it would come out her throat. He started drilling in and out, picking up speed as she adjusted to his intrusion. At each forward thrust his balls slapped her dripping pussy while his cock mercilessly tunneled into her ass. He reached around, grabbed her tits and began to roll the nipples between his fingers. She felt his cock grow bigger as he drove into her to the hilt one more time and started spurting his hot seed into her ravished ass.

They tied her ankles and left her lying in front of the fire while they drank her wine and rifled through her belongings, finding her stash of weed and her brand new vibrator. One of them took it and shoved it into her pussy, setting it on high and leaving it buried inside her. The men were showing signs of being ready to fuck her again, and she realized she would be spending a lot of time trying to satisfy her captors while she waited for a chance to escape. It was a long night, as they took turns fucking her in the mouth, the pussy, and her ass until she passed out from sheer exhaustion.

She woke in the cold darkness of pre-dawn, every muscle aching, to find that her neat campsite had been packed up. The men pulled her to her feet and she saw that there was no trace that she had ever been there as they marched her out of the clearing. They wound their way through the woods on a deer path that led deeper into the wilderness. She was gradually loosening up, but was collecting scratches all over her body as they made their way through the undergrowth beneath the trees. After about an hour, they came suddenly to a well camouflaged cabin by a brook with a deep pool. It was obviously where the men lived; she could see firewood stacked along the side, a clothesline strung between two trees. She was completely lost and could see no trails going away from the cabin.

The man holding her arm steered her towards the brook, saying “Wash yerself an’ don’t try to run cause there’s no place t’go.” He untied her wrists and shoved her into the brook. She stumbled and fell face first into the cold water, shivering and sputtering as she surfaced. The water was frigid, and she washed vigorously and quickly with the soap her captors threw her, soaping her hair and body before diving under the water to rinse herself. She walked out of the brook, shivering from the cold, and was led into the cabin.

She was forced to her knees in front of the men and instructed to open her knees and kneel up straight with her hands on her knees. Her nipples were hard from the cold water and air, and she felt totally exposed before the men. They told her again that she now belonged to them, and they could do whatever they wished to her, including beat her if they weren’t pleased with her. There was nowhere to run to, nothing within ten miles or better but trees and wild animals. She realized that there was nothing she could do but try to stay alive by doing her best to please these men every way they wanted. They put a collar around her neck; told her that she would call them each “master” and would serve as their slave, doing as she was told without comment or argument on pain of punishment. She knew she was stuck, so she looked at them and said “Yes masters, I understand. If masters please, what will my name be?”

The men looked at each other and started to laugh. “Pussy” they finally answered. They ordered her to get cups and a jug of shine from the cabinet. She knew they were watching her move, and when she turned towards them with the shine, all three were watching her with satisfied smirks on their faces. She approached them and knelt, putting the cups on the floor and filling them, then handing one to each man. She noticed that their cocks were already hardening as they watched her movements and drank their shine. The middle one reached out and pulled her to him, thrusting the cup to her mouth and ordering, “drink”. She choked on the fiery liquid but welcomed the heat throughout her body. He made her drink it all and then fill the cup again. He held her close against his body as he downed half of it and then poured the rest down her throat. Her head started to spin from the strong alcohol as hands began to probe and roam over her body. The fire started by the shine began to roar through her and she found herself reaching for the hard cocks around her. She quickly lost track of everything but the sensation of hands, mouths and cocks touching and filling her. They fucked her ruthlessly, and when they had finished, she was ordered to prepare food canlı poker oyna and serve it to them. She wasn’t allowed to eat until they were done, and then they hand fed her piece by piece, making her beg for each scrap.

Her three new masters kept her naked and very busy with not only taking care of their cabin, feeding them and cleaning up after them, but also with satisfying their sexual needs. She never knew when one of them would throw her down or bend her over something and fuck her, or when one of them would command her to suck his huge hard cock until he came. She quickly lost track of how long she had been there, and soon her old life started to fade as she adjusted to the men and the cabin.

They also got very turned on by tying her down helplessly, or hanging her by the wrists with just her toes touching the floor, so that they could fuck her and play with her body. They had found out quickly that the helpless feeling of being bound and unable to prevent them from doing just as they pleased made her very hot for any male cock, and they loved to take turns with her.

She only got one beating, early on, and learned from it that they weren’t joking in any way. As sore as she was from the beating, they still made her work and fuck. She found herself in a constant state of arousal, responding to the men instantly when they touched any part of her body. They refused her any clothes, so she was constantly naked except for the collar, and easily taken whenever they wanted. She was lean and trim from the new activity, and they used her frequently.

One afternoon, as she was preparing food for dinner, one of them entered with a stranger. He was another big man, and his eyes followed her every move. Her captor left the cabin, and the new man moved up behind her and grabbed her around the waist. His hands roamed over her breasts, down between her legs, as his hardening cock pressed into the crack of her ass. Her nipples hardened and throbbed as his fingers pinched and pulled at them. His fingers worked into her pussy and her hips began to rotate slowly to their movement, pushing back against him, feeling his cock lengthen as it got harder and dug firmly between her buttocks. He worked her body over until she was begging him to fuck her, then bent her forward over the table.

She heard a zipper, felt him step close to her, the head of his prick pushing against her anus. It felt huge as he settled his hands on her hips, holding her firmly where he wanted her. He drove forward, his long hard cock tunneling up into her ass mercilessly until he was buried up to his balls. She screamed as the huge prick rammed in until she thought it would split her in two. He pulled out until just the head was in, then drove forward again. He began to ride her with long steady strokes, holding her hips in place as he kept burying his prick in her hot, tight ass. He moved faster, ramming in and out as she begged for more. She came several times then felt him drive forward one last time as the already big prick drilling into her swelled even more before filling her ass with burning sperm.

He didn’t withdraw from her, and to her surprise, didn’t go soft. He began to push in and out again, getting harder with each inward thrust. His hands left her hips to find her tits and manhandle her throbbing nipples. She met his thrusts, swiveling her hips back at his. He pulled out of her and turned her around. He sat her on the edge of the table, drove his rock hard cock into her burning pussy. His thrusts were hard and fast, pulling out until the head was brushing her pussy lips, driving in to the hilt in one long hard push that slapped his balls against her widespread buttocks. Her hips met his each time, she was lost in lust again. He fucked her, watching her face as he drove into her and their hips crashed together repeatedly. He was filling her to the last bit, his cock at least ten inches long and three around.

She was crazy with lust, and when they staggered away from the table and he fell into a chair with her on top, she began to ride him. She teased as he had; lifting herself up until the head of his prick was barely brushing her pussy, then sinking slowly and smoothly down onto him until he was buried as deep as possible. Slowly she built up speed until she was riding fast and furious; fucking him as he’d fucked her. His hands fastened on her tits and the faster and harder she went, the more he manhandled her breasts and nipples. As she was once again Cumming, she felt the telltale swelling of his cock, and he filled her pussy with hot sperm. He pushed her off, and his first words to her were an order to get him some shine, and then go clean herself in the stream. His eyes followed her every move as she obeyed and got the shine for him, then headed out the door to the water.

She had lost track of how long it had been since her capture, and had also given up any hope of escape. All she really knew was that the leaves were starting to turn color, the nights were getting colder, and the spring had gone from cold to warm and was getting cold again. She dove into the pool and swam around to wash the sweat and semen from her skin. The cold water made her nipples and clit throb with renewed hardness and desire. She walked from the water to the cabin, drops of water beading internet casino her aroused flesh.

Unnoticed while she swam, the three men had rejoined her newest ravisher in the cabin. They were passing the jug of shine around, and had obviously each already had several swigs. She was ordered to kneel and the jug was put to her mouth and tipped up. The burning liquor flowed down her throat and spread its warmth through her body. She tingled from head to foot as one of the men tied her wrists together, pulled her to her feet and hooked the bound wrists above her head so that she was suspended from the center roof beam with only her toes touching the floor. She hung helplessly as they drank, played with her exposed and excited body.

Her nipples were rolled between fingers or bitten by teeth; sucked on until they ached with desire as fingers explored her pussy and ass. One of them kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth like a miniature penis while his cock rubbed against her leg. They were all hard, and she knew she would soon be filled by those cocks as she was forced to down more shine. Her head was already spinning and her body pushing at the hands playing about her body.

Two of the men stepped back as the other two placed themselves before and behind her. Her legs were lifted by the man before her, opening her whole crotch to rape by the huge hard pricks closing in on her pussy and ass. They entered her at the same time, both cocks drilling into her. She hung between them as they began to pound in and out, bouncing her up and down to drive them even further into her. She couldn’t move much; could do nothing to resist even if she had wanted to, was completely turned on by her own helplessness. She had truly become their sexual slave and plaything. She no longer remembered anything else during these long days and nights of servitude and sex. She was only their slave, to be used as they wished, and she reveled in the sexual freedom.

The men were moving faster and harder as they approached climax, and she knew they would immediately be replaced by the other two as soon as they came. The thought made her even hotter, and she managed to rotate her hips as the men started spewing hot sperm into her ass and cunt. They both shuddered to a stop and stepped away to sink into chairs, and as she’d known they would, the other two stepped up and worked their pricks into her. They wasted no time in fucking her, pounding in and out until she thought she’d die from the pleasure. She came several times, her body spasming around the two huge cocks. The men were swelling up and spurting their hot sperm into her as the three of them all came together. They pulled out of her and left her hanging there as they sank onto chairs to catch their breath.

She hung there waiting as they handed the jug around, sprawled in their chairs. Her body was starting to ache from the strain of hanging by her wrists and the fucking she had just had. Finally one of the men released her and untied her wrists. He pulled her down to her knees before him and made her lick and suck his cock until it was hard again. He pulled her onto his lap and she slid his prick between the lips of her pussy and into her hot wet sheath. As she lowered herself onto him, his hands settled on her waist and guided her movement until their pelvises were pressed tightly together and she could feel the throb of his cock-head deep inside her. Her muscles clasped around him, making his cock jerk. She started to ride him with long slow strokes, but he had a grip on her and forced her to go faster until they were pounding at each other. She came, his hands mauled her tits and nipples as they kept thrusting at each other. They both came together, and she sagged against him for a moment before the next one grabbed her and mounted her from behind after placing her on the floor on all fours. Another forced his already hard prick into her mouth and began to saw it in and out while her ass was royally reamed. And so it went throughout the night as the men took turns fucking her every way they could think of.

She awoke in the morning wrapped in the arms of the stranger, his semi- hard prick nestled in the crack of her ass. She snuggled back down against him, knowing that as long as he slept with his arms around her, she could sleep too. She was just dozing back off when his hands began to roam across the front of her, finding her nipples and squeezing them to hardness. His prick was harder and beginning to push insistently as he started to buck his hips against her buttocks. She felt desire rise and pressed back harder, swiveling her hips as she did. He pulled away and flipped her onto her back, spreading her legs and driving himself deep inside her hot wet pussy. They fucked fast and hard, moaning and clawing at each other as their bodies slammed together. She shuddered to a climax, just seconds before he let loose a hot flood of semen and collapsed across her body.

“Come on man, git off ‘er an’ let someone else have some fun.” one of her original captors said. She looked up and saw him standing above her, hard cock in hand and a lewd grin on his face. He was the one who always used her first thing in the morning. He mounted her and began battering her pussy with his huge prick, fucking her ruthlessly and quickly filling her with yet more burning semen as she came again. As he climbed off, he lightly slapped her thigh and ordered her to fix breakfast for all of them.

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