Car Saleswoman Ch. 02

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Lisa came into work at the dealership early Saturday morning to set up for the big weekend sales event that had been advertised all week on TV. Even though she had finally sold her first car the day before, she didn’t feel any better about her job security. Her boss was not as impressed as she thought he would be for making the sale, even though it was a hard to sell high end model. He came close to firing her but she was able to convince him to let her stay on with the company little longer. Lisa figured the only reason he let her stay on is because he needed all the sales people he could get on the lot for what was going to be their busiest day of the year. Lisa was determined to sell a car today and knew she was probably going to have go the distance like she did the night before to make the sale.

As expected, the dealership quickly filled up with customers and soon there were more customers then sales people. Lisa knew she had to be picky about what potential customers she approached. She avoided couples who were car shopping and other women. She zeroed in on the single men smiling and trying to make eye contact. Soon she caught someone’s I and he smiled back. She approached him and started going over all the features of the different models. She finally zeroed him in on a model that he seemed to like. She went with him on a test drive and he seemed to be very happy with the car. She brought him inside the dealership almanbahis to go over the price and payment terms with him, she was ready use the same strategy that she did the night before to finalize the sale if she had to. She was disappointed to find that all the offices inside the dealership were taken by other sales people. Lisa figured this guy really did like the car, so maybe she could sell it without any “extra motivation.” She used the computer in the lobby to print out the sale and loan details and started to go over the details with her customer. The price was higher then he was wanting to pay and even after she came down as low as she could on the price and offered him the longest possible term on the loan, it looked like the deal was in jeopardy. She told him that the price was only good for today’s sale and that he would never see a price like that again. He was still reluctant to make the purchase and said that he wanted to think about and that he might come back later that day. “How about you take one more test drive” she said, “So you have something more to think about.” He agreed to another test drive. Before they left, Lisa printed a sales contract to bring with her. Soon after they left the dealership on the test drive, Lisa made her move. She scooted over on the passenger seat to the edge closest to the driver. “Just think about it” she said “All the girls you could get with this nice new car, and almanbahis yeni giriş all the things that they will want to do to you. Just riding in this car almost makes me want to do some things.”

“What kind of things?” He asked with a big smile.

“Why don’t you pull over someplace and let me show you.” Lisa replied. She could see a bulge start to grow in his pants. Lisa started to rub his dick through his pants causing it to grow even faster. Lisa then unzipped his pants so she could get easier access to his manhood. She started to stroke his cock as he pulled into an empty parking lot. Just as with the customer the night before she stroked and rubbed his cock until she got him to the verge of an orgasm. She took her hand off his dick just a few seconds before he was able to blow his load and started to play with his balls. With her free hand she held up the sales contract. “Want me to finish you off?” She asked as she pointed to the signature line.

“You’re going to have to do more than that to get me to sign this.” he said

“No problem” Lisa said “My job is to make sure my customers are happy.” Lisa knew that she was lucky to get away with just a hand job on the previous customer. She would have been willing to suck cock the night before to make thing sale and things were no different today. Lisa took off her shirt and bra to give her customer a nice pair of tities to play with as an added almanbahis giriş bonus as she sucked his cock. She wanted to make him as satisfied as possible in order to make the sale. She started sucking his cock taking it deep into her throat and running her tongue up and down his shaft all the way to the tip. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock until she started feeling his muscles start to contract, signaling he was getting ready to give her a mouthful of sperm. She let go of the lip hold she had on his cock and started running her tongue up and down the shaft, doing just barley enough to keep him from loosing his load. Again she pointed at the sales contract, signaling to him what he had to do to be able to finish in her mouth.

“You’ve got to go a little farther then this” he said. Lisa was not was not willing to go any farther to make the deal. She wasn’t willing to give her pussy out to make a sale so she tried to call his bluff.

“This is as far as I go, take it or leave it.” She said and continued licking his cock and took her hand and started playing with his balls for some extra motivation. He started to reach for his dick as if he was going to finish the job himself. She grabbed his wrist to stop him. She knows he could easily over power her if he wanted to but she had to try. She took his cock back into her mouth and looked up into his eyes with that innocent stare that she gives when she wants to get her way. He finally gave in to her demands and signed the sales contract. As a reward she started sucking him off, giving him the little extra motivation that he needed to release his load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

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