Cara : Chance Meeting at the Gym

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Another story about Cara, a middle-aged librarian with a thing for young and hairy women…


Cara was distracted, although while at the gym she worked out at it wasn’t unusual for the middle-aged woman to look around at the females in their skimpy attire and let her mind wander. To be honest however, most of the women there were boring to Cara, who had tastes that were eclectic when it came to women, but she was fond of looking at the female form regardless and the sweat even made it sweeter.

The young woman who had caught the librarian’s eye was no stranger to Cara, and because this gym was a considerable distance away from work she was shocked to see someone she knew, since Cara preferred to keep her professional life apart from her personal life.

Cara didn’t know Leigh Davis very well, since the twenty-something woman worked on another floor of the Library, although their paths had crossed on occasion. Cara knew Leigh well enough to know that the younger woman was known as a tree-hugger and a vegan, which probably meant that the clerk had little in common with the older and more conservative administrator in most matters.

Still, there was something about Leigh that attracted Cara, and not just because of the vague rumors that followed her young colleague. Leigh was not beautiful by any standards, having some complexion problems and a rather plain appearance, but she also seemed to eschew make-up in preferring a more natural look. Natural – now that was something that Cara appreciated.

So Cara kept an eye on Leigh as she worked out, trying to keep out of her sight as she watched. Leigh’s gym clothes were no more provocative than her own, so Cara didn’t get much of a look at what seemed to be a lean and fit body. Eventually, Leigh headed toward the locker room, and after waiting a minute Cara followed her in.


The locker room was not crowded, which made it easy for Cara to find her colleague who was undressing down in the corner with her back to the center of the room. The young woman was stripping down quickly and so Cara followed suit, hoping that Leigh would choose to take a shower.

Skinny girl, Cara noted, but no tattoos within sight so far, which was a plus for Cara. When Leigh peeled down her panties, she revealed a pert butt that was quite shapely, and for a second Cara was unsure whether the darkness in the crack of her butt was hair or a shadow but Leigh was already on her way to the showers with a towel in hand.

Cara quickly stripped down, peeling off the cumbersome breast compression band that had kept her bust masked all day at work, and after giving her breasts a squeeze to get the blood flowing she hurried into the shower room.

Leigh had chosen one of the shower towers at the back of the room so Cara tossed her towel on a hook and walked down that way toward Leigh, who was soaping up her hands and oblivious to Cara heading that way.

From the side, Cara was surprised at the profile of Leigh’s breasts, because while they weren’t large they seemed to defy gravity the way the cones jutted straight out with nipples like stacks of dimes.

“Hello there,” Cara said cheerfully after arriving at the tower of nozzles opposite Leigh, and Leigh didn’t answer at first, instead merely glancing up at the chest of the busty woman across from her.

Then Leigh glanced up at the face the voice was coming from, and it was then that the girl did a double take, looking up at Cara and then back down at the pendulous breasts that the torrent of shower spray was pelting.

“Oh! Hi Cara!” Leigh said, clearly shocked at seeing it was her co-worker naked in front of her. “Didn’t recognize you at first.”

“Small world,” Cara said with a laugh, and she was pleased when Leigh seemed to recover from the shock of seeing her the way she really was outside of work.

Better yet, Cara’s flesh tingled when she watched Leigh casually squirt soap into her palm and worked the lather into an armpit that was just the way nature intended.

Leigh’s bush was a generous triangle as well, and as Leigh lathered that thick jungle Cara felt her own nipples swell. Cara was also pleased that Leigh kept checking out her breasts as subtly as she dared, and in return Cara soaped them generously under the younger woman’s gaze.

Cara was determined to stay under the spray as long as Leigh did and was pleased when she stayed in the shower for a long time until she was finally rinsed off and reluctantly killed the spray. Cara left a few seconds afterward and padded over to the area where Leigh was drying to exchange small talk, and as they dried there was little effort on either of their parts to not look at the other.

Cara’s nipples were so stiff they felt like they would explode as she enjoyed letting her co-worker look at her really for the first time, and like most others who saw her large breasts out of their cramped confines Leigh seemed stunned at their massive size as they dominated the older woman’s short 5’2″ frame.

Cara also enjoyed the little güvenilir bahis smile Leigh gave when she got a look at the sparse wisps of hair under Cara’s arms as she dried her scalp, and as a thank you Leigh made a point of letting the older woman get an extended view of the dense jungles of her armpits. The girl was not in the least bit shy about exhibiting the profuse growth as she dried them thoroughly and shamelessly. Cara was quite pleased to note that Leigh put on her clothes without poisoning those hairy hollows with chemicals either.

Cara appeared ready to wrap the compression band over her breasts as she got dressed but changed her mind and put the wrap in her gym bag before pulling her sweater on, something that seemed to please the younger woman.

“I’d love to,” Leigh replied when Cara asked if she would like to go out for a drink, and it was then that Cara sensed that Leigh was hers for the taking and had been hoping to attract the librarian with what bordered on flaunting her natural assests.

“If you’d like we could take my car and then I’ll bring you back,” Cara suggested, and when the younger woman agreed she let her in the car and started it up.

“Actually, I live nearby,” Cara mentioned as she drove out of the gym parking lot. “If you would prefer we could go there for…”

“Yes, I would very much like that,” Leigh said, not even waiting for Cara to finished the question, and all Cara could so was smile as she stepped on the gas.


“This is a beautiful place,” Leigh gushed as she looked at Cara’s upscale house while her host locked the door behind them.

“Thank you,” Cara replied, taking Leigh by the elbow and leading her through to the den where Cara had a little bar in the corner of the indoor/outdoor room.

“Oh wow – a hot tub,” Leigh said when she looked across the room, and the fact that the librarian’s place was just as the other girl had described was just another indication that the stories about Cara were not fictional ones.

“It’s a shame that I wasn’t expecting company or else I could have had it warmed up for us,” Cara explained. “Maybe another time?”

“I’d love that,” Leigh said, and when Cara asked what she would like to drink she answered, “Whatever you’re having.”

“Try this,” Cara said as she handed Leigh a rocks glass half full of Bailey’s and ice.

“Mmm – I love this. Goes down too easy though,” Leigh added. “Have to remember I need to drive home.”

“Do you?” Cara asked. “You’re welcome to stay.”

“Oh?” Leigh replied. “Wouldn’t want to be a bother, but it is nice to relax and get to know you better. I’ve only really got to admire you from afar in the past and people are often so different away from work than they really are”

“I’m flattered and you are right. This is a nice chance for us to get to know each other outside of work, since I don’t get down to your floor much these days” Cara said as she came around the bar as she escorted Leigh to the side of the room and turned on the outside light to show her guest the pool. “Too chilly for swimming though.”

“Wow, this is really something,” Leigh said. “Plus, it’s so private that you can really enjoy yourself without prying eyes. It would be nice to try this out on a warmer night but I’ll take a rain-check for now. Besides, we’ve already seen each other wet tonight.”

“Quite well at that,” Cara agreed

“That’s right,” Leigh responded with a blush. “When you first came up to the shower I didn’t recognize you. You sure looked – different.”

“Different good or different bad?” Cara asked.

“Good,” Leigh said. “Most definitely good.”

“Thank you,” Cara replied and raised her glass so they could clink the vessels. “I would like to be able to say that I didn’t know you were there, but that wouldn’t be true. That was why I came down and shared your shower. Hope you didn’t mind.”

Leigh shook her head while taking a sip of the cream whiskey.

“My turn to be flattered, Cara,” Leigh said. “My looks might best be described as not for everyone.”

“I’ve always found you rather intriguing, if you don’t mind me saying so. Seeing you in the shower tonight – let’s just say I think you have an amazing body,” Cara said.

“I do?” Leigh replied with a shyness that she hoped wasn’t overdone. “I mean, I’m certainly not used to hearing that. Especially from somebody that looks like you.”

“Nice of you to say but I’m not a young girl anymore.”

“I’d love to look half as as good as you when I reach your age,” Leigh said before struggling for words, still rather stunned that the older woman really did have an enormous bust, just as rumored. “I had no idea you were so… well endowed. Why do you wear that thing?”

“I don’t like the attention I get from some people,” Cara said. “Makes my skin crawl, but around people I like – other women – that’s different. Around other women I feel relaxed, even if they stare.”

“Oh, there were a couple of them staring,” Leigh said with a nervous chuckle. “Besides me I guess. I know türkçe bahis if I had your body I wouldn’t hide it.”

“Maybe yes and maybe no. Maybe for the same reason you don’t wear sleeveless blouses at work. Some things aren’t appreciated.”

“Touche,” Leigh said as she blushed and nodded before finishing the rest of her drink and spinning the ice cubes around in the glass before asking, “And you’re one of those ones that do?”

“I think you know the answer to that, don’t you?” Cara asked as she stood so close to Leigh she could feel the heat from her body.

“Don’t know what to say except I thought I did but one can never be certain,” Leigh replied.

“Maybe you could start off with asking to see the rest of the house,” Cara suggested, but just as Leigh started to speak the older woman interrupted her.

“If you don’t mind me being blunt, after sharing the showers with you there’s only one room I’m interested in seeing, Leigh cooed.

“This way.”


“Wow!” Leigh whispered as they entered the bedroom, the act of them tripping the sensor activating the soft lighting that bathed the room with a warm glow.

Cara loved the reactions of her conquests when they got a look at the rather lavish surroundings, the creature comforts that her position allowed her to enjoy. Along with the large round waterbed and the mirrors above it, there were the extras that the guests weren’t aware of like the cameras that monitored every move.

They were there to document the activities that went on in the room, and although the reason Cara gave to the company that installed the cameras was to keep an eye on the cleaning people, that was only one excuse, and that was way at the bottom of the list.

The main reason was to have a lasting memory of her conquests, and many was the night when Cara would spend an evening watching herself making love to women of all ages. There were over thirty evenings on film, and while some were better than others they all had wonderful erotic moments.

The thought that if something happened to her the tapes would be found did not phase Cara in the least, because she had no children or relatives worth a damn. One of the benefits of being very single and not giving a damn what others thought of you.

“You like?” Cara asked an obviously awestruck Leigh as she led the younger woman towards the bed, and as she stopped by what looked like a dresser and pushed a button. the drawer opened to reveal a small refrigerator with champagne chilling. “Thirsty?”

“No,” Leigh’s quivering voice replied, and with that Cara took Leigh’s glasses off and set them on the end table before cradling her face in her hands.

“You look nervous.”

“I am,” she admitted while looking down at Cara’s hands moving down the row of buttons on her blouse, and when the mature librarian opened the blouse up she smiled at Leigh’s heaving chest before peeling the top off her pale shoulders.

“God help me how I love hairy women,” Cara whispered as her fingers toyed with the dark brown hair that peeked out from the folds of Leigh’s arms even though they were at her sides.

Cara moved behind Leigh and undid the hooks of her bra, kissing the slightly scarred back of the younger woman as the harness popped open, and then Cara’s arms slipped around her and replaced the cups with her hands as the bra went to the floor.

“Incredible tits,” Cara muttered while grinding her own breasts into Leigh’s back.

“Want to see yours again,” Leigh said but Cara was already reaching into the drawer for a prop, and in a matter of seconds had managed to grab Leigh’s wrists and slapped the handcuffs on her, leaving her with her hands locked up behind her head.

“You will,” Cara said while turning the girl around to face her while calming any fear she might have about the toy handcuffs. “If you want to get out of them, all it takes is a little jerk and they pop open. Okay?”

Leigh nodded as Cara took at step back to enjoy all of the younger woman’s natural beauty. The gravity defying breasts and their conical nipples that stuck straight out were enough to make Cara wet but it was the sight of Leigh’s armpits that drove her crazy.

The rich brown hair stuck out like little feather dusters, completely filling what seemed to be deep caverns under her skinny arms although with all of that hair it was impossible to see how deep. Cara reached up and raked her fingernails through the jungles, and nearly swooned when all that came out of the moist tufts was a faint soap scent and raging pheromones of a girl in heat.

Cara let out a moan before lurching forward and burying her face in the lush growth, licking and sucking and snorting in a very feral manner while Leigh stood there and shivered from the assault, and after Cara repeated the action under Luann other arm she yanked Leigh’s jeans down while going to her knees.

“Ooh!” Cara moaned while running her hands over the crotch of Leigh’s panties, with the outline her bush clearly defined. “How I adore hairy girls!”

“Am güvenilir bahis siteleri I hairy enough for you?” Leigh asked as she looked down at her colleague who was saying and doing everything she had been warned about.

“Mmm…” Cara grinned as she yanked down the panties while looking up at the young girl and the droplets of sweat drooling down her sides from her armpits. “What do you think?”

Leigh popped the handcuffs off and reached down, grabbing Cara and pulling her up to her feet but when she tried to yank her sweater off Cara pushed the younger woman back onto the bed and straddled her.

Looking down at her prey, Cara reached down and peeled the sweater up and over her head, and after tossing it aside leaned forward a bit and sneered, “These what you wanted?”

“Omigod yes,” Leigh moaned as her hands flew up and grabbed the pendulous breasts, leaning up and burying her face between the weighty globes and making no effort to hide her lust.

“That’s it baby,” Cara moaned as she let Leigh suckle on her plump nipples. “Suck on my tits. Suck them hard.”

“So big,” Leigh whimpered as she kept kneading the doughy flesh while her lips tried to inhale the fat pegs, and Leigh lifted her elbow to let Cara’s hand under her arm to pull on the damp bushy growth until the older woman could hold back no more and pushed her back onto the bed again and climbed over her while spreading her legs wide.

“OH!” Leigh cried out as Cara dove down and buried her face in the pussy, tonguing the steamy fold while snorting like a pig unable to control herself as the younger woman clamped her thighs around her head as she came hard.

Cara was having trouble breathing when she finally pried her head out from between the young woman’s thighs, after which the librarian fell off to the side of the still shivering girl.

“Wanna make you cum,” Leigh said as she got up to her knees and knelt beside Cara, running her hand through the sparse fur that grew on the older woman’s mound before slipping a finger in a wet gap, and when she saw how gaping Cara’s pussy was she stuck and second and third finger in.

“Show me,” Cara was saying as she started squeezing her own jugs. “Show me your armpits.”

“You really do dig hairy pits don’t you?” Leigh said as she lifted her free hand behind her head. “Guess the rumor was true.”

“OH!” Cara groaned when she felt the younger woman slip her pinkie in with the other three fingers and started to spin the four digits in. “Fuck!”

“Word around the library is that every time a woman starts working there that has hairy arms, you’re all over them,” Leigh taunted as she watched the normally in control woman begin to lose it. “My arms aren’t all that hairy so I thought that’s why you never hit on me, but I guess the rest of me makes up for that, doesn’t it? Did you see my asshole yet?”

“Want to…”

“You want to what?” Leigh said just before she wedged her thumb into Cara’s pussy, the older woman’s squeal making Leigh spin her clenched fist into the now gaping hole. “You want to see my ass crack?”

“No – give it – sit on my face!” Cara cried out. “I want to eat your asshole!”

Leigh laughed as she swung her leg over the librarian and backed up, straining to keep her fist in Cara’s cunt while wiggling backward toward’s Cara’s face.

“Closer,” Leigh heard Cara beg as her hands went from her breasts and up to Leigh’s hips while trying to pull her backwards. “Can’t reach.”

“You want it my anus? Is it hairy enough for you?”

“Yes – please!” Cara cried out as she clawed at Leigh frantically.

“What about my hand? You want me to stop fisting you?”

“NO!” Cara yelled as she lifted her left leg up and back, allowing Leigh to grab her by the back on her thigh and pull her bottom half back even further which allowed her to keep her hand spinning inside while she sat on Cara’s face.

Leigh jumped when she felt Cara’s tongue burrow through the dense hair and into her anus. The snorting sounds the older woman made were a perfect match to the feral way she was feeding at the young woman’s puckered ring, and Leigh kept spinning and pushing her little fist into Cara’s pussy until almost five minutes and two orgasms later the librarian had enough.

“No more – no more,” Cara was saying as she struggled to get out from under the lithe hirsute girl and her increasingly brutal fisting.

“That hurt,” Cara said as she crawled into a fetal position and hugged herself.

“Should have told me to stop earlier,” Leigh replied as she looked down on the red-faced older woman. “Sounded like you were getting off on it.”

“I was,” Cara mumbled to herself as she brushed the little curly hair off of her lips, her pussy raw and sore.

“I’m sorry,” Leigh said as she tried not to smirk at seeing the usually smug administrator reduced to this shivering woman next to her, and as she squirmed down next to Cara she put her arm around her shoulders and drew her close.

“I’m okay. It’s alright,” Cara said as she snuggled under Leigh’s arm with her cheek nestled in the damp tuft of air as she inhaled the natural aroma, and suddenly remembered things that were said when she was in her frenzy. “What were you talking about before? What rumors?”

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