Cards Night Distraction Pt. 02

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It was a week since I had joined George and his friends at their cards night. I spoke to Mandy during the week and organised for her to join me at this week’s cards night, as I promised the guys I would bring a friend.

At around three o’clock, I heard a knock at the door. Expecting Mandy, I headed over and opened it.

“Hi gorgeous, you’re nice and early” I said, as Mandy came inside.

“Hi honey, yeah work was quiet so I finished early.” Mandy replied, as she put her bags down. “So tell me about tonight.”

“George has a few friends over for a cards night each week. He invited me last week to be a distraction so he could win, and let’s just say they all won. They never finished playing, I think I was too much of a distraction. I promised them this week I would bring a friend along.” I said.

“Sounds fun, how old are they?” Mandy asked.

“They are all around mid-sixties, you will like them.” I replied.

“They got me so wet. After all four fucked me, we sat around the lounge. They asked questions that got me so turned on. They watched me then came all over me.” I said, with excitement.

I made us a coffee, and for the next few hours we sat out on the balcony enjoying the last of the afternoon sun. Around five o’clock, we headed inside to get ready. Mandy headed for a shower while I did the few dishes before heading to the bathroom. As Mandy finished her shower, I got in. After I washed, I hopped out and dried myself before joining Mandy in the bedroom.

“What are you wearing honey?” Mandy asked.

I pulled out a red g-string and matching bra, remembering how much the guys liked what I wore last time.

“Wear this.” I said, handing Mandy a black g-string. “Wear your black bra to match.”

Both standing naked, I moved close to Mandy kissing her on the lips. My hand softly rubbed her pussy, getting her wet and ready as I moved my lips down sucking her nipple.

“God honey, you always know how to get me wet.” Mandy said, as I moved away.

We both slid on our bra and panties before deciding on what to wear. I put on a short black dress while Mandy pulled from her bag a short denim skirt and a blacktop. Once we were dressed, we headed out to the lounge. The time was nearly seven o’clock. I grabbed my keys and we headed out the door, locking it behind us. We caught the elevator to George’s floor and made our way to his apartment. I knocked on the door, and pretty soon the door opened.

“Hi Toni.” George said, with a smile.

“Hi George, this is Mandy.” I replied.

“Guys this is Mandy, you have already met Toni.” George said.

“Hi Mandy.” The guys replied.

The three of us headed to the kitchen, while Arthur, Bob and Mark sat at the card table with their eyes looking Mandy and I up and down.

“Are you ladies joining us.” Mark asked.

“You guys play, we will watch.” I replied.

George joined the other three at the table and continued playing. Mandy and I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat to watch. After about twenty minutes, George got up and poured Mandy and I a shot of whisky before pouring one for the guys. No sooner had we skilled it down when George poured us another. After three, Mandy and I were feeling very relaxed. George poured us one more before we both headed to the lounge and sat on the couch together.

“So, who’s winning?” I asked.

“I hope all of us soon.” Mark replied, with a cheeky smile.

“Why don’t we give them a little tease.” I whispered to Mandy.

I got up and slowly undressed revealing my red panties and bra. As I put my clothes on the side of the couch, Mandy stood up and removed her clothes before we both headed to the kitchen for one more shot. We both skulled our drink knowing it was going to make us very relaxed. We headed back to the couch and sat down, noticing the card game had paused. I could tell Mandy was feeling like I was, very relaxed from the alcohol and ready to be used. I grabbed Mandy’s leg and pulled it over mine, showing her tiny black panties barely covering her pussy. I ran my hand up her thigh teasing her.

After a minute, I Hopped up and guided Mandy to the floor. I pulled her panties to the side and slowly licked her pussy. As I looked up, the guys had put the cards down and were standing up undressing. All of a sudden, I felt a cock slide inside me as George and Mark took turns fucking Mandy’s mouth as Bob stood, stroking his hard escort izmir cock watching on.

After a few minutes, George and Mark helped Mandy up. Mark sat on the couch and guided Mandy onto his hard cock. As she rode him hard, he grabbed large breasts sucking her hard nipples. George moved behind her, slowly pushing her forward.

“Fuck baby, time to fill that nice arse.” George said, pressing his cock against her.

His cock slid inside, as she let out a loud moan. Now with both cocks buried deep, they fucked her nice and hard.

Arthur slid his cock out of my pussy and laid me on my back on the floor. He knelt between my legs sliding his cock back inside me. As he fucked me, Bob knelt, filling my mouth with his cock.

“Oh, fuck honey, that feels good,” Bob said, as I sucked his cock.

After a minute, I slid his cock out of my mouth. As I started stroking him, I ran my tongue around his balls.

“Fuck, oh yeah, harder, harder, oh god I’m cumming.” Mandy screamed.

As I looked over at Mandy, I had a clear view of Georges balls slapping against her as his cock slid in and out of her arse.

“That feels good honey.” Mark said, as Mandy collapsed on his chest.

“God, yeah.” She replied, between her heavy breathing.

George slid his cock out of her arse and helped her up.

“Your turn honey.” George said, taking my hand.

Mark got up from the couch before Bob took his place. I turned around and mounted him backwards, sliding his cock in my arse. As I laid back on his chest, Arthur moved in between my legs sliding his cock in my pussy. As both guys fucked me, George laid on the floor. Mandy mounted her wet pussy over his mouth feeling his tongue explore the wetness between her legs. Mandy grabbed Marks cock pulling him close, teasing the head of his cock with her tongue.

“Oh baby, that feels good.” Mark said, holding her head as he slid his cock deep in her mouth.

All of a sudden, I could feel my pussy ready to explode. As the guys fucked me hard, I started to moan over and over.

“That’s it, cum baby.” Arthur said, as he continued to feed my pussy with his cock.

“Yeah, yeah, my god I’m cumming.” I screamed, as my body shook. “Oh fuck.”

All of a sudden, both guys pulled their cocks out of me and helped me up. I laid on the floor fingering my pussy, watching as Mandy took on all four cocks. George guided Mandy onto his hard cock as she stroked Arthur and George while taking Bob in her mouth. After a few minutes of watching, I made my way over to Mandy and sucked her nipples while she continued taking turns sucking Arthur, Mark and Bob’s cocks. All over a sudden, I could sense she was about to cum. Her body started to shake as she stroked their cocks harder and faster.

“Oh god, I’m cumming.” She moaned, as her body collapsed.

As she caught her breath, I laid on the floor, guiding her onto of me in a sixty-nine position. As we both explored each other pussy, the four guys watched on stroking their cocks. I looked up at the guys watching as I spread Mandy’s arse, and without hesitation, Arthur knelt behind her burying his cock deep. I watched his cock sliding in and out of her arse as I continued licking her pussy.

“Oh fuck.” Mandy moaned, before burying her tongue back in my pussy.

All of a sudden, Arthur started pounding Mandy’s arse harder and faster before sliding out. He moved out of the way before Mark took his place. I watched his cock slid inside her burying deep in her pussy. As his cock slid in and out, I ran my tongue over his balls as they slapped against her pussy. Mandy’s body started to tremble, as I felt her ready to cum.

“Oh, fuck, harder, oh yes I’m cumming.” Mandy screamed. “God I’m cumming.

As Mandy’s body shook, she slid four fingers inside my pussy stretching me as she fucked me hard. Mark started to moan as he breathed heavily. His cock pounded Mandy’s pussy as she continued to moan.

“Oh yeah honey, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” Mark moaned, fucking her harder. “Oh, fuck yeah.”

His cock buried deep, explode inside her filling her pussy with his cum. Mandy let out a loud moan as she fingered my pussy deeper. Mark slid his cock out of her pussy and sat on the couch catching his breath. As I licked his cum from Mandy’s pussy, I could feel my body tense ready to cum again. With my lips covered in Marks cum, I started to moan.

“Yeah, that’s it, finger izmir escort bayan that pussy.” Bob said, stroking his cock.

“Mandy, oh Mandy, I’m cumming.” I moaned, as my body shook over and over. “Oh god”

As I started to relax, Mandy rolled off and lay on the floor. George took my hand helping me up before sitting on the couch. I mounted him backwards sliding his hard cock in my arse. His hands grabbed my breasts, squeezing them nice and firm.

“Ready for another cock in that tight arse.” George said, as he squeezed my nipples.

Before I could say a word, Arthur moved in between my legs. As he pressed his cock against me, I could feel my arse being stretched.

“Oh god, fuck me.” I screamed, as I felt the head of his cock slide inside me.

The feeling of both cocks inside me, and the thought of them both rubbing against each other pleasuring me, made my heart race. I reached down and slid two fingers inside my pussy, as I felt their cocks starting to get harder. I looked over at Mandy on the couch fingering her pussy while sucking Bob’s hard cock. All of a sudden, George and Arthur started pounding me harder as they both started to moan.

“Oh, fuck honey, I’m going to cum.” Arthur said.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” George moaned.

“Oh my god, oh fuck.” I screamed, as the feeling of their hard cocks exploding stretching my arse made me cum again.

“Oh, fuck honey, did that feel good?” Arthur said, as he slowly slid his cock out of my arse.

“My god, yes.” I replied, as I got up and sat on the floor watching Mandy.

All of a sudden, Bob held Mandy’s head as he grabbed his cock stroking it hard. Mandy opened her mouth ready to catch his cum as he started to moan.

“Oh, fuck yeah, I’m cumming, god I’m cumming.” Bob moaned. “Oh yeah.”

His cock exploded, shooting cum all over her face and in her mouth. As Bob finished cumming, he sat on the couch catching his breath while Mandy licked her lips swallowing the cum in her mouth. She hopped up off the couch and sat beside me on the floor, passionately kissing me on the lips. I could taste Bob’s cum in her mouth and after kissing, I licked his cum off her cheek.

We all sat catching our breath before Mandy and I headed for a shower. We helped each other wash ourselves clean before hopping out. Remembering how horny these guys were last time, we dried off and wrapped the towel around ourselves and headed out to the lounge to join the guys. George poured a drink for everyone, and we all headed into the lounge. The guys sat on the couch as Mandy and I sat on the floor. For about an hour, we all had a few more drinks and sat around chatting.

“So George, next time, maybe you could find a few movies we can all watch?” I asked.

“When you say movies, you mean porn?” He replied.

“Yeah.” I said, with a cheeky smile.

“Oh honey, I have porn.” George said, as he went to his cupboard pulling out a pile of DVDs. “Pick one honey?”

“You ladies like watching porn?” Mark asked, with excitement.

“Always, who doesn’t.” Mandy replied, as George started the movie before heading to the kitchen.

After a few minutes, he returned with another drink for everyone as we sat watching the movie. A young woman was undressing for the camera. She laid her naked body on the bed and with her legs spread, fingered her shaved pussy. You could see her getting nice and wet.

“So Mandy, you enjoy being gangbanged by a few old guys?” Arthur asked.

“Yeah, I do. I find it a turn-on.” She said, still watching the movie. “Let me ask you something. Why do you like gangbanging women?” She asked.

“Well, I love gangbanging young women like you. What gets me turned on is watching you enjoy every cock.” Arthur replied.

As we continued watching the movie, three guys walked in the room as the woman fingered her pussy. They joined her on the bed and started rubbing their hands all over her body.

“Mandy, have you ever had two cocks in your arse?” Bob asked.

“I have, but I prefer two in my pussy or one in my pussy and another in my arse.” Mandy replied.

I was started to get wet as they continued asking questions.

“So do you guys like watching a girl fingering her pussy?” I said, as we continued watching the movie.

“What guy doesn’t.” George said, with a laugh. “Also watching two girls getting it on is pretty hot.”

Feeling izmir escortlar a little light-headed, Mandy got up to head to the kitchen for a glass of water. As she got to her feet, her towel came loose falling to the floor. Not caring, she headed to the kitchen and quickly returned sitting next to me on the floor. She put her hand on my towel loosening it and dropping it to the floor. Mandy looked up at the guys staring at us both.

“You said you like to watch.” She said, with a cheeky smile.

“So do you ladies often get together and play?” Arthur asked.

“Often.” She replied, as she laid back.

She softly grabbed my arm and guided me down. We laid together kissing as I fingered Mandy’s pussy. I paused from kissing Mandy and looked up at the guys.

“Why don’t you tell us what you want us to do.” I said, before continuing to kiss Mandy on the lips.

“How about you rub those pussy’s together.” Bob said, as he rubbed his cock.

I positioned my legs around Mandy’s and moved my hips in close. Our wet pussy’s touched as we slowly rubbed them together. It felt so good as our wet lips opened and slid over each other’s.

After a few minutes, I looked over at the guys stroking their cocks watching us both.

“Toni, sit that pussy on her face. Cum all over her lips.” Arthur said.

I got up and positioned my pussy over Mandy. Her tongue wildly explored my pussy as I squeezed my breasts. All of a sudden, I felt my body tense as I could feel my pussy ready to explode.

“Oh fuck, honey I’m cumming.” I moaned, as my body started to shake. “Oh god.”

“Did you like that?” Mandy asked, as she licked my dripping pussy.

“Your turn Mandy, spread that pussy over her mouth.” George requested.

As I got off Mandy, I looked at the guys stroking their hard cocks. With the guys watching us I was so turned on and I could tell Mandy was enjoying it also. I lay on the floor as Mandy mounted her pussy over my mouth. With both hands, I spread her pussy burying my tongue deep inside her.

“That feel good?” Arthur asked.

“Yes, oh god yes.” Mandy moaned.

I pushed Mandy slightly forward and started licking the rim of her arse. She let out a loud moan as she slid her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy.

“I’m going to cum, oh my god.” She moaned.

I quickly slid my tongue back to her pussy as she came all over my lips. Her body trembled as my tongue buried deep in her cum.

As Mandy relaxed, she collapsed on the floor. The four guys hopped up off the couch and joined us. George knelt between Mandy’s legs, sliding his cock in deep. As he fucked her, Bob rolled me on my stomach pulling my knees up positioning my arse in the air, while my head lay on the floor. I felt my arse being spread as his hard cock slid inside me. All of a sudden, I heard George start to moan.

“Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum baby.” George said, as he pounded her pussy.

“God, fill my pussy, oh god, oh god.” Mandy screamed.

“Oh, fuck yeah, oh fuck.” George moaned, as his cock flooded her pussy.

As he slid his cock out of her pussy, I felt Bob’s cock getting harder stretching my arse.

‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” He said, as he let out a loud moan.

“Fuck, oh fuck.” I screamed with pleasure.

I could feel his cock pulsating in my arse and a warm sensation of his cum inside me. As Bob slid his cock out of my arse, I looked over at Mandy. Mark was stroking his cock, almost ready to cover her in his warm cum. All of a sudden, Arthur slid his cock in my arse, pounding me hard. I felt my pussy ready to cum one last time, as I felt every inch of his cock sliding in and out of me.

“Oh god, harder, harder.” I screamed. “God I’m cumming.”

As my pussy exploded, I could feel Arthur’s cock was ready.

“Fuck, oh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” He moaned.

His cock exploded in my arse, pulsating deep inside me. Enjoying the sensation, I looked over at Mark positioning himself ready to cover Mandy with his cum.

“Ready to taste it baby.” Mark said, holding her head. “Oh yeah, oh fuck.”

His cock exploded, shooting his cum filling her mouth. As he started to relax and catch his breath, Mandy swallowed his come before sucking his cock clean.

As Arthur slid his cock out of my arse, I collapsed on the floor next to Mandy. The four guys headed to the kitchen grabbing a beer as Mandy and I got up and headed to the shower. Once we washed and dried ourselves, we headed out to the kitchen joining the guys. After a beer with the guys, we headed back to my apartment. Mandy and I sat around chatting about the night before getting a good nights sleep.

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