Carley Ch. 08

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Rob knelt on the sofa behind Carley. He had an impressively long and thick erection which he rubbed against Carley’s outer lips. As he started to work his cock into her, Carley gasped and pulled away.

“Easy with that thing! Take it easy!”

Rob flipped onto his back and pulled Carley down over his face. He licked and tongued her until she was wet enough, then resumed his position behind her. Carefully, he managed to get his cock almost all the way in. Rob often bragged that he was too long for most women. Personally, I believed him. He was at least two inches too long for Carley. I’d heard that he was a considerate lover, though. His XXL girth made him popular, as long as he didn’t try for full penetration.

Carley caressed Rob’s balls as she moved her hips. Rob held her waist and fucked Carley with slow strokes. Carley moved her hand to her clit.

Rob’s fiancée, Alice, watched them closely. She was in “reverse cowgirl” position, pumping up and down on my dick. We were on the floor of Rob’s living room right next to the sofa with an excellent view of Rob and Carley.

Carley bent her head and gave a sigh. She closed her eyes, arched her back and came. I felt Alice tighten on me. She quivered. Alice got a big kick out of watching Rob fuck other women and he loved indulging her. Hell, he loved fucking other women even when Alice was nowhere around.

Rob pulled out of Carley and rubbed his cock in her ass crack. In a move they must have done hundreds of times, Alice leaned her head against Carley’s hip. She opened her mouth and Rob stuck his dick in.

“Tastes good, doesn’t she? Suck it all off, sweetie.”

Alice had a wide “Julia Roberts” mouth and was an expert at deep-throating. She managed to get about eight inches of Rob past her lips. Carley looked at me and rolled her eyes. Alice was concentrating on sucking her soon-to-be husband. I thrust into her, trying to get her attention.

Rob gently pushed Alice’s head away and re-entered Carley. Alice rolled off me onto her back. She pointed her toes at the ceiling.

“Fuck me hard, Jack! I’m ready to cum again. I want to feel you cum inside me!”

I knelt with Alice’s calves on both sides of my head and fucked her. She came in a minute or so. I fucked her a little faster as my orgasm approached. When the moment arrived, I pushed deep into Alice and held myself there. That wonderful feeling, when cum rushes through your cock and into a woman’s pussy never gets old. I thrust into Alice again and again until my spasms stopped. Alice was looking into my eyes and she came again when she felt my cum flow into her. I looked over just in time to see Carley holding Rob’s balls as he shot off. Rob pulled out and cum dripped onto the sofa.

A half hour later, the four of us were relaxing on an oversized air mattress in the pool.

“Hey Carley,” Alice said, “I got a call from Macy’s. Your Maid of Honor dress is ready. You can stop by anytime and pick it up.”

“Okay, good,” said Carley. “We can swing in there on the way to Jack’s place.”

At the mall, I parked in the East lot and we went inside. While Carley tried on the dress to check the final alterations, I went to a jewelry store. I’m kind of a watch nut and I like to prowl for new styles. The clerk tried to interest me in a Rolex, but they don’t really appeal to me. I’m a Breitling fan. I have several Navitimer models.

Back in Macy’s, I stuck my head into the dressing room. Carley was still admiring herself in the mirror.

“I’ll be outside,” I told her.

“OK, just a few more minutes.”

I walked outside and stood under the portico. My view of the parking lot was less than exciting, but the Florida Space Coast weather was perfect.

To my left, a guy in his early thirties, wearing jeans, a faded polo shirt, sunglasses and a reversed Florida Gators cap leaned against the wall. I assumed he was also waiting for someone. As it turned out, I was right.

Five minutes later, Carley came out carrying a large shopping bag. As she gave me a kiss, the guy I’d noticed earlier walked quickly over to us. I automatically checked his hands and saw the knife.

I shoved Carley out of the way and took a short step back, raising my hands chest high in apparent surrender. The instant the robber opened his mouth, I snapped a hard, sweeping kick into the side of his left knee. As his leg buckled, turning him to my right, I stepped forward and smacked him with a full-swing righthanded roundhouse slap to the side of his head, using lots of english and plenty of follow-through. The sound was like hitting a medicine ball with a two-by-six. The robber dropped like a stone. His knife bounced away and came to rest next to the wall.

I glanced at Carley to make sure she was unhurt, then pulled a small stungun out of the left front pocket of my cargo shorts. Bending down, I zapped the robber just below his belt buckle for about five seconds. His body went rigid and a spreading wet patch appeared at his crotch. I was pleased.

I turned to Carley. kocaeli escort “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah. What the hell was that about?”

“Well, I don’t think this guy was collecting for Goodwill. Give me a minute.”

I dialed 911 on my cell phone.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“I’d like to report an attempted armed robbery.”

“What is your location?”

“East entrance to Macy’s at the Melbourne Square Mall on 192.”

“Are there any injuries?”

“Well, the robber isn’t feeling too great right now, but it’s nothing serious.”

I described the robber and his intended victims.

“Officers are on the way,” the dispatcher said.

The robber was starting to recover. He looked pissed and bewildered and defiant. I squatted down next to him.

“Broke into the wrong goddamn rec room, didn’t you, you bastard?”

He looked at me uncomprehendingly.

“I guess he never saw the movie Tremors,” I said to Carley.

Carley smiled. “The one with the big worms? Yeah, I remember it! That couple had every gun in the world and blasted the shit out of the worm. Great scene!”

A Melbourne PD patrol car pulled up and a cop I didn’t recognize got out.

“What’s the problem, folks?” he asked.

I handed him my driver’s license and Florida Concealed Weapon carry permit.

“I’m the complainant. This guy pulled a knife on us. Fearing for my life and the life of this young woman, I defended myself.”

The Deputy looked at my permit and then at me. “Are you armed, sir?”

“Yes sir, I am.”

“You didn’t shoot him?”

“Nope. I didn’t have to. He had a knife, but he made up for it by being really slow and stupid.”

The cop grinned. “You’re right about that! He’s been slow and stupid all his life.”

The cop pulled out a pair of handcuffs and rolled the robber onto his stomach. “How you doin’, Jimmy?” He snapped the cuffs on, paying no attention to Jimmy’s cry of pain. He did a quick frisk and started to yank the dazed robber to his feet.

“You might want to leave him there, Officer. I think his left knee is pretty messed up.”

The cop propped Jimmy against a stone column. He reached into his shirt pocket for a notebook. “OK, tell me what happened.”

I went through the story while the cop took notes and bagged the knife. EMTs showed up and checked Jimmy for injuries. They found assorted bruises and a pair of burn marks on his belly. His knee was swelling rapidly. Jimmy complained loudly and the EMTs loaded him into the bus and drove off. When he was gone, the cop shook my hand.

“You did a good job. Every cop in Brevard County knows Jimmy. This’ll be his fourth armed robbery arrest. I don’t think they’ll let him out so fast this time.”

He gave me his card. “I’ll be surprised if the DA wants to plead this piece of shit down to anything less than felony armed robbery. There’s a good chance this’ll go to trial. Somebody will call you if they need your testimony.”

“No problem, Officer. I’ll be available.”

The cop drove away and I picked up Carley’s bag. We started walking to my car.

“Sorry about pushing you that way. I didn’t know what that asshole was planning. For all I knew, he was some kind of psycho tweaker. If he’d gone after you, I’d have had to shoot him for sure.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. You were so quick! I didn’t know what was going on ’till he was on the ground and I saw the knife. Do you think he was going to hurt us?”

I shrugged. “There’s no way to know. What I do know is, there’s no good reason to trust some stranger who pulls a knife on you. You have to assume he intends to use it. The rule is, ‘Hands, Weapons, Death’. You look at his hands. If he’s armed, you deal with him immediately. Fortunately for him, when I raised my hands, he was looking at them instead of paying attention to what counted. If he’d made a move toward you, I’d have shot him so fast and so many times ……” My voice trailed off.

Carley took the bag and hugged me. “I’ve never been really comfortable with you carrying that gun all the time, but now I’m glad you do.” She kissed me. “Let’s stop by my parent’s place. I want you to be there when I tell them what happened.”

On the way, Carley called her mom and told her we were coming.

“You’ll like my parents,” she told me. “They’re both retired and have a bunch of hobbies to keep them busy. They’re still in their ’40s and look younger. They have a very “open” marriage. As far back as I can remember, they’ve been running around the house naked. They have a lot of friends and they fuck all of them. You know what their house is like. That party I threw a couple of months ago was nothing compared to some of the bashes they run.”

I drove east on 192 and turned south on US1. It took about 40 minutes to get to Sebastian. I parked under a huge Bay tree, removed my paddle holster and pistol and slid them under the front seat. We climbed down out of my ancient Land Cruiser.

Carley took my hand and pulled me through the front kocaeli escort bayan door.

“Mom, Dad, we’re here!!”

A good looking, very well-built man came down the stairs. He was wearing a pair of Nylon gym shorts and nothing else.

“Hi, Carley! Is this the famous Jack you’ve been telling us about?”

“Yeah. Jack, this is my dad, Eric.”

We shook hands. Carley gave him a big hug.

“Where’s mom?”

“Right here, honey.”

Carley’s mother was beautiful. She had on a thin yellow tank top and green shorts. Her red hair didn’t look exactly natural, but it suited her perfectly.

She took my hand. “I’m Cheryl. Carley’s told us about you.”

“Glad to meet you. I love your home.”

Cheryl took my arm and steered me toward the patio. “Let’s get some beers and talk.”

Yeah,” said Carley. “We’re all going to need a drink. Wait’ll you hear what just happened to us!”

We got our beers and sat around a large glass-top rattan table in the shade. Carley launched into the story. At first, her parents were casually amused. Then, as they understood what their daughter was telling them, they both started freaking out.

“What the fuck?”

“Did he hurt you?”

“Did he get away?”

“We have to call the cops!”

Eventually, we got them settled down. Between the two of us, with many interruptions, we got the tale told. Cheryl was terrified and on the verge of tears. Eric was enraged.

“Why didn’t you just shoot the motherfucker?” he demanded.

“Why kill someone if you don’t have to?” I asked reasonably. “That jackass had no damn idea what he was doing. He had the reflexes of a sloth.” I took a drink of my beer. “It would be bad enough to shoot him, but to do it right in front of Carley ….” I shook my head. “That would be much worse. Nightmares, possible PTSD for her, no way. Not if I could help it.”

I took another sip of beer. “If he’d been halfway competent, if he’d threatened Carley, if I wasn’t sure I could take him out without shooting him, it would have been different. But I could see it in his eyes. He was a fool. He was in over his head.”

Eric wasn’t convinced. “How could you know so quickly? How could you make a decision like that in the time you had?”

“He looked at my hands,” I said. “I raised my hands, as if I was giving up and he looked at my hands. That was just stupid. He’d been watching me for a few minutes. He had to know I wasn’t holding anything. Why did he let himself get distracted by my hands? Because he was stupid. I could see it by the look on his face and the way his eyes tracked. He was slow as hell. The other thing was,” I continued, “I waited until he started to say something. When you talk, it adds at least a half-second to your reaction time. His reaction time was shit begin with. I had all the time in the world to smack the crap out of him.”

I smiled and looked at my right hand. “My hand still stings. I can’t imagine what the side of his head feels like right now. He’s probably got a real stunner of a headache. His leg is going to give him fits for quite a while, too. A kick like that can screw up knee joints pretty badly.”

Eric nodded, looking at his wife. He looked back at me. “I don’t know how we can thank you. If Carley had been alone, there’s no telling what that prick might have done. We owe you more than we can ever repay”.

“Oh, think nothing of it. We’ll all have a terrific story to tell our friends for the rest of our lives. You can’t buy something like that for any amount.”

“Well, anything we can ever do, just let us know. Carley says you don’t need money and she’s told us about your house. Still, we owe you big-time.”

Cheryl stood up and walked over to where I was sitting. “Maybe there’s something I can do to thank you,” she said softly.

Carley laughed and elbowed her father. “And here we go!”

Cheryl pulled off her tank top and dropped her shorts. Her breasts were large, firm and truly spectacular, with wide, dark nipples. There wasn’t a trace of hair from her neck to her toes. Her pink pussy lips protruded slightly. She was an inch or two taller than her daughter and much curvier. If it hadn’t been for the fine lines around her eyes and at the corners of her mouth, she could have passed for a woman twenty years younger.

Cheryl leaned over me and held my face in her hands. “You saved my only daughter, Jack. There’s nothing I won’t do for you. Today or fifty years from now. Tell me what you want. Anything at all.”

Carley giggled from across the table. “She means it, Jack. Of course you have to understand, she’ll do pretty much anything for any guy with a hard-on.”

Cheryl gave her daughter a dirty look. “Carley, that’s so not true.”

“It isn’t?” Eric asked. “Seems to me I recall you blowing that fat sloppy kid from down the block two weeks ago and swallowing his load.”

Eric turned to me. “She went out to get the mail and the kid was walking his mom’s dog. Cheryl led him behind the Azaleas, pulled his pants down and izmit escort sucked him off.” He smiled at his wife. “Don’t get me wrong. I know why you did it. You knew I was watching. You did it just for fun. You liked it. I liked it. The kid really liked it. Everybody had a good time. No harm done.”

Cheryl grinned and wiggled her ass. “Next time, maybe I’ll let him fuck me. A kid like that probably doesn’t get laid very often.”

“But back to business,” she said. “Jack, if you want me, you can have me. Call it a down payment on the debt.”

Carley spread her hands and shrugged. “You might as well do her, Jack. I guarantee you’ll have a good time and Dad and I will get to watch.”

Cheryl’s hands were already busy with my belt. I stood up, kicked off my sandals and let her pull off my shorts and boxers. I stripped off my Hawaiian shirt and sleeveless T-shirt. Cheryl sat on her chair and pulled me in front of her. Eric held Carley’s hand and watched as his wife pressed my hardening cock against my stomach and took her first lick of my scrotum. One at a time, Cheryl sucked my balls into her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue. She did that several times until I was completely hard. Then she wrapped her lips around my cock head and, in one smooth motion, slid all the way down until her lips were touching my belly. She held that position for nearly a minute, working her throat and tongue on me. I twitched and throbbed in her throat.

I glanced over at Carley. She had one hand up the leg of her father’s gym shorts, stroking him. Eric winked at me. He pulled his shorts to one side, exposing his daughter’s hand on his erection. Carley bent and began sucking her father.

Cheryl noticed where I was looking. “I hope that’s not going to be a problem, Jack,” she said.

I shook my head. “No, it’s no problem at all. My sister and I have been fucking forever. My father never found out. He wouldn’t have approved. Our mom caught us, though and joined in. We fucked when Dad was away on business. I had a lot of three-ways with my mom and sister.”

Cheryl looked relieved. “Tell me what you like. I’ll be your sex slave if you want.”

I pulled her to her feet and turned her to face across the table. “Bend over and put you elbows on the table top. I’m going to fuck you from behind while you watch your daughter blow your husband.”

Cheryl bent over and stuck out her ass. I rubbed my cock against her slit until she was wet enough, then I roughly pushed into her. I’ve done the “sex slave” role-playing thing many times. I like it. It’s good when I’m the slave, but much better when I’m the master. Cheryl wasn’t especially tight, but she felt just fine. The walls of her pussy rippled on my cock.

As I fucked Cheryl, I looked past her at Carley and Eric. Carley was bobbing steadily on her father. She seemed to have one or two fingers on, or maybe in, Eric’s ass. Eric looked directly into my eyes. “Fuck her hard,” he said softly. “Fuck her ass if you want to. Fuck her tits. Fuck her mouth.”

He put one hand on Carley’s head, guiding her movements. “Do you want to see me fuck Carley?”

“Yeah. Have her sit on your lap, facing me. I want to see both your faces.”

Carley stood up and took off her top and shorts. She pushed three fingers into her pussy, pulled them out and held them in front of her mom.

“Suck her fingers, Cheryl,” I commanded. “Taste your kid’s juices.” Cheryl licked and sucked Carley’s fingers. I fondled Cheryl’s breasts with one hand and Carley’s with the other.

“That’s good, Carley. Now sit on your father’s cock. I want to see him inside you while I fuck your mother.”

Eric slid his shorts down and kicked them away.

Carley straddled her father’s thighs and lowered herself onto his dick. Eric played with her breasts and flicked her nipples. When she was at the top of her stroke, Carley’s wetness glistened brightly on her father’s erect penis.

I squeezed Cheryl’s breasts. They felt firm and totally natural. I’m not usually turned on by big boobs, since they’re often fake. This was different. Cheryl’s tits were real.

“Cheryl, I’m going to sit down and I want you to kneel in front of me and fuck me with your tits. Suck me and tit-fuck me.”

Cheryl knelt between my thighs on a chair cushion. I was slick from her pussy. She wrapped her breasts around me and slid them up and down my shaft. It felt really good. She looked into my eyes and grinned. I bent my head and kissed her deeply. She kissed my neck and chest and belly, teasing me as she worked her way down to my cock. It was worth the wait. Cheryl had some serious cocksucking talent.

Carley stood up and led her father to the table. She stood sideways and grasped the edge of the table with both hands. Eric got behind her and they resumed fucking.

I admired the way Carley’s breasts jiggled and bounced. Small ripples flowed across her ass every time her father plunged into her. Carley grinned at me and stuck out her tongue.

It had only been a couple of hours since I’d cum in Alice. I been made strangely horny by the fight, but I didn’t feel any urgency. I’d have time to do whatever I wanted to with Cheryl. I relaxed and let her alternate fucking me with her mouth and tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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