Carvella Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 — Discipline at her Mistress’s hands.


I’m under a table.

Somehow I know it’s a fancy restaurant, and I’m under one of the tables. Nobody can see me because the tablecloth goes all the way to the floor, which is good because I am naked. I feel a metal collar around my neck and see that I am chained to the table.

People come and sit at the table. I see their legs appear under the table and I can hear their muffled conversation. They are all women. As soon as they have settled I see them shift and move and lift their dresses up out of the way. I know what I am expected to do, and I seem to remember that I’ve done it many times before.

I crawl forward and start licking the first pussy in front of me. I know these dinners sometimes go for hours and I am expected to go around the table as many times as I can in the course of the meal.

For the most part I am ignored; I am merely part of the hospitality of the five star restaurant. One of the perks for which the restaurant is known for.

Lick, lick, lick.


“Why did you come here Miss Moore?” Tatiana asked the kneeling Linda.

Kneeling because that was what Tatiana had told her to do. Linda had reluctantly knelt in front of the chair upon which Miss Carvella sat but she had knelt nonetheless.

“Come Miss Moore, it is a direct question that should have a direct answer.” Tatiana languidly raised her glass of iced tea to her lips and sipped as she seemed to pay only partial attention to Linda kneeling in front of her.

“I want what you were talking about yesterday. I want it for me and for Sarah. I want the good things.”

” ahh yes,” She took a second sip and then placed the glass on the side table next to her, “yes, that.”

She looked down at the kneeling woman before her.

“What was it that I told you was required from you in return?”

Linda tried to remember, but she was disoriented by Tatiana’s accent and demeanor. She couldn’t remember. What had Miss Carvella said yesterday afternoon?

“Miss Moore you are being forgetful. You will have to do much better as our relationship…em…how do you say…becomes more…deepen, yes, deepens…yes I like that.”

Linda remembered, she dropped her head as she said the word, “obedience.”

“ahhh…good.” Tatiana stood, dressed impeccably in a solid black pantsuit that set off her flame red hair. She walked around Linda, still kneeling.

“What should we do to test your newly declared obedience to me Miss Moore?” Tatiana reached down and casually ran her hand through Linda’s hair. “Do you have any suggestions? Hmmm?”

“I could…I could…I…I don’t know.” Linda stammered in a whispering voice.

Tatiana brought her hand up to the top of Linda’s head and tapped her finger, “hmmm…you don’t know. You leave it to me then. Already you understand our relationship.”

She walked further around Linda until she was standing right in front of her. “Look up at me Miss Moore.” Linda did as she was told, “Here is your first test. Ask me what you need to do to prove your obedience. Ask your Mistress to tell you what you should do?”

Linda gulped slightly and whispered, “Miss Carvella, what can I do to prove my obedience to you?”

“hmmm…close, but not quite right,” She sat down once more, picked up her glass and looked sideways at Linda, this time with a slight smile, “ask again, and this time call me Mistress.”

Linda looked at the floor again, embarrassed and blushing, “Miss…Mistress, tell me what I can do to prove my obedience.”

Tatiana’s eyes sparkled with delight as she smiled at her new woman. For she was going to be hers.

“Very good Miss Moore I am pleased.” She lifted her ice tea and took another drink, “I have thought about this before you arrived Miss Moore, and I expect that at some point I will end up having you sit for me. Therefore I need to evaluate the raw material, as it were, so that we can make adjustments and improve the quality before I put brush to canvas. Do you understand?”

“No Mistress.”

“Ahh good, I see at least you are remembering how to address me. What I mean Miss Moore is this.” She set her glass down, leaned in closer to Linda, lightly grabbed her chin and looked her straight in the eye. “I want you to go to the front hallway, remove your clothes, hang them up in the hall closet, come back here and kneel again, naked.”

“I…I…can’t do that.” Said Linda, it was too much, what did she expect?

Tatiana pushed her chin to the side dismissively, “BAAAH! I knew it, get out! You LIER!” She stood and pushed Linda over with her foot. “GET OUT!”

Linda scrambled to her feet and left the living room, almost sobbing now. So confused.

Miss Carvella called as she walked out, “This is the end, Miss Moore, you are going back to your hum drum life.”

Linda walked to the front door and reached for the handle, turned it and cracked the door. And stopped.

She stood for several long seconds. Her thoughts in a whirl, she couldn’t think, poker oyna she couldn’t make herself do anything.

Then the inner Linda made her turn her head and look at the foyer closet. So close, so easy.

The front door seemed to close of its own accord. Her feet moved on their own. Her breathing became more rapid as she took three slow deliberate steps to the closet. Her hand, unbidden, reached up and opened the closet door.

She was dizzy, her vision became tunneled. She unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and hung it on a hanger. Her pants followed. She slipped her shoes off and put them in the bottom of the closet. She looked down at herself in panties and a bra.

She knew Miss Carvella meant everything.

Linda unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders freeing her C-cup breasts. She hooked the bra over the same hanger as her blouse. She quickly slid her panties off and stuffed them into her pants pocket.

She was now naked in another woman’s house. She was now naked at Tatiana’s command.

There was a low chuckle from the other room, “Come Miss Moore, I have seen many naked women, your body is not that special, come come. Come present yourself appropriately to your Mistress.”

Still Linda was frozen, she could still leave, couldn’t she?

“Look inside yourself Miss Moore, you can see that this is what you want.”

Linda shook her head, but she took a step towards the living room and then another. Then quickly, like ripping off a band-aid, she walked into the room, keeping her head bowed so as to not meet Miss Carvella’s eyes and quickly knelt in front of Tatiana.

Naked breasts, naked ass, naked pussy. Naked in front of Tatiana. Naked at the bidding of another woman.

Tatiana’s legs were crossed, she had an air of bored detachment.

“Yes it was inevitable wasn’t it.” Said Tatiana, now bringing her gaze upon the naked woman kneeling in front of her.

“Yes Mistress.” Answered Linda quietly.

“I have a reward for you already Miss Moore,” Tatiana smiled, “You see how quick I am to reward obedience.”

Linda looked up at that.

“You shall be my date to the opening of my gallery show Tomorrow night. What do you think?”

“I…I…” Linda could say nothing.

“Thank you would be appropriate right now Miss Moore.”

“Thank you.”

Tatiana looked at her disapprovingly.

Linda corrected herself, “…Mistress”

“That’s better. Now stand up and let’s have a look at your form.”

Linda stood up trying to cover her nakedness with an arm over her breasts and another covering her pubic mons.

“Hands down Miss Moore, I must have unobstructed view of your body to properly evaluate it.”

Linda dropped her arms to her sides.

Tatiana rose slowly and stood in front of Linda, She looked Linda in the eye then gazed down at her naked breasts. “Miss Moore, you have nice breasts for a woman of your age they look like they’re from a woman 10 years younger. ” She reached up with a hand and softly cupped Linda’s right breast, Linda had a quick intake of breath and her eyes closed. “…and quite firm too.”

Tatiana brought her other hand up and massaged both breasts. Bringing her fingers up to the nipples and pinching them ever so gently.

“Nicely pert nipples.”

She let go and Linda let out the smallest moan.

Tatiana walked around behind Linda, “Nice bottom,” She brought her hand against the curve of Linda’s ass. “A little soft, you will need to work on that.”

Tatiana slid in close behind Linda, spooning their bodies. Slowly her hand snaked around the front of Linda’s hip. Linda was almost mindless now. She anticipated Tatiana’s advance and spread her legs ever so slightly.

“Do you want me to feel you?” asked Tatiana.

“Yesssss.” Linda answered quickly without thought.

“Beg your Mistress to play with you.” Said Tatiana, the fingers on her hand barely brushing Linda’s pubic hair now.

“Please Mistress, play with me.” [did she want that? YES!]

“Ask your Mistress to play with your pussy.”

“Mistress please play with my pussy.” [YES! Oh god!]

Tatiana stretched her hand further around her neighbor’s waist and thrust a searching finger in towards Linda’s moist vagina. Her fingers encountered Linda’s clitoris and labia already moist with anticipation.

“So wet for me already Miss Moore.”

Linda didn’t answer she just started to grind in time with Tatiana’s ministrations. Tatiana was a virtuoso in playing with a woman’s body. She held Linda against her as she played with her clit, fucked her pussy with her finger massaged Linda’s tits, and bit her neck.

Linda forgot everything but the feeling of possessive molestation at the hands of Tatiana.

Tatiana inserted two fingers inside Linda now and started to increase her rhythm. Fucking the other woman, pulling her tightly in an embrace, taking her, molesting, owning.

“Aaahh…AAHAHh…eeeeee…EEEEOOOOH!” Linda started shaking as her orgasm built still Tatiana held her tightly and fucked her canlı poker oyna with her fingers.

“Aaaah…FUUUCCK!” She came as Tatiana impaled her on her fingers.

“Yes, my pet, cum for me.”

She played with Linda until the other woman collapsed at her feet. Linda forgot herself in the ecstasy. The world was no more…

She came back when she heard her Mistress speak.

“I must say Miss Moore, my opinion of you has improved dramatically. This behavior you have shown today is not the act of a boring American working mother.” Said Tatiana as she stood over Linda’s collapsed form at her feet. Linda was spent from her orgasm, it had been the best orgasm of her life, it had shook her to her core.

“hem. Now that you are …how do you say…you are…eh…sated. We shall discuss our arrangement in a more polite setting.” Tatiana held her moistened fingers out for Linda, “But first Miss Moore, kneel and clean your Mistress’s fingers.”

Linda was still too dazed to understand clearly, [did she just ask me to clean her fingers?]

“Up Miss Moore and do as you are told.”

Linda was shaking from her orgasm as she rolled up onto her knees. Tatiana held her fingers in front of Linda’s mouth.

“Come come now, clean your wetness off my fingers, I do not want to go around all day smelling of wet cunt. Someone might think I was a slut…”

Linda opened her mouth and started to lick her fingers clean.

“…a slut like you.”

Linda blushed. She couldn’t quite comprehend how she got here so fast. Kneeling at the feet of her neighbor Tatiana Carvella, naked and sucking on the other woman’s fingers. Cleaning them of her own orgasmic juices.

“That’s enough Miss Moore, now follow me, let’s go sit like ladies and have some tea and talk about our relationship.” With that, Tatiana pulled her fingers from Linda’s mouth and walked out of the living room into the kitchen.

Linda stood on shaky legs. She glanced at the front door again, she could leave right now, she could go back to her normal life.

[I should, I should leave, I should]

But she didn’t. She followed Tatiana into the kitchen.

Tatiana was already seated at the kitchen table, there were two cups of tea and some paperwork waiting in front of the other chair.

“Sit down there Miss Moore…wait, I’m sorry,” And with that Tatiana lifted her gaze to the other side of the room where Linda saw for the first time, Dania was standing, she was naked as well. Linda was embarrassed all over again, Dania had heard the whole thing.

“Dania, we need a towel on the seat so Miss Moore won’t get it wet. She had an exuberant orgasm from my…eh…ministrations, but then you know all about that don’t you girl.” Dania didn’t understand all that Tatiana said so Tatiana rattled off some fast foreign words in crisp succession causing Dania to quickly grab a dish towel and bring it over to lay on the seat for Miss Moore to sit on.

“There now sit Miss Moore.” Said Tatiana, with a warm smile.

Linda sat on the towel she could feel the wetness between her thighs and knew Tatiana was right, she needed the towel beneath her or she would stain the seat. It was one more embarrassment, the truth of it just made it worse.

It felt so strange to be naked. She felt so self conscious. Her nipples were staying hard in the cool air.

“Don’t feel self conscious Miss Moore.” Said Tatiana, almost reading her thoughts, “It is right for you to be nude in my presence. I am a…liker of…an…eh…aficionado of the female body. There is likely few in the world that appreciate a woman’s form more than I. You should feel honored that you get to display yourself to me.”

Linda blushed again, Tatiana’s words didn’t seem to make her anymore comfortable.

“You have a very beautiful body.” Tatiana continued.

Linda looked down now at her lap, she didn’t know what to say.

“It is customary where I come from to say thank you when you are complemented!” Tatiana showed a flash of anger.

“Thank you Miss Carvella.”

“Miss Moore, you forget yourself again. I am being lenient today but these really are infractions that have consequences. In private you are to call me Mistress, I thought we already had that established.”

“I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Remember this is YOUR choice Miss Moore.” And she poured the tea for the two of them.

“Let’s try that again Miss Moore. You have beautiful breasts.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Answered Linda.

“Much better. Your nipples are very pretty as well.”

“Thank you Mistress.” She answered again.

“And I must say I love the feel of you vagina, it is quite moist and inviting.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“I will enjoy tasting you tomorrow night.”

At that Linda looked up in sharp surprise, Tatiana smiled back and said slowly, “And I will enjoy your tongue on my cunt as well.” She said it matter-of-factly and Linda saw the truth in her words. Tomorrow night she would taste Tatiana, her Mistress.

Her tummy did flip-flops. internet casino She felt herself get excited despite her fear. She had never been with another woman and now here she was naked in front of her neighbor being told that she would be performing cunnilingus on her the next day.

Her head was buzzing as the word cunnilingus spun around inside. Linda licked her lips involuntarily.

“See, Miss Moore, already you anticipate my needs. You are a treasure, truly you are.” Tatiana sat back and drank her tea and smiled.

“The paper in front of you outlines our agreement; it is not open for discussion from you. I have laid out all the pertinent responsibilities on your part. Anything I wish to do in return is purely at my discretion; you have no say in the matter. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress,” said Linda as she picked up the paper.

Responsibilities of Miss Linda Moore


Mistress Tatiana Carvella’s Wishes.

•The list below is not complete and is open to addition and or subtraction at the whim of Mistress Carvella.

•Any broken rule is subject to punishment, the manner of which (duration, type, severity, etc.) is at the whim of Mistress Carvella.

•Any associated benefit or perk awarded to Miss Moore is at the whim of Mistress Carvella.


1.Miss Moore will obey her Mistress in all things.

2.Miss Moore will dress per her Mistress’s wishes at all times.

3.Miss Moore will endeavor to satisfy her Mistress sexually to the best of her abilities.

4.Miss Moore will endeavor to satisfy sexually those people her Mistress designates to the best of her abilities.

5.Miss Moore will masturbate at least twice daily.

6.Miss Moore will keep a diary chronicling her sexual encounters, including her masturbation sessions. (The entries should be detailed as they will be reviewed by her Mistress)

7.Miss Moore will sit for portraiture when her Mistress wishes.

8.Miss Moore will keep herself physically fit.

9.Miss Moore will keep her body free from hair (arm pit, pubic area, arms legs, anal area etc.)

Signature of Miss Moore:______________________________________________

Linda looked over the piece of paper. Then up at Tatiana, she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out, what she could say.

“I have already said this once Miss Moore, it is YOUR decision to be here. I am not forcing you to do this. But know this, anytime you refuse me, that is the end of it. The end of it all. You are kicked out of my life and there will be no second chances.”

Linda picked up the pen in a shaking hand and gulped. She stole one more glance at Tatiana and then, with only a small hesitation, signed her name.

“Excellent Miss Moore. ” She took the signed piece of paper from Linda. “I made a second copy for your records. I want you to tape it up in your bedroom to remind you of your commitment.”

“I can’t do that Mistress, what if my daughter were to see it?”

“You shouldn’t say no to me Miss Moore, that is not a good way to start our relationship. Tape it up on your bathroom mirror. I don’t care if your daughter finds it that is your problem. I will be checking up on you and you can bet this will be one of the first things I will look for.”


“Quiet. Do you want this to end? Put it up where you will see it every morning. It is important. Now…next. Here is your diary.” She handed Linda a book with blank pages. “I believe you have one entry to write already. That plus masturbating twice today makes four entries.”

“Three Mistress.”

“Three? Oh yes I forgot, there was one more thing this morning before I dismiss you. Dania, come here.”

Dania walked over.

“Sit here girl.” Tatiana motioned to the chair next to her. Dania sat, understanding that much basic English.

“Miss Moore, I know that you are enthusiastic in your wish to obey me, but I also need to make sure that you are capable in your duties.” Tatiana put her hand on Dania’s thighs and spread her legs.

“Kneel here Miss Moore,” She said indicating the space between the young woman’s spread legs.

Linda shook her head.

“…I can’t.”

“What did you say?” Said Tatiana standing up in front of Linda.

“I can’t Mistress, I can’t..”

Tatiana grabbed Linda’s arm and dragged her to her feet and pulled the naked woman out of the kitchen into the foyer.

“Did you see what you signed,” Linda was scrambling to keep up, “Did you not understand it?” Tatiana threw Linda to the floor.

She stood over the other woman as Linda started to cry.

“Did you read rule four before you SIGNED!” Tatiana slapped Linda’s ass hard.

“You are once again given a decision here Miss Moore. I get tired of having to go through this. You now need to be punished for disobeying me and then bring young Dania to orgasm with your tongue or you can leave now and not come back.”

Linda just cried on the floor, “…please Mistress.”

“Vhat is it going to be Miss Moore!” SLAP, another hard swat on Linda’s ass.

“Owww.” Linda was crying in confused sobs now. “…please Mistress.”

“Please WHAT Miss Moore.”

“…please…please…I…” SLAP

“What, WHAT Miss Moore.”

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