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It was at an all-girls college that Cassandra finally understood what she was. It was the start of her junior year.

She knew she was not pretty or cute.

She was perhaps striking but most told her she was handsome.

She was smarter than those around her but quietly so.

She was not vivacious although not a limp rag either.

It did seem like everyone wanted to be her friend and she was friend to all but all felt she was holding back a large portion of herself.

Until the exuberant one kissed her lips.

Her name was Mariel and she was the center of every storm at school. Her athleticism was ordinary but she was the best player in basketball and softball because she always hustled.

She would at times get on everyones nerves.

It happened at the tail end of study group, she and Cassie were the last two left. Mariel was having a difficult time with a chemistry concept and Cassie found the example that made the concept of valences click in her mind.

Her happiness of discovery erupted with a big kiss to Cassie’s lips that Mariel did not immediately realize she had done. A few moments later she kissed Cassie again but realized it before their lips separated.

She panicked and began to end the kiss but did so slowly. She realized she did not want to end the kiss. She also realized Cassie was accepting the kiss.

She was soon stammering an apology but noticed Cassie was not upset. She was smiling.

A few moments later Mariel saw Cassie look down to her own chest. It was not until then that Mariel noticed Cassie’s right breast was in her hand.

She slid it off but pressed lightly on it as she did.

Mariel quickly began to assert that she was not a lesbian and not to worry about her that she was just so happy to have figured out valences and would not happen again.

Then she hurriedly got up to leave but kissed Cassie’s cheek before heading away.

Cassie picked up her stuff and walked to her room then went into the shower. Her roommate Alma had already showered but was drying her hair in the bathroom.

For the first time Cassie undressed and got in the shower while her roommate watched. She began to masturbate while Alma was still in the bathroom.

Cassie could still feel Mariel’s lips on hers. She could still feel Mariel’s hand on her breast.

Alma heard Cassie’s orgasmic moan and hurried to her bed. She took off her panties and began to masturbate. Her first orgasm shocked her with its intensity but she only stopped long enough to get her gown off before resuming.

Cassie was by then in the room, watching Alma pleasure herself. Cassie was still nude.

Alma saw her but could not stop masturbating. Soon the naked Cassie was sitting in bed next to her caressing Alma’s breast.

Alma had an exceptional orgasm that forced her to gasp for air.

Cassie waited until Alma was breathing normally then leaned over and placed a nipple to Alma’s lips.

Alma’s eyes widened in shock but her lips soon surrounded the nipple.

Cassie slid her hand from Alma’s tit to her pussy. Alma still had her own hand on it but allowed Cassie’s hand to slide under hers.

Alma moaned.

Cassie slid into bed with Alma and kissed her lips as she began to caress the clit. Alma was soon on the way to the biggest orgasm of her life. Cassie slid down and engulfed a tit in her mouth and Alma just exploded into her cum.

Cassie embraced her as she kissed her cheeks and lips softly until Alma fell asleep. A few moments later Cassie moved to her own bed and slept peacefully.

She and Alma were somewhat shy with each other the next morning as they got ready for classes but before they opened the door to go out Alma kissed Cassie softly.

She wanted Cassie to know she had loved the previous night.

Cassie made sure Alma knew she loved the kiss.

The day went normally for them, they did not have a class together that day. Cassie however gave Mariel a soft kiss on the lips as they crossed paths in the hallway stopping Mariel cold.

Cassie smiled.

It was Wednesday and as usual several of the girls went out for an all the fried chicken you can eat special nearby. Alma and Mariel made a point of sitting next to Cassie there. As soon as they settled to eat chicken legs each pressed a thigh to Cassie.

She smiled.

On the walk back a girl called Dana walked next to Cassie. Before they got back to the dorm they were holding hands. Most of the girls were holding hands with another so that was not an announcement of any kind.

But Mariel and Alma holding hands was. Alma was normally the most irritated by Mariel’s exuberance.

When they entered the dorm Dana and Mariel followed Cassie and Alma to their room. The kissing began as soon as the door was closed behind them and all four were nude moments after.

Cassie made love to Dana as Alma made love to Mariel. As soon as those two had orgasms they switched and gave their new partners orgasms. Two other girls had come into the room and suddenly there were threesomes aksaray escort on each bed with frequents changes of characters.

Many orgasms later Cassie and Alma were alone in the room. Alma moved to Cassie’s bed and they kissed and snuggled until they fell asleep.

They showered and dressed and kissed before venturing out the next morning. All of the participants of the previous evenings lesbian orgy kissed each others cheek as the passed by. Before the day was over several girls that had not been part of the orgy were kissing them too.

That evening Cassie and Alma walked down the dorm hallway wearing only t-shirts and visiting with others. In each and every room they had at least one pussy to savor.

It was nearly midnight before they again slept in the same bed.

The dorm usually emptied on weekends, the girls went home to visit with parents. Cassie could not, her parents lived in Italy. Mariel could not, her parents live in Costa Rica. Friday and Saturday night they began to sleep together, eventually.

That first Saturday night Mariel said to Cassie, “I’m sorry I may have turned you into a lesbian.”

“You did not turn me into a lesbian, you just made me realize I was.”

“I still shiver when I think about the kiss you gave me in the hallway. I didn’t think you liked me in the first place and that kiss told me you did and that we would make love.


‘You don’t seem to like sixty-nines.”

“I don’t. I want to concentrate on what I’m doing and what its being done to me. Sixty nines are distracting.”

“In that case, sit on my face please.”

Mariel, Dana and Cassie were feasting on each other when Alma walked in Sunday evening. She got nude and jumped in between them.

They heard a bed being moved and found themselves among ten bodies devouring and being devoured to their hearts content.

Ten young ladies made it through their Monday morning classes like zombies.

The dorms were closed for the holidays, Cassie usually went to New York and stayed with relatives. Alma told her that her Mom would welcome her for the duration.

“You may find that mature pussy is flavorful.”

“When do we leave?”

Cassie did find that mature pussy was very tasty especially Alma’s mom. Alma and her Mom’s best friend entertained each other often.

Be the time school resumed Alma and Cassie considered themselves a couple although there had been no conversations about that. All their previous lovers were welcome to their bed but the large orgies had ceased by the time the school year ended, all had partners by then.

Alma and Cassie stayed for summer school and rented a room at a five room boarding house. There were eight other girls there, all couples.

The ladies did share each other but not freely, there was only one orgy and that was at the end of the summer session.

Alma and Cassie decided to keep the room for the fall semester. They did let Mariel, Dana, and two others know about the rooming house and the vacancies at that time.

Mariel did move in but with a girl they did not know called Emilia. They were distant cousins, and lovers.

Alma and Cassie got to taste Emilia often which was OK since Mariel got to taste Alma and Cassie often.

They graduated and each couple went their separate ways, briefly.

Cassie and Alma decided to form a small company of book editors and bought a large old house to work from. There were three publishing houses in their city and the young women had a lot of work from the start. They worked individually but lived in the same house with their sex partners so there was a lot of love shared.

Alma did not stay long, she decided she was not cut out to be a lesbian. She was ready to be a Mom.

She went home and married a guy that loved her, Cassie was happy for her and was at ease being the maid of honor.

The young ladies did run into stories that were not publishable but were kind in their notes of rejection. Cassie wrote a note to an author that after delineating the the reasons for rejection added, “Your principal married the wrong person, she should have married Julia.”

Six weeks later Cassie received an edited version of the story that was much better with a lot of sexual tension between the heroine called Kelly and Julia but she still had her marrying the boy Stanton.

Cassie sent her a note telling the author she was recommending the book to the publisher but still thought the girl should have married Julia.

She did not hear from the author until the book was published. It sold well.

The author, C.K. Herbert, came to see Cassie a year after the book was published. Charlotte Kelly Herbert was a vivacious redhead that immediately said, “You were right, she should have married Julia. How do I fix that?”

“You don’t, your write a sequel with all the conflicts and the remorse and two really good lesbian love scenes after she realizes Stanton is cheating on her. In the third book she finally marries Julia.”

“I have no idea how aksaray escort bayan lesbians make love,” CK said.

“Go to and watch the lesbian movies there. That part will be easy to write. The hard part is going to be how you convince Julia you want her.”

CK smiled sadly. “Yes, that will be the hard part.”

Cassie kissed her lips. She did not mean to kiss her lips, she intended to give her a reassuring hug, maybe a kiss on the cheek. But she aimed directly to her lips.

She was wondering how CK would react and noticed she had not, she was accepting the kiss. Cassie ended the kiss and looked into her eyes then kissed her again.

CK was now kissing her back.

By the fourth kiss Cassie had moved CK’s hand to her breast, CK caressed it, took her hand away but when she renewed the kiss then put her hand back on Cassie’s breast.

Cassie put her hand on CK’s breast and gently pinched the nipple.

CK moaned through the kiss and slid her tongue into Cassie’s mouth. The intensity and passion increased slowly as breasts were exposed and kissed. Eventually they went to Cassie’s bed and loved each other until they were sated. CK got dressed, kissed Cassie with love and left.

Cassie did not hear from her until CK came to her with the completed second book three months later.

CK said, “I am going to stay in town while you edit it. Point me to the nearest cheap hotel.”

Cassie kissed her. She was happy to see CK but that kiss was intended to be of short duration.

It wasn’t.

Both women needed that kiss badly. In less than ninety seconds they were in Cassie’s bed devouring each other.

They paused for food and to get her stuff out of her car and into the house.

They then resumed their lovemaking.

The following day Cassie placed part two into her list for the publisher, gave CK’s book a quick read, made suggestions, then resumed her job. CK began editing her book as Cassie had suggested. There were love interruptions of course but the next five weeks went by quickly.

Finally CK’s book came up in Cassie’s Q. She read it in one day and thought about it for two days.

Finally she decided she needed to tell CK the bad news.

“Sweetheart, this is unpublishable. You went too fast, there are scenes out of order and characters that appear for no reason. There is little tension leading up to the fight and the fight itself is not convincing, not the end of a marriage fight.

The only parts that are excellent are the two lesbian lovemaking scenes although the first one sounded familiar.”

Cassie kissed CK and smiled. The first lesbian sex scene had been exactly what had happened between them the first time.

CK was very disappointed but over the last few weeks she had seen that. She had in fact rewritten the first half of the book but thought that part was boring so had not switched the pages.

“Bring me the section you re-wrote.”

“It’s boring.”

“I read a lot of boring, I don’ mind.”

Cassie found the new section well written and more in line with the story. CK had added the heroine, Kelly, growing suspicions about her husband. CK had added a scene in which she checks her husbands supposed whereabouts and learns he is not there, had not been in months.

She asks herself if she cares. She goes to Julia to ask for her insight. The conversation is cold, Julia is distant.

As she allows a kiss Kelly intended for a cheek to land on Julia’s lips.

Julia freezes. The kiss continues but eventually ends. They look into each other’s eyes, the kiss resumed.

The sex CK and Cassie shared the day they met now makes sense in the context of the story. So do the three months that passed before the second tryst. Kelly was mentally preparing for a divorce. The second sex scene was when Kelly went to Julia and told her she had filed for divorce.

The quick kiss of congratulations never ended that day.

Cassie said, “This is a good book, we need to do some heavy editing and a little rewrite but we should have it ready within two weeks.”

CK dove for Cassie’s lips and work that day came to an end.

Three months later CK was a bestselling author, her new book was a sensation. She went to talk shows and book signings and was seduced by famous women. She loved all that and told Cassie of every adventure along the way.

Cassie reminded her she needed to start on the third book soon before the limelight faded from her. When opportunities for sex dwindled to less than one per week CK took herself off the circuit and went back to Cassie.

Cassie did not expect her to return although that was her fondest wish and had to convince CK she was definitely welcomed back. It was then that each began to wonder what their relationship was.

The third book would tell them that.

The third book began with the divorce that was soon followed by a parting between Julia and Kelly.

Kelly wanted to celebrate her freedom and Julia accepted it. The did not communicate escort aksaray with each other.

They each tried to find someone but two years after they last saw each other until they met at a mutual friend’s wedding. They ended up sitting next to each other at the dining table.

They lied to each other about how great their lives were while making sure they did not touch each other. After the reception they opted not to stay for the dance part and went home. That night neither could sleep so they got up, dressed and headed to the same cafe.

Kelly was there first and she was facing away from the door when Julia walked in. She immediately saw Kelly and almost turned around and left. Instead she allowed a deep sigh to escape and headed for Kelly’s table.

“You couldn’t sleep either I see,” she said to the astonished Kelly as she sat across from her.

“No, no. I couldn’t. Don’t know why,” Kelly answered.

Soon both had coffee and coconut pie in front of them. They had only had that combination when with each other. Both giggled.

Julia said, “Congratulations by the way, I heard you will be the principal at the new elementary school.”

“Oh, thanks. Congratulations on having your third book published.”

“Thanks. It will not sell as well as the first two but it is the best written.”

“I will buy one.”

“No need, I have one for you.”

“You do? Thanks.”

They talked about the wedding they had just attended and the people they seldom saw anymore. They had a second cup of coffee before deciding to go home.

“I know its late but if you still can’t sleep you could use a book to read. Stop by my house on your way home and I will hand you your copy.”

“Thanks, that would be nice.”

Kelly pulled up to Julia’s house and got out of her car and followed Julia in. She followed Julia to a stack of books on the kitchen counter and picked one out.

Kelly opened her purse and handed a pen to Julia for the inscription. Julia paused, it was the pen she had given Kelly to sign her divorce papers the day before it became final. She found her hand was shaking too much to write.

Kelly kissed her, it was a kiss intended for Julia’s cheek but ended up on her lips. Julia closed her eyes and accepted it. When that kiss ended Kelly kissed her again, and again.

Julia began to kiss her back. Kelly wrapped her up in her arms. Their tongues became re-aquatinted and their hands caressed each other’s ass.

The kiss gained intensity until they found themselves naked on Julia’s bed.

They loved each other. The made sure the other was taken where they wanted to be over and over.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When Julia awoke she was alone in he bed. She should have expected that she thought.

She went to the bathroom and took a quick shower then went to her kitchen.

Kelly was there, still nude, drinking coffee and eating cold cereal.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning,” Julia answered then gave Kelly a soft kiss on the lips.

She prepared her coffee and cereal bowl and sat next to Kelly.

“Do you have anything important to do today?” Kelly asked.

“No, my laundry is it.”

“Sounds boring.”

“What exciting thing do you have planned for today?”

“Promise me you will say yes.”

“No, no, no. You have some amazingly wild ideas that could get us hurt or arrested.”

“This idea would do neither, in fact you might like it.”

“OK, not on my better judgement but OK.”

“Will you marry me?” Kelly said.

Julia stopped on the middle of taking a spoonful of cereal to her mouth and just stared at Kelly. She could not believe she could be so cruel to her.

But Kelly was not laughing. In fact she looked…terrified.

A tear rolled down a cheek.

It can’t be, It can’t be, Julia thought.

She put her spoon down and straightened up.

She looked at Kelly and in a quiet voice said, “Yes.”

Kelly had not been breathing and she allowed a loud sob to emerge. Julia leaned over and softly kissed Kelly’s lips then resumed eating her cereal and drinking her coffee.

Kelly stood, kissed Julia and said, “I will be in bed waiting for you.”

Julia nodded, finished her coffee and followed Kelly to bed.

“I love you,” Kelly said.

“I love you Julia said.

That was how the book ended.

Cassie was happy with it and CK was happy Cassie liked it. Cassie did some minor fixes then sent it to the publisher.

CK stayed with Cassie until the next round of interviews began. CK had been gone for two days when she called Cassie.

“Hey, are you busy?”

“The usual, too many manuscripts piled up.”

“You know, most of these trips are very boring, so boring you could in fact come with me and still be able to work.”

“Yeah, right. You would end up well outside the personal perks zone if you had company.”

“What if I prefer the company to the perks?”

“What are you saying?”

“OK, I miss you and want you with me. You can do your editing in a nicely appointed hotel room and be treated to dinner at nice restaurants. And the best part is that one who loves you will make sure you know you are loved.”

“You love me?”


“I will be there tonight.”

“Thank you. We can get married when we end up in New Mexico.”

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