Caught By Mom Ch. 01

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I had just turned 18, and I was enjoying the general freedoms that come with the life of an 18 year-old. I live with my mom, my dad split when I was tiny, and ever since then it has just been me and mom.

To describe myself, Danny. I am about 6ft tall, with short-cropped, dark brown hair. I am well built, even though I hardly ever visit the gym, and slim. Everyone always told me that I have the most amazing eyes. They are pale blue and a seductive glance at a girl will normally get her interested, which is great! I normally can’t talk to girls, which is not great. I am the sort of guy who will never make the first move, which is generally what the male is supposed to do.

One secret fantasy I have always had is about my mom. I am not exactly an incest fanatic, but my god is she hot! At 37 years of age, she has the most amazing figure. Slim legs, a great ass, which wiggles as she walks, and possibly my favourite rack in the whole world! 36d, with tits that look like they were made to perfection. Not too much of a gap, smallish, pointed nipples with little pink aureoles. Her face was beautiful, perfect red lips, with eyes which I had inherited, except that hers were brown and always whispered ‘slut…’ whenever you looked deep into them. A cascade of bushy brown hair which came down as far as her shoulder poker oyna blades to top it all off. A woman who I had spent many hours jacking off to, and one day I just happened to leave the bathroom door unlocked…

I was in the middle of my daily routine, standing over the sink with my cock just over the level of the rim. My jeans were around my ankles, and my hand was flying up and down my shaft, my thumb curling over the head with each upward stroke. My balls were cupped in my left hand and my eyes were closed. Suddenly, the handle on the door turned. I dropped my hands and was halfway through grabbing my jeans when my mom walked in.

Her mouth fell open in astonishment as she stared at my hard cock. I stood up, turning red, and covered what I could with my hands. I thought she would walk out, but she stood there for what seemed like hours, eyes fixated on my shrinking manhood. Very slowly, I shifted my fingers, allowing her a better view. Eventually she came to her senses and looked up at my face. I still couldn’t read her expression. She stared into my eyes, then she spoke.

‘Well, don’t let me interrupt anything.’ she said, and winked.

I stared blankly, ‘Wha-?’

‘Well, you were obviously in the middle of something when I interrupted you, so I’m inviting you to continue.’

‘Continue?’ canlı poker oyna I said, still in shock at her sassy reaction. Was my mother asking me to masturbate, in front of her?

‘Yes.’ she said simply ‘I want to see how my boy has developed. I want to know if I’ve raised a healthy young man.’ She closed the door, squeezed by me, her hips brushing my naked ass. She then took a seat on the closed toilet, crossed her gorgeous legs and settled her gaze on me.

I stood there for a few seconds, looking at her.

‘Well?’ she enquired after about 10 seconds.

I looked down at my cock, which was by now completely deflated.

‘Yes, it does seem a bit limp doesn’t it?’ she said teasingly.

Ok, I decided, if she wanted a show, I’d give her a show.

I started massaging my balls, and soon my cock was hard again. I wrapped my hand around my shaft, leaving my balls cupped in my left hand, as I had been before. My mom whistled under her breath when my inch cock was fully erect. I let it go and turned around to give her an unobstructed view of my manhood.

‘Yes,’ she said quietly ‘You have developed well.’

I turned back to the sink and began. Mom just watched intently as I stroked my cock with gusto. Soon she had un-crossed her legs and was leaning forward internet casino slightly.

‘Stop’ she said after about 5 minutes. ‘Hold out your hand.’ she said.

I did as ordered. She poured baby oil into my palm and instructed me to rub both hands together, to get it warm.

‘Now, this time try rotating your thumb a bit as it strokes your head, and massage your balls a bit, don’t just hold them there, ok?’

I nodded and continued.

This time the sensations were great.

‘Wow mom, that feels really good.’ I told her, looking over at her. ‘The baby oil really helps too.’ She winked and gestured for me to concentrate on my cock.

I increased my tempo, and very shortly I was preparing to cum.

‘Mmmm, Mom, I’m gonna…’

‘That’s great honey, just keep doing what you’re doing and let it flow.’

She kept her eyes fixated on my cock, occasionally glancing up at my face and smiling.

I let out a low moan as the first jet sprayed forth from my cock and hit the wall over the sink, then the next one went nearly as far. ‘Mmmm’ sighed my mom, still looking at my gushing cock. I milked it until there was nothing left, then turned to her.

‘Did that feel good sweetheart?’

‘Great’ I replied.

‘I’ll bet it did, well you clean up here and get ready for dinner, ok?’

‘Ok mom.’

She stood up and walked over to me, stood on her tip toes and kissed me on the cheek, then walked out, wiggling her tight ass.

‘Please, I Need Feedback if you want a sequel!’

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