Caught in the Act

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Lisa turned and slapped the snooze button on the alarm. Mark reluctantly raised his head to see the time. Five A.M. It was still dark outside. How she could get up so early for work he could never understand. Before she got her new job at the law firm, they were both night owls. Certainly they were not morning people. On weekends, they used to sleep in until ten in the morning, and then enjoy a few hours of intimate time alone together. They would sometimes just talk, kiss and caress. But often they just fucked, over and over, as many times as their bodies could take.

But that stopped happening when Lisa got the new job. She was starting to become a morning person, and their sleep schedules started to drift apart. Most importantly, their sex life was now all but non-existent. Lisa was always asleep long before Mark was ready for bed, and by the time he woke up, Lisa was long gone.

Lisa hit the snooze button again. Nine after five. Her alarm usually didn’t wake him, but this morning he seemed particularly sensitive to it. He rolled away from her and set a pillow on his ear. He pressed his morning hard-on to the bed and he rocked his hips a bit; enjoying the pressure of his hardness against his lower belly. Mark looked forward to waking up later when Lisa was gone so he could masturbate like he did most mornings. He had all but stopped doing it after they got married, but lately Mark had started to look forward to pleasuring himself every morning to start the day.

At 5:18 the alarm went off again. This was unlike her, Mark thought. Lisa usually sprang out of bed at five o’clock sharp and never looked back. She moaned and turned the alarm off, this time flipping the switch so it would not go off again. Mark turned to her. She was facing away from him and he leaned in to kiss her shoulder.

“Morning, baby,” she whispered. She felt his hand slide down her thigh as he pulled himself closer. His hardness startled her as he pressed it against her ass. She thought about how earlier in their marriage she would have either turned around to suck him off or shifted her hips so he could fuck her from behind. They would often just wake up like that and fuck, without even saying a word. But not this morning, she needed to get up. She was already running late.

Just before she could move to get out of bed, Mark slid his hand to Lisa’s tits and gently massaged them. He had great hands; they knew her. They knew how to make her drip with excitement. They could ignite a passion in her that only a good hard fucking could put out. But she couldn’t let that happen this morning. She tossed the covered off her and turned to sit up at the edge of the bed. She stared at the clock. “What is our marriage turning into,” she asked herself. Mark’s hand found her thigh, as though begging her not to go.

“Can I join you in the shower,” Mark asked. He knew she loved sex in the shower. Maybe that could be the spark that rekindles things between them.

Lisa sighed. “Not today, Mark. I have to leave in 15 minutes. But I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” She turned to him, laying her hand on his arm. “We can’t go on like this. We need to find some time alone together.”

Mark nodded and smiled. Lisa stood, and Mark watched her round ass as she made her way to the bathroom. He heard the water in the tub turn on and he rolled onto his back. His hand gravitated to his cock, still hard and throbbing, and he stroked it gently. His heartbeat picked up a bit, and he felt a jolt of blood rush through his body, waking him up. He would wait until Lisa left for work to come, but until then he would just touch himself slowly and enjoy the state of being aroused.

Mark heard Lisa close almanbahis the shower door and turn on the stream of water. He imagined the droplets turn into tiny rivers as they snaked down the curves of her body. She looked so sexy in the shower; the way her perky B-cup tits glistened as water dripped from her protruding pink nipples; the way the drops accentuated the dark hair covering her mound; the way it made her skin feel like silk. They loved to play in the shower. He loved the spray of the water on his face and he ran his tongue across her slick, shaved pussy lips. She loved how long his cock would stay hard when he fucked her. In their favorite shower position, she would stand facing away from him, bent over with her hands on the edge of the tub. Sometimes, when they would take showers together with the sole intention of taking an actual shower, she would bend over like this, turn to him with a mischievous grin and say “So do you want to fuck me, baby?” He could never resist.

But that wasn’t to happen today. This morning, like every morning lately, Mark was left to take matters into his own hands. He had grown to enjoy jerking off quite a bit, and he was happy to find that it was usually his wife he would think about as he did it. Happy because it was proof that there still was a spark between them. He thought about her promise to him, and he silently made the same promise to her. He could no longer take her for granted, and they would have to find a way to make time for each other.

His thoughts turned back to his wife’s wet, naked body in the shower. He pictured himself not in the shower with her, but outside of it peeking in and watching her bathe. He imagined that she had the removable shower head in her hand, the jet set to a vibrating, massaging spray, and her hand gripping the door, holding herself up. She worked the jets down over her soft tits, the water poking dimples into the supple flesh. She dropped the jets to her pussy. With a gasp, she found the spot at which the jets vibrated her clit just right. Mark stoked his cock as he daydreamed about his wife getting off in the shower, and he slowly lost himself in his fantasy.

Lisa stood motionless in the shower. The warm water trickled over the sensuous curves of her body, but she wasn’t feeling very sensuous. She cupped her face in her hands. She was afraid she would have to fight back tears but she was too tired to cry; emotionally tired as well as physically. She couldn’t do this anymore. She decide right there that she would look for another job, one without the commute that required her to get up so early. The pay might be lower, but what good was money if it costs you the things that you love. She took a deep breath and reached for the body wash.

Mark kicked the covers off as he got warm, and the cool air of the room felt good on his burning cock. He pulled at the shaft, admiring how it felt in his hand. He loved the feeling of it getting thicker in his hand as he got more aroused. There was a certain power he felt in holding his own cock. In day to day life Mark was a quiet, sometimes shy man. But feeling his hard throbbing rod in his hand, he felt a rush of ego that he enjoyed. It was not the biggest cock on the planet, but at six and a half inches, it had plenty of length. But it was the thickness that made his cock memorable. Most women he had been with told him he was their thickest ever. Mark used to write this off as the girls just stroking his ego, but he had come to learn that he indeed had a very thick cock. This thought made him proud every time he held it.

Lisa stepped out of the shower. She usually dried off and fixed her hair before coming back in to get dressed. Mark wondered almanbahis giriş if he could bring himself to come before she came back in. He stroked vigorously; his free hand cupping his jiggling balls. He pulled the foreskin up over his head, squeezing it hard, feeling the ridge of his head slip through his fingers. How circumcised guys lived without this feeling he did not know. His breathing became erratic, and he knew he was close. He rode that plateau as long as he could. He had become quite skilled at holding off his orgasm until the last possible moment. His body would tingle for an immeasurable period of time as he savored the feeling. His eyes closed; his head rolled back. Any second now he would feel his body release uncontrollably.

Mark sensed Lisa’s body dart into the room before he saw her. “Forgot my brush,” she whispered before glancing at him. He stopped mid-stoke. Lisa didn’t know what to think. Her first thought was one of disappointment that this is what their marriage had become, but almost instantly, a naughty grin flashed across her face. She took a step toward him, and he could see her eyes trained on his cock. “What are you doing, dirty boy.”

Mark blushed, though she could not see it. Although he was flushed with the sexual heat of pleasuring himself, she could tell he was embarrassed to get caught. “Nothing,” he replied coyly.

Her eyes widened as he removed his hand from his cock. “It doesn’t look like nothing to me,” she said playfully.

He grinned, looking up at her naked body. Her nipples, obviously cold after the warmth of the shower, pointed proudly up into the air, and her mound glistened as the beads of water caught the soft light from the bathroom. Her tits jiggled invitingly as she moved to the edge of the bed. Her petite frame appeared to tower over him from this angle.

“Want to join me,” Mark asked, teasing his balls with his fingertips to stay hard, not wanting to obscure her view of his erection.

“No, I want you to continue.” She pulled the chair from her make up table to the edge of the bed and sat. “I want to watch.”

Mark felt his cock throb at the sound of her words. He had never been watched before, with the exception of the few moments after pulling his cock out of her pussy or mouth so that he could come on her skin. But this was different. Now he had an audience. As she settled in, her eyes eagerly looked him over head to toe. His hand slipped back around his cock, and he could feel it growing back to full size in his hand. He cupped his balls, closed his eyes, and began to work his shaft again. He could feel her eyes on him, and this excited him more than he expected. He knew she was watching his every move, but he didn’t want to put on an elaborate and dramatic show for her. He was just going to show her how he gets off, plain and simple.

When he opened his eyes again, Mark saw that Lisa was visibly aroused. Her skin was more flushed than is had been earlier, and her nipples looked harder than he had ever seen them. She licked her lips as he stroked his cock furiously. She was going to have to remember just how rough he likes it. She had always been rather gentle with his cock, but watching him squeeze and tug gave her a twinge between her legs that she had not felt in a long time. He watched as she began to stroke her inner thigh.

“What are you thinking about, Mark?”

“Fucking you. In the shower.”

“Oh yeah? Am I bent over? With my hands holding the tub, looking back at you?”

Mark nodded. “You’re looking back at me, begging. Begging to get fucked.”

Lisa stood from the chair, turned around and put her hands on the seat. Arching her back and turning almanbahis yeni giriş her head to him she asked, “Like this?”

Mark nodded and groaned as he eyed her pretty pink pussy lips. They looked freshly shaved and the hair on her mound freshly trimmed. His hand squeezed his cock hard. He began to grunt as he pictured her in the shower with water streaming over her wet pussy. She sat back in her chair to watch him now, not wanting to miss the moment that he comes.

He closed his eyes again. He saw his throbbing cock run through the folds of her wet pussy. She turned her head towards him. “Fuck me now,” she said, her voice echoing against the tile walls of the shower. He thrust into her watching the thick shaft disappear into her tight hole and she gasped like she did every time she was penetrated.

Lisa watched as Mark began to fuck his hand; his hips were matching the rhythm of his strokes. Faster and harder, his whole body moved on the bed. She slipped a hand between her legs and began to finger her slit, moistening her fingertip. She moaned when her finger found her clit. The nub was swollen, throbbing, and in desperate need of attention. She pinched a nipple with one hand and raised her other one to her lips. She tasted her sweet juices before returning her slick fingers to her clit. She rubbed feverishly as she watched him. His breathing quickened suddenly, and she knew he was close.

A drop of sweat beaded on Mark’s forehead as he inhaled a quick, deep breath. He held it as he felt the ecstasy surge through his bloodstream. A spasm rocked his body, forcing him to grunt loudly. His hand clenched as he felt the sperm shoot through his shaft. His cock erupted; covering his belly with white strings of cum. Lisa looked on in reverence as the first load hit his chin. As she watched wave after wave pour forth from him, she understood why the streams felt so powerful when he came inside her.

Mark opened his eyes. Lisa was working her pussy feverishly. She licked her lips as she watched the cum pool on his belly. Her body trembled as her breathing became forced. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she gasped. He knew she was about to come, and it was going to be intense.

Her back arched. She slipped two fingers into her tight hole and just then she shuttered. Her tits shook as her orgasm rocked her body. Every inch of her skin tingled. She felt the sensation flow through her veins like it did only during the most intense orgasms. Barely able to hold herself in the chair, her hips bucked against her hand. She felt her pussy bite down on her fingers. The violent quivering of every muscle in her body released a tension that had been building for too long. She delighted in the feeling. It made her feel alive again. She opened her eyes to watch him watching her come. His cock grew hard again, and the hunger in his eyes was still there.

Lisa slipped her fingers from her pussy. It still trembled with lingering spasms as she licked her fingers clean. She then kneeled on the bed and lapped at the cum on Mark’s chest like a kitten.

“You’d better get ready for work,” he said, his breathing obviously still not back to normal.

She smiled playfully. She turned silently, lifted the phone and dialed. She was leaving a message somewhere. Her voice was deeper and huskier than usual. “Hi, this is Lisa. I have a bit of a fever today and I’m not going to be able to make it in.” She hung up and turned back to him. She grinned as she continued the message, this time only to him. “My husband has brought on a fever in me that only he can cure.” She leaned down and kissed his lips. Reaching between his legs, she gave his cock a squeeze. “I think I’m going to need an injection.”

He grinned. He had never thought that he would be so glad to be caught masturbating. But if this was the result, we wouldn’t mind it happening every morning. “I think this fever is going to require more than one.”

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