Caught in the Act Ch. 02

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Caught in the Act
His Best Friend’s Mom

Phillip Wilson and Brad Johnson were inseparable, the best of friends and partners in crime you might say and had been ever since they were born. They did everything together and you never saw one without the other.

Brad’s mother Stella even jokingly referred to Phillip and Brad as Butch and Sundance and they even had an old timey old west Wanted Poster photo taken of them as Butch and Sundance.

Brad and Phillip stayed friends through grade school, junior high and even high school. In high school they both ran track together were on the JROTC Military Skills team together and even had planned to room together when they started college, but something would lead to an abrupt ending to their friendship and make it look like a train wreck.

So what could lead to the sudden and untimely death of a long lasting lifelong friendship and would cause Brad to punch his best friend in the nose breaking it, making him tear up everything that reminded him of the friendship and runoff and join the Merchant Marines and even consider Phillip dead to him?

You would thought Phillip had slept with his best friend’s sister or even girlfriend and gotten her preggers to make a friendship that solid be totally destroyed and look like a bad episode of the Jerry Springer show.

Well if you guessed something like that, you wouldn’t be too far off base; But it wasn’t Brad’s sister or girlfriend Phillip slept with, it was his mom Stella. Even though Phillip didn’t end up getting Stella preggers, Brad was still pissed off and one could say rightfully so.

Not that it mitigates the whole thing or excuses the deed that was done but hell, if you saw Stella, you would want to jump her bones her as well. What normal red blooded male couldn’t help but want to do her even if it was just a fleeting thought. A guy would have to be blind, queer or have no sex drive at all not to find Stella at least attractive.

Looking at her, was there any wonder why Phillip made the choice he did? Now some would say that “Come on dude that’s your best friend’s mom. That is an unspoken line you just don’t cross.” This story doesn’t not attempt to pass moral judgment on Phillip and Stella it just details the events leading up to it and what occurred afterwards. I will leave you to deal with the moral issues on your own time.

At age 39, Stella was a knock out; Both Mother Nature and Father Time had been extremely generous to her. Nature had blessed Stella with the flawless looks and body that would rival the Goddess Aphrodite and make her jealous and time had been kind to her in that Stella did not look her age but still had the beauty, attractiveness energy and stamina of a woman half her age.

To give you a general overall idea of what Stella looked like, picture the well known porn Star Adele Stephens and cross her with the looks of the well known country star Taylor Swift. Add to those looks the charm of a fairy tale princess and the personality and charisma of a person who was outgoing and could light up a room with her presence then you would have the beginnings of what Stella was like.

Standing about 5’9″ tall and weighing 130 pounds, Stella measured 36DD-26-36 with killer curves nice sumptuous naturally big and full breasts, full ruby red pouty lips that begged to be kissed, long naturally curly(wavy) honey golden blonde hair that came down to between her shoulders blades and deep piercing crystal ice blue eyes that when you looked at them would captivate and ensnare your soul and hold it hostage.

Stella also had long slender well toned legs that rivaled those of the world famous Rocketts dance troop. Seeing that Stella had been a dancer in high school it was only natural her legs would be that way.

Stella’s pussy was nice and clean shaven and oh so perfectly pink. Her clit was full and her sugar walls would grip the sides of a man’s cock and milk it for all it was worth.

Stella wasn’t just all charm and beauty though. She was laid back, down to earth and “real” as you would call it. She was mostly a straight shooter and told it how it was. She was also kind considerate and loving and would go the extra mile to help someone if needed.

Even though Stella was kind loving and down home kind of girl she wasn’t an easy target for any con that may try to take advantage of her. Stella had a street smarts about her that would rival the best. She was also very intelligent and a very shrewd business woman. She could even get down and dirty when the situation called for it.

Stella could go the distance with any business opponent and possessed the cunning of a mountain lion, all the tenacity of a pit bull, the stubbornness of a Missouri Mule, and when the situation called for it, all the ruthlessness of a serpent.

Stella also had her wild child side. She loved to party, smoke(including pot) and drink. She also was very sensual and very open about her poker oyna sexuality but she kept that pretty much confined to adults only and behind closed doors but that would be a factor in her seduction of Phillip into her web of desire. Although he was a willing participant.

So how did it all begin, well we need to turn back the clock some 19-20 years to when Stella was in college. Stella and Phillip’s mom Nancy were much like Brad and Phillip, childhood friends who had grown up together Stella and Nancy were also on the volley ball team and dance team/cheer squad in high school

After high school they even roomed together at the same college in Houston Texas and were in the same sorority. They also were on the cheer squad and color guard in college

Nancy met Phillip’s dad John and Stella met her husband Charles when they were both Sophomores in college. Charles was almost ten years older than Stella and had just finished his surgical residency and was one of the top young new up and coming Cardiothoracic Surgeons and had been hired by one of the leading Trauma centers in Houston.

Stella and Nancy were in each other’s weddings and you would have thought they pre-planned their pregnancies so their babies would be born near or on the same date but that wasn’t the case. Providence had ordained their sons to be born within 8 days of each other with Brad being the older.

Even though Stella married her husband Charles, there was some doubt In Charles’s mind that he was the actual father of Brad because Stella had a fling a month before she married Charles and ended up having sex with some guy she met at a party who was a carnie.

Charles never said anything. Charles knew babies couldn’t pick their parents and was decent enough to make sure that Brad had a name and a future so he married Stella and gave her his name and made sure Brad would have a home to live in, although it would turn out to be a marriage in name only.

That wouldn’t bother Stella though. She had her small home business known as Jupiter Data Systems where she did desktop publishing, wrote accounting and data base packages for small business. By the turn of the 21st century when the internet was booming, she began developing web pages for small business and large companies.

Also she would be busy raising Brad and Phillip so she poured herself into that and paid Charles no never mind. As far as Stella saw it, Charles had his life and she had hers.

Phillip and Brad would live just around the corner from each other in the same subdivision. Charles’s job as a surgeon plus Stella coming from a wealthy family afforded them one of the better homes in the neighborhood. It was a palatial 5400 square foot 2 story home with 5 bedrooms including four room master suite and a bonus room.

The master suite was used to be called a “his and hers” suite consisting of two spacious bedrooms, a spacious shared bathroom and a sitting room. Each bedroom measured 30 x 25 not including the walk-in closet.

Each bedroom was furnished with the finest cherry mahogany furniture which included four posted king sized bed, nice armoire, dresser and chest of drawers. The furniture was ornate and had finely carved designs on them.

Each bedroom also had a very spacious walk in closet measuring fifteen feet wide, nine feet deep and twelve feet high ceilings. There was places to hang clothes plus drawers to put clothing or other items in.

The bathroom was also very lavish. The bathroom could be entered by either each bedroom or the sitting room. There was a double vanity counter measuring eight feet long and made of the finest rose colored marble. There were two sinks one for him and one for her.

The bathroom also had a sunken tub whirlpool bath with that you walked up two steps to get into and it was made of the finest tanish rose tile and large enough to seat three people comfortably.

There was also a tile shower which was made of the same tile and large enough to have two people shower together comfortably with plenty of room to spare. Lastly there were two commodes and two closets to store towels and other toiletries which someone may want.

The sitting room was nice as well It measured 16 x 20 and had a flat screen television mounted on the wall, a nice leather sofa recliner and gas fireplace. Lastly the sitting room opened to a balcony which overlooked the river.

There was also a smaller guest house that measured about 1100 square feet which was fairly nice with fully functional kitchen and it would be the place Charles would end up living in at least until his divorce from Stella.

Phillip’s parents weren’t as wealthy but they weren’t doing bad for themselves either. Philip’s dad opened up fire and water damage restoration service and soon it took off and within three years they had five stores so it took all their time As a result Phillip would end up spending practically all is time at Brad’s but Stella didn’t mind. canlı poker oyna She thought of Nancy as a sister so Phillip was like family.

In Kindergarten Phillip began taking martial arts(mainly Karate) lessons. Brad decided to take them too but he lacked the discipline it took to stick with it and after three months he quit. Phillip however was a natural talent and loved it so he stuck with it. By the time he was 14 Phillip had earned his black belt and by the time he and Stella are caught as they say he had just attained his 3rd degree black belt.

Even though Stella was a free spirit and open about her sexuality and considered nudity only natural she also wasn’t a fool. She knew she would have to keep it age appropriate until they were older

Brad and Phillip never saw Stella in anything less than a bathing suit and that was when they were swimming around the house she wore a tank top and shorts or a long t-shirt but they boys never saw her naked.

Shortly after turning twelve an event would occur that would cause Phillip to move in with Stella permanently. Phillip’s grandparents(his mother’s parents) were getting up in age and had a hard time getting around so Phillip’s parents sold their businesses and moved to be closer to Phillip’s grandparents.

It wasn’t a good situation and Phillip’s parents thought it would be best for Phillip to stay where he was. After all, he had his friends and his parents didn’t want to uproot him.

They also knew eventually he would be going to college with Brad so if they were still taking care of Nancy’s parents Phillip could come down to visit. They knew Stella would look after him She had practically raised him so why not let him stay with her. Therefore Phillip’s parents named Stella as Phillip’s legal guardian until he came of age at 18.

Also right after Phillip moved in, Stella would end up getting divorced from Charles. When Charles tried to play tough and make it hard on Stella, she played dirty pool in her own fashion.

Stella had friends who worked at the hospital and it was common knowledge at least among the rank and file workers(Doctors/Nurses etc) that Charles was a philanderer, something Stella had suspected.

It turned out that Charles had a fling with many of the volunteer staff one of which was the Hospital Administrators granddaughter who also turned out to be underage.

She used that information plus the threat of going public not only to the administrator but the DA so Charles caved and gave into Stella’s demands. Charles didn’t want to lose his job or his freedom by getting convicted on Statutory Rape charges.

As a result, Stella got the nice house which Charles had to continue to pay the mortgage on, one third his salary for life and when he retired she would get one-fourth of his retirement. Stella also got $7,500 month for Child support and Brad would stay on Charles’s insurance until he was 25. Needless to say, she got what she wanted and made sure her and her son were protected.

As Phillip and Brad progressed into their teenage years, Stella would begin to dress more revealing but still kept it PG rated. She maybe wore a night gown or a camisole and shorts but that’s it.

As all boys do, Brad and Phillip became curious about girls and one day after the boys turned 15, Stella caught them looking at porn on the internet. Instead of scolding them, she set them down and had the talk with them. She asked them about what they knew and what they had heard then she put aside any myths they might have had.

Stella was blunt and candid but she was tactful as well. She told them that marriage was the traditional and ideal way to have sex but it also was reserved for a man and woman who loved each other deeply and were committed to each other and if they weren’t married well that was okay to as long as there was a commitment.

She also said some people do sleep around and have unprotected sex but that was risky because of pregnancy as well as disease. If you were going to have unprotected sex, you should use birth control and the woman could have a special operation to tie her tubes as was in Stella’s case.

After Stella had that talk with the boys about sex, she was more open about dressing skimpily. Still she never went naked around the house but had no problems letting them see her in her bra and panties. After all they saw as much or more on television so what was the difference.

After Phillip turned 17, he began getting the hots for Stella and Stella began seeing Phillip no longer as a little boy but as a handsome young man. He was not what you would call a pretty boy type like Justin Beiber or whoever the latest “teen-idol” is today. Phillip’s good looks could be better described as ruggedly handsome, more along the lines of a young James Dean, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood

At age 17, Phillip had reached his adult height and was built solid you might could say. Imagine a huge linebacker for the internet casino Green Bay Packers or some other well known pro football team and Phillip was along those lines. Phillip never played football although he could have if he wanted to and was sought after many times.

Phillip preferred his favorite sport which was of course his martial arts in which he did quite well for himself. He was strong, agile, light on his feet and had an incredible reach and almost super human speed.

He could strike without warning so most of his sparring opponents learned they had to be on guard at all times. Phillip was also very proficient in his sparring and his instructor nicknamed him “Ali” because like Mohammed Ali, Phillip could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

Phillip was also on the wrestling team and did very well for himself He had a low center of gravity and was very hard to pin down Usually it was Phillip who was doing all of the pinning and winning the matches and trophies.

Standing about 6’4″ tall Phillip weighed about 210 pounds. He had short brown hair he kept cut fairly short not exactly a crew cut but not far from it. He also had hazel eyes with a hint of greenish blue in them

Even though Phillip was big tall and had a hulky build h had very little if any body fat. His weight was mostly from his large bone structure and huge muscles. His wrestling coach gave him the nickname Goliath because of his build and strength and because he was an ominous presence in the wrestling ring. Phillip chuckled at the irony of his nickname seeing that his middle name was David.

Needless to say, Phillip had every girl in school chasing him; However, he still had this thing for Stella so but he never really figured it would amount to much.

Phillip tried his best to put aside his infatuation for Stella and date girls his own age but without much success. He still had the desire for Stella he couldn’t shake but was afraid to act on it and thought it was just a one way street and not a mutual attraction.

Phillip could have not been more wrong. Stella was very attracted to Phillip as well and saw him as a young stud pony she wanted to ride, but since Phillip wasn’t of age yet(18), Stella would not act on it. However once Phillip turned 18 and was an adult, all bets were off. Stella would begin making her moves on Phillip and wasted no time in doing so.

The day Phillip turned 18, Stella dropped all appearances and practices of modesty and the walls of sexual separation came down between them and within an hour or so Stella would catch Phillip in that web. However, Phillip was a willing captive.

The day Phillip turned 18 was near the end of May before school let out in early June. It was May 20th and it happened to be on a Saturday. Brad was still crashed upstairs asleep seeing that he and Phillip had stayed up and played PlayStation to almost 4:30 in the morning. Phillip hadn’t even bothered going to his room. He just crashed in the den on the sofa bed which he had pulled out and was wearing nothing but his briefs.

It was about 7:45 when Stella came downstairs from her room wearing only a long full length see through cream colored lace robe she had purposely left open in front so Phillip could see her body.

Stella had just walked into the kitchen and was in the process of making coffee in the coffee maker. She had just lit a cigarette and happened to look up into the den. She saw Phillip lying there on almost on his back but still on his side. The covers had been thrown off of him and Phillip’s nearly naked body was lying on the couch.

Stella could see Phillip’s muscular arms, his muscular bare chest, broad shoulders and six pack washboard abs. But the thing Stella noticed most of all was Phillip’s “package.”

Stella was about a good 25 feet from where Phillip was lying on the sofa bed but it was turned so Phillip was facing her. Stella could see that Phillip’s cock was hard fully erect and rigid and that the head was poking out from underneath the waistband of his briefs.

Stella’s pussy immediately went wet and she wanted so bad to jump Phillip’s bones right then and there but she knew it was best take it slow or she might scare him off. Still, Stella couldn’t help but instinctively let her hand go down to her pussy where she began to softly massage and rub it. The feeling of pleasure quickly engulfed her and she slipped one then two fingers into her snatch and began frigging herself.

As she did, Stella imagined Phillip’s cock inside her fucking her, his long hard tool pumping in and out of her as her pussy milked his cock. Stella could imagine the feeling of Phillip’s manhood spunk deep inside her and Stella was so caught up in the ecstasy of the moment she didn’t realize she had cum until the cuckoo clock struck the hour.

Stella came to herself with a start and noticed she had flooded her fingers and the inside of her thighs with her sweet honey nectar and that there was a small puddle on the floor. Stella took a rag, wet it then wiped her thighs and the floor. She then took her fingers and just savored her own sweet juices and imagined she was sucking on Phillip’s cock.

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