Caught In The Rain Ch. 01

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Non Nude

Please don’t read this if you don’t like a little pushy, dominant implied incest. And please, if you do like those things, read this!


I’m running late, and it is pouring down outside and you’re starting to worry. The gutters are overflowing and cars are slipping and sliding on the streets outside. It’s getting dark.

You’ve called me twice and you haven’t got an answer. You’re about to come out looking for me when you hear a knock on the door and when you open it i’m standing in the door way dripping on the rug..soaked to the skin.

You open the door and let me in – where I stand dripping and shivering on the rug just *inside* the door. “Where is your coat Baby girl?”

“I forgot it this morning when I left”


“I don’t have one”

“Why didn’t you call me to come get you?”

I hand you my cellphone in a puddle of water in your hand, wincing as I stare up at your angry face. It is so dead, and so am I.

“I dropped it in a gutter…on my way out the door.. i was in a hurry. Now it won’t work”

My teeth are starting to chatter, and my skin is blue. You grab a towel and put it around me… and then you go into the bathroom and set the taps to running. You haven’t said anything… so I know you’re really mad. It’s better when you’re yelling at me.

I pour myself some coffee – squeezing my ponytails out into the sink. You come back into the room while the bath runs – you can’t help but notice how my shirt clings to me like a second skin – wet and stuck to my back. It’s a pale pink colour – my red bra is showing underneath as clear as day.

“Did everyone on the street see you dressed like that? Your bra showing?” Your voice is demanding as you unbutton my poker oyna shirt from behind. I nod, turning a little red.

“I didn’t notice..”

“well I bet everyone else on the street as you went by did notice”

I bite my lip and look at you…

“Are you sure you didn’t forget your coat on purpose? Just to have everyone see your bra when it started to rain? You knew it was going to rain. I told you this morning.”

“Daddy…I’m not that slutty!”

You bite down on my neck – enough to leave a red mark on my pale cold skin.

“come get in the bath tub”

In the bathroom you peel off my shirt… and my bra… You’ve never seen my nipples so hard, I’m so cold. I step out of my skirt, shoes, socks. My arm covering my exposed nipples. You stand against the wall and stare at me till I blush. I’m standing there in my panties “Don’t i get any privacy?”

“No. Take them off”

“Daddy… I’m shy….”


I’m too cold to fight, and that bath looks so warm. I peel them off, feeling your eyes rake over my body. Blushing, I climb into the bath – yelping a little because its so hot on my cold skin. I curl up in a little ball, shivering waiting for the water to start warming my blood. You kneel down beside me and take a little cup to wet my hair with…. I lean back to let you run it through my hair and you put little kisses all up and down my neck – I stretch it out till my nipples come over the surface of the water.

You grab the soap – lathering it up and running your soapy hands over my neck, chin, and soaping down my chest – you find my breasts, watching as I blush but don’t make any attempt to stop you. You squeeze a nipple to make me yelp! I feel your

tongue lapping at the edge of my ear, as your canlı poker oyna soapy hand moves down my stomach, dipping into my belly button and down to my thighs… which you push open with a forceful hand that I can’t argue with.

I feel your fingers, tickling me gently down there and I start to shiver… you

stroke my pussy gently.. then your finger delves inweard in one deep stroke.

“AHH…….! ”

I bite my lip and throw my head forward, trying to hide my face. Your other hand grabs my ponytails firmly and pulls my chin up – twisting my neck around to face you so you can stare at my face as you finger my pussy deeply…watching as i

twitch and squirm and turn so red. Your hand goes from my hair to my nipples, twisting them till i arch my back and push my breasts towards you – till they are high enough for you to lower your mouth to them.


I’m shaking pushing my hips onto your two fingers

as you pump in and out of my pussy. “Gotta get that heat circulating again baby or you’ll catch cold” you tell me, biting down my jaw line lightly – little nips.

“Daddy im warm enough. You’re driving me crazy…. please….daddy


I’m jerking around now, your fingers working me faster…. I’m splashing water out of the bath.

“Please what Baby Girl?”

“Please …. I want it…. please?”

“Want what?” You’re grinning at me…a sadistic smile.


“Me? I’m right.. Here-” You jerk your fingers up into my g-spot HARD enough to make me scream!


“Asshole??? Me??? I’m trying to get you warm and dry and you call me an asshole? You’re the stupid bitch who forgets her coat…” You internet casino grab my face –

finger and thumb digging into my cheeks. “Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry…Daddy… please,”

“Please what? Tell Daddy what you want baby. I need to hear you say it”

My face is burning but I know you want me to say it and I won’t get it till I do.

“Daddy I need your c-cock… I need it inside me… I want you to lay me back on the rug in the bathroom and take me… put it in me.. make me scream..fill me up.. please Daddy please can’t I have it now?”

“You want it that bad baby??”

I’m nodding… moaning…begging and mumbling incoherently. My hand over your hand now, pushing your fingers in and out of my needy cunt desperately.

You pull back, your fingers sliding from my aching pussy “Get out of the tub. NOW – if you want this cock”

“Yes Daddy” and I pull myself up out of the tub… standing in front of you dripping with water and soap, legs trembling. I’m so turned on and hot.. my pussy is puffy and swollen.

You point to the spot in the floor where you want me and I go quickly to it…

“Lay back on the rug” and I do. Blushing as you stare down at me…. my body red from the heat of the bath. You crawl on top of me – scooting my ass back a little… giving me a little rug burn as it rubs. I can feel your cock on my belly… the hard tip dragging into my belly button and I whine and arch towards you.

“Daddy….. please… now……..” I rock my pussy up towards your cock. You kiss me softly, making me wait, driving me crazy. I squirm but you take your time till I am just about screaming. I finally feel the tip of your cock pushing at my little pussy, rubbing it gently into my juicy folds and starting to push inward, deeper…


There’s more to come (obviously). Please let me know if you like it so far and I’ll give it the ending BabyGirl is desperate for…

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