Caught Sniffing Pt. 08

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Rosemary woke the next morning and jumped out of bed. My bed. She had every intention of returning to her own bed last night but she’d been to comfy it just didn’t happen. Heading to the shower she found herself irritated. She wasn’t quite sure why, perhaps it was because she had work and wasn’t really in the mood.

She considered pulling a sickie but knew she couldn’t, not today. They were short staffed at work as it was and knew it wouldn’t go down to well so had to dismiss the idea. It didn’t help her mood which was now turning to anger.

As she and I were alone in the house Rosemary hadn’t worried about covering herself so sat naked on the toilet to pee. Her anger seemed to grow. Postponing her shower she returned to my bedroom.

I awoke to find I was being pulled down the bed by my ankles. Before I knew what was happening Rosemary was straddling my head.

“I know you like smelly knickers lets see how you like my smelly cunt,” Rosemary said in a stern voice.

Even before her pussy was close to my face I could smell her pungent odour.

“Go on have a good sniff before I rub it all over your face,” Rosemary said.

The mixture of stale smells from the night before invaded my senses and intensified. As the already moist lips of her labia brushed against my lips and nose I could feel my cock begin to stiffen.

“Now let me feel that tongue inside me,” she said positioning her pussy directly over my mouth, “That’s it Fuck me with your tongue.”

Her juices drenched my face as my tongue pushed deep inside her pussy. I struggled to breath as she pressed herself down harder on my face.

“Now suck on my clit,” she said raising herself slightly.

My cock was now rock hard but Rosemary seemed not to notice.

“Keep your tongue out,” she said and began rocking backwards and forwards so my tongue licked from her clit, between her pussy lips and on to her arsehole.

She rocked faster and faster, “that’s it keep that tongue still, I’m gonna come all over your face,” she said moaning with pleasure.

It wasn’t long before her smelly cunt was oozing with her juices which smeared all over my face with her rocking motion.

“OH FUCK,” she screamed.

She was motionless and silent with her pussy pressed firmly to my face while an intense orgasm consumed her…

To my surprise Rosemary suddenly climbed off of me and hurried out the room without uttering a word. I heard her take a shower and a little latter leaving the house, leaving me wondering what was wrong. I’d never seen Rosemary act this way before. I didn’t see her again until she got in from work that evening.

. . .

When Rosemary arrived home she wasn’t alone. I was in the kitchen fixing myself a drink when she walked in.

“Hi Tom this is Tasha, my friend from work,” Rosemary said.

Tasha looked around the same age as Rosemary, a little taller and thinner with long blond hair. A very sad look on her face marred her good looks. She was obviously upset about something, it looked like she’d been crying so I made my excuses and thought it best to leave them to it.

Rosemary caught up with me in the hallway out of earshot of her friend, “I’m so sorry about this morning Tom, I don’t know what came over me. I’ll make it up to you I promise,” she said with sincerity.

“I did wonder if I’d done something wrong,” I said.

“No not at all, it’s nothing you’ve done. I’d best get back to Tasha, she’s had a big bust up with her poker oyna hubby. She’s in a bit of a state,” she said.

Yeah OK, I’ll see you later,” I said and returned to my room…

A couple of hours later Rosemary heard me coming down the stairs, “Oh Tom just who we need,” she called out beckoning me to the lounge.

“What’s up,” I said walking in and noticing an empty wine bottle on the coffee table with another half empty beside it.

“Tasha has dropped her phone and it’s all come apart, could you sort it out for her only we’ve both tried but as I’m sure you can see we’ve had a drink and neither of us can see straight,” Rosemary said.

“Yeah sure no problem,” I said seeing the phone in pieces on the table.

I soon had it back together and handed it to Tasha, “There you go,” I said.

“Oh thank you, best put it on the table, I’ll only drop it again,” Tasha said smiling up at me.

“You look a bit happier than when I saw you earlier,” I said smiling back.

“Yes Rosemary’s cheered me up. Have a drink with us Tom,” Tasha said reaching for the wine bottle.

“Thanks but I’m sure you two have plenty to talk about,” I said.

“Oh come on have a drink, we’ve had plenty of time to talk,” Tasha said pouring me a glass of wine.

It didn’t occur to me until later why there was a spare glass on the table.

“OK thanks,” I said taking the offered glass and sitting down.

The two women sat opposite me on either end of the three seater sofa. They were both wearing white blouses and black skirts, still dressed for the office. Rosemary had one leg tucked under her half facing her friend while Tasha had her legs stretched out in front of her as she sat slumped back in the chair.

As they began chatting my gaze was drawn to Tasha’s perfect little feet with her red painted toe nails. Working my way up her body I suddenly realised she was looking at me. As our eye’s met she gave me a smile before turning back to Rosemary and continued their conversation.

Feeling caught out and a bit embarrassed I looked down and studied the glass in my hand. When I next looked up I quickly noticed Tasha had changed position allowing her skirt to ride up her legs a little revealing more of her shapely legs.

“Like what you see,” Rosemary said catching me out, “It’s OK I’ve told Tash all about you.”

“Don’t be embarrassed Tom, It’s nice to have a young man admiring my legs at my age,” Tasha said.

My gaze dropped back down and was now greeted by a view of her black panties just visible between her slightly parted thighs.

“From what I’ve heard you have nothing to be embarrassed about anyway,” Tasha said parting her legs a little more.

“I’m feeling a bit jealous. Who has the best legs then Tom?” asked Rosemary.

Looking across Rosemary was now sitting back with her legs parted displaying her red panties between her legs.

“Perhaps he needs a better look,” Tasha said.

“Let me help you Tash, after all he’s seen what I’ve got. Let’s give him something new to look at,” Rosemary said pulling Tasha to her rather unsteady feet.

When Rosemary had helped her out of her skirt Tasha lifted her blouse up to expose her lower body and did a twirl to show herself off, almost falling over in the process.

“Whoops, too much wine,” Tasha laughed regaining her balance with some help from Rosemary.

I watched with surprise at Rosemary’s hands as they roamed over Tasha’s firm buttocks.

“It’s been canlı poker oyna awhile since I’ve felt that,” said Rosemary.

“It’s been awhile since anybody’s felt that,” said Tasha.

Obviously these two ladies were more than just friends.

“Well it’s about time that changed. You’ve had such a bad time recently I think it’s about time you had some fun,” Rosemary said still fondling Tasha’s arse.

“Sounds good to me,” Tasha said looking me in the eye as she unbuttoned her white blouse.

“That’s the spirit. Come on Tom I think Tasha should see what you’ve got. I don’t think she believed me when I told her how big you are,” Rosemary said looking across at me.

Tanya pulled her blouse off exposing her lacy black bra which barely concealed her ample breasts.

“Seeing is believing, come on then Tom, lets see,” Tasha said looking down towards my crotch.

Standing up I quickly stripped off and sat back down, my cock semi erect.

“Oh My God, you wasn’t kidding was you, that’s huge!” said Tasha, her eyes glued to my cock.

“You wait till he’s hard,” said Rosemary, noticing I wasn’t fully erect.

“You mean it gets bigger, Wow!” Tasha said unable to look away.

“With a bit of encouragement you’ll see it in all it’s glory and there’s one sure way to do that,” Rosemary said.

“Oh yes of course, the knickers,” said Tasha.

So Rosemary really had told her all about me.

Tasha slipped her black cotton panties off and dangled them from one finger in front of her teasing me.

“I’m feeling a bit over dressed, ” Rosemary said making both Tasha and me turn our gaze towards her.

We watched her undress and soon we were all naked except for Tasha’s bra which Rosemary was soon undoing. After removing it she pressed herself against her friends back, her hands cupping Tasha’s now bare breasts.

“Naughty girl your nipples are already stiff,” Rosemary said kissing her friends neck and shoulder while her fingers pinched Tasha’s swollen buds.

“I’m not alone am I. I can feel yours stabbing my back,” Tasha replied.

“It’s been so long Tash,” Rosemary said.

“It certainly has. Who needs men hey!” Tasha said.

“Did you want me to leave you two to it?” I asked praying the answer wouldn’t be yes.

“Don’t you dare. Sorry Tom I was thinking of my old man,” Tasha said with a smile.

“Yes you stay exactly where you are young man. After all I’ve got to make amends for the way I treated you this morning and I’m sure Tasha wants to play with that weapon of yours,” Rosemary said looking at me over Tasha’s shoulder.

“That’s for sure. You can’t show me that thing and then not let me touch,” Tasha said.

I felt relieved that I wasn’t being dismissed. After being left high and dry by Rosemary that morning I was more than ready.

“Come on then Tash you can help me with my apology,” Said Rosemary as she moved to stand next to her friend.

“Can I start Rose?” Tasha asked.

“Of course, go ahead,” Rosemary said motioning her friend forward.

Tasha tossed her panties towards me and then laid down on the floor. Raising her right leg she placed her small foot flat against my shaft pressing it against my body.

“Wow look at that, it’s longer than my foot,” she said wiggling her toes against the knob.

The feel of her little toes against me made my cock twitch. Looking down between her legs I could see the small neat patch of hair and the small lips of her pussy. As internet casino my eyes roamed further up her body my gaze was drawn to Rosemary sitting on the sofa.

Her legs were wide open giving me a perfect view of her much larger lips which were parted by her probing fingers.

“Mmmm that feels so good,” Tasha said rubbing her foot up and down my erect shaft.

Lifting her dirty black panties to my nose I caught the first whiff of her musty musky scent. My cock twitched several times against Tasha’s foot.

“I think he likes your dirty knickers Tash,” said Rosemary catching me in the act.

“I can tell he’s enjoying them. His big cock keeps twitching and he’s making my toes all wet with pre cum,” Tasha said.

“You should have a taste Tash,” Rosemary said.

“Mmmm yes I think I will,” Tasha said removing her foot and positioning herself between my legs.

“Here Tom catch,” said Rosemary throwing me her red panties.

With another sniff of Tasha’s scent I replaced her panties with Rosemary’s. While enjoying the familiar odour I felt Tasha’s hand on my shaft and then her tongue licking up the pre cum from my knob.

“Oooh yes that tastes nice,” Tasha said with her first taste of my juice.

“Sorry Tash but you’re going to have to share,” Rosemary said joining her friend between my legs.

For several minutes they licked up and down my shaft taking it in turns to suck my knob into their mouths.

“You’re gonna make me cum soon if you keep doing that,” I warned.

“As much as I’d like you to come all over our faces I think you should fuck Tasha,” Rosemary said.

“No argument here,” said Tasha.

“Go on Tom let me watch you fuck her,” Rosemary said moving away to sit back on the sofa.

Tasha took up position on all fours side on to give Rosemary a good view. Holding both pairs of dirty panties in one hand I knelt behind her and rubbed my knob up and down her wet pussy lips.

“Oh Fuck that feels so nice,” Tasha said.

Easing my swollen knob between her lips I realised how much tighter she was compared to Rosemary. I pushed in slowly. She was so wet.

“Oh my God Tom that’s so big. Go on push it all the way in…OH FUCK YES That’s it Fuck me hard,” Tasha said pushing back against my thrusts.

Looking over to Rosemary she had her legs wide apart with a finger slipping in and out of her pussy while her other hand stroked her tits. She looked up at me and smiled.

Gradually increasing the speed of my thrusts we both approached the finishing post together.

“Go on Tom I’m so close, come for me,” Tasha said.

Now fucking her faster and faster I took a sniff on each pair of the dirty smelly panties in my hand, recognising the individual odours of both women.

“OH God I’m Coming,” I said a split second before I shot my load.

“OH FUCK YES SHOOT THAT SPUNK UP ME,” Tasha cried out as we came together.

Keeping my cock deep inside Tasha until we had both completely finished we eventually parted and both sat down to recover.

“Please come here Tom I’m almost there, let me taste your cock,” Said Rosemary still fucking herself frantically with her finger.

I’d forgotten about Rosemary being so absorbed in my own pleasure. Dragging myself up I moved to stand beside her so she could take my now semi hard cock between her lips.

“OH God that tastes so good. I can taste you both,” Rosemary said.

“Let me help you Rose,” Tasha said lowering her head to suck on Rosemary’s nipple.

“Oh Fuck yes…OH FUCK YEEEES,” cried Rosemary as she reached her climax.

We all sat in silence to recover…

Tasha stayed over that night sleeping in the twins bedroom. It wasn’t the last I was to see of her…

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