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Big Dick

Cayden x Taylor

By: James dex


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WARNING, NOTE “Aiden Davis”. That was it. The blonde received a manilla envelope. He turned away from the front desk and towards the elevators. He walked towards them, opening the envelope and seeing a hotel keycard, obviously for Taylor”s room on the twelfth floor. The gold writing stenciled on it told Cayden it was a suite, which wasn”t too surprising. Probably on the luxurious side, he supposed.


On the elevator ride up Cayden”s head was filled were more thoughts of all the ways he could inadvertently make himself look dorky in front of Taylor and somehow blow the deal for the film, all set to a soundtrack of boring-as-shit elevator music.


For the second time that day elevator doors opened, and Cayden headed down a hallway to meet with Taylor Lautner, though everything this time was different, and it was affecting him. No adult supervisor by his side, nothing about the hallway was remotely business-like and he was sure the suite would be very much the same.


He was in front of the door leading to the private dinner with Taylor. One more deep breath and Cayden knocked on the door. The three sudden knocks were soon opened by the sound of approaching footsteps on the floor and a deadbolt unlocking and finally the door opened there was Taylor, and once more Cayden was overcome with lightning awestruck breathless.


The athletic bronzed teen was in an open jean jacket. His was wearing ripped jeans with a navy shirt that was emblazoned with his name on it. It had rolled-up sleeves, so above the waist Taylor was showing off more skin than Cayden, with his maturing package was on full display.


“Got here right on time man,” Taylor said.


“Thanks for having me over,” Cayden said.


“No, thank you for the company.” Taylor held the door open for Cayden. “It”s cool, come in.” Cayden did and the door shut behind him. The suite was as big as expected, just short of a five star one. There was also a big table of assorted foods. It was on a table in the living room section of the suite. There was no real table set up though and just one


“Sweet selection,” Cayden said. “Looks mega delicious.”


“I was in the mood for something spicy,” Taylor said. “Mexican food”s got some great options. Plus, I know some awesome caterers, so I went with a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Even if it”s only two bros.”


“Looks awesome,” Cayden said.


“Then fix a plate man,” Taylor said, doing the same himself. “Meet me in the bedroom. I know, sounds kinda weird, but it”s honestly just…I dunno, way bigger and comfier to me.”


“Sure,” Cayden said, trying not to show even a hint of the apprehension and excitement that was pent up at accepting the fact he was going to be in Taylor Lautner”s bedroom. He filled his plate with a few items as did Taylor then followed the short spiky-haired boy into the room.


When Cayden entered the room, he saw what Taylor meant by big and comfortable. It was much bigger than the first part of the room and seemed to have everything anybody could want. A walk-in closet, a gigantic bathroom that Cayden only saw a hint of a gigantic bed with blankets and pillows five different shades of blue, and a medium circular table with a pitcher of ice water with a couple of glasses beside it. On either side of the table were too big, fine leather chairs.


“Go on, take a seat,” Taylor said. Cayden did, taking the seat opposite from Taylor. “Sorry about the lack of soda. Kind of doing a sugar-free thing for a few weeks.”


“Oh no problem,” Cayden said, scooting in his chair.


“Cool, just want to make sure you feel chill and not weird. I”m mean, it”s not obvious, is it?”


“What”s not obvious?”


“Well, aside from being really excited about the movie, being kinda dazed.”


“About what?” asked Cayden.


“You.” That made Cayden almost choke on his hot wing, which made Taylor giggle a bit. “I said I was a fan of the movie. I wasn”t lying. I just LOVE cute girls! It”s really cool watching you. I mean, you”ve had some good lines on the movie, and I like I said I like you and that Lily girl together. Melissa Saxe and Ashlynn Rose are perfect to me. Two of the best actresses in the movie and definitely the cutest.”


“Wow…thanks,” Cayden said, both relieved and overwhelmed at the same time. “To be honest I was kinda nervous too. I mean you”re Taylor Lautner, of course I”m just me.”


“Whoa, thanks,” he said, that captivating smile on his face again as he brought a glass of Tang to his lips. “I”ve a question about the movie. Not like a spoiler or anything.”


“Sure, what is it?”


“Well, when you”re doing those special scenes with Melissa,” Taylor said, leaning forward towards Cayden. “Is it awkward at all? Or is part of it of as sweet as it looks?”


“Oh, well honestly it”s kinda different than doing something like that with another person. I mean you shoot something like that with a boy he either gets too defensive or he”s so freaked that he”s gonna make me feel confused, he needs time to chill that it gets way too trippy to take. For some reason the same kind of scene with a boy doesn”t sound that kind of fun. Personalities come together.”


“What about the other part?”


“What other part?” Cayden asked.


“The part of it being different? Or do I need to give details? Like…is Melissa a good kisser?”


“Oh um…well…uuh…I mean I liked it. It”s not the hardest scene on set, I”ll say that. Oh yeah, Melissa”s a very good kisser.”


Taylor liked that answer, his smile having a steamy tone to it. “I hope kızılay escort I”m not making you feel scared. It”s just…I”ve been in a few acting roles but never stuff like that, I mean not yet. I just…I wonder how much of it is just acting and how much is two people having the same feelings for each other.”


“Oh no sweat, I get asked that question a lot. I mean not that serious but still, it happens.”


“It also ties in close to the movie.”


“How so?” asked Cayden.


“Well, the lone demand I had in exchange for my martial arts skills is a producer”s credit. I also don”t want to really have any major control as one. I”ll leave that up to you and Elizabeth. With due credit.”


“Due credit?”


“Only thing I”d like to have a say on is in the lead actor,” Taylor said. “I want that to be you. You”ve got amazing charm and I think the experience you”ve got is just right. I mean the scenes in the TV show Crossing Jordan are more on the drama side for you as you said but as producer you could make sure to find someone, you”re cool with in that scene.”


“Whoa, I mean, thanks for the encouragement but…I never thought about seriously acting in this movie.”


“I know, it puts a lot more on your back but just reading the script the short amount of one-on-one time we”re having and your Fan Club-“


“You”ve seen my fan club website?” asked a surprised Cayden.


“Of course, dude!” Taylor answered. “Man, you”re awesome. You”ve so much in common with this character I”m surprised you haven”t noticed them. Including being super imaginative. You”re just…spectacular. I know when you”re on screen I can”t help but watch you.”


Another smile came across Taylor”s face, this one was far more devilish. Still friendly, but naughty. He was sending a clear message to Cayden. He had been and slowly but undoubtedly losing those nerves. Cayden was sensing something was going on with Taylor…Cayden could almost swear the actor was flirting with him. But that couldn”t be true, could it?


“Thanks,” Cayden said, a little shocked at the lack of tongue-twisted flustering. “But you”re an expert on being…magnetic. I mean even if there was a choice, I can”t imagine anyone wanting to take their eyes off you…on screen! On the BIG screen. Not to say you aren”t good looking and… you know.”


“Well thanks man, right back at you.” Taylor took another sip of his drink before setting it down and speaking again. “You know I”ve a little confession to make. Not to sound rude because I like our other costars even Dooley, but I”m really glad it”s just you and me.”


“Really?” Cayden said, feeling himself get rosy as increasing doubt was placed to Taylor”s real goals. Some of course held strong though. This was all almost too much for the blonde to endure.


“Don”t freak out,” Taylor said. “This isn”t some B-rated flick I”m doing for a check. I meant everything I said about the script. Heck, I wouldn”t have met up without my agent with the contracts signed. I believe in this movie. Honestly, I didn”t have to. It could”ve been somebody else. But…I wanted to see you in person.” Taylor got up from his seat and moved over to Cayden”s side of the table, ever so capriciously sitting on the edge, just off center of where his guest was sitting. “When you walked in, I could totally tell you were just as stoked to see me as I was you. I knew I wanted to get you alone to see just how psyched you were to see me. Now here we are bro.”


“Yeah…here we are… bro.” Cayden replied sheepishly chuckling.


“I did enjoy our little dinner, but I”ve a craving for something else though. Honestly I”ve had it all day…and anytime I watch Envy.” Taylor leaned down, his tender lips getting closer to Cayden”s. “A hunger for a sweet, slice of cake.” Their lips pressed together in a soft but explosive kiss before breaking. Taylor stroked Cayden”s blonde hair from his face, then looked down at his dog tag. “Or maybe it”s a cupcake?”


“Don”t you have a girlfriend?” Cayden asked, getting the one last obstacle out of the way before he allowed his private dreams to soar into reality.


“Don”t you?” Another kiss was planted on Cayden”s pink lips, this time Taylor”s tongue slipping into the blonde”s mouth. As their tongues playfully fought Cayden gave in completely. He never could”ve imagined things would go this way but now it was time for enjoyment, not questioning it.


Taylor”s lips pulled away from Cayden”s as the brunette guided him to the foot of the bed. However, Cayden didn”t lay down on it. That wasn”t what Taylor wanted immediately. Instead, he stood there as Taylor moved behind him slyly. The European-Native American heartthrob brushed aside the soft gold hair of Cayden to kiss his bare right shoulder, moving to his neck and making the young actor sigh contently with every bit of gentle contact, from the melding of curious lips and tongues on the flesh of his neck to the soft feeling of Taylor”s brave hands gently gliding over his slim arms.


The two-hand job soon became singly act surprisingly as Taylor briefly let one of his hands leave Cayden”s small body to undo the zipper rising upwards to Cayden”s neck to keep it on. With one pull the zipper was no more and the top of the shirt fell, falling at the floor and giving Taylor the unobstructed view of Cayden”s upper body.


The young cavalier moved to the front, his brown eyes on Cayden”s hazel ones before trailing down to his nipples. Taylor”s hands went to where his eyes had locked on to, pinching those peaking mounds.


“Oooh,” Cayden said, wincing involuntary as his nipples were gently toyed with. The winces would only increase as Taylor leaned forward to finally get a little taste. His mouth closed around one of Cayden”s keçiören escort pink nipples. He softly suckled on the boy, circling his tongue around the aroused mini hill.


Cayden”s body began to act on its own accord, his hand reaching for and grabbing Taylor”s head, his fingers in those spiky fringes and pressing his face tighter to his friend”s chest. Patiently Taylor moved back and forth between the nipples, memorizing every curve of them with his tongue. However, there was so much more of Cayden”s body left to explore.


Taylor”s hands moved down, gripping the rest of the black jeans and tugging it down as he went to Cayden”s knees along with them.


The black pants pooled at Cayden”s feet, leaving him only in a pair of black boxer briefs. Taylor looked up at Cayden and traced his hands up his friend”s skinny legs, giving Cayden some of the admiration Taylor himself was well accustomed with, until he got to those briefs. He clasped on to them and pulled them down as well. From there Taylor guided Cayden to step out, kicking the underwear and jeans away.


Cayden was now nude save for the sneakers and necklace. Taylor”s hands once more ran over his pale body, caressing it. He ran his fingers through the barely growing landing strip of blonde hair at his ass before teasing his fine crack with the feather-like touch of his fingertips. Then Taylor did something that stunned Cayden. He got to his feet.


Once he got up again, Taylor moved behind Cayden again, kissing h neck and letting his hands roam the front. Massaging his torso, running over his stomach before going between his legs for the hanging dick and rose bud.


“Oh…oh shit….” Cayden gasped. Taylor brushed his fingers past the twitching member and dipped them into his steamy virgin canal, giving him just the smallest teaser of the coming attraction. Cayden felt himself melt into Taylor arms, turning his face around to meet the actor”s lips in a kiss again.


With one of his hands playing with Cayden”s ass the other went further down to get close and familiar with Cayden”s untouched peach bottom. It was soft, Taylor could tell the blonde would one day grow up to be an attractive man. It was so good feeling it with his hands just wasn”t satisfying enough.


Taylor pulled his fingers from Cayden”s piss slit and brought them to the blonde”s mouth, where he nervously sucked on the blonde kid”s digits, tasting his own flavors before Taylor got more friendly with his butt. Cayden”s skin started to tingle just the slightest bit as the brave kid began to kiss and lick down his back, Taylor”s tongue savoring the slight coat of sweat already forming on him before he was eye level again with Cayden”s adorable ass.


“You got a nice one on you Cayden,” Taylor said, groping the cheeks. “I dunno what to say. I”m speechless…” Despite being tongue-tied, Taylor still found something to occupy his mouth with. He left small subtle bites all over the white globe, savoring the rounded flesh before spreading the cheeks and seeing his friend”s little cave.


“Aaah!” Cayden cried, a surprised tone at first before trailing off into euphoric bliss as he felt Taylor”s tongue begin to tease and probe his anal passage. Another surprise, yet another more incredible one. Taylor”s face was buried in Cayden”s ass, the dominant martial artist flat out intent on tasting every inch of this angelic blonde.


This wasn”t the plan for the entire night, however. Taylor”s hand departed the cute butt and once more moved to face Cayden.


“Lay back on the bed man,” Taylor said. Cayden nodded, sitting down and laying back, resting on his right elbows so he could still watch what Taylor would do next. He wasn”t disappointed in what he saw. Taylor reached behind his neck and began to pull down the zipper on his shirt, stripping bare except for his own black sneakers. Unlike Cayden, Taylor didn”t have even a speck of lint on under his shirt and had a cute ass that made the brunette”s heart throttle. Cayden had never felt like this ever. Not even the little thrills he”d get rolling around in play with Dooley off set came close to this. It was an electrifying mix of anticipation and fulfillment at the exact same time and was only getting more spectacular as a totally nude Taylor Lautner made his way over to the bed.


Taylor”s hands traced up to Cayden”s knees, parting his legs as the brunette crawled on the bed, slithering up his body, kissing and licking from the ankle to calf to thigh. Taylor”s gifted tongue glided over the sensitive white flesh as his trimmed fingers danced along the trail he made.


Cayden”s head hung back, breathless moans escaping his throat as Taylor got ever closer to his ass until finally contact was made one more, this time mouth to lips. “Aaah TAYLOR!” the blonde exclaimed. The actor”s tongue worked his hole like a sculptor making details on clay.


Taylor rushed to finish the brilliant work, pushing Cayden to the edge then pulled back, working on a lighter note and making Cayden”s sexual interstellar ride going through sharp dips and soars but the fun was far from over. Clearly Cayden was the deer and Taylor the wolf and the predator was toying with his prey. A hand caressed his skin while another probed his hot crevice, all while Taylor brashly sucked and teased his hole.


“Ah…oh fuck…right there…oh please Taylor…Taylor gimme more…yeaahhh…fuck yeah,” Cayden whined, his voice cracking from the mega intense pleasure. This was so much better than any fantasy imaginable. This would be burned into his memory for life. For his first real boy on boy experience, it was such a universal moment he didn”t know if he”d ever try it with anyone else again.


Just when Cayden felt the upsurge that was upon him, Taylor pulled back completely. He moved up the blonde”s body, escort ankara kissing his stomach, nipples, his neck, all the way to back up to his lips again, giving Cayden a taste of himself once more, this time courtesy of mouth to mouth.


“Breathe,” Taylor said, his hand still working between Cayden”s legs. “Hey man. Tell me how you feel right now…do you like doing this?”


“Yes!” Cayden said against the wet slick sound of Taylor fingerfucking him. “Oh God yes…. holy fuck…make me cum… please man…aaah Taylor please…”


“Oh, you got it, and it”s gonna be even better than your craziest fantasies Cay…but you need to do something for me first…okay?”


“Okay…what is it…I”m down for anything….”


“Make me cum first,” Taylor ordered, licking Cayden”s lips before rolling them over, the blonde on top. “Go on and do it.”


Cayden grinned so wide that Taylor had become transfixed by it. He kissed Taylor, and it was lustful, unbridled and deeply passionate. Taylor felt himself lucky to have an adventurous lover. Boy or girl, he loved driving them nuts. Licks and kisses mixed with mini love bites and Cayden finally got to explore Taylor”s firm body, much to the teen”s delight.


“Suck those nips…oooh fucking suck them good,” Taylor growled and Cayden happily followed suit, suckling and licking Taylor”s nipples. Kissing, nipping and tugging the mounds between his teeth, Cayden savored every minute with those drops before taking the happy trail further down. He was the very epitome of a Wild Thing.


“Yeah…getting close aren”t you dude…. mmmm do it Cayden….”


Once Cayden”s head was between Taylor”s legs, he was more than happy to oblige his friend”s request. There was still so much of the teen”s body to explore, however. Cayden rose to his knees and lifted Taylor”s legs up, admiring them as no other pair he”d seen before. This was another thing Taylor enjoyed. He knew he had great athletic legs, probably just as Cayden knew he had a magnificent ass, and he loved the way girl fans would go ga-ga over them. It was just the right precursor on the main dish.


“YEAH!” Taylor yelled, gripping the blue pillows tight as Cayden finally got to his ass, his fingers and tongue worked together, the digits brushing against the g-spot while Cayden”s mouth attacked his hole. It lacked the aura of experience but had all the fervor and appetite of youthful desire and need which ran far deeper than mere Puppy Love.


Taylor”s thighs closed around Cayden”s head and his hand reached down, ringers running through the spiky black hair. He ground and humped his crotch on the actor”s face, crying out his name as Cayden hit every mark. For his first-time engaging in oral sex, he was doing a splendid job.


“Yeah…oh my god…oh Cayden…Cay…ah shit you”re gonna make me cum… please don”t fucking stop…gonna cum… yeah…OH YEAH!”


While his ears were muffled by Taylor”s awesome thigh”s the brunette”s cries of passion were heavenly to Cayden”s ears. It urged him on, his tongue happily lapping at Taylor”s nuts, sucking that tender hanging fruits while he was three fingers deep into Taylor”s ass. He was already feeling the pulsations start and soon Taylor unleashed an eroticized scream that even his heated thighs couldn”t contain.


“SHIT I”M CUMMING!!!” Taylor bellowed, a big smile on his face his back arched. His head thrashed from side to side, Cayden not letting up until the pressure on his ears was freed. Once let loose, Cayden quickly moved right up Taylor”s body, giving the brunette a taste of himself from his prick. Taylor grabbed the blonde”s face, holding him there as he sucked on Taylor”s tongue during the kiss. When it broke, he caressed Cayden”s cheeks, kissing him once more before rolling the brunette onto his back.


“You give extra you get extra,” Taylor said, kissing Cayden softly. Taylor shifted himself slightly on top of the appealing blonde, looking into his eyes and seeing the fervent edginess in them. One of Cayden”s legs was between Taylor”s and the hot devil licked his fingers and once more delved deep inside of Cayden”s hole and took hold of his cock. “You”re gonna cum for me.”


“Yeah…” Cayden moaned, biting his lower lip as Taylor was ready to bring him to Kingdom Come.


“You”ve wanted this for a while, haven”t you dude?” Taylor asked, starting to hump Cayden”s leg as the sloshing sound of his fingers inside the blonde returned once again while stroking the defenseless cock with the other. “Don”t freak out…I”m used to it. Here”s a little secret of mine…I”ve wanted this too. Do you have any clue how cute you are? Mmm tasting you has been so awesome…but now…now I need you to cum… cum for me please…I gotta see it…hear you do it… and feel it man…can you cum for me? Cum for your bro Taylor?”


“Y-yes,” Cayden said, his voice cracking. His hand went to Taylor”s ass and worm, playing with it as the remarkable actor was grinding on his leg. the two were locked on each other, eye to eye as Cayden got closer and closer to making some sparks fly.


“You feel it coming, can”t you?” Taylor said, kissing him. “Are you ready for it? You ready to cum for Taylor? Then do it…cum dude… cum for me now!”


“FUCK…TAYLORRRRRR!” Cayden cried, quaking and shaking as blinding lights flashed in his brain from the split-second pleasure. Just as Cayden had done with Taylor, Taylor showed him no mercy. However, Taylor”s experience was also able to keep Cayden amazingly both on edge and collapsing into pleasure.


Finally, after a euphoric storm that lasted eight minutes and what felt to be an eternity Cayden”s body went limp. His head was spinning, yearning for air and laughing, erotically stunned in Taylor”s arms.


“Whoa,” he said. “Just…God…whoa.”


“You.” Taylor said, sucking Cayden”s juices from his fingers. “So… how about, after we catch our breath…I”ll show you how big the shower is while we get cleaned up?”


“Mmmm, how about we share a bath?” Cayden suggested, grinning wide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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