CFNM College Ch. 03

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The first week of class was about to end, and James had already lost count of how many times he had cum for the ladies of Bellvere College. Most of them were with his three fantastic roommates Sarah, Diane, and Charlotte, although others had been with during classes with the respective teachers and the rest of the freshman girls, Jennifer, Wendy, Rose, Hannah, Natalie, and Regina.

All throughout the week, the girls had hinted promisingly at the first biology class he would experience at the end of the first week. Apparently, it was a well-known fact that it was unforgettable for any boy at Bellvere. All throughout the week, whichever roommate was sleeping with him had taken to waking him up in the morning by inducing some “morning wood”, then gradually working to “relieve” the pressure caused. So it was a disappointment, when, on Friday morning, Diane woke him up with the customary groping of his cock, but didn’t follow through with stroking him.

“Uh…aren’t you going to make me cum?” James asked her. After a week in Bellvere, he had completely embraced the CFNM culture, and absolutely enjoyed having the girls play with him whenever they wanted.

“We have the first biology class of the year this morning, James,” Diane answered with a twinkle in her eye. “We were told that we shouldn’t jerk you off yet this morning, because there’s something special lined up for you in class.”

“Oh, OK,” James said, still partially disappointed at not having gotten a handjob right away. He slipped out of bed, still sporting his erection, much to the amusement of the girls.

“I wish we could do him anyway before class,” Charlotte commented, “I’ve really been enjoying living with him.”

“Yeah, especially since he’s usually ready to go right away after just a few minutes!” Sarah laughed. “I wonder what the difference would be if we let him cum now before heading to class.”

“I wonder too,” Diane said, “but we don’t know, the teachers must have a good idea about telling us not to wank him this morning. I guess we’ll see when we get to class.”

After breakfast in the school canteen, they headed to class together with the rest of the freshman girls, and found their biology teacher Miss Annabelle waiting.

“Alright, now that we’re all complete, it’s time to have our first biology class of the year.” She began. “I’m sure you’ve all heard from the higher-year students that it’s a class that you will never forget, and there’s a good reason for that. James, please stand up here in front of us.”

Miss Annabelle then proceeded to take off his clothes and asked the girls to gather their chairs around. She then proceeded to discuss all about the male reproductive system, explaining what parts were best to touch for stimulating, and what not to do to avoid hurting the male. As the girls giggled in amusement, James’ cock began its inevitable rise, which continued all the way until it was pointing straight forward. And he hadn’t even been stroked yet!

The incredibly sexy Hannah spoke up. “Miss Annabelle, can we have some hands-on experience with James?”

The girls fervently nodded their agreement amidst laughter.

Miss Annabelle smiled back, “Oh, you will get some experience, and not just with James. It’s time for your surprise, let’s all go to the gymnasium.”

The girls happily brought the naked James with them to the gymnasium, where the rest of the college had apparently already gathered.

The three other boys (one each from the sophomore, junior, and senior levels) were already in the center, completely naked and erect.

The freshman girls were excited to see four naked boys in front of them. They drank in the sight hungrily as Miss Annabelle stepped up to address everyone.

“Well, the higher year students already know how this goes, but I’ll explain to the freshmen. First, we’re going to blindfold our four boys, then each of you freshmen will get a chance to stroke each boy for 10 seconds. The boys will then be asked to choose which hand they liked best among the nine that they felt. No repetitions are allowed, but the four lucky girls will be tasked to finish the boy off.”

The crowd cheered as the youngest batch of girls grinned at each other. In no time at all, blindfolds were affixed on the four boys, and Miss Annabelle arranged the girls around the boys and assigned the order poker oyna in which they would go around.

“Alright girls, ready, set, GO!” Miss Annabelle announced, and as the gymnasium of girls cheered, James felt a warm hand grip his dick and begin stroking gently, up and down, up and down. Ten seconds was over pretty quickly, and the next girl took over. Then another, and another, until all nine had finished.

“Now boys, you may choose which one you liked best. Let’s begin with our freshman James!”

Quite honestly, James couldn’t differentiate most of the hands anyway, they had all felt amazing. But he did recall one particular hand that had been exceptionally stimulating as it had wrapped itself all around his penis and brushed lightly against his tip whenever the hand stroked in that direction. That had been the second to the last one, so he mentioned that to Miss Annabelle.

The girls cheered at his choice, and his blindfold was removed to reveal Wendy standing in front of him with a wide grin on her face.

Miss Annabelle then asked the sophomore, whose name was Adam, to choose his favorite hand. His choice turned out to be Charlotte. The junior Francis actually selected Wendy, but finding out that she had already been selected, ended up choosing Rose. The senior Ken also selected the hand that had been Wendy’s, but as James had already selected that, he had to go with his second choice, which turned out to be Regina.

The freshman girls were all catcalling at Wendy, who had been the first choice for three out of the four boys. “Wendy must have some special handjob skills!” One voice called out, making her blush in happiness. “We should ask her to tutor us later on.” Another voice chimed in.

“Alright, girls, quiet down first,” Miss Annabelle said, “And now, the four lucky girls need to finish the boys off! Now our rule is, once 2 boys have already cum, the 2 girls who got them to cum will each help in making the last 2 boys cum. And once a third boy has cum, all four girls will work together on the last boy! So boys, try to last as long as you can!”

The crowd cheered wildly as the girls promptly got started stroking their respective cocks. Knowing that if they got their boy to cum first, they would get a chance at another cock, and possibly a third, was a huge motivator. Similarly, the boys struggled to hold in their feelings of arousal, wanting to experience having four girls working on them simultaneously.

It was a contest of hand and lust versus dick and control, and obviously, hand and lust were going to win every time. Wendy was a tall beauty, who, while not having particularly large breasts, was one of his prettiest classmates (which was high praise, given that all of them were pretty), and as he was discovering, had a delightful way of stroking. As much as James wanted to last longer, he couldn’t help the sensations as Wendy continued doing the handjob strokes which she had done earlier, and in a few minutes, he was spurting to everyone’s cheers.

“Aaaand James has cum! Congratulations to Wendy!” Miss Annabelle announced.

James was disappointed at not having lasted longer, and Wendy could see his disappointment. She cuddled close to him, speaking in a low voice.

“James, don’t feel sad. Those three have been here a lot longer than you, so they’ve had more practice at holding on.”

James felt better upon realizing that. He then added cheekily, “Besides, they didn’t have you stroking them.”

Wendy flushed red but laughed. “Well, I’m glad you liked my style.”

James was about to answer but suddenly the crowd erupted in cheers once again. He and Wendy turned to see Adam blowing his load for Charlotte.

“Alright! Good job Charlotte and Adam!” Miss Annabelle said. “Now, Wendy will join Regina in playing with Ken, while Charlotte joins Rose in jerking Francis off! Keep going girls!”

Both pairs of girls ended up doing double handjobs on their respective boys, pumping up and down in sync. In just a short while, Francis began moaning, and everyone squealed as he shot a massive spurt of cum over a meter away, to the amazement of Charlotte and Rose.

“And now, everyone is going to focus on our final survivor, Ken!” Miss Annabelle exclaimed. “Charlotte and Rose, good job on Francis, now it’s time to get your third cock of the day!”

Wendy canlı poker oyna and Regina took turns with Charlotte and Rose in giving Ken the double handjob, and in about another two minutes, Ken’s penis suddenly tensed up, getting really to burst. Wendy and Regina were stroking him at that moment, and upon feeling the tension, squealed in anticipation. Regina was right in front of the penis, and the next instant, Ken’s cum sprayed out right onto her face, causing her to drop the penis in shock. Luckily, Wendy kept stroking, completely draining Ken’s balls until the last drop had been squeezed out.

“I’m so sorry!” Regina sputtered, “I stopped stroking you when the cum hit my face, I was so surprised!”

Ken, his eyes still closed in ecstasy, waved a hand in dismissal. “That’s OK for now, you made up for it with fantastic stroking. And Wendy continued stroking all throughout anyway. But in the future, you should be prepared for a boy’s cum.” He advised.

Regina nodded contritely, but her next sentence was as bold as it could be. “I hope I can make it up to you someday, and make you feel even better.” She grinned lustfully.

Ken looked at the young freshman, already liking her. “I think that’s a great idea.” He smirked back.

“And that’s the fourth cumshot of the morning!” Miss Annabelle cheered. “But girls, we’re just getting started!”

The freshmen looked around in confusion. Were there more boys to play with? But each year level of Bellvere only kept one boy. Miss Annabelle gestured to James and Adam, whose dicks were, amazingly, rising up again.

“Whoa!” Diane exclaimed in a loud voice. “Are they all that energetic?”

She turned to Sarah and whispered, “I mean, I know we’ve done James twice in half an hour, but that wasn’t even ten minutes!”

Miss Annabelle explained. “You see, we put in a little special surprise in the boys’ drinks this morning. We actually do this every year, so this is only a surprise to the freshmen. That special surprise allows them to recharge a lot faster!”

The freshman girls stared in amazement as Francis and Ken began erecting again to the cheers of their classmates.

“Now, the five freshmen girls who haven’t been part of the action yet will do the same thing! Each of you will get 10 seconds to stroke each boy, and they will select who will finish them!” Miss Annabelle called for the remaining girls.

Sarah, Diane, Jennifer, Hannah, and Natalie lined up. Suddenly Diane frowned. “Wait a minute, there are five of us and only four of them, doesn’t that mean one of us won’t get to have fun?”

Miss Annabelle grinned, “Oh no, whoever isn’t chosen will still have a special surprise waiting for her!” The rest of the girls cheered.

The selection started with Ken this time. As it turned out, he selected Jennifer. Francis selected Diane, and Adam selected Sarah. That left either Hannah or Natalie for James, but he couldn’t differentiate which hand could have possibly belonged to either. He chose randomly, and it turned out to be Natalie.

Again, the stroke-fest began. Natalie had huge breasts that captivated James’ eyes, and he stared blatantly as she kept stroking, bringing him closer and closer to climax. Part of him struggled not to lose control, thinking of the possibility of having two, or even all four girls working on him. But he couldn’t ignore the pressure building up inside of him, and once again, he was the first of the four boys to shoot his load to the girls’ cheers. Within a few minutes, Adam and Francis finished nearly simultaneously as well, and so Ken again had four girls servicing him before he lost control in a double handjob being administered by Jennifer and Sarah.

“Good job, girls!” Miss Annabelle happily announced. “Now, it’s time for our final event of this morning. As Hannah is the only freshman who hasn’t gotten to make a guy cum yet, she’s going to get that chance now. Hannah, please join James in the center.”

She sashayed into the center, eagerly grinning at James’ cock all the while. James could feel himself hardening – yet again!

“Now, we have selected one random representative for the other year levels.” Miss Annabelle continued. “We will have Kimberly for the sophomores, Alice for the juniors, and Janet for the seniors!” The crowd cheered for their classmates.

“So earlier, it was a internet casino little biased for those who have been here for many years, as they have had more practice at…holding on.” Miss Annabelle said, to the laughter of the girls. “But this time, each boy will be paired up with his own classmate, meaning that he will be with someone who has had as much practice as he has! And now that the girls aren’t all our new sweet freshmen, we’ll see how long the boys last! Ready…set…go!”

Hannah wasted no time in stroking James gently, instead going straight to fast-paced pumping. She had been observing how Wendy stroked James earlier, and was imitating the technique as best as she could. A couple of seconds in, however, she glanced at her competitors and was shocked to see that none of them were using their hands to wank their boys!

The busty sophomore Kim actually had stuck Adam’s dick in between her boobs and was moving up and down! Junior Alice was giving Francis a blowjob! And the senior Janet, who was rumored to have the largest breasts on campus, had also enfolded Ken’s penis in her tits and was kneading it gently, making him shiver in delight!

Hannah was astounded at this, as she had never actually done anything beyond touching James with her hand. But her competitive spirit was awoken, and she quickly moved closer and stuck James’ cock in between her boobs. She may not have been as developed as Kim or Janet, but her breasts were ample enough to give his dick something round and large to slide against.

James was in heaven as his penis began to move back and forth against Hannah’s boobs. There was absolutely no way he would last very long in this…unless one of the others was even more stimulating!

Hannah briefly considered using her mouth, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. It was too foreign an idea to stick that penis, wonderful as it looked, into her mouth. And so she focused on rocking back and forth as quickly as possible, hoping to get James to cum quickly.

But to James’ elation, he was no longer the first to cum this time. It was Alice who had first felt Francis’ dick throbbing, and she quickly pumped a hand in the air to signify that she was winning. The crowd went wild as Francis emptied himself into her mouth, and she swallowed every last drop of it.

Shortly after, Ken gave a load moan and squirted his load right into Janet’s face. She kept rubbing her breasts against him, all the way until the last few squirts of lower power dribbled out onto her blouse.

And then as Alice went over to help Kim, Janet arrived beside Hannah, who reluctantly let go of the penis, as she knew Janet would probably be a lot better at stimulating it than she was. To her surprise, Janet motioned her back, and Hannah didn’t miss a beat as she continued rubbing her boobs against James’ cock. Janet instead contributed by sucking on the head, which was slightly visible despite most of the shaft being engulfed by Hannah’s tits. And in what seemed like no time at all, James released his third load of the morning, partly into Janet’s mouth and face, and partly onto those wonderful breasts that Hannah had been working him with.

Hannah and Janet dashed over to Adam and it didn’t even take half a minute more before he too expended his seed to the audience’s wild cheers.

“And that concludes this morning’s activities, ladies and gentlemen,” Miss Annabelle announced. “I’m sure you’ve all had a great time, and you can trust that we will have many more enjoyable activities all throughout the year. As an additional bonus for today, classes for this afternoon are called off…mainly to let the boys relax…although of course, if you girls have other plans, you know what you can do.”

This was met with wild laughter from the girls, and Miss Annabelle added, “But please do understand that they must be really tired after three straight rounds this morning. Do take good care of them, and don’t overwork these gentlemen. Now, their roommates may bring them back.”

Sarah, Diane, and Charlotte quickly approached James with wide grins.

“Oh, James,” Sarah gushed, “that was all so unbelievable! You just got handjobs from Wendy and Natalie, and then you got a breast-job from Hannah, and you got a blowjob from a senior!”

Diane and Charlotte giggled their assent.

“I think we’re going to have to practice some new techniques starting today, right girls?” Diane asked lasciviously.

Sarah and Charlotte nodded vigorously in agreement, and James’ three pretty roommates walked him back to their room, with smiles of anticipation on their faces.

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