Changing Lingerie

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The department store was relatively empty on Monday afternoon. Shoppers moved singly or in pairs between the racks, stopping every once in a while to finger the hangers or look at price tags. They rarely lifted their heads, keeping their eyes open for bargains, too focused to really notice anybody. Alex, however, remained hesitant.

Though he seemed to be milling around the mall aimlessly too, inside Alex was adrift in a sea of turmoil. Nervously, he skulked among the shirts and slacks of the men’s department, waiting for the right moment to move. Just when he thought that nobody was watching, someone else would mosey around the corner and Alex would lose his nerve. Then, he would make another circuit around the store to make it seem like he wasn’t lurking in one place. After a while his courage would build again, but it was hopeless. Alex would never have the courage to enter the lingerie section no matter how many laps he walked around the store.

Discouraged, Alex sat in a nearby chair. He stared at the scores of bras and panties that hung before him, barely noting the woman who sat right next to him. He had come a long way on his own to finally get what he was looking for, but he was plagued with doubts. What if someone should see him sifting through the women’s underwear? What would they say, and how could he explain himself? There were too many people: too many variables to go ahead with the plan. He would get caught and someone would make a scene, and there would be nothing for Alex except for shame and embarrassment. It seemed that there was nothing left to do but head home.

“Have you ever wondered why you never see any men in the lingerie department?”

Alex jumped out of his seat. The woman who next to him was talking. She was staring at him with a smile on her lips and a strange look in her eye.

“What?” Alex quickly replied.

“I said, do you ever wonder why you never see any men in the lingerie department?”

Alex’s heart was pounding. ‘Why would she ask me a question like that? Does she suspect me? She must have seen me staring at the bras while I was wandering around. Crap! What do I do? What do I do?’ Alex’s nightmare scenario was coming true, and he realized had two choices: rationally explain what he was doing, or run away. Unfortunately Alex was far too nervous to articulate himself, let alone give a good reason for eyeing the lingerie. Neither could he leave since his legs had turned to jelly, so Alex braced himself for what was bound to be the most humiliating moment of his life.

“I’m sorry, did I scare you?” the woman asked. Alex was staring at her with eyes the size of dinner plates, and his body was as tense as a suspension cable. A look of concern had spread over her face, and Alex realized that perhaps the humiliation he expected wasn’t coming, yet. “Are you alright? I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Ah…yes.” Alex relaxed and cleared his throat. “You did startle me a bit.”

“Sorry,” she laughed. “I didn’t me to give you a heart attack!” The woman extended her hand. “I’m Marianne Marietta.”

Alex sighed and introduced himself, but couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Have you thought of an answer yet?” she eagerly inquired.

“Hmm? Oh! The question…” Alex thought for a moment, then replied, “What was the question again?”

“Why do you never see a man in the lingerie section?” Marianne asked, rolling her eyes.

Giving Marianne a strange look, he said, “I don’t know, why?”

“Hold on,” she said, “I got it wrong. First answer this question: have you ever thought about that question before?”

Alex gave Marianne another strange look out of the corner of his eye. “No.”

“Of course not. Nobody expects a man to buy women’s underwear, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity. Nobody suspects a man in the delicates section, so there’s no way to stop him if he goes there. A man who wants to buy panties could just walk in in broad daylight, pick out whatever underwear he likes, throw them on the counter without batting an eye, and no one can do a thing about it!”

Alex listened carefully, but he was getting nervous again

“They do it all the time,” Marianne insisted. “Its just as easy as buying a pair of slacks or picking out a new tie; all a man needs is the will to carry it out. I bet even if you did it no one would even care.”

Alex shifted in his seat. “I think I need to go—”

“However,” the Marianne warned, “…there is another, very important reason why you never find a man in the lingerie section.” Her tone grew serious as she spoke her next words. “Creatures have a way of adapting to their environment. The person who spends too much time in a strange place will not emerge unchanged.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s exactly what it sounds like, Alex.” That strange look that Marianne had been wearing when Alex first saw her had returned to her face. “Men who stay in the lingerie poker oyna department for too long turn into women.”

For a long while the two stared at each other. Marianne, with her smile and strange looks, never wavered.

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am serious.” Marianne insisted. “It happens all the time, but people never notice because they’re too busy looking for their own clothes. Plus, no one expects it. Either that or there’s such a large crowd that people get lost in the shuffle, like around holidays.”

Alex stood up and politely shook Marianne’s hand, “I really need to get going now. It’s been nice talking with you, crazy lady.”

“Wait, I’ll show you what I mean. See that lady over there?”

Alex turned to see that a tall, middle-aged woman crossing over from Women’s Wear into Lingerie with her son in tow. Undoubtedly bored, the boy played with an action figure that his mom handed to him as she compared the patterns on the panties.

“Watch that boy with her, and soon you’ll see exactly what I mean.”

Alex wondered whether he should just walk away. On the one hand, he had already been in the store for nearly an hour, so another five minutes couldn’t hurt. On the other hand it was obvious that Marianne was one very spooky chick, perhaps even crazy. Still, she didn’t seem crazy from the way she spoke. Except for the outlandish nature of her claims, one could safely assume that she was a normal woman. The whole situation must have been an elaborate joke of some sort. Alex wasn’t keen on the idea of being the butt of some cruel joke where undoubtedly some fool lay hiding behind the dress rack, filming the whole exchange he had made with this bizarre confederate.

Just as Alex was about to make up his mind, Marianne excitedly whispered, “There, look at the hair! Now you can see it.”

It was pretty long hair for a boy, very near medium length. Alex wondered whether or not his hair had been that long the whole time, but then he saw it get even longer. Stunned, Alex watched as inch by inch the boy’s hair became longer and longer, reaching down past his ears and extending past his shoulders. Once it stopped growing the hair began to style itself, moving effortlessly as if manipulated by unseen hands. Little by little the hair twisted until two blonde pigtails came to rest on the boy’s chest, each one tied up in a little pink ribbon.

That was only the beginning, however. Alex continued to stare as the boy turned even more girly. His shorts seemed to be growing: meeting together between the legs and flaring outwards. The shirt, formerly a dark blue, started turning lighter and warmer in color, shifting through the spectrum until settling into a bright shade of pink. On his chest appeared a picture of a little red heart, dotted with sparkling sequins. Finally, the boy’s grey sneakers turned into a pair of red and white flip-flops which showed off ten perfectly painted toenails.

Alex was dumbfounded. He stood with his mouth agape at the transformation he had just witnessed. Marianne pulled him back down into his seat and whispered, “See what I mean? Not so crazy now, am I?”

Taking his eyes off of the child for a moment, Alex began sputtering his response. “How did…what did it…is, is this really…?” and so on did he continue to speak until Marianne gave him a confident nod that seemed to answer all of his questions.

Alex thought for a moment. “His clothes: I saw them change.” he began to ask. ‘Does that mean that…everything changed?” Marianne nodded once more, smiling as Alex stared, wide-eyed at her. “How does it know to go only so far?”

“Well, we’re not quite finished yet.” Marianne pointed once again to their metamorphosed subject and explained, “The effect continues for as long as the individual remains in the lingerie department, so until that boy leaves, things are only going to get better.”

Alex turned to the child once more and saw that there more changes coming up. She had noticed that her clothes were hot pink. She lifted up her new skirt and saw that she was sporting a mysterious, new pair of panties that certainly wasn’t there before. However, the skirt itself was undergoing changes as well. It was growing longer, with more frills and a lace trim growing out of the edges. The shirt was becoming frillier as well, but its sleeves were gradually disappearing and the shoulders were puffing out. White stockings appeared around her legs and covered her feet. The sandals which had only so recently formed grew back into shoes again: white, shiny, leather shoes with sliver buckles on them. The skirt grew down to her ankles, then finally merged with her shirt to create one fancy, frilly garment. With the matching tiara that appeared on her head, the ensemble was complete: a perfect princess gown, the envy of any fairy tale-loving little girl.

Fortunately, the little girl’s mother had found the bra she had been looking for. Taking her youngster’s hand and dragged her, bewildered canlı poker oyna and speechless, on the next stop in their shopping spree. The little girl could only clutch her doll and hope for the best.

Alex was sitting in silence, unable to comprehend exactly what he had seen. Marianne, seeing that she had made her point, stood up to go.

“Where are you going?” Alex demanded.

Marianne didn’t answer, only smiling as she turned away. She took two steps before Alex grabbed her hand. “Why did you show me this?”

“It was just small talk, that’s all. You seem like a good little boy who wouldn’t even dream of walking into a place full of women’s underwear. Why would you need that, after all?”

“Right,” Alex grumbled, “Never.”

“I just thought you would like to know something interesting. It’s a little extra incentive, you know, so that you don’t go in there.”

“Thank you.” Alex mumbled.

Marianne smiled once more; her work was done. “Then again, no one could ever stop you.” With that she walked away, and once she had turned the corner she was gone.

Alex’s heart was pounding once more as he stared into the racks of lingerie. The nervousness was still there, but now it seemed unimportant. The only thing now standing between him and his destination was a few feet of floor tile. He stood up and noticed a couple on the far side of the store, but they were much too far away and too busy to notice anything now. He took one quick look around, then quickly strode across the aisle and into the Lingerie Department.

Alex looked around; the place was rather nice. The smell of new underwear gently wafted into his nostrils, and the colors were vibrant and numerous. All around him were bras of all kinds: some with padding, some without. Many were simple in design, plain white with utilitarian forms, but these existed side by side with the frilly, lacey, colorful sexy alternatives. Alex found a purple bra that might have been just what he was looking for. Reaching out, his hands slightly trembling, he touched the soft padded cup with the tips of his fingers. Just then, a woman walked by on her way to another part of the store and said nothing. Alex began to wonder why he hadn’t done this sooner.

Still, he didn’t feel any different. Alex was just as masculine as ever, so the transformation wasn’t happening yet. ‘Maybe it’s about where you stand in the lingerie. I’ll head over to where that boy was. On his way Alex saw a lot of bras that might have fit him. ‘I’ll head over there later,’ he thought. ‘Besides, when this works out I’ll have a lot more shopping to do.

Alex reached the spot where the boy had turned into a princess. It was right next to a display of panties sitting on a table. He stood there for a while, not doing anything while he waited for the change to start. Alex started to sift through the panties, wondering which pair looked the best to him. He decided upon a simple pair of white, cotton panties with a lace trim around the edges. In the waistband was a pink ribbon that was stitched all the way around the top and was tied in front in a little bow. “Now these are some cute panties.” he declared quietly, stopping to blow a strand of hair out of his eyes.

That breath simply caused more hair to fall down into his field of vision. Suddenly, Alex realized that there was a lot more hair than there had been before. His hands moved up to his head and found more and more of it all around. Hair was growing all over the place; reaching Alex’s shoulders and falling in front of his face in a disorganized mess. ‘I really wish I had something to tie this back with.’ Alex thought, but he had no such luck. His hair kept growing longer and longer, and all he could do was brush it out of the way so that he could see what was going on.

Alex’s clothes were starting to change now too. He wondered whether all of his clothes would turn pink just like the boy’s did. Instead, while the legs of his shorts did flare out and merge together, they turned navy blue and had very wide pleats. The fabric of his shirt became thinner and lightened until it turned white. A row of buttons appeared down the center, indicating a very simple blouse.

“I guess I’ll have a schoolgirl outfit. That’s not too bad, but—” Alex gasped. His voice had suddenly slipped into a higher pitch. He tried speaking again, “My voice…” It definitely sounded more feminine, and he tried coughing to make sure that nothing was stuck in his throat. Even his cough sounded like a woman’s cough. Alex was surprised by the sound of his new voice; he hadn’t really thought about what he would sound like as a girl, but it gave him a very bad feeling in his gut. It was someone else speaking through his mouth and not him. Alex gently rubbed his throat as he let this thought sink in, but he was soon distracted by something bigger

“Oh!” Alex felt a chill run through his body, coursing through his arms, his stomach, and legs, and it ending in his chest. An ever-lengthening internet casino head of hair covered his chest by this time, but as Alex parted and drew it back like a curtain he could see his breasts taking shape. At first, they were only vague, round forms underneath his nipples, but slowly and softly they began to grow. Alex did not yet have a bra, so he could see his nipples as they rubbed against the fabric of his shirt. Gradually the shirt began to stretch and stretch as full, perky breasts filled the space underneath.

Alex couldn’t think about his new assets, however, because the strange chill that had focused on his chest had traveled down Alex’s spine and into his hips. Under his skirt there was very little of Alex that caught anyone’s attention, but that was about to change. He could feel his legs moving further apart at the hips. Alex could also feel the hem of his skirt rising higher as his butt started to grow as well.

“Oh, my goodness!” Alex’s hand flew to his ass as it continued to grow: bulkier, rounder, firmer. He looked down and saw how wide his hips were, a fact which was accented by the fact that his waist was shrinking. Everything was starting to come together. The hips, legs, ass, waist, breasts, and hair: there was no part of Alex that wasn’t widening, stretching, bulking, shrinking, swelling, or lengthening respectively. Alex had a firm grip on his breast with one hand while the other caressed the contours of his butt and hips. He could hear his heart pounding as the feelings overwhelmed him, and all the while he couldn’t get over his strange, new voice. “My breasts… they’re tearing my shirt open! How did my butt start to feel so good? Everything’s…just…so…I can’t—”

Alex froze. A sudden pain flashed through Alex’s loins. It disappeared as quickly as it began, but it was the final straw. Alex fell to the floor, unconscious; meanwhile the Lingerie Section continued to work its magic.

How long Alex had been on the department store floor, she did not know, but she was brought back to consciousness by the voice of a concerned saleswoman who found her face-down among the bras.

“Are you okay, Miss? Did you faint?”

“I…I’m alright.” Alex answered. She felt groggy, as if she had been sleeping for hours. The saleswoman helped her up and asked if she needed to go to the hospital. “I just need to rest for a little bit.”

The saleswoman tried to help her over to a chair, but Alex suddenly realized what had happened. She looked down at her body and found that she had been fully transformed, but she needed a mirror to check completely examine herself. Alex suddenly sprang to life, and she turned to the surprised saleswoman asking, “Can you show me where the dressing rooms are?” The saleswoman gladly pointed the dressing rooms out, and watched confusedly as the strange woman who just moments ago was unconscious on the floor ran giggling towards them.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Alex was stunned. She had changed a lot more than she remembered, and in surprising ways. Alex lifted her skirt and saw that she was indeed wearing panties, then pulled them down to confirm that she was indeed a girl. She opened up her blouse to first get a look at her breasts, safely cradled within the confines of a soft, padded bra. It was better than Alex had ever imagined. She had worn old, secondhand bras as a man, trying to imagine what it felt like to have real breasts. Now she actually had them, and what big breasts they were! Alex pulled out the tag sewn into her bra to see what size she was. “F-cup: oh my God, this is fantastic!”

Alex’s clothes were rather simple. Her underwear was that white, plain stuff that stretched easily over Alex’s curves. Alex’s skirt was deep blue, and it was so long that it reached the middle of her shins. “No mini-skirt for me I guess!” Alex laughed. Underneath it was a pair of knee-high socks and a pair of patent-leather shoes. Her blouse was white with long sleeves, and Alex liked it because it was loose fitting and light. She could unbutton the top few buttons to show a little cleavage, but she wasn’t ready to go out like that yet.

Though she liked her new outfit very much, Alex spent a long time looking at herself in the mirror in various states of undress. First she wanted to see herself naked, then with only her underwear on. She was a rather stunning figure only wearing lingerie. Her long, dark hair reached down to her waist, and the white bra and panties provided a nice preview of what she would look like on the beach in a bikini (‘I’ll need to remember that,’ Alex thought). Alex took off her underwear and just put her blouse and skirt on. She would lift up her skirt as if it were caught by the breeze and giggle at the sight of her bare crotch, and when she jumped up she could see her breasts bouncing around wildly inside of her blouse. She was acting like a ninny, but she couldn’t care less. She was only bothered by her underwear, which she had piled on the floor and was reluctant to put on again. It was nice, but not the style she liked. She looked in the mirror and conceded that even though not wearing underwear was kind of fun, she couldn’t possibly go outside without it.

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