Cherie Baby

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Although fiction, the character, Cherie is real in my mind. Most scenes that involve her, are dreams and fantasies that couldn’t be bridged by time or space, and are wishes that couldn’t be brought to life……. Enjoy


I am insatiable. I have been diagnosed as having a compulsive sexual disorder. I now masturbate, on average eight times a day. And each time it is successful. Most times I can cum two or three times.

When my mother was diagnosed as being a nymphomaniac her psychiatrist told her that there was a good chance that I would have the same affliction. I really don’t think she was very concerned about it.

I knew that sometimes she would become frustrated when she couldn’t climax. That’s one of the symptoms, out of control behavior. Becoming frustrated sometimes that she couldn’t have more orgasms, Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, she began visiting my bedroom late at night. Waking me up, she’d ask me to help her finish. It’s just something that she sometimes needed help with.

At first she just needed to see me standing nude in front of her and have me watch her masturbate. That would excite her enough and she would cum really hard and seem to be satisfied for a few hours. As time went on, she wanted to touch me. Sometimes just my hair or my skin, but soon she needed to touch my cunt.

Later it got more intimate. She would have me touch or stroke her nipples, and soon I was suckling her so she could cum. About that time I began to get excited along with her. My first orgasm with a female partner just happened. I mean I never even had to touch myself, it just took over and happened. After that I was hooked and would actually wait for her to come and ask me to do things with her.

My first oral experience was with my mom. I guess sucking her nipples could be considered oral, but I mean like, putting my mouth over her cunt and tasting her. That was a lot different. I began to get so wet just thinking about doing things to her, that my clit would swell up and sort of stick almost all the way out of its hood.

Then came the time when she began touching my pussy and clit and licking and stroking me and I began having mind blowing orgasms. Now almost twenty, she and I began doing each other and I became as needy as she was. I don’t know how her analyst found out about it but he did, and I was advised to get into some sort of rehab program for sexually compulsives.

My particular symptoms consist of a persistent thoughts of fucking, although I never did that, but those thoughts were mostly satisfied by giving and receiving sexual pleasure with female friends and my mom. I experimented and one common way to satisfy myself was to hump a pillow or padded armrest or bolster.

Ultimately I began to be promiscuous and entice strangers, all women, to experiment with me. Strangely, most of the girls I selected were willing to experiment and although a lot were straight, they were willing to at least try it once.

The seduction of a woman was a turn on in itself. No explanation needed there. The compulsive masturbating when no partner wasn’t available, was sort of a way of controlling my spells of aggressive behavior.

The place I checked myself into was actually a finishing school of sorts, although it was located where we girls could have no contact with the outside world. I was there one year learning how to put on makeup, dress more seductively, proper table manners and all that crap. I am a bit of a narcissist and enjoy my figure. I can get off sitting nude in front of my mirror watching me fuck myself.

We had classes six days a week and were given fifteen minute breaks every two hour for relaxation and… you guess what. All of us would make a dash for our rooms to relieve our tensions, then report to our next class. I have no problem cumming so I could get off in a matter of one or two minutes but some of the other girls would show up late. Everyone knew why.

Since an hour a day was dedicated to exercise we all had great figures, and when you couple that with knowing how to use makeup and dress properly, we were the prettiest and sexiest bevy of sluts imaginable.

Our house mother actually encouraged us to enjoy our bodies and Saturday evenings we would have these wine parties. They explained it away as calling them wine tasting sessions where we would have cheese and stuff, but we were never limited as to how much we drank.

I don’t know what they were trying to cure, because ultimately we all sort of paired off and would trib or fuck each other until we were too exhausted to go on. I was only satisfied for a couple of hours at a time so those of us who got needy during the night would roam the halls looking for others with trouble sleeping too.

As soon as I was discharged I came into my portion of my inheritance. And now free to do as I pleased, I began by trying to wean myself away from being promiscuous with other women. That’s how I met Mark. I was going to a class reunion and had no date.

I contacted poker oyna the agency that mom always used, and the girl behind the counter thought I wanted the same sort of service mom always wanted. I had to do some explaining, convincing her that I just wanted a nice good looking guy to escort me to a social event. Nothing more.

I looked thru the book but didn’t find anyone that was the clean college looking type I wanted. Then I saw the picture on her desk.

“I want him.” I explained. She shook her head.

“That’s my son. I don’t think Mark would be interested,” she explained.

I had to have him and when I mentioned the exorbitant amount that I was willing to pay just to have him as an escort for six hours, she made a call and he agreed.

She explained that he had a bad past experience and wasn’t quite over it yet and really was girl shy. Just what I wanted I thought. I ended up making the wrong selection. He looked just like some sexy movie star, and for me that wasn’t what I needed. Oh he would certainly make all the other girls jealous but it turned out that, that sort of backfired.

When he picked me up at my place, I had on the most provocatively sexy outfit imaginable. Slinky, and slit up the sides, sort of a bit longer than a miniskirt, it ended up just at knee level. The slits allowed my to move more freely if I wanted to dance or move around a bit. I wanted to look the best at the reunion and being sort of a narcissist, the outfit I had selected actually had me wetting myself.

When I opened the door and saw him, I knew I was going to have to battle my urge to have him all night long. I started undressing him in my mind and started to get wet. The fact that he was so shy somehow made him even more enticing. Among my sexual triggers are images, and this man was a real turn-on.

I do have persistent thoughts of fucking and he wasn’t exactly helping any. I was so flustered that I had to excuse myself and make one quick trip to my bedroom and get off and change my panties again. Thinking I had regained control, we went out and we went to his car.

As I explained his part in this little charade, I had to keep staring away. I wanted him so fucking much I was wetting my panties and my girl cum was again flowing freely. I’m a profuse producer of….. Well…. Pussy juice? I was sort of proud of one thing… I had never been fucked by a guy and I had no experience with men. So I sort of thought that I was a ladies lady at least up to this point. Boy was I wrong.

I had kept in touch with my classmates and fabricated this story that I was about to become engaged. Anyway Mark had to pretend to be my future husband, and I told him what he was to do. You know, be attentive, amorous and pretend to want me in front of my friends.

Now those mental images of him in the nude again returned and I undressed him in my minds eye. As he drove, I confined my actions to just stroking his arm and licking his neck. I don’t think he saw my hand moving up under my skirt because he was trying to concentrate on the road ahead, but I did manage to get off.

I’m not used to stifling my groans but I manage it with just one or two little squeals as it happened. But now the taste of his skin and the fragrance of his aftershave were becoming overpowering. I simply had to touch his crotch. Fortunately we arrived just as I had placed one hand on his thigh and that broke the urge, at least temporarily.

Walking in, we began to mingle with the others. I was clinging to him and getting edgy each time some woman would stop to chat. They were staring at him and not paying much attention to me and that was driving me crazy. Finally I leaned even closer to him and whispered…

“Be more affectionate. Give me a kiss. Make like we can’t resist each other.”

A few moments later he swung me around and put his arms around my waist and bowed his head. His lips met mine and he gave me the deepest kiss I have ever had. His tongue darted into my mouth and I felt my knees begin to give way. If he wasn’t holding me I think I would have dropped to the floor but he held me firmly and pulled me close.

That hug brought my breasts hard against his chest and I forced my cunt to press against his thigh. I felt it starting again. I held him against me. My hands at the back of his neck and I began returning his tongue kisses. It rose higher and higher until I began to actually begin humping his thigh and I orgasmed. If my mouth weren’t locked to his I would have screamed but as it was, I simply moaned into his mouth. “Mmmmmmmffffff, mmmmmm, unffffffffffff.” I don’t know if he just thought I was letting him know how good the kiss was, or if he suspected what he had just made happen to me. I was rattled.

I began to reel back but he grabbed me. At that point he had to know that his kiss was something special. He was now getting into the role I had envisioned. But that had it’s drawbacks too. My cunt was secreting like a fountain and I had to go to the ladies room to get some paper towels canlı poker oyna to stuff into my panties. It might start to show. My thighs were sticky as I walked across the room and I kept looking over my shoulder, hoping that none of the other girls there would hold his attention while I was gone.

It only took three or four minutes to clean myself. I had debated using my little vibrator and getting off again but decided not to waste the time. I wanted to get back to him. Strangely I was so enamored by him that I was becoming possessive. I couldn’t stand the thought of his cock sliding into some whores cunt. He belonged to me.

Sure enough there were two singles chatting with him and one had her hand on his arm. I was getting out of control and almost tripped as I hurried back to him. Pushing the girls aside I flung myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and drawing his lips to mine.

The two girls fled, and I enjoyed one of the longest and most intense kisses imaginable. I loved the taste of him. Everything about him turned me on. I sucked his tongue, nibbled on his lower lip, ground my breasts hard against his chest and straddled his thigh trying to rub my cunt against him. I probably made a fool of myself the way I hung onnto him, but he was nice and put up with it. After three hours we made excuses and said our good byes.

I still had two and a half hours of his time left and I wanted him back at my place. The clock was running and I was getting those compulsive urges again. I had never had a mans cock in me. I had never even seen one in real life. My only experiences were with other girls and occasionally we would use strap on dildos or suck on a dildo that we had gotten wet in someone’s cunt. Nothing for real. But I was damn well anxious to have his cock in me. And suck on his, for real. Even the thought of seeing him nude and hard had me panting.

His mother had said, “he’s strictly on the up and up.” I wanted him to be on the up and up all right. Up inside of me. I increased my proposition by upping the ante. I asked if an additional thousand would be enough to spend the next twenty four hours with me.

He must have thought I was crazy. The way he looked at me quizzically, was cute, but he must have suspected he’d have to be more than an escort. Then he explained.

“Cherie, Look you’re a beautiful young girl but I almost got in trouble with a girl in college and I can’t risk getting another person in trouble again. You must understand that.” I felt my heart jump. I had him.

“I cant have kids. I can’t get pregnant. I’m safe. We can do whatever we want and nothing bad can happen. And I just want you to accept my money in exchange for spending some time with me. Won’t you please? I’ll be good for you and I think you feel the same way about me. Your kisses told me that.”

“Your sure about this. I mean you wouldn’t lie to me would you?” he asked.

“Honest to god Mark. I’m fixed. I promise.”

I suppose everything I had been holding in boiled over at that point. My cunt was doing its dance and squeezing the wetness out with each contraction. My breasts rose and fell as my breath came in short gasps and my nipples turned into points of the most erotic sensations imaginable. Once inside my apartment I literally tore my clothes off and turning to him, threw my body at him.

He reeled back and lost his balance, ending up sitting on the sofa. I went for his lips again, and nearly smothered him with kisses as my hands worked at the buttons of his shirt. That was easy, his belt buckle was more of a job, but once I had that open his zipper slid down and I reached inside. I slumped off his lap and onto the floor. As he took his shirt off, I worked on his slacks and briefs.

As I gazed up I gasped…… “Oh my god… Oh fuck,… your beautiful. God Mark your big. Baby, you are so fucking beautiful….so big and Oh god, I think I’m gonna cum right here, just looking at it.”

I wasn’t lying. I was getting close and my cunt was doing a dance just waiting to be touched or something. I grabbed his cock in one hand and moved up into his lap and pressed my mouth to his. As our tongues dueled, I felt him begin to swell in my palm and my fingers began to be forced open as his cock got longer and thicker.

“Oh babee, I want you so much. Tell me what you want me to do. This is my first time……. Really, it is!” I gasped.

My body is lithe and I’m not very heavy so he had no problem sliding his forearm under my thighs and his other arm around my back. He lifted me like a toy before searching the room. I whispered. “The bedroom…Just thru the doorway. Oh god how I want you Baby.”

Two nude bodies, hot and close, and with my arms around his neck, my breasts jiggling slightly, was something I had only held in my mind. It was one of my favorite fantasies and I used it often when I needed help at night.

As he carried me I was nearly insane with the need to make love with him! The suppressed needs came to life and I needed the fire to internet casino be quenched. He had barely lain me on the bed before he covered me with his body.

My mouth needed him. My breasts, now slick with perspiration slid back and forth across his chest. My nipples, already swollen, were excited at the prospect of having him suck them. My cunt was anxious for him. Dreams were about to come to life.

I wanted him to penetrate, and stretch me open and fill me with cum. Oh god how I needed that. I needed the warm fluid to pump inside me and flush my womb. I wrapped my body around his. My arms around his neck, my legs around his thighs and my ankles locked tightly together.

My mouth against his, wide open as I breathed his breath. I nibbled at his lips, my tongue drew circles, tracing them. Sometimes darting into his mouth and sometimes sucking on his tongue. And now his hands began to move.

So warm and soft, they gently began to caress my body. Places that never excited me became erotic under his fingertips. I began to softly moan. He was in no hurry. Everything was slow and gentle. It was almost as if I were some surreal apparition, a specter that thrived on his touch to exist. Kisses moved from my lips and now found other homes. My eyelids closed and yet more kisses sent thrills thru my body.

The point where my shoulder meets my neck was suddenly stroked with his tongue. My body writhed. He was washing me with his tongue. I set him free and lifted my arms and spread them wide, welcoming his mouth, his touch his breath, he was devouring me.

His hands move over my body as if searching for something that he never found. My tummy was touched as if by a feather. The titillating softness that a warm breeze might taunt a body with, were the touches of his fingers. Moments passed and he drew his fingers across my hips, searching and giving pleasure with each passing moment. Then I felt his warm breath at the hollow of my throat and his warm hand moved to the top of my thigh.

I moved my legs apart, welcoming his touch. I felt a warm kiss under my chin, then he dragged his tongue down. A hot breath just between my breasts was making me moan even louder, urging him on. His hand moved from the top of my thigh, to the soft inner surface just next to my puffy cunt.

At that instant I felt his open mouth close over my nipple and his hand move to hold my cunt. I melted. I opened my mouth and drew a deep breath. I wasn’t here. I was someplace else. In some illusionary space. A sublime world of sensations with psychedelic lights hypnotizing my mind.

I didn’t even realize what I was doing. I was cumming so intensely that my body began to spasm. First heaving up, then my legs flailed out only to clamp together repeatedly.

My hands grasped anything and everything within reach. I beat at his back and still he kept doing it to me. He was relentless and his sucking mouth was doing things to my nipples. Some phantom connection was sending signals to my cunt, telling it to convulse and climax over and over again.

I cried out……… “Nooooooooooo oh my god Noooooooooo, Don’t let him stop. More! Yes, keep going. Again. Oh my fucking cunt’s doing flip flops. Don’t ever stop it.”

When I thought my body couldn’t take any more he traded places. I mean he replaced his hand with his mouth, and his mouth with his hand. For a brief moment there was an interlude during which my sensations went haywire. I was panting and gasping for breath. I was huffing and puffing when it started all over again, but now I was struggling to stay conscious.

Visions formed in my mind. Surreal images of men ravishing my cunt and of me sucking cocks, one after the other, and each was filling my mouth with jets of warm cum.

Suddenly he was over me again, but now his cock was within my mouth and he was doing the most erotic things to my cunt with his tongue. I found myself doing what I had only dreamed of before. I had his cock in my mouth.

I felt the soft veneer of his hard shaft sliding in and out of my pursed lips and the crown of his cock sliding in and out of my throat. I wanted to gag but resisted, and suddenly the urge left me.

When sensations gathered, I was delirious. I was sucking a hard cock and he was doing things to my pussy that were completely new to me. Add to that the feeling of his fingers stroking the tiny bud that is the portal to my ass and everything joined together to create one explosive orgasm.

I was dazed and moaning like never before. I wanted it to stop but one climax would end only to be replaced by another seconds later. Like waves rushing upon a shore each took my sanity away like sands in a storm. I went limp.

Weeping like a baby I lay next to his hot body and held on tightly. I couldn’t release him. I had to finish with him inside me and I wouldn’t let him go until I felt that.

Time passed and kisses continued. I stroked his back and his body, I nibbled at his chest, capturing his tiny nipples between hungry lips and I kept him aroused by clutching and squeezing his cock. It never went down. He was hard as a rock and yet the firmness was so different than the feeling of the dildo’s I was used to. It was hot to the touch and yet soft to stroke.

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