Cherry’s Cherry

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Cherry Macintyre was an unusually beautiful young woman. 5’8″ tall, 36C breast, 26″ waist, 30″ hips, strawberry blond hair, and startling green eyes. Both her mother Barbara and her older sister Cassie looked very nearly her twin. Cassie was an inch taller and had slightly less firm breast. Cherry’s mother had larger breast (42D) and a (very) few laugh lines around the eyes, but she was still often thought to be an older sister by strangers. Cherry also had a younger sister named Raven. So named for the raven black hair and nearly black eyes she shared with their father (mark) and brother (Greg). All three were very attractive. Exceptional beauty was not the only unusual thing about Cherry’s family.

The Macintyre family had an unusual way of celebrating family events like birthday’s, anniversaries, and holiday’s. They had family orgies! And the most special of these orgies was when someone turned 18 and had their cherry popped. And today was cherries 18 birthday!

When cherry got up that morning she was told by her mother that she had been excused from school by her family doctor, her dad. She was then told that she should spend the morning getting herself ready for that night. So she showered, perfumed her whole body, and shaved her tight virgin twat. Then she did about 2 hours of yoga and took a nap. That afternoon, while her pussy quivered in anticipation, the family had a normal birthday party. Cake, presents, stupid hats ET all. As soon as the sun went down Raven said goodbye and left to spend the night with a friend from school. As soon as she was gone, the real party got started!

As Cherry turned away from the door where she had said goodbye to Raven her mother told her to go sit on the couch. “Ok mom,” she replied. When she got to the couch her mom, sister, and brother all walked into the living room. They were all completely naked! They must have stripped off in the hall, cherry thought. Her next thought was; where is dad? As cherry was getting her first eyeful of her brother’s erection Her mom said “Cherry, tonight you will become a woman, not just legally, but in all ways. That means that when you wake up tomorrow you will have full responsibility for your own decisions, including sexual ones. But until your father pops your cherry tonight you are still a child and will have all your sexual choices made for you.”

“Ok mom, I understand,” she answered. “I’m sure you think you do, but I must be sure,” her mom said,” No one is going to rape you, but if you refuse any part of what is going to happen up until your cherry is popped, you refuse it all.”

“Sure mom, but I don’t want to refuse anything.” Her mom laughed and said,” I don’t expect you will, but just in case let me explain what’s going to happen.” This was taking forever, Cherry thought why can’t we get on with the fucking! “First your brother will be your first blow job, then your sister will be both the first cunt you eat and the first to eat your twat.” poker oyna Now things were getting interesting. “And I am going to be the first to sodomize you.” That through Cherry for a loop, how was her mother going to sodomize her, she didn’t have a cock! But cherry didn’t have long to wonder, as the next thing she knew her brothers huge erection was bouncing in front of her face. It was 10″ long, at least 4″ thick, and had a purple mushroom shaped crown. It looked delicious, but a little intimidating. But Cherry took the head into her mouth and licked of the precum oozing from the tip. She then began sliding up and down on the fat tube steak, using her tongue to massage it and humming. Her brother kept telling her what to do and she picked it up right away. “You’re a natural cocksucker sis,” he kept saying. “Now relax your throat, and take as much in as you can, and then hum some more.” she did as she was told, taking almost 3/4 of the impressive length of man meat into her throat. After a couple of minutes of deep throat her brother blew a huge load right in her mouth. She tried to swallow on reflex, but there was so much some of it ran down her chin and onto her boobs. As he slid out of her mouth her brother said,” That was awesome sis, one of the best blowjobs I ever had.” Cherry beamed with pride at picking up how to drain dick so soon.

Then it was her sister’s turn. Cassie came over to Cherry without a word and began to lick their brother’s cum from Cherry’s face and boobs. Then she laid Cherry down on the floor and ripped of cherry’s dress and panties, still without saying a word. Then she removed Cherry’s front clasp 1/2 cup bra and strattled her head. As she lowered her own pussy onto cherry’s mouth she spread cherry’s legs and almost dove for cherry’s fresh shaved wet tat with an oddly relieved sigh. As her sister started to run her tongue around Cherry’s labia and occasionally dip into her sweet honey pot, Cherry tried to copy her, and from the sound of her sisters cunt muffled moans she was doing a good job. She was moaning quite a bit herself. After about a minute or two her sister slid her tongue over and around Cherry’s swollen little clit. As cherry rushed towards her first non-self induced orgasm, she just had time to clamp her lips around her sister’s equally erect clitty. It was enough, as she moaned uncontrollably and smeared her sister with girl cream, her sister began crying out in orgasm as well. Her sister then got off of her, not cleaning up the mess on Cherry this time. “They could be twins,” she heard her brother say to their mother.

As soon as Cassie got off of her, her mother said, “Cherry roll over on your knees and relax that tight sweet ass of yours.” As cherry rolled over onto her knees and forearms she got her first look at her mother since it all began. Her eyes almost popped out of her head. Her mom had a tube of lubricant and was spreading it on a huge strap-on dildo she was wearing. It was longer than Greg’s canlı poker oyna cock, if not quite so thick. As cherry trembled, even she couldn’t have said if it was more fear or anticipation. Her mother came up behind her, spread some of the lube on her asshole, and placed the big fake cock at her anus. “This might hurt at first dear, but trust me it will be worth it.”

“Ok mom, I trust you completely,” Cherry said. And as she realized that she did, her anus relaxed. At that exact moment her mom shoved the first few inches into her ass. It did hurt, allot, but there was an undercurrent of pleasure. As her mother stayed there letting her ass adjust to the big cock, the pain faded and the pleasure took over. She was already cumming as her mother began to thrust the large dildo in and out of her ass. “Oh god yes! Fuck my ass mommy! Fuck it hard, oh yes, yes!” Her mother kept right on thrusting as Cherry had orgasm upon orgasm. “They could, oh, be sisters, uhm!” she heard her sister say. “Yeah they could, beautiful sisters,” her brother replied. Cherry looked up to see them sitting on the couch, Cassie in his lap with his big cock deep in her hot twat. As soon as she saw this it through her into another round of orgasms, which they both shared in before she was done. Then she heard her mom moan “God cherry you have such a hot ass!” Her mom was cumming too! She must have been fingering herself cherry thought. After they had both finished cumming Cherry’s mom pulled out of her ass and came around to her face. “Cherry you have to lick the dildo clean, it’s your responsibility since it was you it serviced.”

“Huh huh huh…Ok mom, I’d love to,” panted Cherry. After she had licked the dildo completely clean, her mother tongue kissed her hard and deep. As soon as she stopped Greg kissed her, and then Cassie. “Have any fun?” Cassie teasingly whispered as she pulled away. Cherry just smiled. “Now it is time for you to take the final step towards becoming a woman, follow us into the master bedroom,” her mother said.

As she walked into the bedroom Cherry’s eyes were on one thing only; her father, laying on the bed, back and head propped up by pillows, and sporting the largest erection she could ever have imagined on a man. It was huge; it dwarfed both her brother’s cock and the dildo her mom had used on her ass. His dong had to be at least 14″ long and as easily 6″ thick. Now cherry was already starting to think that bigger was better when it came to cock size, but this could be too much of a good thing. Her father waved her over to him and asked, “are you ready for the most enjoyable experience of your life so far dear.” Eyeing the huge cock warily as she approached it she replied, “I guess so. Is it ok to be a little scared now, I mean I want it, I really do but…”

“It’s so big,” her father finished for her. “That’s the same thing I said my first time,” Cassie murmured behind her. “Don’t worry dear” Her father said, “your gonna love internet casino it after the first few seconds.”

“Ok daddy, what do you want me to do.”

“Just put a little lube on my cockhead, spread your pussy lips, and slowly lower yourself onto my penis.” This was easier said than done. She had a hard time getting herself over the giant dick. And then it was thicker than she could spread her lips. “Uhm, daddy…”

“Don’t worry dear your lips will spread out over it as you lower yourself.” And much to cherry’s surprise, he was right. It did hurt, but with a little pause every few inches, the pain lessened and the pleasure took over. Until after about 5″ were in and she came to a sudden resistance. It was her hymen, and she knew that from here forward there would be no turning back, she would be truly a woman. She paused, but her father just grunted, grabbed her hips and pulled her down another 4″. She cried out, and grabbed the nearest thing to her hand. Her mothers hand, squeezing hers back as her mother murmured in her ear, “shh, shh, it’s all fun from hear on out, just enjoy it.”

And she was right, the pain was already receding, and the pleasure was incredible. It was like her whole body was on fire, and her cunt was the raging inferno at the center. She was already cumming harder than she ever had before in her life. She could barely stay conscious; she was aware of someone crying out in ecstasy and realized it was herself. She started to slide up and down on the huge rod, slowly making her way to the base of the cock, stretching herself to new depths with each thrust. When she finally reached the base she could here her father panting and grunting. She knew he was going to cum when his cock started twitching inside her. She tried to tell him she wanted him to flood her with his dickjuice, but all that came out was another moaning scream. She was just cumming too hard to talk. As his cock cream filled her cunt to overflowing time and again as he blasted load after load into her, she cried out and came one final time. Then she collapsed, still on his cock, and passed out from the pleasure and exhaustion.

As she woke up she noticed that she had been cleaned up. She then noticed her families loving faces looking at her. “How do you fill sis?”

” Great Greg, I’ve got to fuck you, and mom I have to eat your pussy, dad I’m not sure if I can fit that monster in my mouth, but I’m sure gonna try, and Cassie…!” Her mom interrupted with a laugh, “woah honey, slow down, we’ve got all night, and tomorrow, and the rest of our lives for all that. Right now, just get an hour of two of sleep, and we’ll move your things in with Greg and Cassie.”

“Move in with Greg and Cassie, ok, but why?”

“Because, your an adult now, and a sexual person, we don’t want you getting it up the ass from Greg or something in front of Raven when she’s not old enough to join in, that would be cruel.” Oh well, she thought, I will miss watching Raven get dressed in the mornings, but now I can get laid whenever I want; besides, its only 19 months till Ravens 18 birthday.

-The End-

More stories about Cherry, Raven, and their family may be forthcoming.

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