Children of Sin Ch. 3

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I’ve really been flying through these chapters, much faster than I had anticipated. At any rate, I wouldn’t count on this sudden spur of motivation on my part to last (especially with Spring Break coming up so soon), so the following chapters may well take a while to get to you, but I’ll still try to get them out there as fast as I can. I’m totally amazed by the terrific feedback I’ve been receiving lately, so thanks to all of you who’ve been so eager to read the rest of the series (especially my new favorite fan, “JD”… you know who you are). Again, if this is your first time reading one of my “Children of Sin” titles, please go back and read my previous chapters. This chapter focuses on a whole new character and a new sin, but there’s still plenty of action from our favorite pair of sinners, Samuel and Leslie. This one’s going to be kinda long (like always), especially since I’m introducing a whole new character with a whole new history, so make sure you’ve gone to the bathroom before-hand, and take your time to make yourself some popcorn, grab some comfy cushions, loosen the lid of your personal jar of Vaseline, whatever. I’ll wait…

…you ready? Okay, here we go.

Pamela was known to everyone as a complete bitch, and the funny thing was, she didn’t care. Despite being a part of one of the more popular (as well as cruel) cliques at her high school and living what many would consider a very superficial lifestyle, Pamela really didn’t care what some people said about her character. She was mean, she was vicious, and she was totally self-absorbed. She was also a total cock-tease. That was the strange irony of her existence. Many people really hated her snob attitude and condescending nature, but at the same time every guy wanted her, and every girl wanted to be her. She was very pretty, always keeping herself the very pinnacle of fashion and the very vision of teen lust, wearing some of the tightest shirts and the shortest skirts. She was very tall, about 5’10”, and had a nice, slim figure, which (despite some evidence and rumors of an eating disorder) she claimed was mostly from being the captain of the girls’ volleyball team during the fall and part of the cross-country team during the spring. This made her presence both intimidating and mouth-watering. Guys drooled at her long legs and her full breasts, and she had always had a gorgeous head of shiny, dark-brown hair, reaching down just past her shoulders in tight curls, never frizzy. Her sky-blue eyes had the strange ability to reflect both the warmth of her attractiveness and the coldness of her character. Never one to have unsightly acne, she had the face of an angel, even if she was really more prone to devious, under-handed tactics to keep herself in the social elite. Her light skin hardly ever needed make-up, and while she did work hard to keep herself looking good, most of her attractiveness came naturally.

In her social life, she called the shots, and the high school setting was the best setting for this, but she also knew that her status among the social “Illuminati” was constantly shaky. That’s just how high school was: one minute you’re the center of attention, the next you’re buried under scrutiny and scandal. She knew this very well; after all, Pamela had personally used the group politics of the beautiful and glamorous to bury a number of girls, mostly through rumors she had cultivated herself. It seemed with every person she stepped on, the higher up the social ladder she had gotten, but even then she knew that karma would catch up with her, some day.

Two years ago, Pamela witnessed the fall of Jessica Jameson, lovingly (and often infamously) referred to by many in the popular circles as “Jessie James.” She had been a particularly pretty girl, blond and a member of the Student Council as well as a cheerleader during the basketball season. She was a part of the National Honors Society, but despite being very intelligent she was in no way seen as a nerd. Pamela and other girls in the classes below her had known her well, hanging out with the very sociable girl at parties and secretly envying her. But suddenly, one day in the beginning of the spring of Jessie’s junior year, she was thrown into hell when a member of the basketball team started running his mouth about their private sexual life. It wasn’t long before the rumor mill was working full force, and poor Jessie became the laughing-stock among many of the people who had at one time envied her. The next day, the whole school was rocked with the news of her suicide. The whole town was soon focused on their little high school, and a huge, ugly scandal ensued afterwards, with great big newspaper headlines publicly vilifying members of the basketball team. In the end, three basketball players were suspended from playing for the rest of the season, causing even more uproar, this time from the parents of basketball team members and the team boosters. To this day, the name “Jessie James” was usually never spoken among most groups of people in her high school, her name becoming a curse and a taboo. But it didn’t totally erase the uneasy feeling Pamela got sometimes on certain izmir escort bayan warm, sunny days. Days just like today. It was early spring now in Pamela’s senior year, and despite all the warnings inside of her heart, she remained quite cold and focused on her social stature. Perhaps it was because of how hard she tried to keep her own public image up, or the cold memories of that sunny spring day two years ago, but something was really pissing her off today.

Pamela really didn’t get along with Leslie Daniels. Leslie was one of the very few popular girls in her school that didn’t care for the politics of the rest of the social elite. Leslie had been voted Homecoming Queen, edging out one of Pamela’s close friends. She was among the smartest in her class, as well as stunningly beautiful. Pamela was really no slouch herself, in fact possibly receiving a few extra leers from the boys in the hallway than Leslie, but Leslie seemed to have something else in her corner. She was very kind, soft-spoken, with a delightful smile and a laugh that made people want to be around her constantly. Always very polite, she even socialized with some of the geeks from time to time without any backlash from it. She was also given the mystique of being extremely unattainable, turning down almost every guy who was brave enough to ask her out, and the lucky few who she did accept never seemed to talk ill of her at all, even if their relationships never lasted more than a date or two. She was sometimes labeled as a major “Ice Queen” among the more snooty jocks and preps, but that didn’t seem to deter many from gravitating to her. Pamela had always felt that this “goody two-shoes” bit was a front, but she could just never prove it. Up until today, there had never been any substantial dirt that could be used to knock down Leslie’s image, and that really annoyed Pamela. She had been hit with the “Ice Queen” label herself a number of times, despite having a couple of nearly scandalous flings with some of the more popular jocks in her school. Perhaps that’s why Pamela was so annoyed with Leslie. She had spent all her time working on her image, using her political power among the clique to keep herself at the top of the social food-chain, striving to turn around any bad rumors that may have tarnished her image, while Leslie stayed practically untouched by scandal. Hell, even when she was given the labels of a “tease” or a “prude”, her popularity seemed to grow. It was true that people were the most attracted to that which they could not have. But today, Pamela got the opportunity to finally find an opening in Leslie’s defenses.

For most of that semester, many people were starting to psyche themselves up for the senior prom, and one of the topics of lunch-time conversations among all the cafeteria tables was who Leslie Daniels was going with to the prom. Many of the more popular guys had been turned down, and the speculation was getting to be fierce, and this didn’t escape Pamela’s attention. Pamela had also been juggling her choices for prom dates, but Leslie’s current single-status seemed to not only affect the popular kids but the geeks, weirdoes, and other outcasts as well. Everyone had been surprised when she had turned down Wray Michaels, despite their being “good friends” and having already gone to the Homecoming dance together earlier that year. There had always been a rumor of a romance between them for a couple of years, but apparently that wasn’t true, so now everyone was anxious to see who she would pick, even Pamela.

Which is exactly why everybody was completely floored when it was found out that Leslie had started dating Samuel Kim, a complete nobody who hung out with a lot of the skate-board kids, punk rockers, and pot-heads. There was talk buzzing all through the halls and classrooms as soon as Leslie and Samuel had been seen holding hands when they entered the front doors of school that morning, and even more when they were seen later, quietly talking and laughing together at a table during lunch hour. The whole social structure seemed to collapse that day as the popular kids seemed unsure as to how they should react to this new development, and some of the less popular seemed to rejoice as if they had won some sort of victory over their more superficial oppressors. Pamela looked at Leslie with a shocked expression, watching her interact with Samuel in the hallway during a break in classes. She was laughing at something he said, holding his hands and playfully swinging their arms. Already the two were being surrounded by a couple of Samuel’s loser burn-out friends, and Pamela could hardly stand it anymore. Where does this girl get off acting like this? Pamela knew damn well she would never be caught dead socializing with these type of people, and now this bitch Leslie was becoming the toast of the fuckin’ ball because of it. First she gets voted Homecoming Queen over my friends, and then she turns down Wray, one of the hottest guys in the school, for this? What the fuck is this girl’s angle?

Pamela kept watching them even later at the end of the school day, watched the way they blissfully clutched at escort izmir each other’s hands, the way he played with her hair, the way they kissed, softly, as she walked off to catch her bus home, turning to blow him one more kiss goodbye as she left him behind.

“Good gawd, is this bitch for real?” Pamela sneered under her breath, watching Samuel walk down the hallway toward the classrooms.

At that moment, Pamela’s curiosity got the better of her, and she followed Samuel, quietly. She followed him into the art studio, a place she rarely ever went, sneaking in as he walked into the storage-room in the back. She looked around at the empty easels and the paintings hanging on the wall. The room was dimly lit, the harsh florescent lights having been turned off and the only light coming from sunlight filtering in from a high sky-light set in on the vaulted ceiling of the studio. She barely had enough time to hide behind a large sheet-covered easel as he came back into the studio, and she watched breathlessly as he worked on some sort of artwork. She didn’t have time to take a peek at what it was, for once he got back up to grab some more paint from the supply room, she snuck herself right back out.

This continued the next day. Pamela was so greatly intrigued by this guy who had suddenly stolen Leslie’s affections, she decided to see just what sort of man he was. It wasn’t always easy, mostly because of how far apart they existed on the social litmus paper, as well as the fact that she was not the only one to become interested in this previously unknown young man. Somehow, he became the main topic of conversation among everyone, and suddenly he was getting a lot of attention from many girls that previously wouldn’t have even paid him any attention. But Pamela continued her investigation in secrecy, interrogating a few geeks who knew him, taking some time after school to look at his artwork as it hung in the art class studio. She realized that she was acting very out of character trying to investigate this self-ostracizing non-conformist, but it seemed the more she uncovered about him, the more she needed to find out about him. He was a puzzle that was too irresistible to not try and fit all the pieces together. For all she could see, he was a very compelling young artist, his artwork being quite impressive, but of course she would never say such things out-loud or even admit her fascination with him to herself. She was telling herself that she wanted only to find some dirt on him, something to use to her own advantage, but deep down, she wasn’t really sure what her motivation was any more.

By the next day, Wednesday, she had just about gotten fed-up with her little research project on Samuel, realizing she was really going nowhere with it. Oh sure, a few people had given her information about his supposedly smoking pot, and having made-out with a few girls at various parties, etc., but none of it was really all that damaging or useful to her in any way. At the end of classes that day, she was about ready to head out the front doors along with Brad, a football player she had been leading on for some time now and who had been playing her personal chauffeur for a month, when she suddenly spotted Samuel and Leslie walking down toward the classrooms, hand in hand.

“What are those two up to?” she said to herself, suddenly finding herself intrigued by the situation.

“C’mon, Pam, let’s move!” Brad was shouting behind her, trying to get her attention, but she was getting curious about the pair, watching them turn a corner. They must be heading toward the art studio. Pamela was just about to follow when she felt a firm tug at her shoulder.

“Hey, watch it! I don’t remember giving you permission to touch me,” she snarled, getting a startled reaction from the clueless jock.

“What the hell?” was all he could say as he regained his composure, getting quite ticked at Pamela’s attitude. He had been practically fawning over this bitch for almost a whole month, trying desperately to get into her pants, only to get constantly shut down. He was tired of this bull-shit, and was just about to give her a piece of his mind when her expression totally changed.

She suddenly put on this pouty face, her large blue eyes looking pleadingly at him, saying, “I’m sorry, baby, but I think I need to stick around here for a while. I didn’t mean to snap like that, but Mrs. Shaffer wants me to stay behind to do some extra-credit or something.”

“What?” he asked, not entirely understanding what was going on. Typical jock.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll catch up with you tonight at Zach’s place, okay?” she said, really laying the charm on thick. She followed this up with a soft little kiss on his lips that instantly got his cock to rise in his shorts.

He blushed and muttered an “Okay.”

“What a complete dumbass,” she thought to her self, enjoying the power she had over this clueless dolt. Men were easy to control when you had the right ammunition.

She made her way quickly to the art studio, peering in the small glass window, making sure the coast was clear, before ducking inside. Again, izmir escort she had to quickly duck behind some sheet-covered easels as she heard the two lovers’ voices emerging from the store-room, nearly tripping over her own shoes. Her choice in wardrobe, a pair of black, chunky-sole shoes and a very short, black skirt, really didn’t make the job of stealth easy, but she let out a silent sigh when she realized that they hadn’t heard or seen her. She spied through a gap in one of the sheets, watching them as he settled in front of his work station with paints and brushes in hand, while she stood behind him, her hands on his shoulders.

“Wow! Is this what you’ve been working on these past couple days?” she asked. She had this odd, very angelic aura about her in the late-afternoon sunlight of that darkened room. She had worn a very nice off-white cardigan with a white blouse, almost screaming “virgin,” though she evened this out with a very short, plaid skirt that not only showed off her nice, smooth legs but also gave her that whole “schoolgirl” look that guys just loved. Pamela had to admit, she pulled that look off really well.

“Yeah, it’s just a little something I started on Monday. Actually, you could say that I suddenly got inspired this weekend,” he answered, and for some odd reason that brought her to a laugh. Wonder what that’s all about.

They continued to talk, very uninteresting stuff really, at least to Pamela. She watched as Samuel explained his painting to her, and how she seemed to hang on his every word. “Shit, is she really buying this ‘sensitive artist’ crap?” she thought to herself, shaking her head slightly.

“So, are you here all alone like this all the time?” Leslie suddenly asked, gently gripping at his shoulders. A strange little smile curled up on her lips. Uh-oh, what’s this?

“Yeah, mostly. Mr. Angelo knows that I come in here after school to get some extra work done, and he usually leaves the door unlocked for me, just as long as I lock-up afterwards.”

“It’s pretty quiet in here. And did Mr. Angelo go home already?” Leslie started to gently massage at his shoulders, this time her smile widening a bit.

“Yeah, well he’s had to pick up his wife from work almost every day, as soon as classes end, because he told me her car has been in the shop for about a month. He trusts me to keep this place locked-up and clean for him the next morning.” He didn’t seem to notice her looking around, checking to make sure the coast was clear, with that sexy, demure little smile of hers. Pamela had never seen this expression on Leslie before, but then again she barely paid much attention to Leslie anyway, but there was something odd about this whole situation. Pamela could feel her heart beating faster, and deep down something was telling her that she should leave right now.

Suddenly, Leslie’s hands began to massage his chest through his plain gray T-shirt, which evidently got his attention, because he dropped his paintbrush. She leaned her head in, whispering something into his ear that Pamela couldn’t quite make out, but it got a big reaction from Samuel, his dark eyes lighting up and a smile curling up on his face. Turning his head, he brought his lips to hers, and Pamela could just barely make out a whispered “…okay…” from him.

That’s when Leslie’s left hand trailed down under the table of his workstation, and a couple seconds later she could hear the distinctive sounds of a belt buckle, followed by a zipper. “No fucking way!” Pamela thought. A groan escaped from Samuel’s lips, and Leslie’s devilish little smile never wavered once as her arm obviously started moving around. After a shocked minute, Pamela’s world was rocked once again as she saw Leslie suddenly walk around to Samuel’s side, and slowly ducked under the table.

Finding herself unable to resist, Pamela stealthily moved from her position, ducking behind some clutter that had collected on her side of the room. It was fortunate that she had hidden herself on the opposite wall of the studio from Samuel and Leslie, and was even more fortunate that all the various easels, canvases, sheets, and old manequins (must have been used for models, she suspected) had all been clustered against that wall. It was rather dirty and dusty behind all this junk (looks like they haven’t moved this crap in years), but Pamela was only paying attention to the action in front of her. Peering between some large canvases, she was rewarded with an unbelievable sight.

From this vantage point, Pamela could clearly see Leslie crouched behind the table, the back of her head moving around in front of Samuel’s crotch. Un-fucking-believable. Is this girl, the supposed “virginal Homecoming Queen,” really sucking on this geek’s dick? Pamela smiled broadly, barely suppressing her delight. Finally, she had her proof, she had something that would damage this bitch permanently. Somewhere in her subconscious, the ghostly image of Jessie James appeared, but Pamela’s conscious brain didn’t pay any attention to that. She was too caught up in her planning. First, she was going to start up a real good rumor, maybe giving Mr. Angelo an “anonymous” tip about some students fooling around in his classroom after school hours. The delicious scandal was already circling in her head as she let out a sigh. That’s when Samuel suddenly stood up from his seat.

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